Shopify 45 Day Trial & Shopify 44 Day Trial (2023) Best Deal

Shopify helps you run a full-scale eCommerce store. You may even provide shipping and exceptional customer care to win a competitive edge. Many entrepreneurs rely on Shopify to earn their revenues and attract customers.

Here comes the need for a free trial, which lets you understand if Shopify is right for you. Sellers can get a free trial of 3 days when they sign up on Shopify.

However, can you get a 44 day Shopify free trial? Is there any way to add more days to the trial period?

Let’s find out.

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How Does the Shopify Free Trial Work?

Shopify Trial Homepage

Shopify offers a free trial for everyone who signs up on the platform. You can use your email address to access the free trial without entering any payment details.

Your free trial lets you use the basic features of Shopify. You will be able to create your store and add products, complete with images and descriptions. However, you cannot sell anything from your store until you choose a seller’s plan.

Shopify comes with several plans that start at $5 per month. You will need to provide your credit card information.

However, your account will not be charged right now. The amount of the plan will be deducted once your trial ends.

People who don’t opt for a plan can decide whether they want to continue after the trial expires. They will have to select a paid plan if they want to use Shopify further or sell from their store.

Otherwise, you don’t need to take any action. Shopify will close your account once the trial ends. It will cut your access to your store, and you will not be able to make any customizations.

History About the Shopify 44 Day Trial

History About the Shopify 44-Day Trial

Shopify has offered free trials of 30 or even 90 days in the past. During the onset of COVID-19, the platform allowed entrepreneurs to test its features for 90 days without paying. However, this offer is no longer available.

Some of you must also have read about Shopify’s 30 days free trial. It was one of the most popular free trials and was availed by many small businesses. Sadly, this offer has long expired too.

However, there was still a way to enjoy a free period of 44 days on Shopify. You could start your journey by opening your account and availing of the 14-day free trial.

Next, Shopify would allow you to enjoy the first month at just $1. So, you got 14 days + 30 days at just $1.

Best of all, the offer allowed you to access all platform features. You could even sell from your Shopify store to earn an income. And at the end of the trial, you could choose not to continue.

Unfortunately, the 44 day trial was withdrawn in July 2022.

Some people used another trick to get a 44 day trial. They would sign up and avail of the free period of 14 days. Next, they would choose a plan and test Shopify for one month. Then they would claim the refund offered by Shopify for customers who are not satisfied.

Sadly, this trick does not work anymore. Shopify has changed its policies to cancel any refunds. You have to select a plan and pay the full price.

However, the 14-day free trial is still available for everyone.

What About the Shopify 45 Day Free Trial?

Shopify 45-Day Free Trial

Can you extend your Shopify free trial? Can you get your hands on a 45 Days trial period?

It is clear from our discussion that Shopify has a standard 14-day free trial. You cannot extend your trial period using discount codes or promotions.

However, you may be able to add a few more days by contacting Shopify’s support team. Send an email to and state that you want more time to test the platform. You should provide details about your store and why you want an extension.

Shopify’s support team will review your request and determine if they want to extend your trial. They are a good company and are always eager for more business. You may get another 31 days free if the support team thinks you will be a worthy customer.

Many sellers have been able to get a 45 day trial by getting in touch with Shopify. You may also try getting in touch and forwarding your application.

However, you may find some offers online where they promote Shopify 30 days or 45 day free trial. Most of them are scams and will lead you to the standard trial of 14 days.

The only exceptions are Shopify partners, who have the right to promote such offers. You have to sign up for the services of the partner to avail of those offers.

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What Does the Shopify Trial Offer Include?

Shopify Trial Offer Includes

The Shopify trial gives you access to the features and functions of the platform. You can also experiment with different settings, shipping options, and more. Below is a look at the key contents that come with a Shopify free trial:

Features Offered in the Shopify Trial

Shopify allows you to test all the platform features with a few exceptions. You will be able to create your store and set up everything. However, you will not be able to make any sales unless you pay for a plan.

The most important feature in the trial is the ability to build an online store. You may even switch your offline business to an online model.

Additionally, Shopify allows you to try their payment processing software. You may even add your preferred methods like PayPal and enjoy more flexibility. However, third-party payment gateways may come at additional costs.

You don’t need to worry about that right now, as the trial is free.

The Shopify free trial also lets you add apps from Shopify’s store. Some are free while others are paid. The costs of paid apps will be added to your invoice once the trial ends.

Designing Your Store

Shopify 44 & 45 Day Trial Store Customization

You get the full ability to create your online store in the free trial. The website builder is apt to create the homepage of your store.

Best of all, you can use a drag-and-drop tool to build your store visually. There is no need for any technical or coding knowledge.

You can also add stock images for free on Shopify to make your store appealing.

Next, you may create separate product pages. It is possible to manually add data like stock, product descriptions, and more. You can add product images and other elements to create a fantastic product page.

Importing Your Products

You can use an app to import products from your existing online stores. The process is automated and saves your effort and time.

These apps support various marketplaces like AliExpress and eBay.

Consequently, you may import your products manually to Shopify. It supports CSV files, which are Excel sheets containing your product information.

You can provide your CSV files to Shopify to add products automatically.

However, you will first have to create a CSV file of your existing products. You can also rely on apps to convert your products to CSV data.

Reading Analytics

Any eCommerce seller will need analytics to develop complete visibility into their business. It can be done by reading the analytics provided by Shopify.

You can get vital information about your business on your dashboard. It lets you stay on top of your operations and generate insights into your sales and customers.

Analytics also allows you to discover areas of improvement. You may find some products that are not selling well, and find out the probable reasons.

Shopify gives you information on several metrics like:

  • Financial reports with taxes and fees charged
  • Product analytics
  • Live view of sales and orders
  • Inventory reports to control stock
  • Customer demographics and behaviors
  • Products viewed by customers
  • Devices used for shopping

Shopify analytics is an important part of selling on the platform. You can use the information to improve your shopping experience and boost sales.

Creating Content

Shopify helps you build a complete online store with the ability to publish blogs. You can write search engine-optimized posts to attract organic traffic and get more clicks.

Moreover, the blogs let you provide more information on your products. You can add more details that are missing on the product page.

Additionally, you can include meta tags and meta descriptions for better SEO results. The editor is similar to WordPress and comes with several useful features.

You may even make your blogs look beautiful by adding pictures and videos. Moreover, you can promote your blog posts on social media to grow your sales.


Shopify is an excellent platform for building your eCommerce store. You will also be able to sell online and provide customer service.

New sellers can sign up for the Shopify free trial to test the platform. Currently, Shopify provides a trial period of 14 days. It gives you access to basic features and allows you to build your online store.

You may extend your trial period with promotions from Shopify partners. Else, you may contact the Shopify support team to request an extension.

Additionally, ensure to make the most of your trial by following our tips.

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