eCom Inner Circle Review

eCom Inner Circle Review

If you’re an avid internet browser or you just use the internet a lot, then you’ve probably heard of the dropshipping business model. It’s what everyone is talking about these days as the best way to make money online and escape the corporate 9 to 5 daily routine. To get started, you can get a lot of free information online or sign up for drop shipping courses like this eCom Inner Circle program that we’ll be investigating today. This review aims to tell you all you need to know and make a well-informed decision. If you’re looking for a dropshipping course, I would advise you to do some research or read up on reviews like these to see if the course is suitable for you. Some classes have high price points, but they might not be ideal for beginners.

What is eCom Inner Circle?

eCom Inner Circle is another dropshipping course by Arie Scherson. For $397, you can find the course on Teachable, one of my favorite learning platforms. His class isn’t unreasonably priced too, as we’ve seen courses priced $900 and above. $397 is pretty decent, and I hope the learning material will be worth the price. If not, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can get your money back and keep searching for the right course for you. The course consists of 8 modules with bonus modules full of extra reading material and templates that you can use for your business.

Who is Arie Scherson?

Arie is another dropshipping entrepreneur with a pretty decent following on his YouTube channel. I like watching Arie’s videos on his YouTube channel, which has 16,000 over subscribers, but this number is growing substantially. I like Arie because, unlike the other self-proclaimed online entrepreneurs, he doesn’t flaunt his luxuries to lure people into signing up his courses. I get the feeling like he just wants to share his knowledge.

Who is eCom Inner Circle For?

eCom Inner Circle is perfect for beginner dropshippers who want to build a successful business. Arie teaches you how to set up a Shopify store from scratch, and includes ways you can develop traffic via Facebook ads. He guides you along the whole process and even includes some live videos where you can follow step-by-step. You also learn to scale your business and how to automate it when the time comes. Unlike most courses on the market these days, eCom Inner Circle is reasonably priced for beginners.

What is included in the eCom Inner Circle?

eCom Inner Circle consists of 10 modules that aim to guide you in establishing your own dropshipping business.

Module 1 – Welcome

As per usual, Module 1 is your standard introduction to the course by program curator Arie Scherson. He explains what you can expect for the course and how you can make the most of it. Here is also where he introduces you to the private Facebook group and steps to contact support should you require any assistance. Arie shares that the course will receive regular updates so you can get the latest happenings on Shopify, Facebook ads, or anything to do with drop shipping.The module is short and sweet in under 5 minutes.

Module 2 – How to Create A High Converting Store

Module 2 is when you can finally get your hands dirty in building a high converting store. Arie goes through the importance of selecting a general or niche store and setting up a Shopify store. He presents the module in a step-by-step guide, and you should have a fully functional store by the end. Arie even includes a video where he shows himself creating a store live. This live video will be useful for beginners. Some of the videos might take up to 20 minutes long, as Arie does go into detail for the essential sections. I also like that he touched on some unusual topics like conversion optimization strategies and GDPR compliance. I don’t usually see any other course talking about these two topics.

Arie goes on to talk about Commerce Inspector, an application that you might need for spying on other stores to find the best-selling products. This app would be useful in scouting out your competition to see how you can do better than them. He even teaches you how to create a free professional logo and also editing the checkout logo. Arie stresses the importance of implementing a currency converter as he presents this in a whole video. The video includes setting up your payment merchant, and he used Paypal and Stripe as examples. Although the module was significantly extended, the information given was beneficial.

Module 3: Researching 6 and 7 Figure Products

Products are essential for your dropshipping store. As Arie says, you need to find your winning 4, 5, 6 figure products that will help you earn big profits. He begins the video with simple product research techniques and goes into more advanced strategies as the video progresses. He will teach you about searching for uncommon hidden gems using ‘secret’ software that he co-owns called I’m not sure how the product works, but it costs $97 a month if you want to give it a shot. You will learn a total of six different methods of finding new winning products, incorporating right filler products, and increase your winning copy for these products. Arie ends the video with a little motivation as he reassures that it’s usually tough to find winning products for people who are just starting in the business.

