How To Find Winning Products For Dropshipping In 2020

How To Find Winning Products For Dropshipping In 2021!

Finding which products you want to sell can be one of the most difficult parts of starting a dropshipping store. I’ve been there, and everyone I know has also gone through that hassle.

With nearly unlimited options, deciding on one isn’t easy (to say the least). The good thing is that finding profitable products becomes easier over time – until it pretty much becomes second nature.

Today, you’ll learn how you can speed up that process.

3 important principles

Product research is supported by a basic foundation. You might haven’t heard of them, but you can find most eCommerce websites mentioning the same 3 points.

Basically, you want your product to meet 3 criteria:

  1. It must be demanded. That means you want to sell a product that sells already, not really one that’s just been released. You can’t sell something people don’t want to buy.
  2. It must solve a problem. Your product has to make people’s lives easier in some way: tomato slicers make cooking faster, phone cases keep mobile devices safe and look good, even fidget spinners help ease anxiety.
  3. Finally, it must have a dedicated audience. This is why going for a niche is so good. Think about fishing, cooking, health and fitness, gaming, etc; all of these have interested people.

Once you’ve found products that meet these requirements, you need to properly price them to maximize profits while keeping a good deal.

You should also focus on products that can catch people’s attention or can only be found in certain markets. This makes advertising a lot easier, and people are more likely to buy them by impulse.

Which dropshipper are you?

When it comes to entrepreneurs, we can separate them into 2 groups depending on their approach.

First, we have dropshippers who test their products aggressively. These people go from one niche to the next one, testing different products to spot which ones work. This means they spend more on marketing while testing their products, and they find a winner once they hit a product that sells well, is profitable, and can be scaled.

The other dropshipper group is the researchers. Researchers take their time before deciding which product they want to test; they only test products they already deem potentially profitable. They’re more conservative with ad spending, and they tend to test a couple of products at most. While quite slower, it reduces your risk if you’re on a budget.

Speaking of which, you’ll fall into one of the 2 groups depending on your mindset and the size of your funds. You want to keep your testing budget just on what you need and offer competitive prices.

Pricing is important since selling a $10 product is easier than selling a $100 one. You might even sell 10 times the former product in the same time it takes you to sell a single product from the latter category.

Quick tip

Engagement is paramount in Facebook. It’s not just because it helps your branding; you’ll pay less for each purchase as you increase your ad engagement.

“Engagement” refers to interaction: reactions, comments, and sharing. These signal Facebook that you’re reaching your target audience successfully.

You can do this by simply applying the same strategies others use while adding your own style.

4 product research strategies

Before jumping straight into one of these strategies, you should try and look for ideas on sites like Wish (which, with all the FB ads you probably come across, shouldn’t be difficult). You can take a look at its products and categories to see what catches your eye.

The web design for Wish is also a great reference for how your store should look.

Stumble Upon is another great website for looking up hobbies and interests. You can even go to it if you’re looking for ideas for your niche.


This is somewhat of a basic strategy, and you might have already seen this tip in other websites.

The first step is to enter a keyword that’s related to a niche on the search tap. Once you search for it, go to Pages. Here, you can find pages related to dropshipping stores, and once you’ve clicked on one, go to “Info and Ads”. You’ll see all the ads for products currently sold by the store.

Of course, you also want to install your Facebook Pixel and maybe even the Turbo Ad Finder for Chrome. The 2 are great for finding products already getting sales.

After installing the 2, refresh your page. You’ll quickly notice how you’re seeing a lot more ads on your timeline. Keep an eye on how many interactions each one has – the higher the engagement, the more this product is selling.

Another pattern you’ll soon spot is that most ads have videos. This is because videos are great for catching most people’s attention as they scroll through their feed. That’s why it’s nice to find products you can advertise through video. Save some of the best-performing videos for inspiration.


In case you don’t know, AliExpress is one of the largest eCommerce portals right now, especially for dropshippers looking to source products.

Let’s say you found a product that you want to sell. You should go to AliExpress and look for similar items you can add to your website.

You can see the prices and possible profits, but most importantly, you can find out about the supplier. Look up their details and customer reviews. Finding a good supplier means a safer business and even more profits if you can establish a good relationship; you can even look through their offers and find other items you might want to test for your store.

Many people build successful stores with just a handful of suppliers – even a single one – form AliExpress.

You also get a lot of content for your store. You can find high-quality images without company watermarks. If your supplier allows it, you can simply import these images into your stores. The same goes for videos and even product descriptions.

There’s even the Dropshipping Center at AliExpress, where you can look for more inspiration. Make sure to surf through the pages to find possible winners; you can then check them on Google Trends.

Just make sure to verify your suppliers and keeping a good relationship, and AliExpress could be your store’s backbone.

Traditional keyword research

Of course, you can easily find products by researching keywords related to the business. You can use both niche keywords and other common ones like “on sale” or “get it now”.

An easy way to find products for dropshipping (and see if they’re doing good) is to simply enter your niche keyword and add “Shopify” or “dropshipping” at the end.

Adding “Shopify” has the extra benefit of showing you the stores themselves, and you can access their social media to check their ads and engagement.

Special software

Finally, there’s software like Intelligyence and Ali Inspector, which are designed specifically to find products for dropshippers.

The first one shows you lots of data on your competitors, like sales volume and best-selling products. You can also check their social profiles, apps they use, and even their keywords.

Intelligyence also comes with Ali Inspector, which specializes on researching products on AliExpress. It lets you check their sales volume and even import all of the information right into your store – including reviews.

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Finding products to sell on your store can be confusing at first, but as long as you know what you should look (keep the 3 principles in mind), it should be just a matter of time before you start finding candidates.

If you want even more help regarding dropshipping in general, I’d recommend you check out eCom Elites. It’s a full course that takes you from building your store, through researching and testing products, to scaling it once you see success.

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