eCom Elites Review

Today, there are a lot of ways to make money from the comfort of your home. Drop shipping is one of these ways and has helped a lot of people make good money and build companies all from their living room.

Drop shipping is the process where someone opens an online store. The store does not have stock or sale products of their own, rather, it purchases the item from a third party seller and ships the item directly to the buyer. The seller does not meet the customer.

Most times, the seller is usually a wholesaler or retailer to reduce the costs. The difference between drop shipping and an online retail store is that the seller does not have inventory of their own and has to get it from an actual retailer or wholesaler.

To create such a store, there are software you should use with the most popular one being Shopify. Shopify is a subscription software that allows you to create a website and use their shopping tools to sell, manage and ship your products.

What is eCom Elites?


With this information, you can easily understand what eCom Elites is. Ecom Elites is an online course that aims to teach anyone on ecommerce businesses, drop shipping and the marketing and advertising requires for your online store to take off.

It is broken down into modules and has almost 200 videos and tutorials to study. The videos provide insight on specific select topics whereas the modules are topical and tackle specific issues regarding drop shipping.

Ecom Elites was developed by Franklin Hatchett who is an Australian online entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. He started this program as a way to escape being under third parties. So he started a drop shipping using Shopify and slowly grew a network of online stores.

Through this long experience in the online business, he had a lot of knowledge regarding it and decided to share this information through eCom Elites. He shares tips and guidance for beginners to create their own online niche empires.

It is important to remember that eCom Elites is not free. It is premium priced and goes for about $200 for the standard option. As more and more features are added onto the course list, the price goes higher.

However, the standard version is all you need when starting. The standard version covers everything from the extensive product research needed, search engine optimization (SEO) training, running Instagram and Facebook ads and chatbot training.

The ultimate package costs about $100 more and covers extra information such as sales funneling, Google shop ads academy and an already done (for you) sales funnel. You can upgrade to the Ultimate package if you are an intermediate drop shopper.

Ecom Elites is a training package with all the necessary information. This is why in every module, there are clear steps to follow. There are also bonus sections with reports, lists and additional videos needed to start and run a successful store.

The videos are hosted on Vimeo, work on all devices and are all in HD. The following sections gives a breakdown of the modules eCom Elites uses.

Module 1: Setting up Shopify

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Shopify is a subscription software that allows you to create a website and use their shopping tools to sell, manage and ship your products. eCom Elites provides clear instructions and steps on how to set up your Shopify shop.

This information is put is a simple to understand way and accommodates people who do not have the slightest idea on online business.

As simple as it is, it goes into details about the various niches one can join, the type of stores and which is the best one for you depending on your needs.

This module is also responsible for showing you how to setup a Shopify account and how to install the best theme for you. Franklin owns theme – eCom Turbo – is available on Shopify too. There are many other themes to choose from such as the popular Konversion theme.

Module 1 also discusses how to add products to the store after selecting a suitable theme. It shows the user how to customize their theme, display shipping rates and how to set up promotions.

There is also a section that teaches how to compute taxes when need arises.

For people based outside of the US, module 1 shows how to setup payment methods and how to receive payments. This is an important part as not many drop shipping courses offer this lesson. In addition to these, eCom Elites’ module 1 shows how to setup Shopify funnels.

This is due to the rising use of funnels in today’s online business.

Module 2: Sourcing your products

Here, eCom Elites focuses on how to source the products for your store. We know that drop shipping involves sourcing products from a wholesaler and here, we learn how to do so. With simple and straightforward explanations, beginners can benefit most from this.

The main question usually is ‘how do I select what products to sell?’ since many people who are starting usually do not know which products are profitable.

Module 2 answers this question by helping you decide on a great niche to invest in. This section also shows you how to find suppliers, how to contact them and build rapports with them.

Module 3: Facebook Ads

This is the largest and most intense section of the eCom Elites course. Advertising is the most important aspect of any up and running business, and there’s no larger audience than Facebook.

Here is where you can make all the money you want. The teachings show how you can properly set up Facebook ads to reach very specific audiences.

There are lessons on setting up a Facebook business account, data mining, conversions, bidding and setting up Google pixels. Since tech is always changing, this section is constantly updated with new information regarding the latest strategies on Facebook marketing.

This section uses videos and journals for information.

