Is supreme commerce legit?

Is supreme commerce legit?

Many entrepreneurs would like to dive into the world of dropshipping due to its reputation of being highly profitable and easy-to-run when you get the hang of it. However, many people forget that it is not an easy task to launch and manage a successful dropshipping business.

It takes patience, time, and hard work to set up a fully-fledged business. Similarly, you will need to understand the dropshipping business and the skills to ensure your brand grows and generate maximum sales.

If you have been in the ecommerce industry for a while, you must have heard of supreme commerce. Many successful drop shippers use supreme commerce to hack it in the dropshipping business. Without further ado, let us quickly delve into what is supreme commerce and whether it is a legit form of business.

What is supreme commerce?

Is supreme commerce legit?

Supreme commerce is a global digital platform that equips people with the skillset to make money from dropshipping on eBay and Amazon.

It teaches various entrepreneurs how to run and manage their dropshipping business for them to reach six or seven figures in sales. Some people refer to it as an educational course that involves courses on affiliate marketing, digital advertising, and dropshipping.

Some of the courses available under supreme commerce training include:

Launching your empire, where you receive a step-by-step guide on how to set up your store, how to gain multiple distributors on each platform, a list of the most profitable products, and how to scale your income, among many others

  • eBay secrets– which involves learning how to research, find, and list products as well as how to beat eBay best-sellers
  • Mastering Amazon– this course consists of 13 comprehensive modules, including learning complete automation software for your account as well as long-term protection strategies to assist in building a highly sustainable and profitable dropshipping business
  • VA Automation, where entrepreneurs learn how to automate their Amazon, eBay fully, and other ecommerce accounts, including inventory, orders and tracking, listing new products, and customer service

DIY Amazon Automation

Digital advertising mastery, including Google, Facebook, and YouTube Ads. Founded by Kevin Edgar back in 2014, supreme commerce provides comprehensive steps for setting up, growing, and managing a successful eCommerce business.

Kevin Edgar is an eCommerce veteran with expert knowledge of the Amazon and eBay platform, earning millions of dollars in sales from both platforms.

Due to his experience and expertise, he knows the best methods to optimize profits and automate a sustainable eCommerce business; thus, his success in the dropshipping business.

Automation is the key to running a highly successful dropshipping business, here’s how.


Who is supreme commerce training for?

supreme commerce

With supreme commerce training, students can surpass their set financial goals easily, allowing them to live life according to their dreams. If you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking to make money from a second source of income, or you are looking for a legitimate course to invest in in the eCommerce industry, supreme commerce is just for you.

Similarly, if you want to venture into the dropshipping world of Amazon and eBay, and you are looking for some industry secrets on how to launch a successful dropshipping store on these platforms, supreme commerce is the only resource you will need to make it.

The design model of this training ensures that those enrolled learn how to make money quickly from Amazon and eBay using advanced and expert dropshipping techniques.

Amazon and eBay are some of the leading digital marketplaces with a wide selection of products and various manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. 

These global marketing platforms are easily accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. More so, they have a variety of high-quality goods, making them a favorite platform for many to shop for anything.

Due to their massive customer base, many entrepreneurs tap into its lucrative business as it highly profitable for the dropshipping business as well.

Is supreme commerce legitimate?


As discussed above, supreme commerce consists of a training course for those who want to make it in the eBay and Amazon dropshipping business. It is beneficial for new entrepreneurs venturing into dropshipping in Amazon and eBay as it prevents them from falling into some pitfalls of dropshipping that they would encounter if they would go into it all alone.

Supreme commerce is a legit course of training as it contains numerous testimonies from various drop shippers on its online social media platforms, like Facebook. The training is not a scam, but newcomers need to know that they will not start making money immediately they start.

Similar to other online businesses, making money online requires long hours, even months, of hard work, resilience, learning, and applying the lessons learned from supreme commerce into action.

If you adhere to the course with maximum concentration and utilize the lessons learned into immediate action, you will see the fruits of the course very soon.

It is crucial to keep in mind that you will need some capital in your credit card to begin dropshipping on eBay and Amazon.  When you list a product in your store’s inventory and you make a sale, you will have to pay your supplier for purchasing the item and the cost of shipment to the customer.

If your customer pays the amount directly to your Amazon or eBay account, you will just need to wait for the sale to clear, and you get your earnings.

However, if you carry the item in your inventory, you must have funds in your credit card ready for use for payment to the manufacturer or supplier once a customer makes an order.


Yes supreme commerce is legit however, I still think there are way better courses out there. eCom Elites is 100x better than this course. You can read my review here

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