Top 5 Broad Niches For Dropshipping

Top 5 Broad Niches For Dropshipping In 2021

Starting out, picking a niche when you don’t have a particular interest in mind can be frustrating. Even if you’re interested in one (or several), you hear “saturated” once and then discard it completely – just to be left without options.

However, saturation isn’t such a big deal if you’re a solid marketer. Today, we’ll look at 5 niches that are practically always great choices – even though you might hear they’re “saturated.”

The niches


Survival Dropshipping Niche

This niche is (literally) enormous. There’s always people interested, so it’s a fairly saturated dropshipping niche.

Luckily, almost everyone with the right mindset can prosper regardless of when they enter it.

You have lots of products for testing, and the community is massive. Don’t be afraid to try it out.


Fishing Dropshipping Niche

A billionaire industry as passionate as survival, there’s always a YouTuber sponsored by brands in this industry.

It’s pretty much the same as survival. Lots of people take this hobby seriously (and even as a professional sport), so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding people willing to spend money on your offers.


Hunting Dropshipping Niche

The last outdoors niche, this is a popular choice that’s just recently growing – but it’s doing so at an exponential rate.

You have a particular advantage with this one since you can grow a customer base and take advantage of how quickly is growing, and Instagram pages that you can deal with are plentiful.

Home & Kitchen

Home And Kitchen Dropshipping Niche

Think about domestic enthusiasts: people who love to cook and be the envy of their neighbors.

This is a great niche that your average stay-at-home parent will love, so make sure to test the waters.

Phone accessories

Phone Accessories Dropshipping Niche

Technology won’t stop advancing anytime soon, and smartphones work as a second brain/reality for most people today.

Smartphone obsession is a “problem” for most traditionalists, but it’s one of the best business opportunities.

Even better, selling phone accessories give you a wide array of upsells and products to offer, thus increasing your sales.

A thought on saturation

A saturated product will probably die out quickly, but that’s not the same with niches. There might be millions selling a particular market, but that also means there are billions of products to choose from.

Saturated niches are popular niches, and that’s a great clue to whether or not you want to try it out.


As long as you know how to handle your marketing and price your products properly – basically how to make your store stand out from the rest – large niches are your friends.

There are many more niches you might want to try outside this list, so using tools like Google Trends should be part of your business routine.

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