Dropship Breakthru Course Review (Jon Warren & Ben Knegendorf)

Dropship Breathru course is a program that attempts to teach you everything about high ticket dropshipping. 

From sourcing out the supplier to generating traffic, they have it all covered in some 300 videos. 

But behold. The course costs $1997!  

If you ask me, that is quite a lot of money to be investing in a dropshipping course. Especially for a course that feels shallow even though it has too much content cramped into it for one specific niche.

Plus, they don’t do the best job on some of the most important topics like marketing.  

Personally, I am not a fan of the Dropship Breakthru Course but some students liked it and I get why. 

This review of the Dropship Breakthru course helps you decide whether you’d want to sign up or invest in a better alternative that I suggest later in the article. 

Let’s dive in and find out!

Don't Have Time? Here's A Quick Summary

Price: $1997
Creator: Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf
Do I Recommend? No
Rating: 4/10

This is a course mainly on high ticket dropshipping and for the price you pay for the course 1997$, you can literally get a much cheaper course that teaches dropshipping and spend the rest of the money on running ads.

It also lacks proper social media marketing which is something you’d expect to be in most dropshipping courses nowadays.

I reviewed over 50+ courses & found the #1 dropshipping course.
(Best part is that it’s super affordable with a ton of student results!)

Why Listen To My Opinion? What Makes Me An Expert

Hey I’m Joshua. I have been full time entrepreneur since 2019. When I first started dropshipping, I tried MANY different dropshipping courses.

Many of them had similar information to what you can find on youtube. I ended up wasting not just my time but, my money. (Not just course cost but, ad spend.)

Since then, it has been my mission to review these courses to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. I have devoted over 400+ hours thoroughly researching various ecommerce courses!

Jon Warren And Ben Knegendorf: Background Of The Course Creators

Jon Warren And Ben Knegendorf Dropship Breakthru Founders

Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf, the co-creators of the Dropship Breakthru course are both experienced and chart-topping names in the ecommerce industry, particularly in high-ticket dropshipping.

Jon Warren’s journey in ecommerce started over seven years ago when he ventured into high-ticket dropshipping. 

He has kept his shoulders to the wheel and managed to achieve remarkable success by growing his first high-ticket dropshipping store to 7 figures in annual revenue within just 24 months while still working a day job.

Over the years, Jon’s expertise in the industry has only grown stronger, and he has never stopped since. He started three other high-ticket drop shipping businesses that reached multiple 7 figures in revenue per year. Impressive right? 

Ben Knegendorf’s ecommerce journey began with a turning point in his life when he decided to break free from a job as a forklift driver at a Walmart distribution center.

In 2014, he made a crucial decision to start a high-ticket dropshipping business, which marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial success. 

Since then, Ben has been on a mission to achieve greatness and help others do the same.

In 2021, Ben Knegendorf joined Dropship Breakthru as co-owner, teaming up with Jon Warren to create a program that would push one to start and grow successful high-ticket drop shipping businesses.

Dropship Breakthru Course Review

You’ve probably noticed how most courses focus on low-ticket, impulse-buy products and sources from AliExpress or Alibaba. It’s considered to be the safer terrain to take on especially when you’re starting out. 

Dropship Breakthru founders seem to have a different take on that. Thus their course emphasizes high-ticket products, usually priced over $1,000, sourced from domestic suppliers.

The course covers its content by dividing it into two phases: the Build Phase and the Grow Phase. 

In the Build Phase, students receive a step-by-step guide to acquire suppliers and create their online store, ensuring a solid foundation before launching. The course covers everything from product selection to setting up a Shopify store.

Moving on to the Grow Phase, students learn advanced marketing strategies to scale their dropshipping business successfully. This phase includes in-depth training on social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, and email marketing to attract and retain customers.

When taking up the course I did come across a few bonuses, such as a free Shopify theme. Students also get three one-on-one coaching calls with Jon Warren for personalized guidance and support. The package includes a 30-minute onboarding call to get started on the right track.

One unique offering is the market verification service, where the Dropship Breakthru team assesses the student’s niche and confirms if it’s viable for success. This ensures students are targeting the right audience with their business.

As a special treat, students get a ticket to the Annual Dropship Breakthru live event, offering an opportunity to network and learn from industry experts.

What Dropship Breakthru Course Promises

The course does not promise to make you a millionaire in a month. Neither does it promise to teach you everything in one go. However, Dropship Breakthru courses promise to provide you with “real, actionable advice”. 

They vouch to teach you to uncover a dropshipping that would eventually help you make the most money through only high-quality branded products. 

They promise to build and grow your high-ticket dropshipping business, a niche that not many courses focus on. 

What Contents Are Offered In Dropship Breakthru Course

Now let’s get to the most important part of it all, the content of the course. Did I learn anything important in the course? I did. 

But was it enough to get me all that the course promises? Probably not. 

Here’s a breakdown of what the content of the course is, one phase at a time: 

The Grow Phase:

Let’s check out what they offered in this initial phase of their course:


So they break the ice with the “Welcome” module. It sets the stage for the “Grow Phase,” where I was taught the importance of mindset and legal considerations for a high-ticket dropshipping business. 

