Shopify Plus Plan Review: Is The Price Tag Worth It?

Are you tired of dealing with multiple platforms and struggling to keep up with your growing sales? 

Shopify has the solution for you. It’s not just for small businesses; it offers the Shopify Plus Plan, equipped with advanced tools to simplify your complex challenges. By making this change, you can focus on what matters most—making more money.

However, with the Plus plan being having a hefty cost over a thousand dollars, it’s natural to have concerns. That’s where I come in.

With my Shopify expertise, I’ll give you a thorough Shopify Plus Plan review, covering all the important aspects. 

By the end, you’ll know if the plan is truly worth it for your business. Let’s get started!

Shopify Plus Plan: What is It?

The Shopify Plus Plan is a special package from Shopify for big businesses that sell a lot of products online. It has lots of features to help these businesses grow and handle complicated needs. 

Shopify Plus lets you handle more customers and customize your online store. It also gives you extra help and tools to make things run smoothly.

Key Features of the Shopify Plus Plan

The Shopify Plus Plan offers a range of key features that cater specifically to high-volume and enterprise businesses. Here’s a brief overview of the most powerful features:

  • Shopify Organization Admin: Manage multiple stores under a single account, providing centralized control and streamlined management.
  • Customizable Checkout: Create a seamless and branded checkout experience by customizing fields, adding trust badges, and implementing custom scripts.
  • Specialized Apps and Channels: Access exclusive apps and channels designed for enterprise businesses, offering advanced functionality and integrations.
  • Shopify POS Pro: Integrate online and offline sales channels with a feature-rich point-of-sale system for unified management and consistent customer experiences.
  • Development Stores: Create separate development stores to test new features, conduct theme customizations, and experiment without affecting the live site.
  • Unlimited Staff: Grant access and permissions to unlimited team members for efficient collaboration and management.
  • Unlimited Sites: Create and manage multiple sites or storefronts, each with its own branding, product catalog, and customization options.

Who can benefit from the Shopify Plus Plan?

The Shopify Plus Plan is a huge investment – you’d need to go through every little detail about it to make sure it’s right for you. 

If your business is among the types mentioned below, then it’ll be more than worth it to read this comprehensive review:

  • High-volume businesses with large sales volumes.
  • Enterprise-level businesses with complex needs.
  • Established brands seeking consistent branding across channels.
  • Wholesalers and B2B businesses focusing on wholesale sales.
  • Businesses with plans to expand internationally.
  • Businesses requiring advanced customization options.
  • Businesses needing seamless backend integrations.
  • Businesses with complex organizational structures or multiple brands.

Shopify Plus Plan Review

Now, let’s dig into the plan further. In this section, I’ll talk about everything that makes it  worth purchasing.

1. Scalability and Performance

The Shopify Plus Plan has some really great features. One great aspect of Shopify Plus is its ability to scale alongside your business. 

As your company grows, the platform can effortlessly accommodate increased website traffic without any slowdowns or user issues. It’ll help your website load fast no matter where your customers are in the world. 

It ensures that more people stay on your website instead of leaving right away, leading to improved sales. This can be handy during peak seasons or when you’re expanding into new markets.

2. Dedicated Account Manager and Support

With Shopify Plus, you get a personal account manager who helps you quickly. They take care of your questions and worries, while Shopify Plus offers 24/7 tech support to solve any store problems promptly.

So, if you face any issues with your online store, they’ll be there to fix them right away. This means less downtime for your store and more time for making online sales.

3. Customization and Flexibility

With the Shopify Plus Plan, you have the freedom to design and shape your online store just the way you want it. 

It’s all possible thanks to their own versatile template language called Liquid. Whether you want to create an attractive product catalog or make custom tweaks to match your stores, Liquid empowers you to do it all. Shopify Plus equips you with the necessary tools and support to bring your ideas to reality. 

This flexibility is especially beneficial for brands looking to make a standout impression online and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.

4. Robust API and Integrations

For enterprise-level businesses, it’s really important to be able to connect their existing systems and other apps together. Shopify Plus has a robust API that makes it easy to do this. 

It can work with lots of different ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics Shopify 365, NetSuite, Oracle, and SAP for managing things like inventory and customer data. 

It can also connect with CRM software like GoHighLevel and Hubspot to help you keep track of your customers. This is just a few examples, there are even more possibilities.

You can have your various systems operate together smoothly via the API. This means you can communicate information across them and automate operations you perform often.

By integrating your online business to your other systems, you’ll get better efficiency, save time, and get rid of errors.

