Wholesale Underground Review

Wholesale Underground Review

There are so many online courses available on the market these days. While some really can help people achieve their goals, some are just too expensive to even consider. Whether it’s worth it or not, reviews like this aim to help you make the best decision. In this review, we will be discussing the Wholesale Underground course by Marvin Leonard. 

You have probably heard a lot of hype surrounding this course recently, which is why I’ve decided to talk about it due to high demand. What we’ll be doing today is an in-depth review to learn about the course, and also course creator Marvin Leonard. Should you sign up for Wholesale Underground? Keep reading to make a well-informed decision. 

Wholesale Underground

Now before we dive into the review, let us first understand what Wholesale Underground is about. From what I can see, the business model focuses on sourcing products from local suppliers that sell branded products using a wholesale agreement. Once you have a good deal, you then use Amazon to list your products. Overall, this sounds like a sound business model. After all, Amazon is the largest eCommerce site in the world. Also, there is no mention that you have to keep inventory by yourself, which even lessens your burden. 

My concern here would be the tight margins between the cost of the product you can get from your supplier and how much you can sell them. If the market is competitive, you might not be able to mark up your prices substantially. 

Getting to know Marvin Leonard

Marvin Leonard seems like a humble chap as he often discusses his shortcomings faced along his wholesale journey. Today, he is known as a famous YouTuber as he discusses crucial subjects on entrepreneurship, online marketing, and the Amazon FBA program. He’s mostly renowned for his well-explained and highly engaging videos. 

Marvin has been a YouTuber for around two and a half years, and he has gathered around 200,000 views for some of his videos. 

Besides YouTube, he is also quite active on Instagram, where he claims to be a multi-6-figure seller on Amazon. On his, Instagram is also where you will find a link to some of his free training courses. There is also a webinar where he explains his own story and how he climbed to success in the Amazon FBA business. 

What’s included in Wholesale Underground?

Wholesale Underground is hosted on the Teachable platform, which is already a plus point on its own because it means your course will function well no matter what device you use. It also means that your course videos will be in HD quality. There is a total of around 70 videos for Wholesale Underground, and each video seems to go in-depth into each topic. Like every other course, you also get bonuses like private access to a Facebook group with around 190 active members. There seems to be quite some activity on the group, which is a good sign because you want people to help you when you need it. Furthermore, these 70-odd videos are segmented into six subtopics with each containing 10 to 15 videos for easy learning. 

Module 1

As always, this is the introduction module, and it takes you through setting up your business. You will also learn important things like having a reseller ID to conduct business in the US. 

Module 2

In this next chapter, Marvin stresses the importance of having a solid foundation. Before starting your business, you need to have a game plan, and Marvin teaches you on essential topics like product pricing, understanding your competitors, and much more. He also goes through essential tools that can boost your business and also teaches you how to analyze your sales data. Some of the tools he recommends are the RevSeller and AMZ Scout Pro. You also get two examples of product research at the end. 

Module 3

Here, you have the most extended module consisting of 21 videos in total. This section is all about suppliers and resellers. You will learn methods of supplier research as well as dealing or negotiating with them. Marvin also discusses a tool widely used by big Amazon sellers called Helium. You will also learn to use Google for your product research. 

Module 4 

This module is essential if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, as it is all about building meaningful relationships via networking. In the business world, you won’t succeed alone. 

Module 5

Then, Module 5 is about placing and paying for your very first wholesale order. You will learn how to create and use SPD shipments and ways you can save. Marvin also discusses outsourcing your stock management to lessen your burden, but this comes with a cost. Then, he also talks about bundling products and reconciling shipments. 

Module 6

Module 6 contains a mish-mash of topics as Marvin discusses some random stuff like multi-channel fulfillment, handling lousy purchase decisions, and even creating a website in less than 6 minutes. You will also learn about outsourcing some tasks by hiring an assistant, but of course, this will only come in handy once your business kicks off. Marvin also discusses becoming an affiliate to get his course for free. 

Advantages of Wholesale Underground

What you can guarantee with Wholesale Underground is that Marvin knows what he’s talking about. You will learn many things from this course, including sourcing and buying products, finding and working with suppliers, listing your products on Amazon, etc. 

Disadvantages of Wholesale Underground 

The disadvantage for Wholesale Underground comes from the high price. If it were price slightly lower, I’d say the course is a no brainer. Nevertheless, it is somewhat on the pricier side. The course price can even go higher if you choose to opt for the lifetime mentorship, which will cost you another extra $300. And because of the high price, comparing it with the 6-course modules just does not seem worth it.


Having gone through the course myself, I can agree that Marvin Leonard knows his stuff. However, as good as his course may be, I don’t think many people can enjoy its benefits due to its high price. Another problem arises with the whole Amazon wholesale model being much more trickier and harder than say something like dropshipping. Because with dropshipping there’s virtually 0 risk as you don’t need to buy products in bulk which is perfect for beginners!

If your new to making money online I highly recommend that you learn dropshipping. It is one of my favorite ways of making money online.

Now, if your still planning on wanting an Amazon course, there are many out there which are much cheaper than this one. You’ll need the money left over because of how money intensive Amazon wholesale business model can be.

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