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Best Dropshipping Course (2023) 50+ Course Compared!

It’s not enough to say that I’ve seen my fair share of courses. I’ve always been a sucker for learning, and when I started dropshipping, you can bet I took as many as I could afford (and still do).

I’ve always looked for the best value for my money, and that applies to dropshipping courses as well; I wanted to find one that could teach me everything I needed to know for a good price.

From all the courses I’ve seen, I’ve found both great and awful programs, and some have disappeared over time while others still continue to offer (good and bad) value to this day. Our objective today is to find what makes a good course for dropshipping, and after identifying the ideal features, I’ll share my personal favorite with everything it offers.

There are many courses available today, and some the best ones are still up and running, offering great value. There’s the Shopify Ninja Masterclass, eCommerce Mastery, Drop Ship Lifestyle, H-Com 2020, and the 100k Blueprint.

All of them are great courses, and you should look up their reviews to see if they fit what you need.

With that in mind, we will get into the best dropshipping courses!

Why would you invest in a dropshipping course?

Are dropshipping courses worth it?

If you’re taking your business seriously, then developing yourself through education should be among your priorities. It’s easy to feel intrigued by dropshipping, and there’s a good reason: it’s incredibly profitable when done right. That “when done right” condition is what should make you consider a course.

If you really want to succeed, then you should keep 3 principles in mind:

  • First, you want to build a dropshipping business; that’s the basis.
  • You want to learn all the skills necessary: management, marketing, optimization, scaling, etc.
  • You want to make a lot of (or boost your) sales with this business model.

There are many success stories, and you’ve probably read a couple already. Dropshipping is among the most profitable models available today, but if you don’t do things properly, you can lose your investment fairly quickly.

The main attraction in dropshipping is how low the starting costs are; there’s not a really high barrier to overcome, and you can see huge profits in each sale. It’s also a really effective choice for people with online experience, and you can grow your business once you have good products to increase your income once you see success.

Building your own store can be done through many platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, and most of them are cheap. They make store creation a breeze, and the same goes for managing it. Another great advantage is that you don’t have to buy in bulk to keep your business stocked; you just list products from a supplier who will take care of shipping everything, and you only need to invest money in products once someone actually buys from you.

Besides, social media has made marketing affordable to pretty much anyone. It’s a low-cost way to access one of the most efficient marketing channels thanks to sophisticated targeting features that let you create engagement to turn into conversions.

However, remember we’re here to discuss why you should get a course – not why dropshipping is so great. Still, all of these are reasons to get into dropshipping, and wanting to start this business is more than enough reason to get a course that teaches you how to do it right.

That’s why I’ve condensed the results of my years-long research into this article. I’ve seen some of the most popular courses as well as others that most people haven’t heard about.

I did it because I was once in your shoes: I knew I needed to learn how to dropship with a solid course that wouldn’t leave me with more questions than answers. You want to learn more than just the theory: how to find products, how to run your store, and how to build on your success by scaling it.

Of course, you want to see your money’s worth, and that means staying away from courses that simply recycle all the content readily available for free on the internet. Many people watch hundreds of YouTube videos and then pack everything into a course, but there are products that show you the full model, and these come from successful entrepreneurs who actually know how to guide you through their steps.

And yes, that means that the author does matter when choosing a course. Sure, someone might be a great entrepreneur and teacher, but chances of finding one of them are slim at best. You want to learn from the best – someone who knows more than what you can make out from common sense and your average YouTube guru.

Those gurus are kind of the problem. There are too many people claiming to be experts just because they made out what the model was like using their logic and other people’s content, and they’ll simply manipulate their Shopify dashboards or show you wild revenue figures without telling you most (if not all) of that money went into advertising.

Why Listen To Me On Which Dropshipping Course Is Best?

Very simply because I have reviewed over 50+ ecommerce and dropshipping courses on my blog here:

And outta all of these, I only found one course which was one of the best outta them all!

What should you expect from a dropshipping course?