5. Advanced Automation and Workflow Tools

Shopify Plus gives merchants powerful tools to make their work easier. One of these tools is called Launchpad, which lets you plan and automate special sales, new product launches, and advertising campaigns. 

Another tool called Flow lets you create custom workflows using visual tools. This is helpful for managing things like inventory, shipping orders, and talking to customers.

By automating these tasks, you can save time and reduce mistakes. This keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently, especially as it gets bigger.

6. International Expansion

For businesses eyeing global growth, the Shopify Plus Plan has some great features to help you do that. You can sell your products in different currencies with Multi-Currency Support, so customers in other countries can easily buy from you. 

The platform also lets you create special websites for different regions, so you can show your products in the local language and style. It even helps with things like calculating taxes and following the rules for selling in different countries. 

Shopify Plus works with payment companies from all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about how to accept payments from international customers. It makes expanding your business to new markets much simpler.

7. Wholesale and B2B Capabilities

Shopify is one of the few platforms that understand that selling to wholesale and B2B customers is important. 

That’s why they have a special feature called the wholesale channel. It lets you create a separate store just for wholesale, where you can offer exclusive prices and catalogs to your B2B clients. 

The wholesale channel comes with useful tools like different pricing levels, custom order forms, and discounts for buying in bulk. 

This helps you serve your wholesale customers better. It’s especially valuable if your business sells to both individual customers and other businesses, or if you rely on revenue from wholesale sales.

8. Special Partner Program

The Shopify Plus Partner Program is a special opportunity tailored for agencies, consultants, and developers collaborating with big businesses. 

When you join the program, you gain access to a ton of indispensable Shopify resources. Not to mention, you’ll also get additional training, certifications, and exclusive marketing materials – many of which standard Shopify users aren’t privy to.

You also get to try out new features before anyone else and get faster support. Being part of the program helps partners work together and do a great job for their clients while keeping up with what’s new in the industry.

9. Seamless Online and Offline Sales

The Shopify Plus Plan includes Shopify POS Pro, a helpful system for managing both online and offline sales. It allows you to handle inventory, process payments, and create personalized experiences in your stores. 

With features like unlimited cash registers, staff management, sales analysis, and advanced promotions, you can provide a consistent shopping experience to customers, whether they shop online or in person.

10. Limitless Collaboration

Unlike the lower-tier Shopify plans, the Plus plan doesn’t put a cap on how many staff accounts you can have. This is great for big businesses that need many team members to handle different parts of their online store. 

With unlimited staff accounts, you can give specific roles and permissions to each team member. This helps with working together effectively and controlling your eCommerce operations. 

You can assign customer service, inventory management, and marketing tasks to different staff members without any restrictions.

11. Free Learning Opportunities

Besides providing excellent features, the Plus plan also offers you great tools to make the best use of them. Shopify Plus has a special educational platform called the Shopify Plus Academy. 

It’s designed to help merchants and their teams learn important things for succeeding in the world of online selling. The Academy has lots of useful resources, courses, and training materials that are specifically made for big businesses. 

With the Academy, you gain insights on product marketing, boosting sales, store management, and website customization. You can touch up your eCommerce skills, outpace competitors, and optimize your online business—all without the added expense of additional courses.

12. Enhanced Security and Control

Shopify understands that big businesses often need more control over who can access their store and what they can do. 

With the Shopify Plus Plan, you get extra settings to decide who can do what in your store. This includes controlling who can export reports, so only authorized people can see sensitive information. 

You can also give certain team members access to specific apps, so they have the tools they need without compromising security. These settings give you more flexibility and security, which is important for large organizations with different teams and departments.

How Much Will Shopify Plus Cost You?

Shopify Plus Pricing

Now let’s talk about how much the Shopify Plus Plan costs. The price of Shopify Plus isn’t something they publicly share because it’s different for each business. 

Shopify Plus pricing is tailored to your company’s revenue, sales volume, and particular requirements. The starting monthly fee is roughly $2,000 USD. Once you achieve $800,000 in monthly sales, the price is reduced to 0.25% of the revenue over that amount. It’s a flexible and fair approach that rewards your success and fuels your growth.

What about the Shopify Plus fees?

All these high prices might be making you wonder if the fees are manageable or the same astronomical amount. Good news – they’re incredibly low.

Transaction Fees

For a start, you won’t have to pay these, as long as you’re not from Austria, Belgium, and Sweden. These countries likely have transaction fees due to specific rules, regulations, or extra costs associated with processing payments.

