Viral Vault Review (2023) – Don’t Buy This eCom Toolkit

The growth of ecommerce businesses has led to many people trying to look for a competitive edge to conquer the market. Most people do not know how to set up an ecommerce business that works.

Viral Vault is a online software that claims to help people set up an ecommerce shop for dropshipping and provide marketing materials. Every beginner in dropshipping knows that research and marketing is tough job. Viral Vault offers to take care of that so that you can focus on making sales and increasing your sales.

Today, we will review Viral Vault and check whether their claims are valid. The review will be thorough and honest to help get a clear view of what you will get from your monthly subscription.

Viral Vault Homepage

Viral Vault Package

Viral Vault was created by a young entrepreneur by the name of Jordan Welch. He is a famous YouTuber, dropshipper, and online course creator. Jordan had a couple of training courses on dropshipping.

Viral Vault charges a subscription fee of $67 per month as of January 2022. Users will end up paying $804 this year for their service. The company claims to provide the following services for all its users.

  • Daily product research
  • Optimized product pages
  • Ad copy templates
  • Video ads
  • Facebook targeting suggestions
  • Ecommerce training program
  • Support

In a nutshell, Viral Vault provides the tools, strategies, and support necessary for ecommerce business owners to be successful. The logic behind Viral Vault is that the marketing and research needed to build a successful ecommerce business is expensive and time-consuming.

Many ecommerce business owners like the idea of automating the marketing and research part of their business. The question is whether Viral Vault provides value for the money spent?

We will highlight how it is better to get training on doing research and marketing for your ecommerce business that pays for Viral Vault services.

How Viral Vault Works

Viral Vault Product Demo

It would be best to create a Viral Vault portal to access tools and marketing materials. Beginners can sign up for the 3-day free trial before making the final decision. You need to pay a subscription fee after the trial period.

Beginners get an ecommerce training program that gives them the basics of ecommerce and dropshipping. There is no definition as to the level of training provided for beginners.

Entrepreneurs may need to invest in more in-depth dropshipping training programs. However, after the training program, most entrepreneurs are ready to set up a Shopify store.

You will get daily product recommendations on your portal and marketing materials for the products you choose to promote.

Product recommendations come from research done on social media platforms and online marketplaces like AliExpress. Overall, subscribers get information on two trending products for their dropshipping business. Also, you can use the marketing materials and tools provided without making any changes.

So Does Viral Vault Stand Out?

Although the goal of Viral Vault is to provide a solution to ecommerce entrepreneurs, the platform doesn’t achieve that goal. A few areas of concern would make any seasoned ecommerce entrepreneur avoid the platform. Let’s look at why you shouldn’t subscribe to Viral Vault.

Daily Product Research

Viral Vault Product Homepage

The part about research is okay. However, how many people are receiving the same analysis to act upon. Doing research is to gain a competitive edge and increase your sales.

Therefore, you are not competitive if you have to act on product research that other 1,000 people intend to work on the same day. You will realize that the same products you promote, others are doing the same.

In the end, the research Viral Vault provides creates more competition because it does not customize marketing tools for you or your business.

Marketing Materials

Viral Vault Daily Product

Let’s assume that the product description, ad copy, and video ad templates are available for all members. You will be using the same materials as every Viral Vault member to promote your business.

Marketing needs new and unique content that will make you stand out from the rest. It may seem easier to use the pre-made marketing materials for the products at first. However, your returns will not be as good as if you researched and created your marketing materials.

The other alternative would be to customize the marketing materials you get from Viral Vault to make them unique, which seems like a lot of work. Overall, the marketing tools provided to all subscribers are not customized to their Spotify stores.

The Training

Viral Vault Dashboard

Viral Vault claims that it provides beginners with a training program to help them start their ecommerce business. There is no proof that the training is comprehensive or gives beginners the skills to be successful in ecommerce or dropshipping. You can get better training on YouTube or purchase a complete online course for about $200.

