eBay Sales Statistics By Category – Key Facts

Today, I’m diving into eBay sales stats by category, so you can get the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, stick around for the insights that could level up your eBay game. 

Let’s get straight to the numbers and find those selling opportunities!

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Key eBay Sales Statistics By Category
  • The market for String Lights is sizzling, boasting a whopping 290,897 active listings in the Home & Garden category.
  • Vitamins & Minerals dominate Health & Beauty with a remarkable 92.73% sell-through rate.
  • Bead Bracelets are making waves in Jewelry & Watches, with 189,687 sold. From casual chic to luxurious Gold Bracelets worth up to $1,000k.
  • An impressive 95% of phone cases and car phone holders in Electronics offer free shipping.
  • Baseball Bats are hitting a home run in Sporting Goods with an impressive 55.12% sell-through rate.

eBay Sales Statistics By Category: The Deep Dive

This information is taken straight from eBay, being a cumulative of the last three months (June 30, 2023 – September 28, 2023).

Now, let’s dig into the statistics of the most popular product types for every category. 


eBay Electronics Category

So, what’s selling in the Electronics category? That’s quite a loaded question, with all the recent advancements in tech and the increase in demand. 

Here are stats on two unique products that have been selling well in this category, though not as much as their mainstream counterparts, so the potential for them is still decent.

Shockproof Phone Case

Shockproof Phone Cases in the Electronics category are performing exceptionally well on eBay, and here’s a look at their numbers:

  • Average Sale Prices: Shockproof cases for smartphones are a hit, selling at an average of $9.54. You can find them for as low as a penny or as much as $211.50, making it easy for smartphone users to safeguard their devices.
  • Shipping: 95% of these cases come with free shipping. You’ll only have to pay an average of $4.47 for shipping, which is quite reasonable.
  • Demand: People really want these cases. In fact, a whopping 211,507 of them have been sold. That’s because they tend to sell quickly, with a 21.36% sell-through rate.
  • Seller Count: There are 3,073 sellers offering these cases, but they’re doing well. The total sales for this category add up to a massive $2,017,776, showing that sellers can make good money.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are smart about pricing, with an average starting price of $11.39. Considering the average selling price is $9.54, that’s a decent profit. 
  • Listing Count: Right now, there are 143,843 active listings for shockproof phone cases. And guess what? 60% of them are promoted, showing that sellers are willing to pay extra to get noticed.

It’s a win-win for buyers looking for value and sellers making good sales in a competitive market.

Car Phone Holders

This might seem like a surprise to some, but Car Phone Holders have been selling a lot over the last 5 years. This year is no different, and there are plenty of big numbers:

  • Average Sale Prices: Car Phone Holders are holding their ground with an average sold price of $9.00. It’s a sweet spot for budget-conscious buyers who want a reliable solution for their on-the-go phone needs. Affordable yet quality options seem to be the sweet spot here.
  • Shipping: At an average cost of $5.27, shipping won’t break the bank for buyers. Beyond that, there is an overwhelming 95% of listings offering free shipping. For online shoppers, that’s like a cherry on top, making these Car Phone Holders an attractive deal.
  • Demand: With 83,476 units sold, it’s clear that Car Phone Holders are not just a convenience but a necessity for many. The 27.63% sell-through rate indicates that they’re moving steadily, showing a consistent demand in the market.
  • Seller Count: With 5,205 sellers in the mix, the competition is noticeable. However, the total item sales of $751,284.00 suggest that there’s still room for growth and profit. Sellers, this is a market where standing out with unique offerings or customer-centric service can make a difference.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are pricing Car Phone Holders at an average of $15.36, perhaps signaling that buyers are willing to pay a bit more for added features or quality. It’s a balance between affordability and perceived value.
  • Active Listings: With 39,259 Car Phone Holder listings currently active, sellers have a diverse range to choose from. You might have to spend a good amount of time thinking about how you can make your listing stand out in this crowded marketplace.
  • Promotion Strategies: Nearly 70% of listings are promoted. Sellers seem to be actively investing in getting their Car Phone Holders noticed. For those looking to get ahead, leveraging promoted listings could be a smart move.