Module 4: Understanding Facebook Ads

Module 4 looks like a brief introduction of a much comprehensive Module 5, as Arie explains why Facebook ads are essential for your business. This module includes a conceptual overview of FB ads and testing products. Arie’s advice is to have a daily ad budget and stick to it; otherwise, you might overspend on advertisements that don’t even work. He also includes a section introducing the importance of BEP, which not many courses talk about. Arie ends the video by explaining the importance of testing many products.

Module 5: Facebook Ads

Understandably, this section is one of the bulkiest in the course. Without traffic, your business will not succeed. Free traffic such as Facebook ads and SEO are reliable and fast. Arie shows you how to set up a business manager account and install Facebook Pixel. Arie guides you through the course with visuals and exact terminology that you can set up your account the same way. He then teaches you how to design an attractive Facebook page, and this includes a 20 plus minute video on creating high converting video advertisements. Arie moves on to explain how to effectively split test videos. The next section is about launching your first campaign and things to look out for on the 3-day launch.

Next, the drop shipper continues with a section on scaling. Arie talks about getting your first sale. He also teaches you to optimize, and layout Facebook ads account for seamless analyzing. He follows this by talking about failed campaigns and how you can try to save them. He ends the section with a little more talk on scaling faster and further and lowering ad costs.

Module 6: Advanced Facebook Ads

Yup, Arie still stays on the topic of Facebook ads. He talks about creating lookalike audiences and even custom audiences for retargeting. He then goes on to explain micro testing and how you can advance from 5 figures to 6 figures in no time. Arie includes a section on calculating order fulfillment capacities and how to use manual bidding to your advantage. The YouTuber ends the part with a $10,000 per day case study and another case study of how he went from $0 to $50,000 in two months.

Module 7: Maximizing Profits

Now that your store is making decent amount of profits, its time to think bigger and better. That is, how you can maximize your profits from the back end. Here is where Arie recommends some plugins for your site for things such as bulk pricing to enhance your store’s profitability. He also touches on using Shopify to send automated emails and email chains to increase average order volume by selling them on additional products. Manychat is a great tool to retarget buyers on Facebook and the best part is that its free and Arie also recommends it.

Module 8: Build Your Brand

This second last module is where Arie stresses the importance on building a sustainable brand. He suggests that the best time to do this is when you’ve found winning products for your store. He explains that as your orders increase, you will need to outsource some tasks to virtual assistants so you can focus on growing your business. Affiliate programs are a great way to build organic traffic and get some extra income, which Arie strongly suggests.

Module 9: Resources

This resource section consists of a bunch of bonuses including both paste pages and additional reading material.

  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Shipping and Delivery Page Template
  • Book List
  • Contact Us, FAQ, Returns Page Templates
  • eCommerce Facebook Ads: $1,000,000 Ad Spend, 4x ROI (Case Study)

Facebook Mastermind Group

Facebook mastermind groups are useful if they have members. There’s no use joining an inactive one. Arie’s Facebook group looks like its growing and it looks promising. Beginners will usually benefit from these groups.

eCom Inner Circle Final Verdict

For the price point, the course module contains a lot of valuable information. What I like more than the course itself is the way Arie presents it in a very clear and engaging manner. Although some courses were bulkier than the others, he doesn’t fill them with unnecessary information like other dropshipping courses who are just in it for the money. Nevertheless, this course itself won’t be enough to help you and you might end up spending more money on other courses.

eCom Inner Circle Alternative

I have gone through a lot of these dropshipping guru courses and personally, a lot of them are overpriced courses with very little information. They always try to sell you the dream or the lifestyle rather than actually selling you information. Dropshipping is not an overnight get rich quick scheme but, a lot of these gurus make it out like that. That’s why they ask for ridiculous prices for their courses. So, I personally get why you’d not trust in these courses.

Now, I still recommend a course if your either beginner or intermediate at dropshipping because it can save you a lot of money by optimizing ads and saving you lots of time. My personal favorite and favorite among many others is a course called eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Now, the reason why I love this course because it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there and it has literally over 150+ videos. Franklin’s been doing dropshipping for many many years even before it was made famous by a lot of the gurus.

Make sure you read my eCom Elites Review to see how much information Franklin packed in this course and offers it at such a low price.

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