Dropified Review: Is it Worth It? (Honest Review)

Ecommerce is one of the leading and most reliable industries. It is also the future of modern businesses. Whether you want to pay your bills purchase certain goods or services from a specific retailer, or even book an appointment, you can do it online from anywhere in the world.

In this modern era, many people prefer online shopping to offline as it saves money, time, and effort. Due to the tremendous growth of the ecommerce industry, running a dropshipping business has become an appealing business idea for many entrepreneurs.

With the right dropshipping partner, your dropshipping business can be an excellent source of extra income for any entrepreneur.

Dropified is one of the most popular dropshipping apps used on various platforms, including Shopify, HQ Commerce, and WooCommerce. In this Dropified review, we look to find out the unique features of Dropified and some of the things that make it better than its competitors, like Oberlo.

What is Dropified?

Founded in 2015, Dropified is a popular dropshipping platform that makes it easy for online entrepreneurs to set up an online store, run, and manage it, without them having to worry about delivery, packaging, or storing massive inventories.

Initially, it began with the primary goal of streamlining the product sourcing process and making it easier for drop shippers to fulfill their orders.

As such, the platform connects various sellers with numerous suppliers and manufacturers at little to no costs as there is no need to store inventory upfront.

Dropified, formerly known as Shopify, has an extensive collection of products from different manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe and has approximately 26,000 users worldwide.

The platform also boasts of hosting more than 15,800 online stores on its database and over 6.2 million order fulfillment since it began.  D

ropified is a web-based application, meaning users do not need to download it from the internet, and it comes with Chrome extension to allow you to import and export various items from different online marketing platforms.

How Dropified works

Dropified works in two ways; from the app itself, which is easily accessible from the Shopify platform’s dashboard and Chrome extension. If you choose to use the Chrome extension, you can easily move to AliExpress and import products on the platform to your Shopify online store with just one click of a button.

The Chrome extension also allows you to import and edit photos, descriptions, and any information you may want from the AliExpress website. You may also choose to insert tags in the product description for a more precise product description.

It also allows you to see vital data, like the sellers using ePacket, which ensures customers receive their shipment within three business days. Such critical information aids in saving time for entrepreneurs who would instead open up many product pages to see shipping times.

Similarly, the Chrome extension helps you allocate more time to grow your store and eliminates mistakes that are common in the automated process. With this extension, users can also use the order auditing tool to assist you in making sure that there are no faults with the orders made.

The auditing tool helps in checking whether there are any duplicate orders,  orders made in AliExpress and not in the Shopify store, and whether there are orders made with the wrong addresses.

Alternatively, you may choose to use Dropified by downloading its application from the Shopify dashboard. The web-based app is easy to navigate and contains a clean interface, making it incredibly user-friendly.

The Dropified App consists of excellent features, some of the main ones being that you can import products and fulfill orders automatically with the app.

The application gives users four options to fulfill orders, including manual fulfillment of orders if you only have a couple of orders per day, step-by-step order fulfillment, auto-order fulfillment including the shipping method, and auto-order, but you get to choose which shipping method you prefer.

Other remarkable features of Dropified App include one-click ordering capability, pricing automation and change notifications, out of stock notification, tracking of shipment, and U.S. dropship database.

Dropified promises to save its users a total of 20 hours a week due to its useful and powerful automation features. All you need to get started is a Dropified Account and an established eCommerce store.

The platform seamlessly integrates with numerous popular ecommerce platforms. For instance, you can have a Dropified WooCommerce ecommerce store up and running within three minutes.

Once you have your established ecommerce store and Dropified account set up, all you have to do is browse and choose the products you want to sell from various online marketing platforms, like AliExpress and Shopify.

Once you import these products from multiple platforms, you will immediately find them in your inventory list, which you can edit to fit your brand. Once the products meet your store’s description, you can publish to your store’s site and start selling.