There are many aspects where online entrepreneurs need training before they create ecommerce stores. Apart from finding the best products for your target audience, you need to be able to connect with your target audience.

Also, entrepreneurs need to learn about various marketing channels and how best to utilize those channels to increase sales. Viral Vault can do better by providing in-depth training materials and monthly update materials for the subscribers.

No Market Testing

Viral Vault provides daily research reports on products, but they don’t do testing to find out whether the products are in demand or not. There is no way of knowing whether the products are in demand because of end month sales or because people genuinely need the recommended products.

Therefore, entrepreneurs still need to test recommended products to see what works and what doesn’t. The daily research provided by Viral Vault doesn’t guarantee to make significant sales on a particular product. So, you will have to do additional research and spend time figuring out which is the best product to promote in your store.


There are many complaints online that it will be hard to unsubscribe from the service once you subscribe. Many entrepreneurs have been billed for an extra month because they couldn’t find a way to cancel the subscription service.

Marketing Costs

You have no way of knowing how much it will cost you to promote the suggested products using the provided templates and Facebook targeting suggestions. You may not have enough money for paid ads when you start.

Also, online entrepreneurs need in-depth training on setting up paid ads and optimizing their budgets. How will you drive traffic successfully to your store if you don’t get step-by-step training on the topic? The answer to that question is you can’t survive in paid ads without proper training.

Viral Vault makes it seem like you will post your product review page, create a simple ad, and make a lot of sales. Marketing tools are not useful to online entrepreneurs if they cannot develop a marketing strategy that will drive better traffic than competitors.

Basic Content and Ideas

Everything on Viral Vault seems to be on the basic level. The research and marketing done on the products is something anyone can do in a matter of minutes. Moreover, subscribers learn little of value on the platform.

Viral Vault claims to be a platform that claims to help entrepreneurs automate parts of their ecommerce business. However, you have to do a lot of customization to make the marketing content unique.

Viral Vault Review: Is Viral Vault Worth It?

Viral Vault is not a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for a successful online entrepreneur. The platform’s creator is an experienced dropshipper, but the platform doesn’t customize its content to make it unique for each subscriber.

Moreover, the total subscription fee is high for ecommerce beginners, especially when they aren’t generating income. Ecommerce beginners should be aware of the cost they will incur every month without guaranteeing they will recoup the subscription fee by the end of the month.

You can literally use dropshipspy or ecomhunt and get similar features as Viral Vault. Jordan Welch’s eCom Accelerator 0-100 course (read review) is much more useful than Viral Vault in my opinion.

Invest In Yourself & Make More Long Term

I highly suggest doing the research yourself. If you are looking to start a dropshipping business or scale your current one, I highly recommend you get a solid course. You end up saving so much time and money by doing that instead of watching random youtube videos which have free info that everyone has access to.

Now, I know there are tons of gurus promoting their expensive garbage courses. In fact, I have reviewed over 50+ courses on my blog here and most of them are pretty bad. However, there is one which is one of the best ones out there called eCom Elites.

The funny thing is that despite having 100+ in-depth and high-quality videos, it is by far one of the most affordable courses I reviewed. You can read my review on eCom Elites here.

2 thoughts on “Viral Vault Review (2023) – Don’t Buy This eCom Toolkit”

  1. First I would like to say thanks for reviewing Viral Vault. After I visited the actual website and saw how much the monthly fee is, which is $67 a month, I knew to me it is not worth the price. Just like Amazon FBA or any other dropshipping programs and products out there, you end up spending money before you make any money. To me that is not worth my time or what little money I have. And I am not discrediting Jordan Welch, and you are not from what I can tell from your review. A lot of the gurus, marketers, and influencers usually operate from an angle or have some kind of agenda which allows them to make serious bank, but a lot of the products they recommend or sell may not be as profitable as they make it out to be on the surface. One thing I can’t stand is people who’s stand by products as if they’re the next best thing since sliced bread, and I don’t like the fact to be out of money before I make money. So, kudos to you.

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