Shopify Advanced Plan Review – Worth? + Big Discount

If you’re anything beyond a small business, the affordable Shopify Basic plan just won’t cut it. 

Fear not, though, because I’ve got the inside scoop on Shopify Advanced.

In this post, I’ll provide a review on the Shopify Advanced Plan, so you can see if it’s right for you or not. 

So, join me as I reveal all the incredible features of Shopify Advanced and why it’s a plan worth considering.

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Highlights of the Shopify Advanced Plan

Shopify Advanced Plan

The Shopify Advanced plan offers several standout features that can benefit growing businesses:

  • It lowers your costs to 2.4% + 30¢ per transaction, enabling increased investment in business growth.
  • This plan also provides access to diverse reports, including finance, product analytics, and customer insights.
  • It customizes reports to fit your unique business needs, enhancing analysis efficiency.
  • International Market Support:
  • On top of all that, it offers seamless global expansion with Shopify Markets.
  • Best of all? It tailors settings for each international region and manages duties, import taxes, and pricing adjustments effortlessly, ensuring a smooth shopping experience worldwide.

Features For The Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan offers a range of features designed to support growing businesses.

Custom Report Builder

With the Advanced plan, you get a great tool called the custom report builder. It’s like having your own personal report assistant – a much faster one! You can create reports that actually matter for your business. You can track important data and keep an eye on the direction your business is going. You can stay on top of your game and make all the winning moves.

Up to 1,000 Inventory Locations

With the Advanced plan, you can manage inventory across multiple locations, such as warehouses or retail stores. This feature is helpful for businesses with a physical presence in different areas, ensuring efficient stock management and timely order fulfillment.

15 Staff Accounts

Collaboration is key, and the Advanced plan allows you to grant access to up to 15 staff accounts. This enables effective teamwork and streamlines your workflow, ensuring everyone is on the same page while maintaining control over their roles and permissions.

Competitive Transaction Fees

The Shopify Advanced plan offers competitive transaction fees, which vary depending on your location. Compared to other plans, these fees are lower, helping you maximize your revenue and minimize costs.

Carrier-Calculated Shipping

The Advanced plan includes carrier-calculated shipping, allowing you to integrate with third-party shipping services like UPS or FedEx. This ensures accurate shipping rates and options for your customers, improving their shopping experience.

Reports and Analytics

With the Advanced plan, you have access to comprehensive reports and analytics tools. You can gain valuable insights into your business performance, make data-driven decisions, and identify areas for improvement.

The reports are some of the biggest things you get with a Shopify Plan upgrade. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with Advanced.

  1. Analytics Page: The Analytics page gives you a peek into how your store is doing. It shows your sales, orders, and visitor data from different channels and time periods, so you can see the big picture.
  2. Finance Reports: These help you understand your business’s finances. They show revenue, expenses, and profitability, helping you make profitable decisions.
  3. Product Analytics: Product analytics gives you insights into how your products are performing. It tracks sales, customer behavior, and popularity of specific products.
  4. Live View: Live View shows real-time activity on your online store, including visitor traffic and sales. It helps you monitor immediate results and the impact of marketing activities.
  5. Acquisition Reports: Acquisition reports show how visitors find your store, including referral sources and geographic locations. They help you evaluate marketing efforts and assess the success of acquiring new customers.
  6. Inventory Reports: Inventory reports provide a snapshot of your current inventory. They help you track product quantities sold and manage stock levels.
  7. Behavior Reports: Behavior reports provide insights into customer shopping behavior in your store. They include data on search terms, cart analysis, and average order totals.
  8. Marketing Reports: Marketing reports help you assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and track customer conversions. They provide data on marketing channel performance and customer value.
  9. Order Reports: Order reports give detailed information about customer orders, including volume, fulfillment, shipping, and returns.
  10. Sales Reports: Sales reports show information about your overall sales performance, including sales trends, top-selling products, and sales by channel.
  11. Retail Sales Reports: Retail sales reports focus on in-person sales at physical retail locations. They provide insights into retail performance, including specific product data and staff-related metrics.
  12. Profit Reports: Profit reports give visibility into your business’s costs, margins, and overall profitability.
  13. Customers Reports: Customers reports provide information about your customers’ behavior, purchasing patterns, and loyalty. They help you understand your customer base and personalize marketing strategies.
  14. Custom Reports: Custom reports allow you to modify existing reports or create new ones tailored to your needs. You can customize reports by applying filters, editing columns, and saving them with unique names.

Quite a lot of reporting features, right? You’re certainly getting your money’s worth. You can use these insights to ensure that you have an intimate understanding of your business and make the best decisions for it.

International Commerce Support

For businesses looking to expand internationally, the Shopify Advanced plan provides support through Shopify Markets. 

You can configure settings for each international region, calculate duties and taxes, and adjust prices accordingly. 