When a customer makes an order, the Dropified app handles the rest. It places an order with the supplier automatically, and, in turn, the supplier will ship the order to the customer directly. In turn, the customer will receive the shipping and tracking information of the order via email.

The automated one-click capability of the application ensures that there are no mistakes in order placing and fulfillment, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of orders.

All the customer needs to do is place the order and correctly fill in their personal information, including their shipping address. The application handles the rest of the process due to its automation feature that provides the supplier with the customer’s data for shipping purposes.

Simply, place the order, and Dropified handles the rest.

 Features of Dropified

Owing to its exceptional automation features, it is incredibly easy to get set up with Dropified. Now, let us look at some of the features that make Dropified one of the most popular dropshipping platforms in the world.

1. Easy integration with Zapier

Zapier is an online application that is responsible for connecting a wide array of applications, software, and other tools that you would normally use daily for personal and business tasks.

With this application, you can connect your customer service software to your online store, or your social media networks with your blog.

When it comes to Dropified, Zapier offers seamless integration with over 1,500 applications to guarantee maximum productivity and automation in your dropshipping business.

For instance, you may choose to connect your Dropified App with your account software to help it efficiently track the number of sales you make in your store, which is crucial during tax season.

2. One-click product importation and order fulfillment

One of the most popular and impressive features of Dropified is its one-click product importation feature, which allows you to add various product descriptions and pictures to your store’s inventory with just one click.

The application will enable you to search for products for sale and import them directly to your store’s interface for synchronizing purposes.

As such, entrepreneurs save an enormous amount of time as they do not have to manually save each image individually and add it to its corresponding category/variant on their online store.

Upon clicking one button, Dropified copies the title, description, options, and images and publishes them to your store’s inventory. This automation feature also allows you to filter your product searches by keyword, price, category, and country of shipment.

Similarly, Dropified has an automated order fulfillment feature that allows the supplier to directly receive an order once made by a customer in your store.

Once the customer makes the order and fills in their personal information, Dropified automatically provides the supplier with this information, and he/she fulfills the order as soon as possible.

3. Products from various U.S Based suppliers and AliExpress

Through the use of its Chrome extension, Dropified users can access products from some of the largest online marketing platforms all over the world.

There are over 40 online stores that Dropified users can use to import products from, to ensure maximum growth and efficiency of their dropshipping business.

Some of the stores Dropified has access to include AliExpress, Alibaba, Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Target, Kmart, RubyImports, Bangalla, Hexinlingerie, Wanelo, Tmall, and many more.

Dropified automatically taps into the websites of these online stores, giving its users access to numerous suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world.

As such, they can select products from anywhere in the world, move them to their store’s inventory, and pull the product’s information. When a customer makes an order, the specific supplier or manufacturer directly receives the details and fulfills the order accordingly.

4. Exceptional product image customization

When shopping online, product images are worth a thousand words or even more.

Whether you are using Dropified’s one-click importation feature or manually importing the product images and descriptions, they may download to your store’s inventory with specific wordings and brandings that do not fit your store’s brand.

Dropified contains an in-built image editing tool that allows you to resize and crop images to fit your website’s design. This tool also enables you to remove any logos and make edits to your image as much as you like. You can also opt to add your own pictures for each product or even to keep and delete various product images.

5. Practical product description templates

Instead of manually typing in the descriptions of various products in your inventory and making several mistakes, Dropified offers its users general information that you can use to write the descriptions of each piece of merchandise in your online store.

Dropified provides users with important information on product pages, like a call to action and guarantees, primarily if you use the same format of information for your product pages.

The application allows you to create a template that dynamically adds various elements, like product title, price, and more.

6. Automated product pricing and availability synchronization

Running an online store requires the store owner to continually keep track of their inventory and price changes as they happen with your supplier.

Dropified makes work easier by ensuring all price changes and availability of products in your stock are regularly updated on your own online store following the supplier’s product availability and pricing.

If a supplier happens to remove a product from their inventory or change the price of a particular product, you will receive an instant notification.

