Shopify 120 Day Trial (2024) Longest Free Trial + Huge Discount (1mbb)

If you’re planning to start a store on Shopify, you might have found an offer for a 120 day trial.

However, that offer doesn’t exist. There has never been a public offer. This trial was an offer for the first users back when Shopify was just starting out and looking for customers. It then got reduced to 60 days; this was also for a few people and then stopped existing.

You won’t find these offers anymore. If you do find websites advertising it, then the best case scenario is that they’re seriously old. The most common case, though, will be people trying to scam you; some will try to get you to click attractive offers just to get your personal information or trick you into letting malware into your PC.

Luckily, there IS a free trial, but it’s not as long. It’s the standard Shopify trial however, below I have a special link that gives you access to longest trial.

Read on if you want to learn how to get your own.

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Shopify 120 Day Trial History

Shopify 1M Black Businesses Page

The Shopify 120 day trial was offered a while back in 2019 through select merchants. There was also, a special deal for black-owned businesses back in 2022. Shopify tends to do these special deals every now and then through a select few Shopify partners. I am one of them and unfortunately, there is no such deal going on currently.

As of 2024 this year, there is no Shopify 120 day trial going on.

However, you can take advantage of the special deal going on right now, you will find a link below or above somewhere.

Shopify 120 Day Trial Video

How does the free trial work?

Shopify Trial Enter Email

You need to go to Shopify and click on the offer. It’ll ask for your email address, a password, and a name for your store.

Shopify Trial Enter Store Name

A questionnaire will pop-up asking about your store. Answering will set up some basic configurations specifically for your store, but you’re free to skip it.

Shopify Trial Fresh Dashboard

You’re now inside the trial period. You have full access to all the features in Shopify from your admin dashboard, but first head over to the general settings. Set up your relevant information, especially your payment details if you want to sell.

You’ll quickly see that, upon exiting, you’ll have a basic store ready for you based on what you just configured. You can edit this at your leisure, installing themes, adding products, and customizing all the pages.

After you’re done, you’ll have the option to choose a paid plan for when the trial period ends. You can simply close this and finish your trial playing around with the features.

Accepting this offer and choosing a subscription will let you start selling during your free trial. You won’t have to pay for your plan until the remainder of your 14 days expire, so you basically get to sell for free.

Features included

Shopify was created to offer all the features any entrepreneur would need from a single source. You can take payments, process orders, and even offer discounts within the platform.

If you need additional functionality, you can simply go to the marketplace and look for apps that add more features to your store. You can get both free and paid apps.

Now, let’s see what you can do with Shopify (even during the trial period).

Design your store

You can edit every element and page right from your dashboard. All changes are saved into your store files as you edit with the drag-and-drop editor, so don’t worry about touching code.

You can also access both free and premium themes that take care of the layout of your store and offer more customization features. All themes are easy to edit, and you can play around with all the elements until you’re happy with the results.

Import your products

From the products tab, you can add products to your store. It’s easy to upload them and edit their information and images.

Even better, you have access to Oberlo, Shopify’s dropshipping partner. It lets you import products right from AliExpress, and you can edit all the content on your website to give it your own style. If you don’t know what to sell, Oberlo also shows you trending offers you can implement into your store.

Read Analytics

Shopify also gives you access to advanced statistics about your store and your customers. All owners have this option, including free trial users. It lets you assess easily how your store is performing, which pages get more traffic, and how much you’re earning compared to your costs.

More importantly, you can study how your customers behave and where they’re coming from. You have a great tool to understand your audience and optimize your marketing efforts.

Create content

All stores come with a blog section, which you can use to write engaging content for your customers.

Content marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for any entrepreneur right now. It lets you offer value for free to your audience, so they’ll feel interested in what you have to offer. You can create articles related to your niche, like guides and how-to’s for common problems that your products solve; you can then add your product among the solutions available and drive potential buyers to your products.

You can also rank this content on search engines like Google, which will drive free traffic to your store. Since these are people already interested in the same niche as your store, you’ll have better chances to turn them into customers.

Final Thoughts

Any trial period over 3 days isn’t available – even if it was at one point. Most people offering these are simply outdated websites or scammers looking to take advantage of attractive offers.

While 3 days is not a lot to see if Shopify is right for you or not, the special deal I have below gives you the longest Shopify trial out there. So, make sure you take advantage of it!

Click here to get the longest available free Shopify Trial Today! (No one else has any trial longer than this btw.)

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