Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

Drop Ship Lifestyle has the promise to make beginner dropshippers succeed in the business. It poses to be a crash course to prepare for everything you will encounter in the market, and more. Teacher and course creator Anton Kraly has years of experience in the industry. And if most of you are here, you probably know him and his course from his social media or YouTube channel. That is also the reason why I decide to review this course, but more importantly, because of its astounding price point. Beginning at a whopping $2,997 for the Premium package, this program takes the running lead for the most expensive drop shipping course on the market. The high price point is also why I have been receiving tons of messages and emails for me to review this course, mainly beginners. Many people are interested in signing up, but the high price point isn’t worth the risk without knowing what is in store. Therefore, this review aims to be a guide for those who have been thinking of signing up for Anton Kraly’s course.

What is Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle began back in 2013 and had been receiving regular updates until the latest version 7.0. It features guidance and additional help to build a profitable, scalable, and sustainable dropshipping business from scratch. Since I have been in the industry for some time now, I am familiar with the course since its first beginnings, and for some reason, the price keeps increasing as new versions are released. The basic course started with $997 that was available during the initial launch, but after the fifth version, I cannot seem to find it anymore. The latest version was also priced at $250, but now it is $2,997 for the premium package and $4,997 for the more expensive ultimate package.

Having followed the course for some time, I know it has been receiving regular updates, but honestly, I do not see much difference. That being said, I also don’t get the high price point. Why charge more for a course when you have not added an extra benefit to it? Both packages come with seven modules that you can access at any time. I understand why I have been receiving emails to review the course because there is just not much information on it on social media. And this is considering Anton himself is mostly active on these avenues. Nevertheless, the course did receive Best eCommerce Course Shopify 2018. I disagree with this title, but I shall not argue with the experts.

Who is Anton Kraly?

Anton Kraly’s story is a story that most people know because he always talks about it. He started working at a high-end job in the US but decided to move to South East Asia. He quit his job and decided to be a digital nomad, and that is how dropshipping has become his choice, and where he found success. Only with dropshipping can you move halfway around the world and still make money. He learned the business from a friend who he now calls his mentor, where he built a Shopify store in a few hours.

After seeing success with his business, and he was living a comfortable lifestyle, his next step was launching this Drop Ship Lifestyle program, which is also widely known as DSL. The course is massively popular, even across international borders, and he now calls himself an ’empowerer.’ One good thing is that he always searches for innovative techniques to boost his businesses, taking along his affiliates with him. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, and regularly conducts dropshipping and marketing seminars across the state. In 2017, I also remembered him hosting the Internet Marketing Expo in Austin.

If you know Anton, you will also know Johnny FD, which is probably his biggest supporter. You can never hear his name without hearing Anton’s name. Johnny is Anton’s most significant success, as he claims to have used his blueprints to achieve the same success and currently lives the same digital nomad lifestyle in Thailand. He is now a strong promoter of the course as he is part of Anton’s affiliate program, AntonMethod.

Who is Drop Ship Lifestyle For?

The target audience for this course is widely known as he regularly markets the curriculum for students, mainly dropshipping beginners. He also makes it clear that the business is not an easy feat, and only people with the right mindset can see the same success. I agree with this point, as dropshipping, or any other eCommerce business for that matter requires a lot of hard work. It is not as easy as some other online entrepreneurs claim it to be. If anyone tells you that dropshipping is easy, you should turn the other cheek because they are lying. If someone tells you they have a ‘quick win’ strategy, please do not fall for it. It is a scam. The website boasts that he has international students from 25 countries totaling 10,000 people enrolled in the program. He also claims these are the people who are now making thousands monthly.

Nevertheless, with the high price point, I am not entirely sure how he justifies that the course is for beginners. Thinking back to my own experience as a beginner, I did not have such a big budget to spend on a course. This price is even more than my whole budget combined, and this is including ad spent revenue and money spent on buying additional themes.

What is included in the Drop Ship Lifestyle?