With the boom of tech accessories, Car Phone Holders are a great mix of a slice of convenience and an affordable price. They provide a taste of hands-free technology without the hefty price tag, making them an attractive buy for savvy shoppers. That’s likely why they’re performing so well.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

eBay Clothing Shoes Accessories

Clothes and fashion are always a big deal, so it’d be a hard time for anyone to pick out the stats of the product selling in this category. Here are numbers on something that’s doing particularly well.


Hoodies are some of the more niche clothing items high in demand right now. Let me walk you through their stats.

  • Average Sale Prices: Hoodies are a popular choice with an average sold price of $35.19. Buyers can find them across a wide price range, from just a penny to a whopping $7,430, catering to various budgets.
  • Shipping: On average, buyers pay $10.07 for shipping, with 32% of listings offering free shipping. This gives shoppers options for cost-effective delivery.
  • Demand: Hoodies are in high demand, with a total of 322,496 sold. This demand is underscored by a 13.62% sell-through rate, indicating quick turnover.
  • Seller Count: There’s healthy competition in this category, with 85,016 sellers. Despite this, the total item sales amount to an impressive $11,348,634, highlighting the revenue potential for sellers.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers price their hoodies competitively, with an average listing price of $49.34. This aligns well with the average sold price of $35.19, allowing sellers to maintain profitability. Listings range from as low as a penny to an astonishing $40,000, offering options for different buyers.
  • Listing Count: Currently, there are a substantial 1,725,751 active listings for hoodies, showcasing their popularity among sellers. However, it’s notable that none of these listings are promoted, suggesting that sellers rely on other strategies for visibility.

Hoodies are a hit due to their versatility, comfort, and style. They appeal to a wide audience, from fashion-forward individuals to those seeking cozy attire. The range of price points, combined with free shipping options and competitive pricing, makes them a sought-after choice for online shoppers.

Jewelry & Watches

eBay Jewelry Watches Category

Of course, fashion can’t be complete without the jewelry. Here’s a look at the products doing well in the Jewelry & Watches category.

Bead Bracelets

Take a look at how these bracelets have been doing:

  • Average Sale Prices: Bead Bracelets have an average sold price of $16.90. That’s not too shabby. Buyers seem willing to pay anywhere from a penny to a whopping $8,000.00 for these beauties, so there’s room for variety in your listings.
  • Shipping: On the shipping front, it looks pretty reasonable. On average, buyers are paying $5.63 for shipping, and a generous 69% of listings offer free shipping. People love free shipping, especially when it comes to fancy items like bracelets.
  • Demand: Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Bead Bracelets are in high demand. We’re talking a total of 189,915 of these bracelets sold. That’s pretty impressive. In fact, their sales have been going hard the last three months, with a 12.94% sell-through rate.
  • Seller Count: There are 18,935 sellers in the mix- it’s a bustling market. Despite that, the total item sales add up to a hefty $3,205,710. So, there’s money to be made if you play your cards right.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are setting an average listing price of $152.82. That might seem like a leap from the average sold price, but hang tight. Listings are all over the place, ranging from a penny to a jaw-dropping $1,000,000.00 for those fancy diamond and gold-infused ones. So, there’s room to cater to different tastes and budgets.
  • Active Listings: There are a whopping 723,578 active listings for Bead Bracelets. Yep, you heard it right – that’s a boatload of listings. But don’t fret; it’s a popular market, and buyers are on the hunt.

What’s up with these bracelets, then? Well, bead bracelets are the go-to gifts. Birthdays, anniversaries, or just a little “thinking of you” moment. Sellers who capitalize on this as the perfect gift item are cashing in on the gifting game.

Sporting Goods

eBay Sporting Goods Category

Everyone loves sports, and that love hasn’t gone down even after the Covid fiesta or the weather getting more erratic. Some products are still doing particularly well in the Sporting Goods category. 

Baseball Bats

Baseball products have always been popular, and that popularity has only surged recently, taking over a large portion of the sports goods category. Let’s go through the numbers regarding the sales.