Let’s go to the fundamentals you want to see included in the course you’re going to buy. Not everyone has the same needs, but there are some basic criteria that anyone should look for.

First, you want the course to go from start to finish, showing you the entire process with clear instructions that you can follow easily. This means you need an intuitive distribution of the content with good quality videos so that you don’t feel like you just rushed a dozen different topics without understanding anything.

Speaking of content, you should go for an author that offers good content for free – either on YouTube or blogging. This lets you determine whether or not they actually know about the business. If there’s a comments section, then you should also be able to determine how big of a community is behind their courses and how they fared with the lessons; you want access to good support and even a private group to interact with other students.

You want the content to come from actual experience and hard work, not just from watching a bunch of videos and tutorial and paraphrasing what others already said.

Finally, you want to find an affordable course, preferably that you can pay once instead of subscribing to a monthly membership. You also want this payment to grant you full access to all future updates and content.

These requirements come from the standard set by most courses today. Most of them are single payments, offer private groups, and overall meet this criteria in one way or another. However, it’s hard to find a course that includes all of these characteristics, and that’s why outstanding courses amount to a handful.

eCom Elites: my choice for the best dropshipping course

eCom Elites is a complete course, from start to finish, teaching you all of the intricacies and elements within the business model.

It’s a guide detailing each step to building your business, and you’ll finish the course with a strong grasp on all of the necessary processes and tools that you need to tackle to build a successful store. You don’t just learn how to build your business, but also how to market your products and get those sweet conversions going.

You’ll learn the basics before going into advanced concepts and techniques; you’re not stuck with the fundamentals, but you’ll also learn to handle this business like a professional, with all the tricks and tips that you need to boost those sales.

Even better, the content is distributed in a way that you always feel like you’re learning simple stuff. You’ll hardly notice the learning curve, even though – by the end – you’ll be going through lessons that you wouldn’t even imagine if you skipped the rest of the content.

After signing up, you’ll get your login credentials on your email within minutes of having paid. You’ll log into the members hub, showing you an overview of everything you’ll learn in this course and how to approach the lessons – Franklin also tells you how you should implement each lesson.

eCom Elites offers 10 different modules, each one focusing on a specific topic to provide more depth. Overall, you have over 200 videos spread among the course, and each week usually greets new content. Every video is a comprehensive but simple explanation of what you should do to replicate everything.

Then, there’s the social media marketing section; you’ll learn how to create and optimize your gains from using Facebook Ads and other platforms – just the Facebook Ads section has 50 lessons.

That’s where the course really shines; it teaches you everything you want to learn to successfully market your business, and it’s even useful for people outside of dropshipping. That’s because anyone can build a website, but getting traffic into it and converting it what really makes or breaks a business.

A highlight feature is how the videos come from Vimeo, which always mean excellent loading times and resolution. Even though it’s always better to watch videos in full, 1080p, HD, you can lower the resolution all the way to 360p if your internet is failing you.

You also have the option to watch all the videos on a mobile device. You just need to log in from your browser, and the experience will be mostly the same. The only thing missing from taking the classes from your desktop is that you can’t open different tabs to apply the lessons simultaneously.

With that in mind, let’s go into the modules for the course.


The first module explains how you create your store from zero as well as how to optimize everything to gear it towards conversions. It covers how to setup your theme and your shipping rates, handling taxes, offering upsells and discount codes, and using sales funnels.


Then, you learn how to add content to your store: products. It covers how to research to find the best offers, how to work with your suppliers, how to spy on your competitors, which software you want to use to make things easier, etc.


This is where the course starts setting itself apart from the rest. You have over 50 lessons on how to advertise your business with Facebook, and that’s not just how to set things up; you’ll learn different strategies to keep your budget as low as possible while maximizing your returns. You’ll basically be a Facebook expert by the end of this course.


