6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery Review

6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery Review

Justin Painter claims he has made more than $100,000 with the dropshipping business on Shopify. The young entrepreneur is so successful that he now aims to help others achieve the same success through his course, 6 Figure Dropshipping. If you have always wanted to start a successful business but never have enough budget or worried about the high risks of a physical store, then this course might give you an idea of a dropshipping eCommerce business.

What is the 6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery?

In the 6 Figure Dropshipping course, Justin claims to reveal his blueprint for success. As a successful online entrepreneur himself, he claims to share the same strategy he used for his success. During the course, you will follow as he builds a store from scratch using the approach he used himself. Justin’s marketing strategies include claiming that he has helped students achieved making ‘$10k a month to $89k a month’. The course costs $597 to signup and also includes some one-on-one guidance with Justin himself.

Who is Justin Painter?

Justin Painter achieved his success in the eCommerce business within a year. The most impressive thing is he did only at the young age of 19 years old. His social media presence leads me to think that he knows what he’s talking about, and so do his YouTube videos. Also, since he’s achieved such success on social media, it does show he knows what he’s doing in the field. He regularly posts snippets of what you can expect from his paid course, which is why many people choose to sign up for this course.

Who is 6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery For?

Have you always wanted to start your own business but never had enough capital or worried about the risk? Then this course is for you. Not only can you learn about the dropshipping business model, but you can also use this guide to establish a successful store. According to Justin, he shares his 6-figure plan in the course so other members can achieve the same success. Although the class seems to be aimed towards beginners, I found some beginner friends of mine more confused than masters of dropshipping after the course.

What is included in 6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery?

6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery consists of 75 videos presented in eight easily accessible modules containing the following:

Session 1 – Introduction

This first session starts with your typical introduction to the course. What’s included is a tip video and disclaimer video for legal purposes. Here is just your standard introduction video and not much information about the actual business.

Session 2 – Dropshipping Essentials

In this session, Justin helps you decide on choosing a niche and introduces three methods for finding ‘guaranteed’ products. He also includes a ‘new’ strategy. Justin then moves on to finding suppliers on AliExpress and ways to get the best shipping times. You will then learn about the importance of branding, and this includes choosing your store name, creating a logo, and advertisement strategies.

Session 3 – Building Your Store

With a total of 14 videos, Justin begins by going through the set-up for Facebook pixel. Then, you will learn how to add products to your store, setting product prices, and writing compelling product descriptions. Finding high-quality product pictures is essential, and it helps them sell better, so Justin includes this. He then shows you the apps or plugins you need to install. Picking the right Shopify plan is also in this section, followed by reviews on Loox and installation for Aftership. After all this, then he moves on to building your store from scratch with a 25-minute video. He also touches on checkout timer, configuring the right settings, and getting a suitable domain.

Session 4 – Instagram (Marketing)

This section was my most anticipated as I know Justin, for being a social media guru, specifically Instagram. He begins by teaching you how to set up an Instagram page, finding compelling offers and influencers, and payment scheme or negotiations if you found the right influencer. Then, Justin goes on to talk about ways you can use Instagram influencers for ads and shout outs to gain publicity for your store. This also includes creating and posting story ads, sales automation, Instagram scaling methods, and ways to work efficiently with influencers.

Session 5 – Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are another effective marketing technique, and Justin begins with helping you understand and structure campaigns. He also explains the tools you need and Facebook product testing methods, creating lookalike audiences, ad retargeting, and easy scaling.

Session 6 – Solving Problems

Here, Justin lists some possible problems that you might encounter, like card problems and taxes. He covers some legal aspects, like creating an LL. He also goes over hiring virtual assistants and using agencies to automate advertisements.

Session 7 – Flipping and Selling Stores

At some point, most people will consider selling their stores. If you reach this point in your business, you can use this section to learn how to make a good listing, the right price setting methods, and listing your store. In the end, you get a 12-minute long video on flipping stores.

Session 8 – $0 to $55,000

This last session first begins with an introduction to the structure, including ad set-up, results, and issues after the first day. As you reach your third day, Justin touches on checking on consistency, scaling after the first week, and checking results after 20 days. He finishes this section off with final results where he poses a question of whether or not it is worth to sell the store. Justin shares some advice on how you can sell your store.

6-Figure Dropshipping Mastery Final Verdict

This Justin Painter course was a little disappointing, in my opinion. OK, not all the course material is terrible, and there are some sections that I think beginners really can benefit from. However, as a newbie who is usually on a tight budget anyway, you would expect to spend over $500 for a comprehensive course, and not just some parts that are beneficial to you. I find this will only leave you more baffled, and you will spend more time and money searching for answers elsewhere.

Moreover, some people argue that the one-on-one session with Justin is good. Yes, I agree some facetime with a successful and experienced person is good, but do you think Justin has the time to tend to every member who signs up? What if 1,00 over people sign up? I am pretty sure Justin will be overwhelmed with inquiries. Let us not forget that he also has his businesses to take care of. I am highlighting this point as from some other dropshipping courses who promises a one-on-one session. Members rarely get time with the guru themselves. It is usually a team member. So, if you ask me if the course is worth the price, my answer is absolutely not.

6 Figure Dropshipping Mastery Alternative

I have gone through a lot of these dropshipping guru courses and personally, a lot of them are overpriced courses with very little information. They always try to sell you the dream or the lifestyle rather than actually selling you information. Dropshipping is not an overnight get rich quick scheme but, a lot of these gurus make it out like that. That’s why they ask for ridiculous prices for their courses. So, I personally get why you’d not trust in these courses.

Now, I still recommend a course if your either beginner or intermediate at dropshipping because it can save you a lot of money by optimizing ads and saving you lots of time. My personal favorite and favorite among many others is a course called eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Now, the reason why I love this course because it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there and it has literally over 150+ videos. Franklin’s been doing dropshipping for many many years even before it was made famous by a lot of the gurus.

Make sure you read my eCom Elites Review to see how much information Franklin packed in this course and offers it at such a low price.

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