Top Best Out Of The Sandbox Shopify Themes

Top Best Out Of The Sandbox Shopify Themes

If you are searching for the best out of the sandbox themes, I am pretty sure it is for more sales and profit. Here now, you have arrived at the right blog. Taking premium subscriptions can be expensive but it is more profitable in generating more income for your store and it helps you to build more trust in the platform.

It will also enhance the features and make it a little more user-friendly for you and makes the store more organized with added features that you would not be able to get in any of the other subscriptions in the Shopify plan.

There are so many reasons why out of the sandbox is the best fit for your store regardless of the general store you might have. Here are some of them listed below :

  • The company is controlled by Shopify itself. That includes the latest updates on the Shopify themes in the store to provide the requirement of the users and it also displays those themes which are compatible to your store and are related to the type of store you have.
  • Out of the sandbox provides free updates and support your purchase on their platform for one year. The updates can be done through a specific application and the platform itself guides you through the process. 
  • It also contains so many apps for adding various features rather than just going a long way and loads of time to purchase the apps from third-party stores. It saves you time and prevents headaches for the betterment of your store, professionally and profitably.
  • Out of the sandbox theme is super customizable that is very flexible with its design and helps you to run your creativeness on customizing the themes. It has various features that can help you and guide you through the customizing process but the design is all up to you and how you want your store to look or customize the final look for your store. The premium subscription helps in this case not the base which is very well compatible with your store’s type and brand that you sell.
  • The last theme you find in the list of the out the sandbox themes is used for customizing the selling service you provide such as the drop-shipping feature and customizing the products you sell or upload.

But remember that these are only some features you get from the out of the sandbox theme store. There are so many other features that are minor and sometimes unnoticed. Here I will list some outs of the sandbox themes, their ratings, and the reviews from the users on the platform that they got.

The first themes might look quite expensive to purchase, but they have many added features that will save you more money from the price that you purchased the theme for. Even if you don’t feel the features are quite prominent enough then you have loads and loads of apps in the Shopify store from which you can apply any apps instead of spending more money in buying or purchasing the third-party apps from third-party websites or gateways.

There is a 14-day return of the money in the first six of the out of sandbox themes that guarantees you the money return if your experience was shabby or if there was a big troubleshooting problem that could not have been resolved by the developers. So without further ado, let’s talk about some of the outs of the sandbox themes.

1. Turbo/portland theme

This theme is the second one from the first six themes in the out of the sandbox series. Now, why is it the second one? let’s clear that question and answer it the best way possible  with the points given below:

  • The company owned by Shopify created six themes for the out of the sandbox series and this theme was one of them.
  • It received the most positive reviews and ratings by the users and so many of the reviews were very happy and quite satisfied to use this theme.
  • Through a dedicated application, you can update this theme and get assisted with technical support which is free of cost for one year and has a money-back guarantee for 14 days.
  • One of the reasons why it was named as turbo because it is suitably optimized for the speed of the platform in the device especially in mobiles which is possibly the best fit as it has huge inventories, huge income through sales, and a lot of traffic in your store daily.
  • It also enhances the platforms’ speed by providing a lot of applications that can be applied to your store and it has mostly replaced all the third-party apps, even the most popular ones.
  • The pages and the themes are highly customizable and are very flexible and can fit in any store.

This theme is based on health and fitness-based stores and can sometimes be used for other stores too due to its flexibility. The price may not be fit for everyone but it is way cheaper than buying other apps for the theme from outside the out of sandbox marketplace.

2. Flex theme 

This theme might be the most customizable and flexible in the first six themes from the out of the sandbox series. It is quite new and this is the reason why there are not many reviews about this theme or it would have been rated as number one in the list of the first six themes. It also comes with various options for customization in layout and it also has a 14-day money-back policy.