Furthermore, if the product availability ceases, Dropified automatically syncs this information with your store, removing such items from your inventory, ensuring your customers do not see it, and you do not suffer a loss in profits.

7. Good and automatic profit margins

Unlike WooCommerce and Shopify, Dropified Premier members have access to excellent reports and statistics tools to assist them in keeping track of their profits and understand how they are made.

The application provides its users with some quick profit analytic tools in its backend, where you can set customized profit margins in your settings following your store’s statistics.

More so, Dropified will automatically update your product prices using the set customized profit margin, allowing you to save plenty of time and energy when bulk-purchasing and pricing your products.

This feature also enables you to promote products that are selling while ensuring those shipped are sold at the right price.

8. A focus on ePackets, shipping, and returns

As a drop shipper, you do not have control over the shipping information and packaging of the products your customers receive. As such, you can only hope that their shipping rates are correct using their preferred shipping provider.

Luckily, Dropified allows drop shippers to choose suppliers who have ePacket shipping and order tracking. EPacket shipping minimizes shipping costs and cuts shipping times, making it more affordable for ecommerce businesses.

It also aids in speeding up the delivery process, improving customer experience, and driving in more sales. Refunds and returns depend on the supplier’s policy as often many suppliers do not accept returns, and if they do, the return and refund process may take a long time.

As a result, such delays may damage your reputation to your customers. It is advisable to come up with your own refund and return policies to cover you and your customer’s interests.

9. Dropified pricing plans

Dropified offers its users two packages paid on a monthly or annual basis, depending on your preference. Yearly plans are cheaper than the monthly plans in the long run. Small businesses starting their dropshipping journey may find the Dropified monthly plans a little expensive.

However, each plan comes with a 14-day free trial period for you to test the efficiency and practicality of Dropified. You will still need to enter your credit card information to try out the 14-day free trial period. If you are unhappy with the service, Dropified offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The least expensive plan is the builder plan which costs about $39 per month and is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with a few employees.

With this plan, subscribers receive customer support for one online store and can sell 15,000 products with 50 product boards. This plan accommodates 1000 dropshipping orders per month, five users, and all the primary features that Dropified has to offer.

Such standard features include automated product price and availability synchronization, product customization, Dropified Chrome extension, and many more. The builder plan gives new users access to all the features they require to build momentum in their business.

The other Dropified plan is the premier plan that costs $97 monthly and is perfect for larger enterprise businesses. In this plan, you get customer support for a maximum of five online stores, which can carry 50,000 products and 250 product boards.

It accommodates 100,000 orders every month with five users, Zapier integration, profit dashboard, unlimited high-speed Captcha solver, USA vendor filtering, as well as all the standard Dropified features. 

10. Customer support

The dropshipping industry is known to have some difficulty in providing good quality customer support. It is challenging to send out products from manufacturers and suppliers, and you might have to deal with questions and returns about the products of which you might not have the capacity to answer.

Luckily, Dropified provides drop shippers with a practical blog outlining useful tips about the drop shipping industry and updates on some of the most helpful software. You can directly email Dropified or chime in a live chat with some experts behind Dropified.

You can also reach out to Dropified using various social media platforms, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. The Dropified website also contains numerous support articles and videos on dropshipping.


  • Works with both AliExpress and U.S. Based suppliers and manufacturers
  • Good and automated profit margins
  • Effectively integrates with multiple ecommerce platforms
  • Automated product pricing and availability synchronization
  • One-click importation feature
  • Free 14-day trial period
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Excellent customer support


  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Automated order fulfillment only works with AliExpress


Dropified is an exquisite dropshipping app with a set of unique features ideal for making the running and management of your dropshipping business easier.

It also easily integrates with other popular ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify as it makes it easy to track profits, connect with U.S Based suppliers and manufacturers, as well as run multiple stores.

With features like a one-click importation button, automated inventory and pricing options, and a focus on ePacket shipping, among many others, it is easy to see why this app has become popular in the dropshipping industry.

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