Sellvia Vs AliDropship: Better For Dropshipping?

Sellvia and AliDropship have transformed dropshipping, but which one is right for you?

Sellvia offers a smoother experience while AliDropship boasts a wide range of suppliers and customization options. In this post, we’ll compare both, explore pros and cons, and help you make a decision that can quickly start rolling in the big bucks.

Let’s get started!

Sellvia Vs Alidropship Key Differences At A Glance

We’ll start with a basic comparison first.

Feature Sellvia AliDropship
Product selection Smaller and more niche. Large and high-quality.
Shipping time Fast Slow
Customer support Excellent Good
Price More expensive Less expensive
Overall Newer platform, great for shipping in the US. More established, utilizes Aliexpress.

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Alidropship Vs Sellvia: In-Depth Review of Features

Now, let’s go into further detail.


Winner: Sellvia

Sellvia runs on a subscription basis, where you can get a monthly plan for $39

In contrast, AliDropship requires a one-time fee ranging from $299 to $899, depending on the package you select.  These are expensive, but come with more sophisticated tools and features.

The better choice depends on whether you prefer predictable monthly expenses or a lower upfront cost and lifetime ownership of the platform.

However, we’ll consider Sellvia the winner here just because of how cost effective it is.


Winner: AliDropship

In terms of product range, Sellvia provides access to a catalog of over 10,000 products across various niches. While this offers a decent selection for your online store, 

AliDropship takes the lead with its access to over 100 million products sourced from AliExpress. AliExpress is practically the Asian equivalent of Amazon, so it offers a lot of items.

Aliexpress also has cheaper products in general than Sellvia.

That being said Sellvia products are higher quality.


Winner: Sellvia

Sellvia specializes in fast and reliable shipping within the United States from their local warehouse. This localized approach ensures prompt deliveries and enhances the shopping experience for US-based customers. 

On the other hand, AliDropship has global shipping options since that’s what Aliexpress offers. However, Aliexpress takes a long time shipping products to customers.

Ease of Use

Winner: Tie

Both Sellvia and AliDropship prioritize user-friendly experiences. With intuitive interfaces and user-friendly tools, these platforms make it easy for beginners and experienced users alike to navigate their features. 

Adding products, tracking orders, and customizing your website are straightforward tasks on both platforms, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Customer Support

Winner: Tie

Both Sellvia and AliDropship prioritize customer support to ensure a positive user experience. Sellvia offers dedicated support through live chat and email, providing prompt assistance whenever you need it. 

Similarly, AliDropship provides support through email, a comprehensive knowledge base, and a community forum. 

Trial Period

Winner: Sellvia

Sellvia offers a 14-day free trial, providing you with the opportunity to explore the platform and its features before committing to a subscription. 

This trial period allows you to experience Sellvia’s capabilities firsthand and assess whether it aligns with your business needs. 

AliDropship also offers a Trial Period, however, it’s only exclusive to the basic package. That means you don’t get to try out its more advanced features.

In What Aspects Are Sellvia and Alidropship Similar?

Sellvia and Alidropship share several similarities as dropshipping solutions:

  • Product Sourcing: Both platforms offer a wide range of products from various suppliers.
  • Integration: They seamlessly integrate with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify.
  • Automated Order Fulfillment: Both automate the order processing and shipping.
  • Product Customization: You can add branding elements and customize product descriptions and images.

Pros of Sellvia as Your Dropshipping Supplier

Sellvia provides the following benefits:

  • High-quality products from reliable suppliers.
  • Fast shipping options for improved customer experience.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Professionally made product video advertisements.
  • Cheaper startup fee, you only pay small monthly fee.

Pros of Alidropship as Your Dropshipping Supplier

Consider Alidropship for the following advantages:

  • Vast product database with millions of items.
  • Products are cheaper so you can make a greater profit margin.
  • One-time payment option, saving on monthly fees.

Who is Sellvia Right for?

Sellvia is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking high-quality products, fast shipping, and dedicated customer support. If you value a superior customer experience and don’t mind sticking to buyers inside the US, Sellvia is a great choice.

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Who is Alidropship Right for?

If you need a wide product selection, cheaper prices and don’t mind the long shipping times that Aliexpress offers then you Alidropship might be an option to consider.

Alidropship is also suitable for store owners who prefer a one-time payment option.

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Final Thoughts

Sellvia and Alidropship are reputable dropshipping suppliers with distinct features. Each platform has strengths, so choose the one that aligns best with your needs for dropshipping success. 

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