5 Most Successful Shopify Stores

Shopify is one of the leading digital marketing platforms, with over 800,000 merchants using it from 175 countries across the globe. More than one billion people have bought products from Shopify stores in the last 12 months and over $14 billion worth of products sold.

As such, building an ecommerce business is tough and intimidating as it is challenging to stand out among the vast sea of Shopify stores set up on the platform.

Whether you are thinking about starting an ecommerce store or you have a store that is already up and running, this list of five of the most successful Shopify stores will inspire and motivate you as you carve your way to success.

5 Most Successful Shopify Stores

Below are the some of the most successful Shopify stores:

1. Taylor Stitch


With its online Shopify that launched in 2010, Taylor Stitch sells custom and tailored menswear using a beautiful, fast, and mobile-friendly Shopify web store design. As such, customers have a unique and incomparable experience when accessing this online store from a tablet or mobile device.

The store has a goal to make sophisticated menswear accessible and affordable to everyone. In just a mere three years after launching their Shopify store, the company made an astounding $1.5 million in sales and has shown tremendous growth since then.

Taylor Stitch’s landing page has eye-catching images, minimal yet elegant web designs, and a captivating call to action with reliable promotions, ideal for luring any customer to make a purchase.

Once you open the store’s product overview page, you will see an excellent photo and a variety of similar products to peruse through.

You will see a simple and easily accessible list of products, a chat bubble to talk to customer support in case of any queries, as well as a ‘Fund Now’ button that offers various articles in specific clothing collections available on Pre-sale.

Upon opening the individual product page, you will see a simple navigation menu and a prominent ‘Add to Cart’ button that aids in increasing the sales of the product and eliminating page confusion.

Once you add your preferred item to your cart, you will see a checkout menu with various payment options, including PayPal. Furthermore, the online store also creates a loyalty bond with its customers by encouraging them to share their individual stories and pictures from various adventures, including motorcycle crashes, wedding days, and fly fishing trips.

2. You Foodz

Shopify stores

Generally, the online food business is approximately worth $ 3.5 billion, and YouFoodz is a Brisbane-based online food delivery business that takes advantage of this massive market and trend. 

As a result, YouFoodz tremendously grew by 5%-10% in 2015 weekly and received about 200,000 visitors per month on their website. The success of this online store is greatly attributed to its referral program, whereby it uses ReferalCandy for anyone who accesses the website.

More so, YouFoodz is quite generous and compelling with its incentives. It contains a ‘Get Free Meals’ tab at the bottom of the website’s page, whereby a customer can gain a week’s free meal (almost $100 per person per meal).

YouFoodz understands that a strong incentive aids in encouraging people to share and market their services through their powerful referral machine.

3. Flat Tummy Tea

successful Shopify stores

Established in 2013, Flat Tummy Tea is a herbal detox tea known to aid in speeding up your metabolism, reduce bloating, and boost energy, making your stomach look flat and more attractive.

The Flat Tummy Tea brand has grown exponentially with over 13,500 positive reviews on their website and has an annual revenue of $35 million. Flat Tummy Tea’s success is primarily attributed to its social media following, especially on Instagram, as it has a growing audience of 1.5 million.

The brand uses influencers, like well-known actresses, celebrities, and bloggers, from all over the world to market the brand to its audiences.

With just a few posts on their Instagram page, the brand can reach millions of people in one day, increasing their sales. Furthermore, the influencers share before-and-after pictures of the product to show that it genuinely works.

4. Kylie Cosmetics

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The widely known beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics, is another one of Shopify’s most successful stores. This fantastic online store maximizes its use of periodic flash sales as most of the products in these sales sell out within minutes of launching.

Upon launching the store in 2015, all 15,000 units of products sold out in minutes, and Shopify’s platform handled the spikes in traffic around high-demand launch times remarkably without any hitch.

Similarly, the web store is beautifully designed with attractive and colorful high-definition photos of Kylie Jenner’s lips, which have a background story of their own that led to Kylie Jenner creating her own lipstick. The products from the online store are also of premium quality, and they also offer a unique customer experience.

5. BeardBrand

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Created by Eric Bandholz as a men’s beard care brand, this Shopify store has a monthly revenue of $120,000 after its establishment less than a year ago. The web store uses a variety of eye-catching visuals and high definition graphic techniques to attract their customers.

Human beings are highly visual beings, meaning that a picture of your product is likely to give more relevant information than a text paragraph of the same product.

BeardBrand ensures that it clears email, social media notifications, and Slack as a way to make sure that all the queries and messages from customers receive the necessary feedback.

The brand also has a clear, genius, and uniquely visual newsletter subscription pop-up, seeking visitors’ email addresses for subscription to their newsletter.


Successful ecommerce businesses are not easy to run and manage, but luckily, it is not impossible to accomplish. Shopify is a leading platform for ecommerce entrepreneurs that makes it incredibly simple and effective for businesses and business owners to grow their brands and increase their sales.

From the Shopify stores mentioned above, various stores have made it using multiple strategies, grit, hustle, and luck on the Shopify platform. Therefore, new ecommerce entrepreneurs should learn from the stories and practices of successful Shopify stores and model after them to replicate their success.

Who knows? Your Shopify store may be the next profile listed in this article.

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