Find Winning Product Tools?

The internet is filled with software and tools to make anyone’s life easier. That’s why dropshipping is one of the most effective business models right now; there are hundreds of apps, plugins, and platforms dedicated to making it a lot easier.

Today, we’ll focus on how you can find products for your store. I’ve used different tools and methods throughout the years, and I’ve narrowed down the ones that worked best for me.

Just don’t forget that finding products is essential but not the only requirement for success. You must know how to advertise it and scale on your success. Not all products and niches are universal, so don’t use these tools thinking they’re all you need to succeed.

Sell The Trend

This is a common recommendation by many, and there’s a good reason. You can use it to find trending and lesser-known products on Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify itself.

You can study stores on Shopify as well; there’s insight into their traffic, order volume, apps they’re using, and of course, their best products. You can even check out their social media presence and look up their products on AliExpress.

There’s also the Nexus feature. It offers you a list of the best products right now. Each one comes with its own trending reports and how many stores feature it.

You can also build audiences, spy on other people’s Facebook Ads, create videos, and calculate ads’ engagement.

Click here to visit Sell The Trend’s official website to learn more!


Intelligyence is another popular platform thanks to how long it’s been operating. Since its release, it has quickly become one of the main product sources for Shopify entrepreneurs.

You have access to over half a million stores and four times the amount of products. You can filter your searches to focus on products currently enjoying high demand and real sales as well as check out these volumes.

Clicking on the products takes you straight to AliExpress, and you can import them right into your score with nothing but a few clicks.

Finally, you can check out which ads other stores are running on Google and Facebook. Amazon and eBay are also supported.

Click here to visit Intelligyence ‘s official website to learn more!

Wish Inspector

This is an exception to the norm in that it studies Wish instead of AliExpress. It’s a desktop app that you can use either on Windows or Mac, and it helps you find products to source from Wish.

You can import the entire product page: details, images, variations, etc. It offers product research functionality as well as single-click product imports, so you’ll see your research time cut by at least half.

Don’t be fooled by the primitive-looking interface; it’s a powerful tool. It costs $77 for a single device, but it’s a single payment. However, the 10 devices license is just an extra $10.

Click here to visit Wish Inspector ‘s official website to learn more!

This is a personal favorite of mine, and it goes back to AliExpress research. It’s free, so beginners will love it from the get-go, but even advanced dropshippers can benefit from it. The platform makes money from affiliate links in the products it provides you.

You just need to create an account, and you’ll immediately have access to a catalog of curated products. Each member can rate the products if they liked them, so assessing quality is a breeze.

It’s also been awarded product of the day by Product Hunt, so it’s more than verified.

Click here to visit’s official website to learn more!


AliShark works by showcasing products in a live setting; it offers insight into products trending at the moment, so it’s great for staying on top of the market. It’s no wonder so many people use and love this tool.

While it focuses on AliExpress sourcing, you can study stores on both Shopify and eBay. You have zero limits on how much you can search, and you can check out different data like sales volume, engagements, prices, and reviews.

Finally, you can spy on competitors currently selling the products you research and look at their ads.

Click here to visit AliShark’s official website to learn more!


This is similar to in that it offers a free version, and also offers premium accounts to users. Getting the premium version for $29 per month grants you access to different webinars.

The free account limits how many products you can search. Luckily, you can still check out the relevant information like their analytics, profit margins, and deep Facebook insight including ads and targeting.

It’s an intuitive platform, and it also shows you the products’ sales pages.

Click here to visit eComHunt’s official website to learn more!


This platform lets you import your products’ images and information in mere seconds like other popular platforms.

You have more than 10,000 different products throughout the catalog. They also add new products every week, so you’ll always have fresh products to study – even if it’s not as huge as other apps.

ProducListGenie goes a bit beyond product research. You can study your competitors and their entire marketing campaigns and audiences. You also have ready-to-use ads for Facebook and Instagram, including videos created for you by the app.

Click here to visit ProducListGenie’s official website to learn more!


It does what the name suggests: lets you spy on ads on FB and IG. It contains nearly 40 million ads – the largest catalog you can find. You then have the option to look up the most popular sites and which ads they run.

It’s – by far – the most powerful spying tool for Facebook you can find. Its functionality has allowed it to outlive countless similar tools. You can use ad text, type of site, and whether or not there are affiliate links on the ads (as well as specific URLs) to narrow down your searches.

It costs $149 monthly.

Click here to visit AdSpy’s official website to learn more!