Module 4: Instagram traffic

eCom Elites Review

Instagram has one of the highest amount of young users and this is why it is important to run ads there too. If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you have probably seen a lot of promoted posts – these are some of the ads that eCom Elites course shows you how to do.

You’ve also probably heard about Instagram influencers and the large amounts of money they make from it. Ecom Elites course shows you how to find the right influencer for your new online business.

It helps you prevent being overcharged and knowing the general market prices for influencers.

Since setting up Instagram ads is not a complicated process especially after setting up Facebook, this section is not quite as extensive as the previous.

However, it provides a competitive edge over your competition. There are about nine videos for this module that cover everything you need to know about Instagram marketing and influencing.

Module 5: Email Marketing

This is another extensive section that contains at least 14 videos. Over time, there are more videos that are added as bonus. By the end of these videos however, you will be a master at email marketing. Here, Franklin teaches how to set up email campaigns using tools such as MailChimp.

Email marketing involves writing short emails to potential customers urging them to buy a product from your website. Many people ignore email marketing and this should not be the case.

This is because customers rarely make impulse purchases and need to be persuaded at least 7 times before making a purchase. This emails should not be spammy, they should appear well thought of and well written as many people do not like spam mails.

If done properly as shown in this course, this method could double your profit in no time.

For this section, you have to build email lists and use them to make to get new customers. It however takes repeated contact for the people to finally buy something from you. Email marketing is considered a low cost method of reaching potential customers.

Module 6: Use of chatbots

eCom Elites Review

Many website today have chatbots. Chatbots are automated apps that aim to increase engagements and interactions with people who visit your sites.

If you’ve visited a site and a pop up window comes up to prompt you for a feedback or ‘Chat with us’, this is what is referred to as a chatbot. Chatbots lessons are included in both the standard and ultimate versions of the eCom Elites online course.

The videos shows you where you can get chatbots and how to setup a chatbot. They show you how to sends ads through the chat boxes, answer customer questions and how to prompt alert boxes.

If done properly as shown in this course, this method could double your profit in no time.

Module 7: Creating a sales funnel

This is the first module that is only featured in the Ultimate eCom Elites online course. The videos explain what a sales funnel is and how to set it up. A sales funnel is the process which you find, qualify and sell your products to customers.

Sales funnels are considered a bit more advanced and not for beginners. Wait till you start getting sales then you can start using sales funnels.

There are tools such as Clickfunnels that help you setup a sales funnel. Most of these tools are a bit expensive and this is another reason why sales funnel should only be done after sales have been made. Once you setup your sales funnel, profits can be maximized to full potential.

Setting up funnels can be divided into seven main phases: awareness phase, interest phase, evaluation phase, decision phase, reevaluation phase, purchase phase and repurchase phase – all of which are discussed in module 7.

Module 8: Google Ads

google search

This is also a module that is featured only on the Ultimate eCom Elites online course. This module contains videos that will teach you how to set up Google Ads including Google Pixel.

It also shows you how to work around the mystifying Google Pixel, how to select a suitable audience and retargeting, how to create text ads and many more tools. This course also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads over Facebook.

Ecom Elites shows you how to setup the Google Shopping account. The videos show how to start a merchant account and connect it to the Google Shopping app.

They also show how to search for keywords properly and how to design and layout the structure of your ad. If you have ever wondered how ads are added to YouTube videos, this module teaches how to do it.

As we know, this is one of the most powerful ways of advertising since your ad will appear according to people’s search keywords and phrases. Franklin goes into the minutest details discussing all these tools and features.

The additional cost you pay for the Ultimate package proves to be well worth it.

Module 9: Organic Google Traffic

eCom Elites Review

Organic Google traffic refers to the people reached through organic means – without ads, based on keyword searches on Google. Both the Standard and Ultimate version of eCom Elites offer this course, the tutorials show you where to get links.

The sources mentioned are reliable but you still need to understand what you are doing. For people with older websites where the links already exist, the organic google traffic method can be used more effectively.

You should ensure that if you have a new site, avoid getting the links too early. Try and work on your socials through web 2.0 using only branded links.

After your website builds a large page and domain authority, you can now use the links.

SEO may seem complicated at first but as you run your site and follow eCom Elites’ videos, it becomes easier and more straightforward. Paid ads on socials are the best way to start for newbies as you mature into SEO.