Maintenance Fees

You must pay for upkeep, but you don’t have to pay much. I can’t offer you exact figures because they depend on a variety of things. But here’s the good part: Shopify takes much less money for maintenance compared to other platforms like Magneto. Why? Because Shopify is a hosted platform, it handles all the technical stuff for you. From kernel upgrades to server upkeep and security patches, they’ve got you covered.

App Fees

This one varies as well, but with Shopify’s wide range of apps, you have control over how much you spend. In Shopify Plus, you can get extra functionalities built into your themes, meaning that you’ll end up needing less apps.

Benefits Of Shopify Plus Plan

The Plus Plan can benefit businesses in a lot of impactful ways – let’s have a talk about them.

Reliability and Security

Shopify Plus keeps your customers’ information safe and your online store protected. They have really strong security measures in place, like special encryption and automatic backups. They also meet important compliance standards, so you can trust that your store is secure.

Scalable Infrastructure

You don’t have to worry about technological details with Shopify Plus. They maintain the servers and ensure that everything is up to current and working well. That means even a huge pack of people isn’t enough to slow the site’s performance down.

Access to Exclusive Apps and Features

If you choose Shopify Plus, you get access to special tools and features that are made just for big businesses. These tools can make your store even better and help you sell more.

Seamless Store Management

The plan makes running your store quite simple. You get a clean and user-friendly system that allows you to keep track of your products, orders, and sales. You can also view useful statistics about your customers so that you can make more profitable decisions.

Omnichannel Commerce

You can sell your products in various places with Shopify Plus, including online marketplaces, social media, and physical stores. That means more customers, and you can also provide them a consistent purchasing experience regardless of where they find you.

Enhanced Customization Options

Shopify Plus enables you to customize the design and functionality of your store. You can modify how the checkout process looks and what goods are recommended to your consumers.

Drawbacks Of Shopify Plans

Let’s talk about the downsides now.

Higher Cost

The Shopify Plus Plan costs more than regular Shopify plans. It’s designed for big businesses with lots of customers. But it might be too expensive for smaller businesses or those just starting out.

Expert Help Needed

Shopify Plus allows you to greatly modify your website, but you might need the assistance of technical specialists to do so. To get the most out of Shopify, you’ll need to hire devs and agencies at some point – both of which can get rather expensive.

Limited Control

With Shopify Plus, you can’t control the server environment directly like you can with other options. This means there may be some things you can’t customize or integrate as much as you want, depending on what the platform allows.

Ecosystem Dependency

When you choose Shopify Plus, you’re committing to using the Shopify system. While Shopify is a good platform, you might prefer the freedom and flexibility of other self-hosted options.

When Should You Switch To Shopify Plus Plan?

So, is Shopify Plus Plan right for you? Here are some situations you might find it very handy in.

  • If your business is rapidly expanding and your existing platform is unable to keep up.
  • If you want sophisticated functionality like integrating with other systems, selling to wholesalers, or putting up complicated automation.
  • If you want to grow your business to other countries and want a platform that can manage multiple currencies and localized experiences.
  • If you sell to other businesses or wholesalers frequently; upgrading to Shopify Plus can boost your B2B sales and ease your processes.
  • If your staff is overburdened with technical tasks, moving to Shopify Plus can save up their time as it handles server maintenance, security upgrades, and website scaling.

So, Is Shopify Plus Worth It?

When deciding whether to invest in the Shopify Plus Plan, consider these factors to determine if it’s worth it for your business:

Revenue and Sales Volume

If your business makes a lot of money and has high sales, and you need the platform’s scalability, performance, and advanced features, then it may be worth the higher cost.

Long-Term Growth Strategy

Think about your plans for long-term growth. If you expect to grow a lot, expand internationally, or focus on B2B sales, Shopify Plus can help you achieve your goals.

Technical Expertise

Assess your technical skills and resources. Shopify Plus offers customization options, but you may need technical expertise to make the most of them. If you have developers or access to skilled help, you can fully use the platform’s potential.

Total Cost of Ownership

Consider all the costs involved in running an online store, like transaction fees, app subscriptions, and potential development expenses. Calculate the total cost to see if Shopify Plus fits your budget.

Successful Stores That Use Shopify Plus 

Let’s take a look at some successful stores that have used the Shopify Plus Plan to achieve impressive results. 

By exploring these examples, you can see how different types of businesses have thrived with the help of Shopify Plus. It shows that this platform is versatile and effective in various industries.

Fashion Nova: 

This trendy fashion brand relies on Shopify Plus to handle their massive sales and make shopping a breeze for millions of customers worldwide. With Shopify Plus, Fashion Nova can easily grow their business and expand their brand.


