No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Review

No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Review

No Bullshit Road To Remote Work is a course that aims to help people get some ideas of work from home opportunities and succeed in them. Check out this review if you’ve been wondering if this course can work for you, or if it is worth it to sign up.

What is No Bullshit Road to Remote Work?

No Bullshit Road To Remote Work is a course that aims to help people succeed in searching, applying, and nailing remote work applications.

Who is Taylor Lanes?

Taylor runs and is a travel blogger. She aims to help others try out the digital nomad life themselves. Get everything from worksheets to courses and eBooks that you can read to lead a different life, one away from the conventional workspace.

She states that she has travelled everywhere from Latin America to Europe, all the while working digitally. In the initial years, her main job was that of an email marketer. Since then, Taylor has launched Facebook groups like the Remote Like My Community that she says has helped others work remotely.

Who is No Bullshit Road to Remote Work For?

The course is for anyone who is looking for a career where you can work from home. This type of career path is quite common nowadays as people dream of being their own bosses and leaving the corporate world behind.

What is included in No Bullshit Road to Remote Work?

In simpler terms, you will be able to land a good remote job that you will love. Here is how the course plans to teach you that, step by step.

Topic 1 – Find Your Ideal Remote Job

Taylor begins the course by introducing some remote work ideas that you can work from home. SHE also gives a three-step guide for those who do not know what they want to do in this section.

Topic 2 – Selecting a Remote Job

This section looks to me like another elaborate version of the first topic. The videos here are rather lengthy and includes the three steps in finding the remote job for you and another in finding jobs in a few clicks.

Topic 3 – How to Stand Out In Applications

This topic consists of six videos and two downloadable PDFs. You will learn one application strategy and several resume examples that work. Taylor proceeds to teach you how to customize a winning resume.

Topic 4 – Boost Your Application

Taylor shares tips for ways that you can boost your applications for remote work.

Topic 5 – Nail The Interview

Here, Taylor goes through ways you can prepare yourself for an interview and how to seem confident. I found his information too general, mostly just common sense.

Topic 6 – Negotiate A Salary

This section includes three 10-minutes long videos where you get your dream remote job and its time to negotiate a good deal. Here, Taylor discusses the things to look out for, and your rights as an employee before signing your employment contract.

Topic 7 – Action Plan, Mindset, Extras

In this last section, Taylor seems to breeze through these important topics. SHE touches it briefly without much elaboration, which I was hoping to learn more.


  1. Access to a private Facebook group
  2. Free weekly list of remote jobs
  3. Taylor’s specially curated action plan
  4. Troubleshooting tips
  5. Real applications that Taylor sent out himself
  6. Hacks to make job applications more fun

No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Final Verdict

Overall, I wish the course material was as long as the name itself. For $397, the sub-par video resolution and course material don’t seem worth it. Most of the information seems to be pure common sense, or you can find it online for free. Even for the section in customizing a stand-out resume, I’m pretty sure most schools teach this too.

No Bullshit Road to Remote Work Alternative

I have gone through a lot of these dropshipping guru courses and personally, a lot of them are overpriced courses with very little information. They always try to sell you the dream or the lifestyle rather than actually selling you information. Dropshipping is not an overnight get rich quick scheme but, a lot of these gurus make it out like that. That’s why they ask for ridiculous prices for their courses. So, I personally get why you’d not trust in these courses.

Now, I still recommend a course if your either beginner or intermediate at dropshipping because it can save you a lot of money by optimizing ads and saving you lots of time. My personal favorite and favorite among many others is a course called eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Now, the reason why I love this course because it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there and it has literally over 150+ videos. Franklin’s been doing dropshipping for many many years even before it was made famous by a lot of the gurus.

Make sure you read my eCom Elites Review to see how much information Franklin packed in this course and offers it at such a low price.

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