I got to know key aspects of business growth. Sounds great but I wasn’t so impressed with the extra drill on what I already know. It was kind of a stretch. 

I do want to mention that this module somewhat provides foundational information, they would do better if they focussed more on the legal aspects of dropshipping further. 

Finding Your Market:

Finding your market is one of the most important parts of dropshipping. This part offers guidance on niche selection. Although it may feel a little peripheral.  

You do get to learn how to identify profitable markets based on location and business goals.

What it lacked was a good selection of more in-depth case studies of successful niche selections in various regions and categories. 

By the end of the lesson, I wasn’t sure if I understood whether a certain market would be good for me. 

Building Your Website and Securing Suppliers:

The “Building Your Website and Securing Suppliers” module offers step-by-step guidance on setting up a Shopify store and establishing relationships with high-ticket suppliers. 

You get to learn practical skills to build a professional online store and source products from reliable suppliers.

I failed to relate to this lesson because of how theorized it was. I wish it incorporated more real-life examples or case studies of successful store setups and supplier negotiations would. 

It would have given students more actionable information and a clearer understanding of the process.

Launch Your Business:

This will give you a checklist. They teach you, in steps, how to go about a successful business launch. 

Jon and Ben attempt to make sure that students have a clear roadmap to follow, setting them up for a strong start to their high-ticket dropshipping journey. I

am just not sure how much they succeeded in doing it. 

Compared to other courses like the Ecom Elites, I thought this part lacked in providing the much-needed tips and strategies for driving initial traffic and sales during the launch.

There weren’t many practical examples of successful launch campaigns either. 

Running Your Business:

This section covers various day-to-day management aspects, addressing common issues high-ticket dropshippers may encounter. 

Students can learn about how to effectively manage their businesses and overcome challenges that arise during operations.

I did find this part helpful but was expecting more insights about doctoring up on operations to be part of the lesson too. Unfortunately, it focused more on the habitual issues you may face while running your business than the solutions.  Also, there was nothing about scaling up your operations while running the business. 

The Build Phase:

Now let’s move on to the final phase and the helpful lessons I discovered:

High-Ticket Marketing Introduction:

This module serves as a good foundation for marketing a high-ticket dropshipping store. You are introduced to the basics and essential requirements for succeeding in this business model. 

Jon and Ben give you a clear overview of the many facets of marketing high-ticket products, setting the stage for the rest of the course.

Although it was informative, this section felt like a lesson out of a textbook. As a dropshipper, I look forward to learning through a course with live examples of niches and products that work. 

How do I know they’re not just selling high-ticket marketing? I don’t. Not from this section of the course. You’d learn better from the Internet or other courses. 

Setting up for Success:

The “Setting up for Success” module covers essential elements to set you up for long-term success. Topics include branding, customer service, and backend operations, all crucial for building a reliable and professional online store.

I couldn’t find guides or templates for creating a detailed business plan that might have helped me. Obviously, a good course would come with such templates that help you implement effective branding strategies. 

Conversion Rate Optimization:

This part mainly focuses on teaching you how to optimize the store’s conversion rate, a critical aspect of ecommerce success. 

Jon and Ben offer quite a bit on split testing, compelling offers, and the power of customer reviews to boost sales. This was a helpful section where I was able to learn more than the other ones. 

Content Marketing:

The “Content Marketing” module emphasizes the importance of the right content for attracting and engaging potential customers. You learn how to create content that drives traffic to the store and fosters customer loyalty.

I wanted this section to be resourceful but it felt short. I expected more diversity in the content too. More marketing strategies, more on the impact of the different niche markets and how each of the marketing ways affects the business, all topics that this course failed to cover. 

SEO and Building Backlinks:

This section covers crucial parts of organic traffic generation. They teach about improving search engine rankings and domain authority through effective SEO and backlink building.

No complaints from me about this part because they managed to cover the more advanced SEO topics that courses miss out on. 

Customer Multiplier Funnels:

This module focuses on creating funnels to convert more customers into buyers. Jon and Ben offer strategies to maximize customer value and retention, fostering long-term profitability.

The problem with this section was that it was too shallow. I could have made peace with more about the funnel tailored to different niches. But there was none of that. 

It could assist learners in customizing their funnels based on specific business needs and target audiences.


The “Retargeting” module explores how to retarget customers who have already shown interest in products.

Jon and Ben explain remarketing strategies to re-engage potential buyers and increase conversion rates. Retargeting is not the easiest of skills to grasp and this module needed a little more time and motif to be taught well. 

Email Marketing:

The module on “Email Marketing” guides learners on using email campaigns to build a loyal customer base. 

Jon and Ben offer valuable tips on crafting compelling emails and nurturing customer relationships through effective communication.

There was a lot of focus on promotional emails on this one which is fair for a dropshipping course but a little bit more on re-engaging emails would have been more helpful too. 

Affiliates & The Dream 100:

This section touches on how to collaborate with affiliates and make the best use of existing customer bases. Jon and Ben offer useful strategies for expanding reach and building partnerships.