Module 10: Updates

The module 10 is the update course which is available for both Ultimate and Standard packages. It is a course on how to regularly update your ads and marketing tools. Since most videos were released in 2017, there is an updated 2019 version that.

These updates are important because platforms like Facebook constantly update their website and guidelines which means even ads are affected. This module explains new methods and tools for advertising and is a great bonus.

There is only 1 video for this module and goes for about 2 hrs. 45 minutes.

Module 11: Video Request

This is also a bonus module like the module 10 above. It is a great bonus since it deals with questions directly from users. If you’re stuck on a problem, all you can do is shoot an email to request that he addresses the issue in the next update of the module 11.

Some of these issues include: doing custom conversions, using multiple Facebook accounts and tips on ad copies. It is a great resource for beginners who keep getting stuck in the new environment of Shopify.

Module 12: Weekly videos

playing video on page

Like the previous module, the Weekly Videos module deals with user’s questions. However in this module, it is Q&A session.  This is the reason the quality of video in this module is not as good as the rest. Franklin tackles questions asked by users over a wide range of topics such as Flippa sites.

If you’re looking for a very specific issue you are having, there is a high chance it has been discussed in this module. By following all these modules to the end, you will get all the information you need to start and run your drop shipping company.

The following sections shows the most frequently asked questions about eCom Elites.

Frequently Asked Questions about eCom Elites (FAQs)

Does completing this course guarantee I will be a successful drop shipper?

The result performance of your drop shipping site is different for everybody. The success of your company depends on the amount of effort you put into the site.

Completing the training does not guarantee the success of your website but equips you everything you need for the success of your business. Whereas some users have made even seven figures with their online stores, there are others that drop out just a few weeks into the program.

This means that it all depends on the commitment and effort you put into your store

Is there for discount on eCom Elites?

Unfortunately, there is no discount for this online course. But if you compare the price with other drop ship courses such as Dropship Lifestyle you will discover that the eCom is not that expesive.

After you pay the $197 for the standard package for eCom Elites, you have enough tools and knowledge to take your online sore to the next level.

What is the difference between eCom Elites Standard package and eCom Elites Ulitimate package?

The first main difference is price. The standard package goes for $197 while the Ultimate package goes for $297. The additional hundred dollars is due to the additional courses offered such as Sales Funneling, Google Ads tutorial and two ebooks covering the top selling products and top selling niches in the market.

Is eCom Elites good for beginners and newbies?

Yes it is. The course has actually been designed with a newbie in mind. It takes you through the process of opening a Shopify store from the beginning to the end. It contains everything you need to know about ecommerce sites and business.

Training is done through videos although there are a few ecopies copy once in a while. The user does not need to have any prior knowledge regarding drop shipping as everything will be taught in the course and at your own pace of understanding

Who created ecom Elites?

The course and training is done by the creator of eCom Elites known as Franklin Hatchett.

He started off on youtube but later realized he could train people at a fee as he was offering one of the most important information today. He runs his own successful store and used the experience and knowledge he learnt to start and train eCom Elites.

Is eCome Elites legit?

Yes. Do not let the low price of this online training course cast any doubts over its authenticity. Franklin has been doing these for many years now and you can follow him on any platform.

He is one of the most trusted drop shipping trainers there is at the moment and we guarantee that you will not be conned. For legitimacy purposes, there is 30 day guarantee refund if you are unhappy with the course. With eCom Elites, there is value for money as well as security.

Where can I buy Ecom Elites?

You can buy the course by following this link.

 Final Verdict

Ecom Elites is a great course for anyone who want to open a drop shipping business. The truth is that for the value you get, the course should be sold for a lot more. Beginners and experienced people can benefit from this course.

The regular updates also ensure that all the students are up to date and keeping up with current drop shipping strategies. Ecom Elites is definitely a great deal package you should consider getting if you want to learn everything about drop shipping.

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  1. great information, thank you!

    Would you still recommend this course to someone who is starting a handmade accessories business on shopify (not drop shipping).

    Also, just curious about drop shipping also, does it teach you how to find a reliable wholesaler from Aliexpress, despite language barrier, and lack of good and verified on that platform? Thank you!

    • Yes, you need to advertise your business so, there are many modules on Facebook advertising and other things. Yes, Frank goes over suppliers and building relations.


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