This latest version of Drop Ship Lifestyle brings you two packages that you can choose from, a Premium and Ultimate package. For both kits, you will get seven modules split into 80 teachings on everything related to dropshipping. On top of that, you also get exclusive access to special features, and this is what sets each package apart from each other, according to the prices. Let us take a look at the general modules and go in-depth so people who are thinking of signing up know what to expect.


Like any other dropshipping program available out there, you need a brief overview of the whole program. Thankfully, course creator, Anton didn’t prolong this section like most course creators do to make the course seem more lengthy than necessary. They usually fill this introduction section with things like ‘having the right mindset’ or including a whole part about the dropshipping business in its entirety. Instead, Anton just gives a simple introduction to the dropshipping business and get you ready on what to expect from the course. He just gives you the critical details and even some industry-related statistics, which are essential to provide you with the current overview of the business.

Module 1 – Selecting A Niche

Finding the right niche to invest in can mean the whole world for your business. There are a lot of niches you can consider, such as beauty, adventure, or more specific ones like fishing or home improvement. From my personal experience, the more accurate your niche, the better you will sell. This happens due to more passionate people willing to invest more or buy more for their particular hobbies. Sometimes, these niches also include high ticket dropshipping, but this topic is not included in this program.

Anton will guide you through the types of products you can and should sell in your store. Niche selection also includes the amount of profit you can make from the business. Anton advises members to stay away from more vulnerable product categories, for example, products that might cause more problems or refunds than making more sales. I agree with Anton, as customer service can be a pain, and it can also affect your store rating. One bad customer experience is enough to jeopardize your store rating. At the end of the module, Anton suggests members write down business ideas where he will review them and make suggestions based on his professional opinion. I like this idea because it gives beginners a general direction on which they should invest.

Module 2 – Market Research

Market research is super important to stake out the competitors, and it also gives your business an edge to stay on top. There are a lot of ways you can go about this, and using both free and paid methods. Anton discusses the best possible ways to analyze how your competitors are doing by examining their store and their products. I love that each explanation is given an example, as it helps beginners understand the whole process even better.

Module 3 – Website Creation

Usually, creating your dropshipping store or website is the most challenging step, as there are a lot of details to consider. Also, the better you create your store, the more sales you will get. I like that although this is usually the tedious part of the whole process, Anton explains it in a very manageable and easy to understand manner. He goes through step by step patiently, and you can even begin creating your store as you go along the course. You can simply pause at anywhere you are taking more time. You can also jot down questions that you face along the way and ask him later in areas where you get face time with him.

As usual, with the topic of store creation, you will also learn to include payment options. You are giving your customers more than one payment option is essential nowadays if you want to keep in competition with the market. If you have only one payment option, customers will opt to purchase from your competitor, who has more variety. Then, another crucial part, you will also learn to add products to your store. Without the products, you will not have anything to sell after all. Anton then goes on to help you understand how to deal with technical issues. This step is also important because if any problem arises, your store should not have extended downtime, or customers will not like it. This module then ends with website design, which is one area you can play around with and should suit your overall brand image. I prefer websites that are less cluttered and look minimalistic. Cluttered sites usually make me feel as though they are illegitimate sites. Anton discusses the best website designs for high conversions.

Module 4 – Finding The Right Supplier

Now that you have a functioning store, it is time to find the suppliers for the products you want to sell. Anton also discusses this in detail because bad suppliers can ruin your business before you even start. Trust me, and there are suppliers out there who are in it for the money. Especially for a dropshipping business where half of your business relies on the right supplier, finding the ideal one is crucial. Your suppliers are the ones handling the product and logistics to your customer. For example, if you find an irresponsible supplier, your customer might never receive the product after payment. Another scenario is that your customer gets the product, but it is faulty and wants a refund. And suddenly, your supplier stops responding. What do you do? In some situations, you might have to end up paying out of your pocket! If you are a beginner, you might already be on a low budget, and this is a cost that you will not want to incur. However, you will have to do this. Otherwise, your store rating will be drastically affected.