  • Average Sale Prices: Baseball bats are swinging well with an average sold price of $76.21. Buyers have a broad price range to choose from, starting at a penny and going up to a substantial $16,685.00, offering options for all budgets.
  • Shipping: On average, buyers pay $9.68 for shipping, with 30% of listings offering free shipping. This provides flexibility for buyers seeking cost-effective delivery.
  • Demand: Baseball bats are in high demand, with a total of 82,975 sold. This high demand is reflected in a 55.12% sell-through rate, indicating rapid turnover.
  • Seller Count: There’s substantial competition, with 30,146 sellers in this category. Despite this, the total item sales amount to $6,323,524.75, emphasizing the market’s revenue potential for sellers.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are playing it smart with an average listing price of $131.19. The range from a penny to $150,000 covers all the bases, even catering to fans looking for signed bats.
  • Shipping in Listings: On average, the listed baseball bats have a shipping cost of $13.20. A noteworthy 68% of listings offer free shipping, enhancing their appeal to potential buyers.
  • Active Listings: Currently, there are 57,908 active listings for baseball bats, indicating their sustained popularity among sellers. This suggests a dynamic market with plenty of choices for buyers.

Baseball bats are selling like hotcakes because they cater to every fan, from budget-conscious beginners to collectors aiming for the signed legends. The variety, affordability, and touch of free shipping make these bats a home run in the world of online sales.

Toys & Hobbies

eBay Toys & Hobbies Category

You might be surprised, but the Toys & Hobbies category has a lot going for it, and that’s not just because of kids. Mature people are also looking to polish up their hobbies – here’s an extremely specific product that shows how the niches in this category have potential. 

Guitar Strings

You might not have thought of this one – but from a deeper look at eBay, this small product is a lot more than it seems. Take a look at the following numbers to get an idea.

  • Average Sale Prices: Guitar strings are striking a sweet harmony with an average sold price of $170.45. From pocket-friendly picks at a penny to premium choices reaching $23,499.99, sellers seem to offer a melody for every guitarist’s budget.
  • Shipping: On average, buyers pay $42.77 for shipping, with a substantial 72% of listings offering free shipping. This makes the purchase of guitar strings even more appealing for cost-conscious musicians.
  • Demand: There’s a real demand for these strings, and it shows with 86,247 sets sold. They’re flying off the virtual shelves at a 30.76% sell-through rate – clearly, musicians are eager to get their hands on quality strings.
  • Seller Count: Despite facing competition from 11,192 sellers, the total item sales crescendo to an impressive $14,700,801.15. It seems like there’s room for everyone to play their part in this melodious market.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are pricing their guitar strings competitively, with an average listing price of $163.00. This aligns well with the average sold price of $170.45, allowing sellers to maintain profitability. Listings range from as low as a penny to a significant $49,999.99, catering to various buyers.
  • Active Listings: Currently, there are 120,543 active listings for guitar strings, indicating their sustained popularity among sellers. This suggests a dynamic market with plenty of choices for buyers, including different brands and types of strings.

So, what’s making all these strings sell? Well, there’s a string for every tune and budget, making these guitar strings a hit. From the humble penny to the grand $23,499.99 set, musicians can find exactly what they need to craft their musical masterpiece.

Home & Garden

eBay Home & Garden

Home Décor will always have a space in the market, as demonstrated by the following products in this category:

String Lights

These decor items have been selling a lot lately. Let’s take a look at how exactly they’re faring on the market.

  • Average Sale Prices: String Lights are lighting up the market with an average sold price of $18.11. Buyers can find them across a diverse price range, starting at a penny and going up to $2,801.00, offering options for various budgets.
  • Shipping: On average, buyers pay $9.24 for shipping, and a substantial 79% of listings offer free shipping. This makes String Lights an attractive option for those looking for cost-effective illumination.
  • Demand: String Lights are in high demand among the younger demographic, with a total of 84,020 units sold. This demand is reflected in an 8.22% sell-through rate- a fairly consistent market.
  • Seller Count: There’s a significant seller presence with 11,428 sellers in this category. Despite competition, the total item sales amount to $1,521,602.20, emphasizing the revenue potential for sellers.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers price their String Lights competitively, with an average listing price of $33.85. This aligns well with the average sold price of $18.11, allowing sellers to maintain profitability. Listings range from as low as a penny to a noteworthy $19,400.00, offering options for different preferences.
  • Active Listings: Currently, there are 290,897 active listings for String Lights, indicating their sustained popularity among sellers. This suggests a dynamic market with plenty of choices for buyers seeking decorative lighting solutions.

