Freedom Ticket Review

Freedom Ticket Review

Amazon is the largest and most popular eCommerce platform known worldwide. Many have found success doing business on the platform, including Kevin King. Kevin King and his course Freedom Ticket aims to guide you through building your own successful Amazon business. The current version is 2.0, and it’s what we will be going through today. According to their marketing, the course claims to be a complete A to Z training course as an Amazon Seller. Whether that’s true or not, we will explore the entire class as a whole to help you make the right decision. 

How much does Freedom Ticket cost?

Freedom Ticket offers students two-tier pricings: the Standard course for $997, and if you are a premium Helium10 member, you are entitled to get the course for free. Keep in mind that the membership subscription fee is around $97 to $397 a month. So unless you really can benefit from being a Helium10 member, it might be more expensive.

Getting to know Kevin King

Before signing up for any course, you should first get to know your course instructor. After all, he is the one who will be guiding and teaching you. You should know if your teacher has any substance. Doing this is especially essential nowadays that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can create and sell digital courses. So, who is Kevin King?

Kevin King claims that his experience doing business on eBay and Amazon started since the late 1990s. If he’s right, it means that he has over 21 years of experience. While this is pretty impressive, I would also argue that there has been a lot of changes in the industry since. From his experience, his track record does show that he knows what he’s doing. Over the last 30 years, he has started several successful online businesses while often traveling to new countries. His forte is by focusing on private label brands, which he then sells on Amazon. 

According to him, he has made over 6 million and counting. Besides this, he also has a podcast where he shares valuable information. If you want to learn more about the field, I’d suggest you tune in! It’s free anyway so you won’t have anything to lose. It will also give you a taste of how his training program will be.

Can I get a refund for Freedom Ticket?

Yes. You can get a refund with their 30-day money-back guarantee as long as you do not exceed this timeframe and ensure you meet all the requirements for a refund. 

Freedom Ticket

Like every other Amazon FBA course on the market, Kevin King also claims his as the ‘last Amazon FBA course you will ever need.’ It’s funny because if five courses claim the same thing, doesn’t that mean it becomes the new average? Tagline aside, now let’s look at what you get in the class. 

There is a total of 20 hours of course information that spreads out in 60 videos and eight modules. On top of this course material, you also get a special discount to become a Helium10 premium member and even Q&A sessions with Kevin every week for your first three months. Kevin will also share with you other things you might need for your business, such as spreadsheets, profit estimators, and even the exclusive Facebook training group. In terms of audio and video quality, Kevin has a great setup, which means you can expect courses delivered in good quality. While Teachable is an ideal platform (or at least I prefer it anyway), Kajabi is also quite decent.

What’s included in Freedom Ticket

Now, there are eight modules broken down into eight weeks. Let us go through each one in more detail. It is important to note that you only unlock each module as each week progresses, which means you can’t finish the whole course instantly if you wish.

Module 1

Just like any online course on the market, the first module is always the introduction. For this course, the intro consists of a video about the course and why you’re making the right decision in choosing Amazon for your business.

Module 2

Right off the bat, I have to say I don’t appreciate the shameless marketing to join Helium10, something Kevin has something to do with. I mean, they could’ve just included this part in module one. Anyways, after this, he talks about setting up your business and how you can use Ping Pong to move money between countries conveniently. You will also learn about using the Amazon Seller Central and other general stuff, including Amazon terminology and how much capital you need to start your business.

Module 3

Finally, in this module, you will learn about starting your Amazon FBA business. It starts off branding and includes other important topics like cash flows, the ladder of loyalty, how much it costs to sell on Amazon, and how you can use Amazon sponsored ads to your benefit. Kevin also includes a video on product costing sheets and a walkthrough on cashflow.

Module 4

Module 4 is all about your products. More specifically, winning products that will bring you sales! Kevin introduces some beneficial tools that you can use for your product research. Then, he discusses where you can find inspiration for product ideas and how to do keyword research. Kevin guides you through the whole production process from product research, and he also discusses his testing method, which is essentially what Freedom Ticket is all about. You will also learn how to do simple competition research and also use a tool called Blackbox to find winning products.

Module 5

Now that you have your winning products, this module is about customs and tax regulations. Unlike most courses that only discuss their local rules, Kevin includes information on both US and European import requirements. However, if you are from anywhere outside of these two places, this course is not for you. Kevin also discusses the importance of the right logistics partner.

Module 6

This lengthy module is the one that covers most ground so far. You will learn essential aspects of starting a business like patents, trademarks, and brand registry. You will also learn what makes a good seller and keep your Amazon business safe and secure. Besides this, you will also learn about overall business management like how to keep your sales going and staking out competitors so that you stand out of the market.

Module 7

Listing your products at the right time and the right way is crucial. To do it effectively, you need to consider using a killer title, including bullet points and engaging product descriptions to catch your audience’s attention. Here, you will also learn how to use captivating images that will boost your conversions.

Module 8

This last module talks about pricing strategies like promotions and bundles. These are great strategies to keep your customers interested and your products flowing.


This course is pretty impressive, especially with Kevin King’s remarkable track record. While the course is priced relatively high, you can sign up to be a Helim10 member to get it for free. However, remember to choose the lowest tier pricing and cancel your subscription after that if you do not need it.

Overall, the course is worth it, but since you have to pay a high price, it’s better considering whether your financial situation allows for such big spending. If not, there are more cost-effective courses out there.

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