If you’ve never done affiliate marketing, you would learn about the basics in this section. 

You get to know how you need to choose, stick and master one niche to be great at dropshipping. If you’re not a beginner, you won’t be impressed. 

They could have dived into more details with the little tips and tricks that really make a difference, using tools and software, which ones to use and how, for instance. Nobody tells you here that a low offer affiliate rate means you cut on the budget. 

Google Ads:

With the Google Ads module, you get a complete step-by-step guide on effectively using Google ads to market products. Jon and Ben provide insights on how to optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

This section does not help people who are too constrained on their budget. Neither does it say what more you can do with Google Ads if you have money to spend on advertisement. 

Write copy that sells: 

This module teaches you how to write product descriptions that convert visitors to buyers. It covers what works and what doesn’t and gives you an idea about consumer behavior based on the nuances of the language that you use. 

However, this module does not offer anything that you wouldn’t learn in a 10-minute Youtube video. 

One of the aspects that I thought Jon and Ben missed out on was teaching their students how to differentiate between compelling copywriting and one that is misleading. 

They also don’t cover the different tones you need for different niches and that’s a big stumbling block on this part. 

Price Of Dropshipping Breakthru Course

The cost of the Dropship Breakthru course is $1,997 for lifetime access. 

This one-time payment grants learners access to the entire course content, including both the Build Phase and the Grow Phase.

In this plan, you also get boarding and coaching calls, Shopify themes, business action plans, verification service, as well as a ticket to their live event. 

What I Liked About Dropship Breakthru Course

Here’s what I liked about Dropship Breakthru Course: 

  • Personalized support with coaching calls and market verification service.
  • Experienced course creators with successful high-ticket dropshipping businesses.
  • Lifetime access to the course and updates.
  • Emphasis on finding profitable niches and products with the potential for high profits.
  • Step-by-step guidance for setting up an eCommerce store using Shopify.
  • Focus on customer retention strategies, such as email marketing and retargeting.
  • Detailed lessons on conversion rate optimization for improved sales performance.

What I Didn’t Like About Dropship Breakthru Course

Unfortunately, the course had quite a few drawbacks to it that failed to impress me. 

  • High price tag of $1,997 may be out of budget for many. 
  • Limited emphasis on social media marketing, which can be crucial for certain niches.
  • Potentially overwhelming amount of content with over 300 video lessons but not the best quality content.
  • The course does provide a clear refund policy or details on potential discounts.
  • I thought certain information was repetitive or better organized for clarity.
  • Limited information on adapting the high-ticket dropshipping model to non-US markets.
  • Slow support response time may hinder learners seeking immediate assistance.


Does Dropship Breakthru course offer any guarantees or refunds?

Dropship Breakthru does offer a refund policy. They offer a “14-Day Action-Taker Guarantee,” which means that if a student takes action on the course material for 14 days and doesn’t get results, they can request a refund. This guarantee implies that the course is confident in its ability to provide value and results to its students.

Does Dropship Breakthru course focus on a specific niche or industry for dropshipping, or is it more general?

Dropship Breakthru is focused on high-ticket dropshipping rather than the more common low-ticket, impulse-buy products sourced from AliExpress or Alibaba. The course emphasizes dropshipping high-ticket products, usually priced over $1,000, that are sourced from domestic suppliers. This approach allows merchants to offer high-quality branded goods with fast local shipping, leading to healthier profit margins compared to lower-priced products sourced from China.

Is the content of Dropship Breakthru course regularly updated to stay current with the latest trends and changes in the dropshipping industry?

The content of the Dropship Breakthru course is updated yearly.

Final Thoughts

Dropship Breakthru Course is one of those programs that made me feel like I probably could have done a similar course at half the price. 

For a price tag of $1997, I expected a lot more. And, it’s only focused on high-ticket dropshipping.

Plus, there are 300 videos and way too much to take up in that span of time. I have to say the coaching calls with the mentors and the lifetime access to courses does cover a lot though. 

Although they attempt to teach you the best they can, their focus on the otherwise risky high-ticket dropshipping scheme is what gives out on the course. And the price is what makes me cower a little. 

You could give Dropship Breakthru a try. But I’d recommend a better option.

Save Your Precious Time & Money (Use The Rest On Ads!)

I have gone through a lot of these dropshipping guru courses and personally, a lot of them are overpriced courses with very little information. They always try to sell you the dream or the lifestyle rather than actually selling you information. Dropshipping is NOT an overnight get-rich-quick scheme but, a lot of these gurus make it out like that. That’s why they ask for ridiculous prices for their courses. So, I personally get why you’d NOT trust these courses.

I have reviewed over 50+ dropshipping and eCommerce courses on my blog and by far the BEST course I recommend for any beginner or intermediate dropshipper is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. Now, the reason why I love this course is that it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there and it has literally over 150+ videos. Franklin’s been doing dropshipping for many many years even before it was made famous by a lot of the gurus.

Now if you are still wondering whether you should try it out or not, you should read my eCom Elites Review to make an informed decision on whether or not you should get it or not.

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