There are a lot of customization tools too which are in the flex theme:

  • Several layout options for customizing the positions of the main menus and the products given.
  • Can customize the cascading style sheets through the main theme editor without the urge to research and get deep into the theme files.
  • There are four headers and four-footers you can choose from to customize your store.
  • There is a recent feature made available by the developers of Shopify for adding certain testimonials to your store and make it a tad bit clean and organized.
  • One of the major features of the flex theme is that it has a huge library of icons and elements that adds features in the store wherever it is necessary.
  • Depending upon the different niches in your store, the flex theme has provided 12 pre-designed themes of the best fit for your store and it is also compatible for your store depending on your recommendations. These are as follows :
  • The swagger theme, if your store is about sustainable items.
  • Studio theme, for the artists in the platform.
  • Nourish theme, if your store is about selling snacks and most grocery items.
  • Moda theme, for the fashionistas selling fashion goodies.
  • Trending theme, for the clothing stores.
  • Wink theme, for the users selling eyewear materials or prescribed glasses.
  • Techno theme, for the electronics for the gamer customers and other technical products.
  • The fresh theme, for the natural and ayurvedic products.
  • Glow theme, for the makeup or beauty cosmetics and other beauty products.
  • Emporium theme, for the furniture selling stores and the customized home furnishing selling stores.
  • Luxe theme, for the jewelry selling stores.
  • Bloom theme for the CBD oils and related items.

And you can further customize it to make it more attractive and makes you feel like you have a unique and just perfect for you and your store, and what customization is.

Adding the features, overall, flex is one of the most customizable themes from the out of the sandbox series. It can be expensive and cant is affordable for a lot of users but as told earlier, it has a 14-day money-back guarantee. So, even if you are not satisfied with the theme then you can just ask for the money through customer service, giving them a valid reason to return the money. If the reason is quite valid, then they will return the money but it should be before 14 days as it is valid for only 14 days.

Now, these money-back features as discussed earlier are very limited in case of finding this kind of feature in a third-party platform.

3. Turbo-Florence theme

The features in this theme are the same as the turbo portland theme but it is more suitable for jewelry selling stores and other related niches. It is a very clean and refurbished turbo theme. 

About the design in this turbo-Florence theme, it is very tidy in the fonts section of the theme and has a very soft and subtle kind of color palettes or schemes which are applied to the theme background or fonts, etc. it also includes a lot of white spaces so that the whole look of the theme will be uncluttered and the products will attract and shine like a diamond.

There are still a lot of highly demanded features that can be added or are already added to the system. The following points give you the features of the turbo-Florence theme :

  • A sliding system displaying products and can view each one of them by sliding the screen to see the next product.
  • There are huge menus of the themes but there is no menu that can be compared with the mega menu provided by this theme.
  • The page templates provided by the theme can be customized as per your requirement so that you can apply the templates to your store.
  • It also has a feature that links an app called google maps. If you don’t know what google maps are, then I will tell you about this. Google maps is an application with hundreds and thousands of atlas combined to form a map from which you can get the shortest road to the destination. It guides you through your journey through a computed voice. It tells you the directions of the road and where to go. It indicates light traffic as yellow, heavy traffic as red, and no traffic as blue. The function of this app is to provide you directions to a particular place where you don’t go often and prevents you from getting lost. So this application is linked with the dashboard of the user so that the customer as well as the merchant can track their products and know more information about the departure and arrival days and at which time. Remember that the time may be not accurate as the shipping can be delayed for a valid reason.
  • This theme also provides a form where the customers can write a review of the product and how they felt their service was and how it can be better. There is another type of form called the contact form which is given to the customer to discuss any queries about the product shipping and get connected to the merchant till delivery.
  • Another feature that is unique in my opinion is the interactive mini cart. From this feature, the customer can interact with the cart as it helps in the decision making the process faster and not in hustle or hurry. 

And other such features are included in your turbo Florence theme.

Now as told earlier that this theme is more compatible with the jewelry selling shops or other related niches. The price is still high and might not be affordable to some of you but think it this way, this theme is though costing you a whole lot but still, it also gives you more than you pay for and you might spend more money in buying third-party apps from the third-party stores. It should provide you with all the necessary equipment and applications in your Shopify store.

