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Shipping Policy

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Shipping Policy

Where are most of your customers located - the UK or the US?
What is your website URL? Attach the link in the section below
How do customers view their order status?
Can customers change or modify their order?
How long does an order take to dispatch?
Do you offer any same day dispatch services to your customers?
Does your company offer free shipping services to customers?
How does shipping work?
Do you have a return/exchange policy in place?
How long does the customer have to raise an exchange request?
How long does the customer have to raise a return request?
Does the customer have to pay additional charges for return/exchange?
How long does it take to initiate a return/exchange?
What forms of payments do you offer for the customer?
What payment currencies do you accept?
Do you offer any special payment plans or schemes?
What is your policy when some items are out of stock or unavailable?
Do you offer international shipping services?
In the case of international shipping, what are the Import Duty & Taxes?
Do you offer in-store or curbside pickups?
What happens if the customer is not at home?
How do customers get in touch with you to enquire about your shipping policy?
What can customers do if their tracking ID stops updating?
Do you guys offer an affiliate program?
Do you have any physical stores?
Do you offer a warranty?
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