eCommerce Mastery Review

eCommerce Mastery Review

You are probably here because you’re an avid Zach Inman fan and you watch his highly engaging YouTube videos. An experienced drop shipper, Zach claims to have made a significant earning via his dropshipping business. With 13 hours of content, eCommerce Mastery looks very promising. And if Zach presents the topics like he does his YouTube videos, I can assure you won’t get bored throughout the course. I’m also hoping he shares some of his secrets to success so I can learn and do better in my own business.

What is eCommerce Mastery?

eCommerce Mastery is a program that teaches you how to build a dropshipping company using WordPress. By the end of this course, you should have a working website and WordPress store. As an experienced dropshipper myself, I thought this was intriguing as most people know that Shopify has more functionalities and higher conversion rates. The rest of the content focuses on content marketing, which is a great way to get paid traffic. Although this is an excellent method, he doesn’t mention much about the other marketing techniques that are equally important, like paid traffic. As you can see, the information on the module covers essential topics; however, Zach doesn’t go in-depth into most of them. If you’re a beginner, I believe you’d be left confused and stuck searching for answers elsewhere.

Who is Zach Inman?

Zach Inman is another famous face on YouTube who claims he has found success with dropshipping. Based on his YouTube videos, I like the way he presents and explains his topics in a clear but non-boring manner.

Who is eCommerce Mastery For?

eCommerce Mastery is for anyone who wants to build an eCommerce store with WordPress. Although most people prefer using Shopify for dropshipping, WordPress also works, but you will need to do some manual work like downloading additional plugins, etc. The difference between Shopify with WordPress is that it comes ready with most of the plugins you’ll need for your store.

What is included in eCommerce Mastery?

eCommerce Mastery is made up of 13 hours of video split in 10 modules for easy digestion.

Module 1 – Introduction

Course creator Zach Inman goes through the course by giving you an overview of the program. He also shares his eCommerce experience and about how he made his success. However, he doesn’t provide any proof of his ‘successes,’ so it looks like another one of those programs that lure people in with success stories.

Module 2 – Planning The Business

Module 2 starts by Zach explaining how you can find a profitable niche. Next, you will learn about how you can define and research your target audience and, lastly, build a brand identity. I found this information to be somewhat basic.

Module 3 – Setting Up Your Store And Blog

Here, Zach teaches you about building business assets such as your store or website using WordPress. I thought this was a little odd as most eCommerce professionals know that other platforms like Shopify would have better functionality and higher conversion rates. Shopify is well-known in the eCommerce community to be one of the best platforms if you want to succeed in dropshipping. On the other hand, I’ve also never had pleasant experiences with WordPress, so I can assure you that you will experience some frustrations.

Zach tries to compensate WordPress’s shortcomings with a bunch of plugins, but why go through so much hassle when you can install everything in one place? You will just end up wasting time building your site with plugins that you could’ve gotten with Shopify.

You should have a website and WordPress store by the end of this module. However, this whole process will take you a long time as it requires more customization as compared to Shopify. Zach also doesn’t talk about setting up an Http, which is usually quite complicated but essential during this stage.

Module 4 – Product Sourcing and Sales

I’m not sure if this module is a continuation of module 4, but Zach continues to talk about product research and to select products that have great content possibilities. He then goes on to discuss practical ways to create content. He also introduces popular tools like AliExpress Best Sellers, Facebook Search, and keyword tools like SEMRush.

Module 5 – Optimizing Your Website

I’ve heard this topic on Zach’s YouTube channel before, and his YouTube video looks more extensive than this. WordPress is also a widely used platform for blogs and other websites, so you can get a ton of free information on optimizing WordPress. Again, I can’t stress this enough, and you will spend hours trying to customize it. With Shopify, you can easily install a premium theme, and everything will be taken care of for you.