This is another primitive-looking website, but don’t fall for that first impression. You can find FB Ads in seconds for other Shopify stores.

You can check out ads from different store ranges and filter them by gender, location, device, date, last time seen, and more. You can also look at their Facebook profiles and landing pages.

You can consider it a cheaper and less powerful version of AdSpy; the most expensive plan is $40 monthly.

Click here to visit ShopGenius’s official website to learn more!

Niche Scraper

This browser platform lets you research products by niche with its AI. It feels very natural, even if you’re new, so it’s definitely worth a look.

You can search around AliExpress and Shopify; insight for the stores include order volume and prices. You can also access hand-picked products as well as a video maker. Of course, it also features single click imports.

You can join for free to a limited version. The premium subscription is $40 monthly.

Click here to visit HotProducts’s official website to learn more!


If you’re using WooCommerce with AliDropship, then you can get this one for free. It works just like the others in principle: finding best-sellers and importing them with a single click.

Right now, you have access to more than 50,000 listings, and you only need to pay depending on how many products you import. The first 50 items are completely free. You’ll have to pay $29 and $199 for your next 100 and 1,000 products respectively, but it’s a single fee.

Smaller stores won’t have a hard time paying for it, and if you need to import 1,000 products, then you definitely should be able to afford it by then.

Click here to visit DropshipMe’s official website to learn more!


You can use AliHunter to reduce your product research to a few seconds. It also lets you spy on other stores on Shopify, find what’s successful, and import similar products for yourself.

You can check out different information on the products, including order volume, reviews, pricing, ratings, shipping rates, how much they’re added to wish lists, and their pricing/order history.

You can filter your searches extensively, and you can even check out which themes and apps other stores use.

It’s completely free; it uses affiliate links from AliExpress to profit.

Click here to visit AliHunter’s official website to learn more!


Pexda is another staple of product research, and you can trace its marketing to several years in the past. That might be the reason why the site looks quite old, but its backend is highly sophisticated.

You have access to curated lists, working ad copy to use yourself, and even discover which target audiences work best for certain products. You can search through eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Facebook, and even their retargeting.

The cheapest plan is $15 monthly, and the most expensive is $100. There’s a 14 trial for $2, but you received delayed products.

Click here to visit Pexda’s official website to learn more!

Commerce Inspector

This one is more of a competitor spy with a product research feature. You can still access trending products.

However, the main focus is studying other stores: sales revenue, traffic, and their products’ information. You can spot which products are currently trending and go directly to their supplier to add them to your store.

You also have a robust store analysis tool, including insight into their performance, themes and apps.

You have the free version, a full version for $50 monthly and the premium for $500.

Click here to visit Commerce Inspector’s official website to learn more!


The newer platform on the list offers an all-in-one package for dropshipping. You have different platforms to target with the different “snipers”.

The AliSniper lets you research products from specific niches and studying their daily sales and ratings to import them to your site. The ViralSniper focuses on trending products, and you can check out their demographics and which strategies others use to advertise it. The InstaSniper is for spotting the best influencers depending on your audience. ShopSniper takes product research into Shopify, and you can find products with low saturation.

It costs $25 per month, and you can try it out for 3 days by paying $1.

Click here to visit E-Sniper’s official website to learn more!

Dropship Spy

Another staple of product research, Dropship Spy started out quite poorly: it was just a curated products list that didn’t really offer a lot.

However, the platform has improved a lot, and you now have access to several different tools. Yes, you have the product lists, but you can also spy on other stores, find influencers, download reviews, calculate social media engagement, and even get insight on products that might trend in the future.

They basically tried to combine tools from the most popular apps available, and they didn’t do badly at all.

Their best membership subscription is $20 per month.

Click here to visit Dropship Spy’s official website to learn more!


Last but not least we have ShopHunter. This is a great tool to track stores and find trending products. It is definitely on the pricy side though.

While this is probably the newest research tool on this list, they are constantly improving and adding new features.

They offer a basic trial anyone can try without paying. It’s only 3 days and it does limit a few things but it’s enough to see if the tool is right for you or not.

You can check out my ShopHunter Review here.

Click here to visit ShopHunter’s official website to learn more!


These are the best apps I’ve used to find products, and the ones that have yielded profitable results. Make sure to check out their free trials (or versions, where available) before deciding which one is the best choice for you.

However, my #1 recommendation by far is Sell The Trend.

Remember, these aren’t miracle tools. Don’t spend hundreds on the most expensive plans thinking it’ll take care of everything for you.

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