Video Ad Vault Review – Real User Opinion + Discount (Is It Worth It?)

Are you planning on buying Video Ad Vault? Don’t know if it’s good or not?

In this article, I discuss the key features, benefits and what pricing plans of Video Ad Vault you would need to choose from. And to see if this tool is right for you or not!

<strong>Don't Have Time? Here's A Quick Summary</strong>

Price: $97/m
Type: Ad Spy Tool
Do I Recommend? Yes
Rating: 9/10

If you are looking for the perfect Youtube Ad Spy tool, then it doesn’t get any better than this tool. Although if you do not plan on using Video Ad Vault for Youtube then it’s not worth buying. Highly recommend it for any marketer looking to utilize Youtube ads!

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What Is Video Ad Vault?

Video Ad Vault is a powerful tool designed to revolutionize your video advertising campaigns. It provides a comprehensive solution for analyzing and understanding both your own video ads and those of your competitors.

So, how does Video Ad Vault work?

It’s a cloud-based software that gives you access to the largest searchable collection of YouTube ads and landing pages available. This vast database allows you to explore and analyze a wide range of video ads from various industries and niches. 

You can discover the top advertisers globally or in specific countries. You can also identify the most viewed video ads, and gain insights into their performance metrics such as likes, dislikes, and countries where the ads are running.

Not just that, Video Ad Vault offers advanced search options, enabling you to browse recently published ads and save ads for future reference. 

Who Is It For?

Video Ad Vault is a versatile tool designed for marketers, advertisers, and business owners involved in video advertising.

If you are a marketer, you can get the best of help with deep insights into successful video ads, industry trends, and top advertisers. This knowledge helps optimize your YouTube ad strategy. 

On the other hand, as someone who is looking to advertise their products with the simple intention of reaching out to an audience, this can help you with building a strategy. 

Video Ad Vault In Depth Look

Here I’ll tell you about the features that you would want to make use of with Video Ad Vault: 

Largest Database of Searchable YouTube Ads

Video Ad Vault has the largest searchable collection of YouTube ads and landing pages. It has a ton of different youtube ads you can look at and you filter and sort them in many different ways.

Tip: You can leverage geo-targeting to obtain localized results, ensuring your campaigns resonate with specific audiences.

Know the Top Advertisers Worldwide

You can stay ahead of the competition by uncovering the top YouTube advertisers globally or in specific countries. 

It’s easy to gain access to vital information, such as the total number of views their video ads have received or the number of unique video ads seen in a particular country. 

Video Ad Vault allows you to discover new advertisers who have recently uploaded their first video in any country.

Learn with Video Ad Vault

Video Ad Vault goes beyond providing ad analysis; it offers bonus features from Tubesift to enhance your understanding and execution of ad campaigns. You can have access to personalized assistance for ad campaign reviews, landing page reviews, targeting tips, and much more through Tubesift’s office hours. 

Cloud-Based Tool

As long as you have the internet, there’s no problem of losing data or progress in Video Ad Vault because it is 100% cloud-based too. This is great because this eliminates the need for installations and space storage on your devices. Plus you get access from any device with an internet connection. 

Advanced Search Options

You can refine and polish your searches based on specific categories and filters such as location, description, domains, and more. 

Quick Browse Mode

When you are in the online business quick browse modes can be a life savior. You will appreciate Video Ad Vault’s quick browse mode, which allows you to stay up-to-date with recently published ads. 

Again, Gain insights into the latest video ads and identify emerging trends that can inform your own creative strategies. You can stay on the cutting edge and ensure your campaigns remain fresh and engaging without having to engage extra tools. 

Updated Advertisers List

Video Ad Vault keeps its top advertisers list regularly updated, providing you with the latest data on video ads. 

This frequently refreshed database ensures you have access to the most current insights, which is essential if you want to reach the right audience

Save Ads for Future Reference

Sometimes you discover compelling video ads that inspire you or align with your campaign objectives and would want to save it for later.  

Video Ad Vault allows you to save those ads for future reference. Building a library of successful video ads provides a valuable resource for inspiration and benchmarking for your own good. You can always get ideas from these videos for future use. 

Remember that creativity breeds creativity! 

Watched Channels

The “Watched Channels” feature allows you to save channels that you want to monitor closely and stay updated on the video ads produced by these channels. By tracking competitor channels, you can stay informed and inspired to refine your own video ad campaigns.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Video Ad Vault provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Once you log in you will see that it’s quite easy to use and get the hang of.

You can quickly access the features you need, conduct searches, save ads, and analyze data effortlessly, making the most of your time and resources.

Personalized Help

With the Tubesift office hours plan, included with Video Ad Vault, you gain access to personalized assistance for your ad campaigns. You receive expert guidance on ad campaign reviews, landing page optimization, targeting tips, and other features. This personalized help empowers you to refine your strategies, maximize your advertising efforts, and achieve better results.

Video Ad Vault Pricing and Plans

Video Ad Vault Pricing

Video Ad Vault currently offers two pricing plans for its users:

Monthly Plan: 

This plan is priced at $97 per month. With the monthly plan, you get access to all the features and tools offered by Video Ad Vault on a month-to-month basis.

Annual Plan: 

The annual plan costs $997 per year, which saves you approximately $167 compared to the monthly plan. By opting for the annual plan, you get access to Video Ad Vault’s features and tools for a full year. Buying this plan will save you money in the long run. 

Keep in mind that both pricing plans grant you full access to Video Ad Vault’s database, advanced search options, competitor analysis, and other powerful features.

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Pros of Using Video Ad Vault

  • A huge database of searchable YouTube ads and landing pages.
  • Personalized assistance and guidance for ad campaign optimization.
  • Cloud-based tool accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Advanced search options and filters for targeted results.
  • Quick browse mode for recently published ads.
  • Updated list of top advertisers and new ads every hour.
  • Ability to save ads and watched channels for future reference.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and usage.

Cons of Video Ad Vault

  • No free plan or trial is available.
  • It does quite a bit.
  • Limited to YouTube video ads, not covering other platforms.
  • No downloadable software, requiring internet access for use.
  • Reliance on the availability and accuracy of the database.


Is there a free video ad vault trial?

No, unfortunately, Video Ad Vault does not currently offer a free trial. Users will need to purchase a subscription to access its features and benefits.

Are there any video ad vault alternatives?

If you’re looking for alternatives to Video Ad Vault, there are several options available in the market. Some popular alternatives include AdPlexity, SocialPeta, and AdSpy. These tools offer similar functionalities and allow you to analyze and monitor video ads across various platforms. Exploring these alternatives can help you find the one that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

So is Video Ad Vault worth your hard-earned money? The answer ultimately depends on how you intend to use the tool and the value you expect to gain from it. 

Video Ad Vault can be a worthwhile investment, because the platform offers a vast database of searchable YouTube ads, providing you with valuable insights into successful ad campaigns. 

Video Ad Vault’s pricing is another reason why it’s worth it. Its value for money and the value you derive from the tool can outweigh the cost, especially if you actively engage in video advertising and competitor analysis.

However, it’s important to consider a few potential drawbacks. Such as, the tool primarily focuses only on YouTube ads, so if your marketing strategies heavily rely on other platforms, its usefulness is limited.

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