Sellvia Pricing Plans (2023) Get Huge Coupon Discount

When you are thinking about choosing a dropshipping platform, choosing the right pricing plan is crucial. It should fit your budget, and not break your bank.

Sellvia dropshipping offers a range of pricing plans tailored to the many different needs. Their plans cater to both dropshippers and sellers on platforms like Amazon and Etsy. 

Sellvia dropshipping plans give you options that include a United States-based dropshipping supplier plan, a Sellvia Custom Store plan, and various turnkey business plans. 

Each plan offers unique features and benefits, so you would want to get into this article to know all about them. In this article, I will explore Sellvia’s pricing plans, outlining what each plan offers, its cost, and who it is best suited for.

How much does Sellvia cost: Sellvia Pricing Plans Explained

Here are the Sellvia Packages you can explore for your dropshipping store: 


Sellvia Pricing

The Sellvia plan is designed for you if you want Sellvia plugin as your US-based dropshipping supplier. With this plan, you gain first hand access to Sellvia’s curated product catalog and  can benefit from fast delivery times within the US (one to three business days). 

The Sellvia plan includes features such as low product prices compared to AliExpress, product description examples, automated integration for Shopify, and returns acceptance. It costs $39/month 

Who is it for? 

This plan is ideal for dropshippers who prioritize fast shipping and need a wide range of products and product catalog. 

Sellvia Pro

Sellvia Pro is more of an all rounder plan that I personally recommend because it includes all the features of the standard Sellvia plan, plus additional benefits. 

The Sellvia Pro plan offers a turnkey ecommerce Sellvia store. The customer support is what will get you far as Sellvia’s team will help you build a professionally designed store from scratch and fill it with top-selling products. Plus, they are ready to help whenever you need them to. 

This plan also includes fast turnkey store delivery, SEO articles and classified ads posting. You also get free domain and hosting and personal support from a dedicated manager.  

Additionally, you get SEO backlinks and social bookmarks. As of May 2023, the sellvia pro plan costs $399/year with the option to pay annually or monthly. However, you need to keep note that you can save more than $400 if you pay annually. 

Who is it for? 

Sellvia Pro is ideal for you if  you want a ready-to-launch ecommerce store tailored to your brand and if you are committed to a long-term partnership with Sellvia.

Turnkey Amazon Business

Sellvia’s Turnkey Amazon Business plans are specifically designed to take your entrepreneurship to the next level, if you are looking to establish a presence on the Amazon marketplace. 

These plans offer different package options based on the number of products you want to list on Amazon: Silver (100 products), Gold (300 products), and Platinum (800 products). With a Turnkey Amazon Business plan, your Sellvia subscription will pay off.

This plan takes care of the product sourcing, listing creation, and order fulfillment on Amazon. This allows you to focus on scaling your Amazon business without the hassle of managing inventory or logistics.

The turnkey amazon plan is priced in the following way: 

Silver: The Silver package costs $890 as a one-time payment. With this package, you get access to 100 products for your Amazon business.

Gold: The Gold package is priced at $2,490 as a one-time payment. It offers a higher capacity with 300 products for your Amazon business.

Platinum: The Platinum package is the most comprehensive option, priced at $5,990 as a one-time payment. This package gives you access to a larger selection of 800 products to enhance your Amazon business.

Who is it for?

The Turnkey Amazon Business plans are suitable for anyone who wants to make good use of the power of Amazon’s platform and expand their online business. 

Overview of Other Prices based on services: 

Here’s an overview of other standalone plans available from sellvia

Sellvia Premium Products (Print on demand):

  • Silver: $890 one-time (100 products)
  • Gold: $2,490 one-time (300 products)
  • Platinum: $5,990 one-time (800 products)

Sellvia Turnkey Etsy Business:

  • Silver: $590 one-time (100 listings)
  • Gold: $1,590 one-time (300 listings)
  • Platinum: $3,990 one-time (800 listings)

SEO Packages:

  • Silver: $399 one-time (100 backlinks)
  • Gold: $699 one-time (200 backlinks)
  • Platinum: $999 one-time (300 backlinks)

Sellvia Social Media Packages:

  • Silver: $199 one-time (15 posts)
  • Gold: $399 one-time (30 posts)
  • Platinum: $599 one-time (50 posts)

Sellvia Brand Awareness & Promotion:

  • Silver: $990 one-time (1 promo article on Google News sites)
  • Gold: $1,990 one-time (2 promo articles on Google News sites)
  • Platinum: $2,990 one-time (3 promo articles on Google News sites)

Sellvia Email Marketing Service:

  • Silver: $199 one-time (6 promo emails)
  • Gold: $399 one-time (12 promo emails)
  • Platinum: $599 one-time (24 promo emails)
  • Promo Tools Bundle: $399 one-time (Standard)
  • Marketing Package: $190 one-time (Standard)

Is the Free Trial on Sellvia Worth It?

The free trial offered by Sellvia provides several benefits for you. For me, it was worth it because it allowed me to explore Sellvia’s features, including the custom product catalog and US-based shipping. 

With the trial, you can integrate Sellvia with your Shopify store, while evaluating the user experience, and assessing product quality and pricing. 

However, it’s important to consider alternatives before committing to a plan. Other suppliers like AliExpress or Oberlo may offer different product variety, pricing, and shipping options. 

If customizability and branding are your top priorities, building a Shopify store from scratch or using other ecommerce platforms might provide more flexibility. 

Can You Cancel Sellvia Subscription Anytime

Sellvia offers a flexible cancellation policy, allowing you to discontinue your subscription whenever you choose. 

If you decide to cancel, you will not be charged any further fees beyond your current billing cycle. It’s important to note that canceling your subscription will result in the termination of access to Sellvia’s services and features. 

To cancel your subscription, you can contact Sellvia’s customer support or follow the cancellation instructions provided on their website. If you’re wondering, how do I cancel my Sellvia free trial, they are a few simple steps: 

To cancel your Sellvia free trial, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the Sellvia website and log in to your account using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the account settings or subscription settings section.
  • Look for the option to manage or cancel your subscription.
  • Follow the instructions provided to cancel your free trial.
  • If you’re unable to find the cancellation option in your account settings, you can contact Sellvia’s customer support for assistance

Final Thoughts

Selecting the appropriate pricing plan is vital for success in the ecommerce landscape, and Sellvia provides a diverse range of options. 

Whether you’re seeking a US-based dropshipping supplier, a professionally designed ecommerce store, or a turnkey business solution, Sellvia has you covered. 

The US-based dropshipping supplier plan offers fast shipping, a curated product catalog, and low prices. 

So don’t miss out on trying out Sellvia. Take the plunge and watch your business thrive in the competitive online marketplace

If you are still wondering on whether or not to try Sellvia, make sure you check out my Sellvia Review here!

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