String Lights are definitely going to be selling well for a while. They aren’t just functional; they’re Instagram-worthy. In a world where aesthetics matter, buyers are choosing String Lights to elevate the visual appeal of their spaces. As well as that, String Lights aren’t just décor for most people- they’re also mood enhancers. The versatility of String Lights allows for endless possibilities, from bedroom canopies to outdoor bistro vibes.

Wool Rugs

Wool Rugs are quite an abrupt change from the fancy String Lights, aren’t they? Nevertheless, that particular niche market is still ripe for sellers to get on board with – let me show you how with the following stats:

  • Average Sale Prices: Wool rugs are fetching a nice sum, with an average sold price of $201.66. The more luxurious options have been selling for as high as $15,600.00, so there’s a good chance for profits.
  • Shipping: The journey of these rugs to new homes averages at $45.18. Notably, a substantial 71% of sellers are sweetening the deal with free shipping, potentially amplifying the attractiveness of these woolly commodities.
  • Demand: The allure of wool rugs is substantiated by the sale of 18,565 units, resulting in a commendable 5.71% sell-through rate. This figure underscores a tangible market demand, with these rugs finding resonance among buyers.
  • Seller Count: The wool rug marketplace is bustling, hosting 2,341 sellers. Amidst this competition, the cumulative item sales amount to a significant $3,743,817.90, highlighting a lucrative landscape for sellers who tap into this market effectively.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are strategically positioning wool rugs with an average listing price of $902.50. The price spectrum, stretching from $0.94 to an astonishing $285,516.00, reflects the diverse strategies sellers employ to capture varying segments of the market.
  • Listing Count: The wool rug market is vibrant, currently boasting 286,672 active listings. This abundance signals a dynamic marketplace, providing both sellers and buyers with an extensive array of choices.

So, what’s making these classics pop off? Wool rugs strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless. Buyers are drawn to the idea of investing in a piece that not only aligns with current trends but also promises long-term appeal, making wool rugs a timeless choice in the marketplace.

Health & Beauty

eBay Health & Beauty Category

Health is a big deal, now more than ever. Here’s a glimpse at what kind of market situation the products of this category are in:

Vitamins & Minerals

With the environment in the current state of disarray, maintaining good health is more vital than ever. Vitamin and mineral products are thriving in the health-conscious market where people strive to look good and stay fit. Here are the numbers to prove it:

  • Average Sale Prices: Vitamins & Minerals seem to have found their sweet spot with an average sold price of $22.72. From pocket-friendly options at a penny to more effective and powerful choices up to $4,536.00, there’s something for every health-conscious budget buyer.
  • Shipping: Buyers seem to appreciate a good deal not just on the vitamins but also on shipping. With an average shipping cost of $7.28 and a whopping 85% of listings offering free shipping, it’s clear that sellers are making these essentials easily accessible.
  • Demand: Vitamins & Minerals are flying off the virtual shelves, with an impressive 279,553 units sold. The high 92.73% sell-through rate suggests that people aren’t letting these listings linger – they’re grabbing them off the digital shelf, possibly signaling a strong health-conscious market.
  • Seller Count: Health is wealth, and with 24,234 sellers in the game, it seems many are looking to cash in on this wellness trend. Despite the competition, the total item sales reaching $6,351,444.16 suggest there’s still room for sellers to carve out their share.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are listing their vitamins and minerals at an average of $31.80. It’s a bit higher than the average sold price, indicating that buyers might be willing to invest a bit more in their well-being. Listings range from $0.99 to $3,940.00, catering to different pockets.
  • Active Listings: Currently, there are 9,481 active listings for vitamins and minerals. Given the hefty 279,553 units sold, this could mean a few things – maybe it’s a sign that the market is stable, or perhaps there’s an opportunity for new sellers to step in.

So, what’s making this part of the market tick? People want to stay healthy, and sellers offer affordable options, with free shipping to boot. The variety caters to health needs and budgets, making it a smart and budget-friendly choice. eBay’s vitamins and minerals aren’t just good for health; they’re easy on the wallet too.