Instagram is another giant when it comes to social media, and you won’t miss it in this course. You’ll receive several lessons with different strategies to take advantage of the huge traffic offered by this website by keeping your targeting as precise as possible to maximize conversion chances.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the key to build loyalty from your customers to make them come back and buy from you again. You’ll learn how to get their leads (email addresses), how to write compelling emails, and even the best tools to automate your entire email marketing.


If you find this marketing approach in another course, please let me know. I never saw this being taught in a course before grabbing eCom Elites – I didn’t even thought about chatbots when pondering about advertising. Still, you’ll learn how to take advantage of these bots to increase customer engagement and, thus, sales. You also get lots of free time to work on more important tasks.

Sales funnels

Sales funnels have gained lots of popularity, and this module teaches you how to turn your traffic into customers by using different “warm-up” techniques to condition them towards buying. You even receive a ready-to-use funnel that you can adapt to your liking with just a few clicks, and it’s one that even Franklin uses after spending lots of time optimizing it.


Google Ads also get an entire module, and here, you’ll learn how to set up your account all the way to how you should run marketing campaigns on this platform. It’s another low-cost alternative that provides you with traffic from the most-used website in the entire internet. You’ll finally learn how to optimize and scale your campaigns once you start seeing success to maximize your returns.

Free search traffic

SEO is a great way to get free traffic that’s also interested in what you offer (they searched for it, after all). You won’t simply learn about Google here – it even covers Bing, another rare sight among online courses. You basically learn how you can rank your website among the top results in search engines by finding the right keywords and building your backlinks.


Finally, once you have your business running and making money, you’ll learn how to scale things and build on this success. It goes into hiring virtual assistants to outsource different tasks as well as how much of your profits you want to reinvest.

Why do I recommend eCom Elites?

Well, you’ve basically learned more than enough about this course to help you decide whether it’s not for you. However, let’s sum up all of the reasons into a more digestible list.

Successful students

You can verify how its members have done thanks to the content here by taking a look at different reviews and testimonies.

The best way to be successful with any craft is to learn from someone who’s mastered it. They’ll be able to teach you all of the lessons they’ve learned throughout the years much quicker than you’d learn them if you had to go through the same path by yourself.

Franklin is one of those masters, and he’s not an ex-dropshipper either; he still runs different stores and makes a living off his ventures. You can check out his YouTube channel and see how he keeps his fans posted about his ventures.

You’ll also see several people showing their success and stories on the private FB group. It’s hard not to become a success story with all of the content offered here.

Complete and affordable

I’ll be blunt: most dropshipping courses are way too overpriced, especially for the content they offer. That’s not the case with eCom Elites.

Compared to other course going for several hundreds or even thousands of dollars, eCom Elites’ most expensive package is $297 for the premium version. The standard version, which is more than enough, is just $197.

That’s a single payment as well. Once you’ve bought it, you have unlimited access to all the content for a lifetime.

It’s priced way below the standard while offering several times the amount of content in your average course.


There’s a huge community behind the course. You have access to a private group where you can interact with others, and thousands of students are there just waiting to share their knowledge and help others.

You can even contact Franklin directly to solve any doubts or issues you may encounter down the road.

Constant updates

Finally, the course constantly receives updates as Franklin works on new strategies and the market shifts in any way.

The internet is constantly evolving, and social media platforms change their ad policies almost every other month. That’s why it’s so important that these changes make it to the course for you to adapt your efforts accordingly.

All of these updates are completely free once you become a member of the course.

Who should take eCom Elites?

It’s basically great for everyone.

Granted, the more you know, the more modules will feel irrelevant. However, being an experienced dropshipper myself, I thought I knew everything until I saw the more advanced modules here.

Besides, it’s a great way to learn about all the changes going on in the industry from the hand of an expert.

Wrapping Up: Best Dropshipping Course

There are great dropshipping courses available today, so feel free to check out other options if eCom Elites doesn’t fit your needs in some way.

However, from my own experience, there aren’t many courses that can keep up with Franklin’s product. Even the other courses I can consider as good as eCom Elites pale in some way or another – but I’ll admit it’s mostly because none is more affordable.

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