Anton also knows the importance of finding the right supplier. He explains how you can watch out for dodgy suppliers, and even how you can negotiate and create a contract or bond to work with them. That way, your business will be protected by legal proceedings. Anton again explains this in such a manner that you will be on the right path.

Module 5 – Optimizing Your Store For Conversions

So, you have a store, and you have a supplier supplying your ideal products for your store. All you are missing now are customers! There are many ways to get customers, and in the eCommerce field, we refer to this as traffic. Traffic is the number of people visiting your digital store. Usually, if you can successfully convert someone who is just browsing your store, we call this a positive conversion. For this module, it is all about copying and pasting Anton’s suggested details on your store that will get you high conversions. It is excellent as well to save you time and energy, so you do not have to think of one yourself or even hire a content writer. However, if you do have a content writer on hand for free, it can also be useful to come up with your original content, to set you apart. I mean, if everyone using Anton’s course has the same details on their store, it would also look fishy. Store optimization means having everything in place so that customers are more compelled to choose your store from other competitors.

Module 6 – Getting Traffic

Now, we look into getting traffic to your website. Anton claims that what he teaches you here are the secret techniques that got him his success in the business. Course creators say this all the time, but it seems Anton is actually on to something here. He shares his secret blueprints, and also explains them along the way so you won’t get lost. There are several strategies to drive traffic to your website, both free and paid, and you should set some budget aside for the paid traffic. I was astonished when Anton shared his strategies because most gurus are not that nice to reveal their secrets to success.

Nonetheless, his method might not work for every business, as different niches work differently, and also geographic location makes a difference. It is crucial, however, as a beginner, to equip yourself with all the best possible strategies for success. You never know, this strategy might come in handy in the future.

Module 7 – Automation And Outsourcing

If you have reached this stage of your business, then congratulations, it means you are doing well so far. This last module is on the automation process, and it means you reach a point where you can let things running automatically. Anton introduces an app that costs a mere $15 a month that will help your business. Yes, this will be an additional cost. Although it is a low price, I would expect that he included it in his program as it is so astoundingly expensive.

Bonus Modules

As with another dropshipping program, Anton also includes a bunch of bonus modules, including a 5-day Success Plan. This plan also includes how you can flip your store to help kickstart your business. Although these are bonuses, these extras are not something new, and you can easily find them online for free with some good digging. I know this because I have come across them myself. However, if you are spending a whopping $2,997 on general information, you would expect some professional information or at least something new.

Added Features Included In Both Packages

  1. Drop Ship Lifestyle Blueprint for Version 7.0

You will have access to Anton’s secrets to success. Although he does share his secret blueprint, it might not apply to everyone, as every niche or business is different. The recipe for success differs for everyone as it relies on several characteristics.

  1. eCommerce course – Using Google Ads

Google Ads is a great way to gain traffic and stand out from the crowd in the crowded dropshipping marketplace. Google ads are preferable if your goal is reaching your target audience because you can specify many important components. You can specify the location, where you can target customers by city, state, or country. Secondly, you can target demographics by marital status, age, and gender. Thirdly, language is also a feature you can set, and keywords where you can use tools to identify the right keywords to match user search intent. Lastly, you can even target the type of device your audience is using for your ads.

  1. Shopify Design Course

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” unfortunately does not apply to online shopping simply because customers are limited to their visual preference at the time of purchase. Therefore, more thought and care should be put into your Shopify store design, and this course aims to help you do that. The design of your shop includes structure, colors, text, and they all should align with your brand’s identity. Just look up the current highest-grossing Shopify store and peek a look at their designs for you to get a feel. Most people prefer minimalistic designs, so it is easier to shop, and it also helps to put the focus on your products and nothing else. This design also encompasses other add-ons that can boost store conversions such as add to cart functions etc.

