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Print-on-Demand Income Outcomes

See how much you can earn with your business:

  • Daily Income $10.00
  • Monthly Income $300
  • Yearly Income $3,600
  • There are many print on demand providers. Most of them provide print on demand services for t-shirts or hoodies. However, there are many more products which some vendors offer such as posters or even smartphone cases.
    Sales per Income per
    Day Month Year Day Month Year
    1 30 360 $2.00 $60 $720
    5 150 1,800 $10.00 $300 $3,600
    10 300 3,600 $20.00 $600 $7,200
    30 900 10,800 $60.00 $1,800 $21,600
    50 1,500 18,000 $100.00 $3,000 $36,000
    70 2,100 25,200 $140.00 $4,200 $50,400
    100 3,000 36,000 $200.00 $6,000 $72,000
    200 6,000 72,000 $400.00 $12,000 $144,000
    400 12,000 144,000 $800.00 $24,000 $288,000
Have you ever wondered how much you can make with Print on Demand? You can find out exactly how much you can earn using this tool below. It works for pretty much every POD model and doesn’t matter if you using Merch by Amazon, Printify or Redbubble.

How do you calculate Print On Demand Income?

Calculating print-on-demand income is very simple. The product of the total number of sales to the revenue earned from each sale is the total income one merchant can earn in a specific period.

For instance, if the total number of sales per day is 10, and the vendor earns $1 from each sale, then their product stands out to be (10 * $1) = $10 of profit each day.

Now if it is calculated for a month or year, the results stand out be:

Monthly Income – $10 * 30 days = $300

Yearly – $300 * 12 months = $3600

How To Use The Print On Demand Income Calculator?

Print on Demand Calculator

To use the print-on-demand calculator you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Foremost you will need to learn about your overall sales made in a certain period.
  2. Once you learn about your total sales, you need to find how much profit you earn from each sale.
  3. Now that you have an idea about both of these data, and insert the data into the calculator.
  4. Ensure to choose the sales option. They have two types of sales options. The first is the Sales Per Day and the other is Sales Per Month. If you have calculated sales for each day select the former one, and if counted for each month, then select the latter option.
  5. Once, all the data have been inserted, click on Calculate option it will share with you the print-demand income outcomes based on the data you have given.


How much can you realistically make with print on demand?

The profits from print-on-demand are very uncertain. Unless you have a good number of customers or are promoted by other high-rated merchants, you might not get enough sales.

However, on average, during the initial stages of your journey, you can earn up to $50 each month. If your monthly sales hike to 20 items each with at least $2-10 profit, then you can earn up to $100 a month.

Is print on demand passive income?

No. That’s a myth many gurus try to preach to you. Let’s say you start making money, if you stop working your income will slowly go down over time.

Wrapping Up

If you are a print-on-demand merchant, then you should incorporate the use of this calculator. If you found it useful please share it around!