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Shopify 30 Day Trial – All About Shopify 1 Month Trial

In the recent history of the eCommerce space, Shopify has greatly enhanced its business alongside BigCommerce, Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle, like big business heads. It is now one of the largest hosted platforms where you can build and customize your new online store.

This hosted eCommerce website will give you the privilege to sell your products on multiple platforms. You can sell your items on brick-and-mortar locations, websites, social media, in person, and in some pop-up shops.

Starting a new business with any hosted eCommerce website is a big commitment. So, most merchants wish to use the trial period to check the success rate. However, Shopify’s trial period varies frequently, which has been a big problem for most merchants.

In light of this context, in this article, you will get every question of yours answered about the 30 Day Trial in Shopify.

Is Shopify still doing a 30 Day free trial?

Shopify removed the 30 day free trial offer from the site in 2019. It was offered directly to merchants who signed in for a Shopify account from its website. Recently, Shopify has been offering a 14-day free trial to merchants, where they can access the basic features of Shopify.

Shopify never operated a continuous free trial period. Its free trial period changed frequently, and merchants have seen 14 to 90 days trial periods. However, the “30 day free trial is no more available” is wrong.

When you sign in for Shopify and use up the offered free-trial period, contact Shopify’s customer support team and state your purpose of extension with the URL of your store, they can extend the trial period from 14 to 30 or 60 days based on your request.

In addition, Shopify mainly runs on its different promotions. So in the coming days, you may even find a 30 days free trial sign-up offer instead of the default 14-days trial period. But waiting for its arrival is useless. Instead, if you are thinking of trying Shopify, go with a 14-days trial period and extend it if needed.

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History About The Shopify 30 Day Trial/1 Month Trial

Shopify 30 Day Free Trial

Many people now know Shopify as one of the most common online hosted platforms. Even though merchants wish to have a decent free trial period before they completely jump into a new hosted eCommerce platform.

Most online store owners comprehend that there should be enough days for a merchant to understand a hosted platform completely. All the available features, payment terms, APIs, and all other technical features will take a decent time to understand. A 14-day trial period currently offered by Shopify is not enough.

Besides this, Shopify is quite popular for being versatile with its integrated features. With Shopify free trial, a merchant can install third-party applications for optimising their online store performance.

Based on a merchant’s business category, the available integrations with various other features can help them to build their ideal online store. In Shopify App Store, you will find more than 3200 applications, which will help you to deliver high-quality digital and physical goods, create engaging blog posts, and set offers and recommendations for your online store.

Considering all these free-trial features, it becomes nearly impossible for a merchant to get experienced with all Shopify features and adopt them. Also, Shopify has removed the 30 days free trial offer.

But you can still get the 30 day extended trial offer.

Here’s how. Reach out to Shopify support after you sign up for the 14 day trial, and you will be granted access to the 1 month Trial on special requests. The extended trial offer will give the merchants the required time to adopt the Shopify features and plan the subscription.

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Is it normal if I see a trial shorter than 14 days being offered?

Yes, there are chances that you might see a shorter trial period than the current trial period being offered. The Shopify team loves working with different free-trial plans and checking their responses.

In addition, over the past years of Shopify in business, the trial period has varied. So there is a probability of seeing a free trial period of 7 days or 3 days.

However, if Shopify decides to lower its trial period, it might come with a different bonus and more advanced features. If this happens, then there have to be some valuable features added to the free trial, which will help merchants to understand the success rate by working alongside Shopify.

How does the Shopify free trial work?

Shopify Trial Homepage

Once you sign up for the Shopify free trial, you can add different customizations to your demo online store. During this period, you can go through several features available for the online demo store and it will let you display your online store.

However, a few features are restricted for the demo stores. If you wish to access those features, you need a premium plan. One restricted feature in the free trial is selling your products or services.

The best feature of trying an online demo store at Shopify is that it will not charge you any amount till your free trial ends. Unless you get a premium plan, it will not save your store progress during the free trial period, and you will lose them. Also, if you do not want to continue working with Shopify, you can leave.

In addition, if you do not get a premium plan for your store after the trial period, then Shopify will suspend your online store, and you do not need to take any steps for it to happen. But it would be best for you to learn that once your free trial plan is over, you can no longer work with your demo account. You need to subscribe to a payment plan for working with your online store in the future.

How to get the most out of your free trial?

Get the Most Out of Your Shopify Free Trial

Shopify’s trial period cannot be determined and controlled. The trial periods are based on the Shopify promotion list. So, you will not find any fixed trial period on offer.

Even if you are not allowed a longer trial period, you must find a way to utilize your trial period to its fullest.

This checklist can help you to learn how to get the most out of your free trial.

