23 Best Trending Dropshipping Products To Sell This Summer on Shopify

23 Best Trending Dropshipping Products To Sell This Summer on Shopify

There are basic rules to follow when you want to find products to sell on your store. The triad tells us that they have to solve some kind of problem, be desirable for people (with the help of the previous criterion), and they must have features that makes them unique.

Those are great principles, and I follow them for my own stores. They hardly fail.

With that in mind, today’s article will give you a list of products that fit that criteria, and – as a result – are regular trends when summer comes. Most of these products are musts for dropshippers in summer, and you’ll at least a few of these in your news feed once the season hits.

Just keep in mind whom you want to target when marketing these products and when. Not all countries go through summer during the same periods.

Other than that, let’s see which products can net you nice profits this upcoming beach season.

Paw cleaners

This is the first example of how each item listed here fits the criteria I mentioned.

During summer, the weather warms up, and people are more likely to take their dogs outside to play. That means they’ll be digging a lot, and their paws will get dirty, especially if it rains.

Therefore, paw cleaners solve an issue: dirty paws. Pets’ niches also have some of the most passionate audiences, and they’ll love anything that makes their partners’ lives easier. Besides, these cleaners are perfectly safe and can fit any pocket on your jacket or bag.

You want to target dog owner-related interest on Facebook, and Google Ads and Shopping can give you a nice boost to your sales. If you have a dog, you can demonstrate the product on a video ad, and you have nice upsells with fur combs and countless other hygiene products.


Let’s face it, 9/10 people love going to the beach, and those who hate it usually do it because they’re annoyed by the sand or get mad sunburns.

With beach tents, you can get lots of money from beach lovers, and you’re helping out those who don’t like the beach because of the previous reasons. They’re cheap, and replacing them isn’t a problem, so they’re really popular.

You can use Google Ads to target your keywords for your ads, and you can make some articles on why they’re great for people who don’t like the sun or something along those lines. Couple that with a few upsells like beach mats, and you’re set.

Bluetooth speakers (waterproof)

You can sell these around the entire year, but they do see a nice peak around summer. Life feels empty without music, and combining the beach with your favorite tunes is the best.

Since they’re waterproof, people can take them to the pool as well without worrying, and they also make for great upsells for items like tents.

Google and Facebook Ads are great ways to promote these items, especially if you can target the right keywords and interests.

Charger solar panels

These are crazy cheap, and you have ample interests to target: hiking, camping, fishing, and even brands like iPhone, Xiaomi, and others. They’re practical, great for low battery life, and their prices offer great profit margins.

I mean, we’ve all been there: you spent the day with your friends at the park or the beach and it’s getting late. You grab your cellphone to get a cab, and you realize it died. Even if that specific scenario isn’t familiar; everyone has seen their phone die when they need it.

Well, these chargers recharge from the sun, and some come with great features like compasses or lighters.

You can use Google and Facebook Ads to market them, and USB cables make for neat upsells. Just look out for which countries you target; some suppliers don’t ship chargers to all countries.

Hiking footwear

These are a common sight each summer, and their interest increases with time, so they’re more than worth to take a look.

Google Ads are your friend here, and you want to take some good-looking pictures and videos to show why they’re good. For your upsells, some waterproof pants or any trekking gear go well.

Golfing gear

Golf clubs always trend during summer, but they’re more on the high ticket dropshipping side. Still, golf enthusiasts are always willing to invest on their gear, so they’re worth a shot.

If you’re too afraid of going for golf clubs, then you can just stick to accessories: bags, caps, swing trainers, etc. Of course, if you go for the clubs themselves, you have all these accessories to upsell, so think it through.

As for marketing, Google Ads are the way to go.

Grill mats

This is an easy guess if you’ve ever tried to grill on you BBQ and had your meat sticking to it. You’re not alone; these always trend each summer.

They’re cheap, so you can get great profit margins. They also make for great upsells for our next product on the list. Of course, you can also add upsells to these mats, like portable BBQ fans.

You want to create a solid video showing how to use them – maybe even make it a funny one with someone messing up their BBQ to make it feel like an infomercial parody. You can then leave it on FB or IG.

Portable grills

Now, what if you can get both the mats and fans as upsells for this as a main product? Sharing with your loved ones around a nice BBQ on your backyard is one of the greatest traditions.

Therefore, portable grills cater to different interest for people interested in outdoors. You can target certain interests and keywords with Facebook and Google Ads.

Besides the previous 2 upsells mentioned, you can also upsell some grilling utensils or camping accessories.

Dog bandanna

We’re back with dog lovers and their summer escapades. Dog bandannas are a great product for those particularly hot days when you still want to take your dog out.

These accessories keep your dog from getting too exhausted from the heat, and it keeps them cool. You can use emotions and the owner’s desire for safety to promote it. Facebook Ads are a great tool for marketing these bandannas, and you have several interests to exploit.

A neat complement to this product are cooling mats for after they’ve come back home.

Kayak covers

Here, we have another high ticket option for you, as it solves a fairly common pain within a really passionate audience. Therefore, it usually trends during summer.

You can go for the Google Ads keyword route or even create a video for your Facebook or Instagram. Even better, try to catch outdoor influencers and offer them a free item for some advertising.