This eco-friendly shoe company uses Shopify Plus to create a stunning online store that’s super easy to use. Shopify Plus lets Allbirds show off their products in style, and it works seamlessly with their backend systems as they keep growing around the world.


Cettire, an online luxury fashion retailer, uses Shopify Plus to create a sleek and high-end shopping experience. With Shopify Plus, they can handle a large volume of orders and offer customers a seamless checkout process, ensuring their brand stays at the top of the fashion game.


Ledger, a leading provider of cryptocurrency wallets, relies on Shopify Plus to power their eCommerce platform. Shopify Plus provides the security and stability necessary to handle transactions involving digital currencies, giving Ledger’s customers peace of mind while managing their crypto assets.


GymShark, a popular fitness apparel brand, has grown exponentially using Shopify Plus. The platform’s scalability and performance capabilities allow GymShark to handle high traffic during product releases and promotions, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for their fitness-focused customers.


ColourPop, a cosmetics brand known for its vibrant and affordable products, has thrived using Shopify Plus. The platform’s customization options enable ColourPop to showcase their wide range of products, while its scalability supports their continuous growth and popularity in the beauty industry.

These real-life examples show how Shopify Plus has helped different businesses thrive and succeed. It proves that Shopify Plus is a powerful platform for big companies that want to sell their goods online.

Alternative Enterprise Solutions To Shopify Plus Plan

Let’s take a look at the alternative options you can choose from:

BigCommerce Enterprise: 

BigCommerce has a plan specifically designed for big businesses. It offers advanced features like custom pricing and dedicated account management.

Magento Commerce: 

Magento Commerce is a platform that can be customized to fit the needs of large businesses. It provides flexibility, advanced marketing tools, and can handle high volumes of sales.

WooCommerce Enterprise: 

WooCommerce has an enterprise-level plan for businesses with complex requirements. It offers enhanced security, priority support, and can handle high traffic and sales volumes.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud: 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based platform that provides personalized shopping experiences and advanced marketing features. It can integrate with Salesforce’s CRM and marketing tools.

Oracle Commerce Cloud: 

Oracle Commerce Cloud is a scalable platform that offers personalized experiences, advanced search capabilities, and integrates with other Oracle applications.

SAP Commerce Cloud: 

SAP Commerce Cloud is a platform with a wide range of features. It provides personalized experiences, advanced marketing tools, and integrates with other SAP products for complete business management.

These platforms are suitable for large businesses, and each has its own set of features, pricing, and integration capabilities. It’s important to consider these factors when choosing the best platform for your business.


How many websites can I have on the Shopify Plus Plan?

With Shopify Plus, you can have multiple websites or storefronts under one account. There is no specific limit on the number of websites you can create. You can even go up to 1000 domains and subdomains.

How do I purchase a Shopify Plus plan?

You must connect with the Shopify Plus team to purchase a Shopify Plus plan and open your online store on this platform. Consult your business objectives and all other features. They will advise you on the best plan for your business growth.

You can even customize your Shopify Plus plan, with the help of the variable plan section, by consulting with the Shopify Plus sales team.

How many orders can Shopify Plus handle?

Shopify Plus can handle a high volume of orders, making it suitable for businesses with significant sales volume. The platform is built to scale, ensuring that it can handle thousands of orders per minute without compromising performance.

How long is the contract for Shopify Plus?

Contract terms may vary depending on your specific agreement with Shopify. However, it’s a minimum of at least 1 year.

What is the minimum revenue requirement for Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a special plan for big businesses. They don’t publicly share the exact minimum revenue requirement, but it’s meant for companies that make a lot of money. You should be earning at least 7 figures a year to consider using Shopify Plus.

How many merchants are on Shopify Plus?

Far more than you’d expect considering the price – there are at least 18,800 distinct merchants running Shopify Plus.

When should I switch to Shopify Plus?

You should only switch your hosted platform to Shopify Plus when your online business has other supporting online stores and you want to control all your online stores from a single operating system.

Shopify Plus gives merchants this useful feature, where they can operate all the business items from a single head and funnel sales and transactions to a single location.

Final Thoughts

In short, the Shopify Plus Plan can completely transform your business. It can get rid of restrictions and drive your store towards extraordinary growth and achievement. 

So, should you give it a shot? If your revenue allows, I recommend that you go for it. 

By embracing Shopify Plus, you’ll be joining a community that prioritizes innovation, scalability, and unwavering determination.

Take a leap of faith and you can watch your business grow into one of these high-sales stores that can shake up the eCommerce landscape with any changes they make.


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