Fulfillman Review (Honest Review)

For a while now, I have been running an online store. It was hard to come by quality goods, especially during and after the pandemic, and that is how I discovered dropshipping. Dropshipping made it easier for me to get my goods easily from other countries through a third-party seller, a dropshipping supplier. And that is when I came across Fulfillman.

I had heard the name Fulfillman thrown around a couple of times, so I decided to check their reviews. To my surprise, there weren’t many about it, so I took the leap and personally tried Fulfillman to find out what they were about. So, without much ado, let’s get into this Fulfillman review.

What is Fulfillman?

Fulfillman Homepage

Fulfillman is a dropshipping supplier that, much like AliExpress, handles dropshipping services for its clients. Picture this; you run an online store but don’t have an actual physical store. You need some goods from, say, China to get to you, and you have no means to get them. That’s where Fulfillman comes in.

You can order what you want for your store through Fulfillman; they will handle sourcing the product, reaching out to the manufacturer/supplier, and dealing with the transport details. All you have to do is wait for Fulfillman to do their job, and you will receive your goods as soon as possible.

In short, Fulfillman is an online store that carries out dropshipping services for its clients. They also offer more than dropshipping services, but we will look into that later. Fulfillman deals with the manufacturer, does your shopping, inspection, and delivery for you, allowing you to focus on marketing fully.

What Does Fulfillman Offer?

Fulfillman Services Page

Fulfillman offers several services, the primary one being dropshipping services. Some of their services include:


Fulfillman handles your full order for you. all you have to do is place your order, update it on their platform, and they will place the order and communicate with the supplier for you. They offer different payment methods, and they even handle orders with multiple items in the same order at no extra cost.

Amazon FBA Services

The store also manages inventory for Amazon FBA. This includes sourcing, preparation and packaging, inspection, and storage services. All their Amazon FBA services meet and exceed all the requirements, and they even offer photography and branding services.

China Sourcing

Fulfillman has a store in China that helps them manage your order from inquiry to delivery. They source products from different China manufacturers and find the most high-quality and affordable ones for you. Their services include manufacturing products exclusively for your company or sourcing from existing products.

Private Line

Their new delivery method is the most efficient method you could ever find. They collaborate with one of the top private line couriers in China, which gives them and you access to fast shipping from China. This method is the most direct, and it gets your goods to you even faster.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

These services aim to make processing backer rewards and shipping for crowdfunded campaigns, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, easier, more convenient, and affordable.

Product Photography

Fulfillman also deals with product photography, handling any special requirements you might have. They have a studio in China that deals with product photography for all eCommerce platforms. This helps your business have a greater conversation rate, and you can make any special orders at competitive prices.

Who is Fulfillman For?

Fulfillman is for anyone running an eCommerce store, no matter how small. They have nice, comparative prices. It is cheaper than AliExpress, and you get more services from them. If you run an online business that deals with sourcing and selling products from overseas, such as China, Fulfillman is the one for you.

It deals with all stores and doesn’t discriminate according to size. It also takes care of your inventory management, and in some cases, product storage.

Fulfillman is the right option for you if you want to start or expand your business online, leaving you to deal with things like marketing and brand representation while it takes care of all the gritty work for you. You can be sure to get high-quality products at affordable prices shipped directly to you.

Personal Experience with Fulfillman

As I mentioned before, I decided to try out Fulfillman to see how efficient their services were, and I have to say, I was impressed. Their services are done wholeheartedly, and they source from the best manufacturers. What’s even better is that they kept me informed throughout and even enabled me to track my goods’ progress.

Some of the things that impressed me about Fulfillman were:

Efficiency and Price

One thing I was not expecting was how affordable their prices are. I got the best products at prices lower than I was expecting, and even better, it was all done efficiently. All my orders arrived exactly as I ordered them and all at a very affordable price.

The downside to this was that I had to pay a continuous monthly fee even on the months I wasn’t using their services.

Customer Support

Fulfillman has one of the best customer support systems I have ever dealt with. Their customer support helped me find products, deal with product issues, and place an order in a very friendly and respectful way.


Fulfillman has various shipping methods, including Private Line shipping that gets your products directly to your door. They also offer express shipping through FedEx and DHL, and they shipped my products through a carrier of my choosing. They also helped me track my order online, which helped me stay updated on my shipped orders. Fulfillman also ships their products worldwide, so you can order your products no matter where you are.

Where to Buy Fulfillman? Are there any Fulfillman Discount Codes?

You can get Fulfillman from here. (They sometimes do special deals so make sure you check it out!)

Fulfillman TrustPilot Reviews

Fulfillman Trustpilot Reviews

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can see other Fulfillman reviews and what they have to say. As you can see even on Trustpilot many others reviewed Fulfillman 5 stars. There’s only a small percentage where the rating is below 5 stars.

Wrapping Up: Fulfillman Review

Efficiency is the name of the game with Fulfillman, and I, for one, am glad I used their dropshipping services. They have very affordable prices; 5-10% cheaper than AliExpress and handle all your dropshipping needs.

They also offer a wide variety of services apart from dropshipping, making them more versatile than other dropshipping suppliers. Fulfillman is now my go-to store for any dropshipping and FBA-related services (I don’t do FBA but, if I did I would go with them), and it can be yours too, all at an affordable price!

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