Why You Should Avoid Spending $2,000+ On A Shopify Course

The eCommerce growing trend has attracted lots of people claiming to be experts and offering courses on how to become an entrepreneur by yourself. You’ll quickly find that $1,000 seems to be the base for their price, and most will charge you well above that sum.

Luckily, there are also courses priced at a few hundreds. While these might not come from people as famous as the more expensive products’ authors, most will offer the same amount of content.

These come from people who don’t have thousands set aside as leisure money to spend entirely on marketing. They also don’t own expensive cars or live travelling constantly. In other words, these courses are from people who simply lack the resources from those overpricing their programs.

It’s funny because the price is a common measure for quality; a $100 cellphone is rarely better than a $1,000 one. This isn’t the case with eCommerce courses; chances are you can get more bang for your buck if you buy one for $200 than one for $2,000.

Most “gurus” will launch expensive courses using nothing but their own claims and success as support. The problem is that lots of people can simply rent an expensive car (or ask a friend to borrow theirs) and take pictures – some even show you empty revenue figures.

Some “experts” will offer screenshots of their Shopify dashboards showing $10,000 or more in a single day. They simply avoid telling you how much of that revenue is spent on advertising or how much they paid in taxes.

If they really were making $10,000 in pure profits every day, why would they spend their precious time releasing a course for less than that? Furthermore, why would they show others how to do the same and risk their niche?

Then, there’s mentorship.

You’ll see the most expensive courses offering peer-to-peer mentoring from the authors. The problem here is that they only have 24 hours per day; how would they fit you into their schedule or unlimited mentorship?

They must sleep at least 6 hours. Add a couple more for their meals, and then take into consideration all of the other students taking the course and ask for mentoring sessions (also unlimited). What are the chances they can satisfy all of their students with deep insight if they have to rush through dozens of request every day?

Even if they can mentor all of their students every day, why would they spend time on that instead of scaling their store and increasing their already-over-the-top income?

Then you have the courses simply rehashing content that’s already available on YouTube and blogs for free. The more “ethical” gurus offering more detail than free content often simply redo other people’s courses.

Trust me, you have no idea how many courses are nearly identical copies of other programs.

I’ve taken dozens of dropshipping courses: both while I was learning myself and then just to analyze and help other people find the best offers. The best course I found was eCom Elites: it’s just $197-297, and it offers several times the amount of content and detail as other courses.

As I said, the most expensive courses tend to be the least valuable as well.

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