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Today, I am reviewing Seller Pro Academy by Johnny Bradley. So far, the community surrounding these courses has reacted very positively to this one, so I am interested in uncovering what Johnny has in store for all of us.

What is Seller Pro Academy?

It is a course that teaches you all about Amazon FBA. There is a lot to like, and the sales side of the course is plastered in success stories.

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<strong>Why Listen To My Opinion? What Makes Me An Expert</strong>

Hey I’m Joshua. I have been full time entrepreneur since 2019. When I first started dropshipping, I tried MANY different dropshipping courses.

Many of them had similar information to what you can find on youtube. I ended up wasting not just my time but, my money. (Not just course cost but, ad spend.)

Since then, it has been my mission to review these courses to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. I have devoted over 400+ hours thoroughly researching various ecommerce courses!

Who is Johnny Bradley?

Johnny is a reasonably popular Youtuber with just over 30.000 subscribers and 2 million video views. His videos seem to be a mixture of clickbait and valuable information. Only from looking at his social media, you will get the impression that Johnny is highly successful with Amazon FBA. But, considering his course includes some tutorials on how to gather social proof, we are taking these things with a grain of salt.

Who is Seller Pro Academy for?

This course is for people who want to enter the world of Amazon FBA. For this, you will need some form of initial investment, so it is not for you if you are looking to make money out of nothing.

In general, Amazon FBA is quite a challenging marketplace, and to be successful is undoubtedly not easy. So in a way, this course is for people that want to make it big, despite the road not being the easiest.

What is included in Seller Pro Academy?

The amount of content included in this course is very solid. It features 15 modules with over 100+ videos, and this does not count the bonuses you will receive for signing up. We will now go through all 15 sections one by one to give you an overview of what to expect from this course and its content.

Module 1 – Introduction

Starting with the basic introduction-type videos, over four videos, Johnny talks mindset, motivation, and drive. There is also some general information about the business model of Amazon FBA, private labeling, and some hints at how you can join the “10k Club”.

Crucially, Johnny also talks about the budget in this section. Amazon FBA is not a business model where you will find success without an initial investment, and Johnny is very clear about this.

Module 2 – Support Details, Student Group, & Resources

Again, this module is more of an introduction. This time, it’s preparing you for the actual course by guiding you towards downloadable content and how to deal with the support. Mainly, Johnny is showing you how to set up your web store and prepare for the road ahead.

Module 3 – Creating a Company

This is the first module with some valuable information. While it is one of the shorter ones with only seven videos that barely reach the 5-minute length, the information here is very relevant and vital. Johnny walks you through the process of setting up your own company and growing your brand.

Relevant here is that Johnny is very clearly focusing on the UK market only. He will be talking about UK specific laws and processes, so if you are based anywhere else, this module is less relevant for you.

If you are in the UK, however, the information here is precious. You will learn how to set up a limited company, trademark your brand, and set up a business account. Johnny also talks about the need for an accountant and general insurance.

Module 4 – UK Taxes and Duty

As you can tell from the title, this module is focused exclusively on taxes and import/export duties in the UK. Johnny goes over customs, VAT, and EORI numbers.

Module 5 – International Selling

Curiously enough, this module only features one video in which Johnny teaches you how to set up a US account from the UK. He does not mention why you would need to do this, but we are sure he has his reasons for including it in this course.

Module 6 – Product Research

This is one of the most extended modules of the course, and rightfully so. A lot is to be said about the importance of product research and finding the right market. Johnny talks about the importance of setting goals, finding the right opportunities, and avoiding products and niches that are restricted or already satisfied.

In the 17 videos in this module, Johnny also touches on

Example of winning products
UK restrictions on products
Amazon fees
Multiple tools for product research
The product research tools Johnny goes over are all exciting, and you should be paying attention during this module. You will learn how to do product research on competitor stores, Amazon, Alibaba, and about the 999 cart method.

Module 7 – Product Sourcing

After teaching you how to find the perfect product in the previous module, Johnny dedicates this module to find the perfect supplier. Another very important thing to do when starting your business, which is why this module is again one of the longer ones.

Johnny goes over your various options for finding and comparing suppliers. He also gives some negotiation tactics and tips on negotiating a reasonable price for your product, like bundling your orders. You will learn about the importance of requesting a sample before placing an order and how best to incorporate your logo and personal design on the packaging.

The final bit of knowledge in this chapter regards payment methods. Johnny teaches you how to provide your customers with multiple payment options, as well as some tricks on how to save on currency exchange rates.