This feature simplifies cross-border operations and helps you tap into global markets.

The Extra Perk: Calculated Shipping

With the Advanced Shopify Plan, you have the freedom to integrate your personalized credentials from carriers such as USPS, Canada Post, UPS, or FedEx. This means your customers always get the most current shipping quotes.

Setting up custom credentials for carriers like USPS, Canada Post, UPS, or FedEx on Shopify is a breeze, too! 

  • First, grab the needed info from each carrier’s website—log in, find the API section, and snag those keys. 
  • Now, head to your Shopify dashboard, hit ‘Shipping,’ choose your carrier, pop in the credentials, and save. 

Boom! Your customers get real-time, accurate shipping quotes at checkout, making their shopping experience smooth and transparent.

How Much Does Advanced Shopify Plan Cost?

Shopify Advanced Plan Pricing

The plan costs $399 USD per month. Expensive, I know – but don’t get disappointed yet. 

This may seem like a lot – it certainly costs more than other Shopify plans, as its preceding plan only costs $65/month.

However, its advanced features and international commerce support make up for it. Not to mention, it has the lowest credit card rates and transaction fees among all standard Shopify Plans.

You can even get its benefits for incredibly cheap prices during your first months – I’ll get to that later.

Shopify Advanced vs Shopify Plus

It’s worth noting that the Shopify Advanced plan and Shopify Plus cater to different business needs. 

While the Advanced plan is suitable for high-growth businesses that require advanced reporting, international commerce support, and competitive transaction fees, Shopify Plus is designed for enterprise-level merchants with higher sales volumes and specific requirements.

Shopify Plus offers additional benefits such as organization admin management, specialized apps and channels, customizable checkout options, increased API resources, launch team support, unlimited staff accounts, expanded permission settings, and more. 

However, Shopify Plus is custom-priced, you need to contact Shopify’s sales team for specific pricing information. Its base price is already very expensive, at $2000/month.

When Should You Consider Upgrading to Shopify Advanced?

Upgrading to the Advanced plan should be considered when your business meets the following criteria:

  1. Your business is experiencing substantial growth and requires additional resources to support that growth.
  2. You need advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to gain deeper insights into your business performance.
  3. You have plans to expand into international markets and require tools to streamline cross-border operations.
  4. Customized shipping options and accurate carrier-calculated rates are essential for your business.

If your business aligns with these criteria, upgrading to the Advanced plan can be a strategic decision to support your growth and provide the necessary tools to scale your operations.

And if you’re someone that makes $100k to $1 million in revenue, this plan is definitely a must-have; it’ll be a steal at that point.

Shopify Advanced Plan Pros And Cons

This might help you figure out whether this plan is worth it for you or not. Check out these pros and cons.


  • Reduced transaction fees, saving you money with each sale.
  • Ability to estimate and collect duties and import taxes, streamlining international transactions.
  • Custom report building feature, allowing tailored insights for your business growth.
  • Access to 15 staff accounts, enhancing team collaboration and efficiency.


  • The elevated price point may pose a financial hurdle- it’s essential to check whether the investment aligns with your budget and revenue goals if you want to avoid a lot of unnecessary effort.

Is Advanced Shopify Worth It For You?

Well, it all depends on what your business needs and goals are. Take a look at factors like your sales volume, reporting needs, plans for international expansion, and whether you want customized shipping options.

But to answer it shortly, if you are doing around 100,000 to 1 million in revenue, you should consider using Shopify Advanced plan!

The Advanced plan does cost more than other Shopify plans, but it comes with some amazing benefits. You get competitive transaction fees, powerful reporting and analytics, and support for international commerce. If your business is growing fast and you’re looking to expand globally, these features could be a game-changer.

How To Save More on The Shopify Advanced Plan? Big Discount

Now the good part – you can actually get it for a fraction of the price right now!

Shopify occasionally offers promotions and discounts that can help you save on the Advanced plan. Here are some current offers you can take advantage of:

2 Months of Advanced for $1 per month: This offer allows you to get the first two months of the Advanced plan at a heavily discounted rate of $1 per month. This is a great opportunity to test-drive the plan and evaluate its value for your business.

Seasonal Discounts: Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts and promotions that Shopify may offer throughout the year. These promotions can provide significant savings on your subscription fees.

You can stay informed about the latest offers by visiting Shopify’s website or checking this review every once in a while.

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Can you have multiple stores on the Shopify Advanced plan?

No, you can’t have multiple stores on the Shopify Advanced plan. You’ll need Shopify Plus Plan for that.

Can you Upgrade or Downgrade if you pick the Shopify Advanced Plan?

Yes you can do both, upgrade and downgrade.

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys liked this article. The Shopify Advanced plan is definitely worth it and even if you don’t like it, you can give a try for free.

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