4. Turbo-Dubai theme

Similar to the turbo Florence theme as it is well compatible with the jewelry but now it also includes handbags or more so-called boujee items or designer items. Same as the turbo Florence, it has an uncluttered layout which you can customize depending upon your choice, and has very tidy fonts.

Since it has so many features generously loaded to the theme, its overall cost will be a little bit pricier than the other turbo theme series. But it does provide a lot of features and helps the users to trust the platform and have a better experience. 

You must be wondering why this particular theme is so pricey and why?

I will answer this question through a few points: 

  • There are two types of speed modes. One is called the sport speed and the other one is called the ludicrous speed mode. I will discuss it briefly to solve all your doubts about what these speed modes are and which one is better in comparison. In ludicrous mode, the page preloading for the user uses advanced codes to predict the next page you can visit and starts loading it in the background. So you can get information on the current page and don’t have to wait for the next page to load and take time. However, there is a con in this mode that can be crashed by certain third-party apps getting displayed on the screen. And that’s where the sport mode comes in. the sport mode does similar work like the ludicrous but the precise coding of the mode makes the theme slightly better as no third party can crash through the system and interrupt your system.
  • The codes are minimized but work the same in every device you purchase it in. it just makes the theme light and yet still organized with the same tidy and uncluttered themes with the option to customize it for your store.
  •  Loading time is quite long and might be lazy. There is no alternative to solve this problem but the reason why it loads for a long time is that it wants to reload whatever page was open and the last-minute touches given by the user so that the changes do not go missing.
  • The live search of the user is mostly predicted with the high operation to make the prediction more accurate. This is the reason why the loading process is not occurring every time you open a new page.
  • The products are optimized frequently and are very interactive and responsive to the screen sizes every device might have so you see the full look of the theme and the products.
  • The transitions of the pages are very smooth and less time consuming for the super fast navigation speed through the whole store. The users like this feature a lot as it is so attractive for the customers to see the store working so smoothly and the ratings also do appreciate this feature of this theme.
  • There is also another dynamic view feature where the user as well as the customer can view the store and the contents meaning the products in it quickly, similar to the point above.
  • And as for the mini cart, it is very well organized and animated for the interactive part of the mini cart. It can guide you through the store and help the customers decide between products and help the users to start their income by the great presentation it provides and the service as well.

These are the points or features of this theme. It will surely help in your research and make up your mind on whether to purchase this theme or not. 

5. Turbo-Seoul theme

This theme is more into warm and welcoming colors rather than pastel or vibrant colors and is a very great way to showcase your product and make it sophisticated in the design. As always there is a customizable feature where you can customize the fonts and the layout. This type of design is compatible with electronic and technical shops.

Similar to the other turbo theme, this one also carries speed modes and features to make it more convenient for the users. The feature is given as the following points below : 

  • The product slides with ease and in the row method to make it simple to understand for the customers as well as the users.
  • There is a mega menu that can carry more than 200 products in it to display the products to the users.
  • There is also a list in the store which gives you certain pre-designed logos for your store and do not worry as the logos will not be random and unfit in your store but instead they give you the most compatible logos and you can customize it to make your logo. There is an option for the users to create their logo if they think that none of the pre-designed logos are good enough for the store.
  • As in the flex theme, the testimonial feature is available in the turbo Seoul theme. It works the same but a little faster in speed than the testimonial feature in the flex theme.
  • There is a section where you and the other customers who visited your store can ask and similarly answer the questions which are frequently about a certain product or generally about the store.
  • Similar to the turbo Florence theme, the page templates given with the theme as a package can be customized very easily and with fewer efforts with the same professional consistency you get in the turbo Florence theme. The one and the only difference between these two themes are that the turbo Florence theme is likely to have more floral decorated templates that cannot be removed and in the turbo Seoul theme, the templates are mostly a single color background or simple designs.
  • There are two very familiar features. One is the interactive mini cart which I believe through the above points of the different themes you must have known a lot about the functionality of the mini cart. And the other one is another familiar one which is infinite scrolling but the difference here is that it allows you to scroll the products continuously downwards.
  • Similar to the turbo Dubai theme, this theme also has two different speed modes which you already have knowledge about and it has the feature of instantaneous navigation.