As for your upsells, a backrest is great.

Pool floaters

This is another expected one, and you’ve probably seen them on IG already. They’re particularly good for catching impulse purchases, and they make good upsells for larger products.

You have lots of variety in shapes and designs, and I’ve been tempted myself in the past. You can ask Instagram influencers to promote them in exchange of a free product, but you can also do it yourself, especially if you have kids.

You can upsell a floating drink holder.


The keyphrase “beach towel” has over 40,000 searches each month, and it’s mandatory for summer fun. June and July are the top spikes, and you can approach them with “lifestyle” pictures of your towels.

Niche influencers can also come in handy in case you’re camera shy.

Regarding bundles, you can just create towel sets for a discount while still increasing your AOV.

Fishing gear

Fishing is another staple of summer, and we want to focus on fishing lures here, as they boom around June and July.

Besides, fishing is already a great niche with lots of enthusiasts willing to invest hundreds on their hobbies. Therefore, Google Ads are your friend here, and you can also find fishing influencers on Instagram that you can offer free products.

Lures are cheap, and they come in all shapes and colors. If you’re already on the fishing niche, make sure to keep these as upsells or bundles.


These are a symbol of summer fun, and anyone going out during the season likely has one. However, marketing them can be surprisingly tricky; their broad market makes them confusing when targeting is necessary.

Still, they make up for a great upsell or bundle for your business.

Travel bags

These bags are a staple trend for summer every year, and you can market them through different niches: fashion, travel, etc. Influencers can be a great help for this.

Of course, Google Ads are still a strong ally, but you can also market these (and similar) products with a travel blog, focusing on solid content and SEO.

You can offer different accessories for travelers as upsells, like organizers.

Ice cream machines

The heat of summer makes for the perfect time to eat some ice cream, and these ice cream makers are quite demanded during the season. They’re great for people with children or as an interesting gift.

You want to go for Google Ads and SEO as well as Pinterest. Content marketing is quite strong in this case, and if you nail the keywords, you’ll get nice and free traffic. Pinning the articles on Pinterest also leaves you with a neat traffic stream.


Another staple of summer, either for the beach or when you’re home and you don’t want your feet to sweat. If you’re like me, and you dread wet socks, then these are a must when going to the beach or the pool.

Everyone uses sandals, so marketing approaches are varied. You can reach out to influencers, use paid ads, or even exploit your own Instagram profile with enough hashtags.

You can upsell towels or sunglasses, and you can even upsell sandals with your tents or other products.

Laser hair removal

This is a bit more expensive (not as much as you think), but lots of people are jealous of their image, and they’ll love these solutions.

You can even build your entire store around it, and marketing is easy with either influencers or tutorial videos and articles about how to get a “perfect beach body”, listing this product as one of the solutions and how to use it.

Upsells have similar, aesthetic orientation, like eyebrow trimmers.


Another obvious one, you can just add them to your catalog if you already have a fashion or clothing store, and they make for great bundles and upsells (like the sandals).

You probably already know how to market them from years of seeing them advertised: influencers and high-quality photos. Instagram is the best one in this case, but Facebook can also do the trick.

Water shoes

Alright, this is another great one for people who feel uncomfortable with summer activities, and they can even be marketed as a novelty product, like when fidget spinners blew up. These trend every summer.

You can use video ads showing their benefits or even write blog posts about the best outdoors accessories for the season. Influencers are also great.

Insect repellents

The only thing I absolutely despise about summer are mosquitoes, and they’ve certainly ruined days for me. As such, repellers are some of my favorite inventions.

As luck would have it, they’re also great dropshipping products for the summer, especially on areas where pests are common.

You can promote these with Google and Facebook Ads, and you have several interests like pest control and home improvement. You can offer indoor repellents for your upsells.

Beach tents for babies

This one could be bundled with the general beach tent (see what I did there?), but it deserves its own spot, especially with how it targets an entirely new audience: parents specifically.

You can even find tents with pools built into them, so you can offer even more solutions and a bit of novelty. Couple that with some beach mats and even the adult tents, and you’ve got yourself a great bundle.

You can use Facebook Ads as usual, targeting parenting-related interests but I’d suggest you go for parenting influencers since they often have really solid fan bases.

Long plasma lighters

This last one is another novelty item, and it keeps people from getting annoying burns when they try to light a fire or get their BBQ started.

You can upsell some heat-resistant gloves with these, but they also make for great upsells to our portable grills and grill mats. You should go for Facebook Ads and use 2 main interests: grilling/cooking and camping.


That makes up our comprehensive list of which are the best summer trends and why. As you can see, several of these products are related to – or even complement – each other.

The best approach here would be to study which ones are related to your niche and which ones you can offer as bundles, or main offer + upsells. Just make sure to assess your competitors in case you’re taking on a niche that’s not your traditional choice to avoid over saturation.

If you’re new to dropshipping and you plan on doing paid advertisements, you will most likely lose a TON of money on ads and end up losing more time as well. This is why I highly recommend getting a proper course which teaches you everything on Dropshipping.

Now, I have taken over 50+ dropshipping courses and I can say without hesitation that eCom Elites is by far the best course out there! Why? It is one of the cheapest courses with the most amount of information available on the market right now.

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