Other topics in this module include setting up intuitive navigations, speeding up loading times, and other SEO tips. Although these were pretty useful, the information was again very generic

Module 6 – Growing And Using Social Media

Social Media is a powerful tool in dropshipping. However, Zach only touches on the topic briefly, as he simply shows how to use Instagram and Facebook to increase brand visibility. He talks about what you should include in a page and content ideas for higher engagement. This information was again quite generic, and I expected him to share some of his secrets for success.

Module 7 – Paid Traffic

For some reason, Zach doesn’t advocate paid traffic. I agree that free traffic is the best way to increase your store’s profitability. However, paid traffic can boost your sales by a lot! Zach talks about using Social Media Marketing Ads on both Facebook and Instagram. He doesn’t teach you about the setting up part; all he does is give a brief explanation of what it is. So if you don’t know how to set this up, you might have to look for an answer elsewhere. For a $197 course, I expected more.

Zach continues only to recommend Content Marketing, which is useful but not the best strategy, in my opinion. Content Marketing is tedious, and it takes work and time to optimize and rank your store. He also doesn’t talk about Search Engine Optimization, which is what everyone talks about these days. Paid traffic is much faster, and you can better target your audience and get a higher ROI.

Module 8 – Blog Posts Done Right

Here, Zach will show you how a good blog post should look like. He shows you everything from keyword research to the type of posts you should create for higher engagement. This method is one of the best free means to get organic traffic. Although this was excellent and crucial information, again, this could be easily found online for free.

Module 9 – Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for brand credibility. It helps you create a strong bond with your customers. In this module, Zach talks about setting up a sales funnel for regular communications with customers. This topic was exciting and vital for beginners, but the video was, unfortunately, too short and stopped abruptly.

Module 10 – Scaling Your Business

Scaling occurs when your store is doing considerably well. So, if you’ve reached this stage of your store, congratulations! The work doesn’t stop here. However, there is more to be done! When you find that your one-man-show is getting out of hand, you’ll have to consider outsourcing to virtual assistants or online freelancers. They’re inexpensive, as Zach explains, and it would be better for your wellbeing too! He shows you how to use Upwork and how you can find a good content writer.

Hiring writers to write your content is a great idea. However, you might have some problems until you find the writer of your dreams.

Module 11 – Keeping Your Business Solid

This module is about sustainability. Now that your store is doing well, you’ll likely want to keep it progressing forever. Zach explains that you can do this by providing excellent customer service, have the right strategies to deal with customer’s problems, and providing an overall good purchase experience to your customers.

eCommerce Mastery Final Verdict

I was hopeful for this program from following Zach’s YouTube channel. However, the first setback I found was that he teaches people to set up a store on WordPress instead of Shopify. I prefer saving time with all the manual labor of setting up a WordPress store as I think it requires more technical skills. As for the rest of the content, Zach talks a lot about content marketing, which is good but not enough to boost your sales significantly.

Overall, I think the course is good if you are looking to set up your store on WordPress. However, if you are a beginner dropshipper, I don’t think the course information is complete enough for you to have a successful and highly converting store. I’d suggest signing up for a more comprehensive program otherwise you will end up spending more.

eCommerce Mastery Alternative

I have gone through a lot of these dropshipping guru courses and personally, a lot of them are overpriced courses with very little information. They always try to sell you the dream or the lifestyle rather than actually selling you information. Dropshipping is not an overnight get rich quick scheme but, a lot of these gurus make it out like that. That’s why they ask for ridiculous prices for their courses. So, I personally get why you’d not trust in these courses.

Now, I still recommend a course if your either beginner or intermediate at dropshipping because it can save you a lot of money by optimizing ads and saving you lots of time. My personal favorite and favorite among many others is a course called eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Now, the reason why I love this course because it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there and it has literally over 150+ videos. Franklin’s been doing dropshipping for many many years even before it was made famous by a lot of the gurus.

Make sure you read my eCom Elites Review to see how much information Franklin packed in this course and offers it at such a low price.

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