These are the features of the turbo Seoul theme that might help you gain knowledge about these features.

6. Turbo-Chicago theme

The Chicago style is more into edgy and moody themes and is displayed in the page templates given by this theme. It provides edgy and dramatic vibes with just the right amount of edge in the design. This theme is very compatible with sports and tech gear items or other related niches.

It might not have a lot of inserted features but it does have a flexible interface that you can customize by the features of layout and tidy fonts. It is quite affordable, in comparison to the other themes discussed above, and has loads of apps that can be free as well as paid without the need for third-party apps. It also has a feature of a 14-day money-back where you can return the theme and the platform gives back the money which you purchased the theme.

7. Parallex theme

Parallex theme is one of the most flexible out of the sandbox themes and gives the control with the long format home page along with scrolling style which helps you to display and present your business story with the scrolling style. It makes it very attractive for selling images, products like paints, artworks, etc.

This theme is all about video slideshow, and more about graphic designing. The theme has the following features below :

  • It creates an animated depth when you move to the next page. It does not require the need to learn to code. These effects were named parallax effects.
  • The description of your journey, creating this store to how your business is working, and how much you earn can be entered into a section called the business story in your store so that the customer can view your story and the products. This theme provides an advanced feature wrapped around this basic feature where the story is told by featuring a full-screen video at the top of the home page of the store and you can edit the video and change it through the admin dashboard. this feature is known as hero video
  • There is a feature called sticky navigation which fixes your menu to the top of the screen of the home page which you can edit the feature through the dashboard.
  • Another feature is optimized for large images, which can tell your story with an impact and high-resolution pictures to make the customers’ experience better.
  • It also provides a quick shop which can help the customer to quickly view the products and add them to the cart without as per the customers’ desire without even leaving the current page.
  • There is a filter product feature through which the products [which are classified to different topics] can be filtered and only how a particular type of product without trying to find the things or products from the whole inventory of the shop.
  • Another feature called the product zoom allows the customers to have a closer look at the products and their details via zooming through the picture of the products.
  • You can promote your products through promoting the reviews and ratings of the customers either visiting the product and review by the looks and the designs of the product or by buying it and writing an honest review about it.
  • The location of your store can be updated if the availability of the shop is physically placed or opened, then the customers can visit your store through the google map provided by the shop and through this theme.
  • The page templates in this theme are very unique and have a cutting edge look on the store as well as the product displayed on the homepage of the store which can be customized through the customizing feature. 

There are four options of this theme suitable for different niches of the store. The options and information about them are given below:

Parallax theme-Vienna

This theme is all about the look or the appearance of the store. It allows the users to take control of the size of the image displayed of the product, printing, etc, to showcase the products uploaded in the store.

Parallax theme- Aspen

This theme is more compatible in outdoor apparel with accessories sections and related niches like hiking, survival equipment, camping, etc. and for the survival niche, you can purchase the apps which can either be free or paid and provide better functionality and convenience.

Parallax theme-L.A.

this theme is more about fashion and designer accessories with graceful page templates and of course as with the other themes, the page templates can be customized through the features provided by the theme.

Parallax theme-Madrid

This theme looks very smart looking and flexible due to its customizing feature with a long-format home page and elegant designs for selling elegant products. it can be customized for other products depending on their type. This feature has a con which is that it has a small inventory and is for the people who don’t upload a lot of products to the store.

Final words

These are the best themes rated as per my opinion. From this blog, I surely believe that you will know more about the themes and the features they provide. For me, the most compatible theme is the turbo Portland theme as the overall performance of the system of this theme is very reliable and quite sophisticated. However, depending on your business requirements and store essentials you can select the theme that suits your pocket. The simple themes can also be enhanced with the help of additional applications.

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