  1. DSL Shopify Theme

Shopify themes usually boost higher conversions for a business. They are usually quite expensive because they have such high returns. Since it is included in the package, it is an added advantage.

  1. DSL Shopify App

Most purchases are completed via mobile phones these days. So, to have a downloadable app for your store will increase purchases significantly.

  1. Fast Business and Access to Forum

Forums are a great way to learn from other professionals or like-minded individuals.

  1. Lifetime Access to Six-Figure Coaching

Lifetime access allows you to go back to the course whenever you want.

  1. Lifetime Access to Drop Ship Labs

  2. VIP Support

Support is significant, especially for beginners. I find that beginners are more successful when they get to network or learn directly from other, more experienced dropshippers. I experienced the same thing while building my business as I was stuck for ideas for quite some time, trying to boost my business. There are just some things that beginners do not know that more experienced people only know because they have gone through the situation themselves.

  1. Course On Selling Your Store

Some people want a dropshipping store but aren’t fussed to go through the hassle of building one themselves. This is where your store might come in if you decide it is time to sell it. This usually happens when your store has surpassed a certain amount of profits and looks good enough that others might want to buy it. Some entrepreneur minded dropshippers do this for a living. They create new stores from scratch, scale it, then sell it for maximum profits. Then, they start all over again with a new store from scratch. This method is also one way to make more money from dropshipping, without having to work hard on the business for the long term.

  1. List of Directory For Suppliers

Usually, beginners will have to look for trustworthy suppliers. It is a big plus point that Anton includes this in the course because this means they are usually already vetted by himself or his team. However, depending on the number of people who sign up for his course, this might mean that a lot of people are also using the same long list of suppliers. This isn’t such a big deal, but it can also mean strong competition among his members without knowing it.

  1. Course On Outsourcing

I like that this course on outsourcing is included as most beginners might not know that they have this choice once their business goes out of hand. I have even heard of some people who struggle at this stage and their business plummets as they try to keep up. It usually happens when there is an immense amount of orders and, at the same time, customer service issues. Beginners should know that outsourcing might be scary as you leave your trust and your business unto the hands of a stranger online. But most freelance sites are quite secure as they protect both the client and freelancer from any fraudulent activity. This course goes through trustworthy sites where you can find freelancers and also some task manager software so you can track your team’s progress. You never know, once you have a trustworthy team who has been working with you for some time, you can even entrust the whole business so that you just manage everything. This will allow yourself more free time to spend with yourself or your friends and family.

  1. Course On Doing Business Globally

Most smart business owners have plans to go international after some time. After all, this is one way of getting maximum sales, especially with global shipping available. This course is all about finding global suppliers and working with them so that your store can extend an overseas reach to boost profits.

Features you will get in the Ultimate Package

The Ultimate package comes with some several exclusive bonuses, and these are tickets to the annual retreat. This annual retreat is not to be missed, as I have seen the past ones being held in exotic places like Chiang Mai and Krabi in Thailand. If this is true and the course includes the tickets for the event, then I think it is worth it! This is also because I have gone through the activity’s events, and on top of more presentations by Anton and other dropshipping gurus, you also get other fun activities. Most importantly, you get to spend quality time and network with industry professionals.

  1. Recordings From Annual Retreats
  2. Ready-Made Shopify Store
  3. Private Coaching For 1 Year
  4. Annual Retreat Tickets

Drop Ship Lifestyle Final Verdict

Having go through the whole thing and both packages, there are certain things I like and dislike about this super expensive course. Let us start with the pros of the course. Firstly, I can’t disagree that Anton’s method does work. I have tried his blueprint first hand, and the numerous success stories are also hard to ignore. What makes it work is that the course is presented in such a clear manner that guides you through all the essential things. For example, finding the right niche, working with reliable suppliers, building your site, and then building traffic to your site. Let us also not forget what comes after that, as Anton also shares how you can optimize and automate your store. Everything makes sense and is easy to follow.