Books, Movies & Music

eBay Books, Movies & Music Category

Among all three, Music is primarily ruling this category. Take a look at the following product to see some relevant sales statistics:

Vinyl Records

The love for vinyl records is making a big comeback. They’re not just for the old-school folks; even younger music fans are getting into them. Let’s check out the numbers to see how these classic tunes are still hitting the right notes:

  • Average Sale Prices: Vinyl Records are humming a good tune, with an average sold price of $31.76. They cover a range from a modest penny to a high note of $8,500.00, offering diverse options for buyers. 
  • Shipping: Sending those tunes out costs an average of $6.37. While not everyone is pitching in with free shipping (29%), the shipping fees are in tune with reasonable numbers. 
  • Demand: Vinyl Records aren’t just sitting on the shelf; they’re moving briskly, with 767,322 sold. This 9.08% sell-through rate indicates a market where these tunes find new homes swiftly.
  • Seller Count: There’s a lively community of 59,737 sellers grooving in this market. Together, they’ve orchestrated a total of $24,370,146 in item sales. Surprising, right? All demographics are interested in these products, not merely the older ones.
  • Average Listing Prices: Sellers are setting the stage with an average listing price of $31.90. From rare gems to timeless classics, vinyl treasures are listed from a penny to a notable $1,000,000. The market offers a diverse array catering to various tastes and budgets.
  • Active Listings: Currently, the vinyl stage is buzzing with 6,589,526 active listings. The market is dynamic, providing a rich selection for vinyl enthusiasts and collectors.

These stats for Vinyl Records on eBay suggest a dynamic market with a balanced mix of pricing, shipping options, and a rich selection. For sellers looking to join the rhythm, these numbers hint at a potential melody of success in the vinyl record market.

Collectibles & Art

eBay Collectibles & Art Category

Even with the increase of plagiarism and the rise of AI, collectibles and art will always pull the interest of a buyer. Take a look at these numbers to see the proof.

Pokemon Cards

Ah – pokemon cards selling well. That’s an undying trend, if I’ve ever seen one. Even in just the last three months, the Pokemon Card sales have been bustling with life. Let me show you with numbers.

  • Average Sale Prices: Selling Pokemon Cards have an average sold price of $36.30. It’s a mixed bag, ranging from spare change to a lofty $76,300.00. So, there’s potential, but don’t expect every card to be a gold mine.
  • Shipping: When it comes to shipping, the average cost is around $4.62. A good chunk, 63%, are offering free shipping. Buyers love a deal, so that could work in your favor.
  • Demand: Pokemon Cards have a fanbase, no doubt. With 887,934 cards finding new homes and a sell-through rate of 33.96%, it shows there’s an appetite. But, like any market, it has its ups and downs.
  • Seller Count: 53,253 sellers are already in the game. But, hey, the total item sales are a hefty $32,232,004.20. So, while there’s competition, there’s also a substantial market.
  • Average Listing Prices: Pricing your cards might be a bit tricky. The average listing price is $83.08. The range is vast, stretching from a penny to a whopping $4,000,000.00. Yeah, it sounds extreme, but even the $76,300.00 sales show there’s potential if you’ve got the right cards.
  • Listing Count: Currently, there’s a bustling market with 1,034,156 active listings. It’s a crowded Pokemon arena, so standing out might take some strategic moves.

So, what’s making these sell? Buyers aren’t just grabbing Pokemon Cards; they’re crafting their virtual Pokemon empire, completing sets, and flaunting rare finds like prized exhibits in a Pokemon museum. For sellers, it’s not just a collectible; it’s a financial game with cards fetching thousands, akin to playing the stock market but way more enjoyable. Each card isn’t merely a piece of cardboard; it’s a potential jackpot waiting to happen. Essentially, Pokemon Cards are a big deal for everyone.

Source: eBay Product Research

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve explored eBay sales stats by category, it’s clear that opportunities are plentiful. 

I hope my statistics helped you find your calling! 

Whether you’re into Electronics, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Watches, or Sporting Goods, there’s a niche waiting for you.


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