  • Ensure your products, services, or anything else you have to offer your customers. Its details and description are displayed accordingly.
  • Categorise your product so the customers can find them instantly.
  • Ensure that Shopify has the payment option you are looking for. If yes, then set your Shopify Payments.
  • Look for the settings page from your Shopify account Admin section, and learn everything possible about the taxes and shipping methods.
  • Give an easy and attractive theme to your online store in Shopify. You can use numerous themes and applications from the Shopify Theme Store and Shopify App Store, which will help your cause.
  • Download Shopify’s POS application if your online store is a brick-and-mortar store. Here, you will learn about the various application configurations’ multiple features and capabilities.
  • Access to high-quality free training resources is given by Shopify experts from the Shopify learning centre. It will help you to learn about every configuration and feature of the free trial for your online store in Shopify.

Subscribing to the paid plan from Shopify will also save the configurations you made to your store during the trial period. You can restore them when you go for the paid versions.

How to sign up for a free Shopify trial?

Shopify Trial Standard Duration

Signing up for a free trial in Shopify will allow you to customise your online store according to your needs and requirements. The benefits include adding products or services, settings up payment options, and advertising. After the sign-up, you can make every change to get your business up.

But let us first learn how to sign up for a free Shopify trial.

  • First, you will have to open the Shopify official site page. You can even get access to the landing page of the Shopify free trial by clicking here.
  • Now you need to click on “Start a free trial” from the option given on the page.
  • On the next page, participate in a survey from Shopify to get a clear idea about your business. You can skip this survey, but it will be best if you complete the survey.
  • Create your store name on the next page. This will give you a free domain; using this domain, you can land in your online store at Shopify. The URL for your online store will be

It is important to learn that, once you sign up for your online store in Shopify and are provided with your domain, you cannot change it in the future. But, need not worry! You can change your domain later when your trial period is over.

Shopify will provide you with a free domain to help you start your domain modifications. Later, when you get your custom domain, the free domain name will not be visible to your customers.

How to Activate the Shopify Trial You Signed up for?

Shopify Trial Activation Plans

After you successfully sign up for the Shopify free trial, you will be asked to choose a paid plan to activate your Shopify trial offer. Select any method according to your needs from the paid plan lists.

Shopify Basic Plan

This plan comes for $29 per month, giving access to limited features. These features will be able to run a successful online store. One of these little features is the multi-currency and global payment methods. But using this plan will charge you a transaction fee of 2.0 %

Shopify Standard Plan

The standard plan will cost you only $79 per month and include all the basic plan’s features. Besides the basic plan, you will get more advanced features like reporting tools and 2 store languages. The transaction fee in this plan is comparatively lower than the basic plan, which is 1.0%

Advanced Shopify Plan

This is the most advanced plan in Shopify, which will give you access to everything the other two programs offer. In addition, you will get access to more settings in terms of accounts, locations, and language. The best part of this plan is that the transaction fee is far too low from the other two programs, i.e., 0.5%.

Choose your monthly plan, and then follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Choose this plan” button
  • Confirm the payment using your credit card.

Ensure to make the payment within the trial period offered by Shopify. If not done, then your account will be frozen.

What does the Shopify Trial Offer Include?

Shopify Trial Offer Includes

The free trial offer by Shopify includes many features which can be accessed during your trial offer, and it will help you compare the pricing of paid plans in Shopify.

Shopify Trial Feature 1 – Ability To Create Store

  • You can add as many products in your online store with the concurrent description of your offering to the customer. It also offers the privilege of cross-checking the edits made to your online store.
  • The Shopify trial offer lets the merchant optimize their sales funnel. The merchants can even set their chargeable taxes and shipment details.
  • During the trial period, you, as a merchant, can use the Shopify default payment options along with another third-payment provider.
  • Access to the Shopify Theme Store and App Store, where you can change your online store theme and use the different applications available at Shopify App Store.

Shopify Trial Feature 2 – Import Products

  • In Shopify’s free trial, the merchants can import their products from their previously hosted online store to Shopify and organise them accordingly.
  • The Transporter application and the command-line tool help the merchants transfer their products, their transactions, and other details like blog posts and product descriptions.

Shopify Trial Feature 3 – Store Analytics

  • The CSV files let the merchant transfer all their previous store data to Shopify online store and arrange them according to the merchant’s needs.
  • You, as a merchant, can sort the data that needs to be transferred to Shopify online store. Data like customer history, gift cards, discount codes, store credits, and other pages, which includes shipping policies, contract and other web pages, can all be carried here.

Shopify Trial Feature 4 – Create A Blog

Shopify Blog Post Creation Menu

Blog posts are always a great choice to boost your online business. A blog post can often help you to draw more audience, and you can even display your products in a blog post.

  • Shopify online store has a built-in blogging engine where you can create blog posts.
  • The Shopify free trial lets merchants create blog posts for their products or services to draw more customers to their online store.

These are the privileges that Shopify offer their merchants during their free-trial period. However, there are a few features you will not be able to access during the free trial. They are;

Wrapping Up

Shopify’s free trial is of great value when you are starting your new business on the online platform. The Shopify features will help you to deal with all the necessary features that you can be required to run your business smoothly.

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