Secondly, I know for a fact that most people learn better with video tutorials, and for this course, the entire thing is from audiovisual stimulation. I mean, I expect no less for such an expensive course, and also from Anton’s vast experience in getting people’s attention and video editing experience. He presents everything on the video from the explanations, to the examples, to the step by step guides. He does not just sit there and explain the whole thing as most other gurus do on their dropshipping programs

Thirdly, the private members’ forum is also very valuable. As I mentioned before, I learned through help from other more senior dropshippers. Another thing I learned is also that most people are willing to help; all you have to do is reach out. Thus, having this forum is a great opportunity and an excellent place for you to reach out if you have any questions or roadblocks. The panel also enables progress threads where you can choose to follow if the theme or subject also applies to your business. Also, with Anton’s popularity, I can assure you that the forum will not be empty like some dropshipping forums are. Anton is pretty well known, and he has a pretty massive following. As you can see from the success stories and rave reviews, I am sure that from these people who are making big bucks now, at least a percentage of them would be willing to help out beginners on the site. If you are too shy to post a thread, this is also a good thing, because you can just find relevant threads and follow them until you get a solution. However, a bit of advice from me would be to break out of your shell and just ask any questions you might have. Otherwise, your business will be stuck as you are, meaning your profits are also hindered for awhile.

Fourthly, you also get access to live events, also known as the DLS Retreat. This is a legitimate event as it has been held several times, mostly in South East Asia. I remember a couple being held in Chiang Mai and Krabi in Thailand, both of which Anton and his mentee Johnny has lived. It also just shows you how robust the dropshipping lifestyle is in helping people who love to travel work as digital nomads in gorgeous parts of the world. This retreat is also well thought out and really does help members. It includes presentations, coworking and networking, one on one help and business-focused activities followed by other fun activities and meals. Personally, besides being in another part of the world, you get to network with a bunch of dropshipping professionals! This would definitely boost your business, and you never know, you might just find someone willing to mentor your business.

As for the down side of the course, I realize that it doesn’t really talk about SEO strategies. Some might argue that this is just one marketing strategy that Anton missed out, but it is an important one. SEO is the simplest and best free method available, and it just shows how incomprehensive this course is despite the high price point.

Having said all this, my other biggest disadvantage in the course is a rather big one. And this also does affect the overall decision for most people to go for the course. The price point is simply way too high! And because of the high price point, I just do not think the course material is worth it. Hear me out, as someone who has been in the field for so long, and I have seen countless dropshipping programs with better course material for better price. I am saying this as I put myself in a beginner’s perspective. You can read all these advantages but if you simply do not have the money to sign up, there are tons of other courses that are more worth it in my opinion. With $2,997 and even $4,997 for a course, there is so much you can do with this money. Some of the more affordable courses I mention are simply around $200 or even less for basic information. This also brings me to my next point. Yes, this program covers a lot of ground, but it simply lacks depth in each topic. Since I am mentoring several beginners dropshippers, I used this course as a case study to see if they can achieve success. Some of the feedback I received was that a couple of students still had to search for more information online and some even had to pay for this information. What this means is beginners might even end up spending even more than this $2,997 or $4,997 course.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Alternative

I have gone through a lot of these dropshipping guru courses and personally, a lot of them are overpriced courses with very little information. They always try to sell you the dream or the lifestyle rather than actually selling you information. Dropshipping is not an overnight get rich quick scheme but, a lot of these gurus make it out like that. That’s why they ask for ridiculous prices for their courses. So, I personally get why you’d not trust in these courses.

Now, I still recommend a course if your either beginner or intermediate at dropshipping because it can save you a lot of money by optimizing ads and saving you lots of time. My personal favorite and favorite among many others is a course called eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Now, the reason why I love this course because it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there and it has literally over 150+ videos. Franklin’s been doing dropshipping for many many years even before it was made famous by a lot of the gurus.

Make sure you read my eCom Elites Review to see how much information Franklin packed in this course and offers it at such a low price.

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