Module 8 – Shipping

Here, you will learn about all the different shipping options available to you. This includes air, sea freight, and more shipping specific terminology.

This module also again goes over VAT and customs duties, which is relevant if you are planning on shipping internationally. Also notable in this module are the different shipping methods like DDP or DHK, both very important to understand if you plan on doing business on a bigger scale.

Module 9 – Amazon Seller Central

In the ninth module, you are learning all about setting up your Amazon seller account. Johnny will go through everything you need to know to set your account up correctly. This includes making sure you have the correct barcodes, how to create your product listing, creating a shipping plan. Additionally, Johnny consists of some tips about what to do when you are running out of stock.

Module 10 – Product Listing

The previous module briefly touches on this topic, but in module 10, Johnny goes all into what makes a product listing great. He teaches you how to stand out next to the seemingly endless competition by showing you various good and bad examples of listing pages. Johnny also makes sure to stress the importance of taking good pictures of your product.

Lastly, the module includes a lot of information on keyword research and creating the best titles and descriptions to ensure a good search engine ranking.

Module 11 – Advertising Academy Pt. 1

This module is all about Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising model. It shows you how to optimize your Amazon pay-per-click campaigns, and you’ll learn about manual bidding, category targeting, brand targeting, and adequately defining your target audience.

Module 12 – The Ultimate Launch Strategy

Over eight videos, Johnny will let you know everything there is to know about launching your store. This includes discount codes, followup email campaigns, and some sneaky tricks to get some more initial reviews on your product. Definitely, information that is worth having.

Module 13 – Sales Funnels

This module is all about setting up a sales funnel for your business. A sales funnel, of course, starts by generating awareness for your store and then tries to persuade users to purchase your product utilizing retargeting. So, you can see why it is a crucial thing to have.

You will also learn about setting up your Facebook pixel and using automate fulfillment. Johnny also talks about the importance of a reliable email campaign and teaches you how to acquire leads.

Module 14 – Advertising Academy Pt. 2

This module is very similar to module 11, but instead of focusing on Amazon, it looks at Facebook and Instagram for paid advertisements. Johnny teaches you how to use Facebook’s extreme targeting possibilities to the fullest and to pick out the right audience for your ads on Instagram.

Johnny keeps mentioning the importance of social proof and provides many useful tips on getting some solid social proof from the beginning. You will also learn how to set up Facebook contests and other events that will affect people willing to give out their email addresses to you.

Module 15 – Getting Ungated

In the final module, Johnny looks at different niches and categories you could target. The info here is certainly exciting and valuable, but it seems a little odd to add this to the end of the course. In our opinion, it would make much more sense to include this kind of information earlier in the class.

Bonus Content

Additionally, to the 15 modules, you will receive a bunch of valuable bonus content for free.

These bonuses include:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Jonny’s Email Address
  • Monetization Mastery Brand Course
  • Seller Pro Incubator

Final Verdict

In general, I must say I liked this course. It is not one of those empty courses that are filled to the brim with filler videos and modules. Instead, it has a lot of valuable information packaged in a way that makes it easy to understand and follow along.

The amount of content is right. Just over 100 videos add up, and you have a course that is very solid. There are certainly more profound courses out there, but it is really not necessary to invest even more time upfront.

While the course is excellent, I must say that I think trying your luck on Amazon FBA is not easy. There are many, much easier options out there that do not require any initial investment like FBA. It’s also a very stressful job that requires your attention very long and during weekends and holidays as well.

You can certainly be successful by following this course. And I suppose this justifies its rather steep price tag. But ask yourself, is this really the best option for yourself?

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I have gone through a lot of these dropshipping guru courses and personally, a lot of them are overpriced courses with very little information. They always try to sell you the dream or the lifestyle rather than actually selling you information. Dropshipping is NOT an overnight get-rich-quick scheme but, a lot of these gurus make it out like that. That’s why they ask for ridiculous prices for their courses. So, I personally get why you’d NOT trust these courses.

I have reviewed over 50+ dropshipping and eCommerce courses on my blog and by far the BEST course I recommend for any beginner or intermediate dropshipper is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Now, the reason why I love this course is that it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there and it has literally over 150+ videos. Franklin’s been doing dropshipping for many many years even before it was made famous by a lot of the gurus.

Now if you are still wondering whether you should try it out or not, you should read my eCom Elites Review to make an informed decision on whether or not you should get it or not.

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