Top 12 Best Shopify Print On Demand Apps Create and Sell Custom Products

Top 12 Best Shopify Print On Demand Apps Create and Sell Custom Products

Shopify is the most popular platform for people looking to start their own eCommerce, and that’s not limited to just selling physical products or dropshipping, as most people may think.

If you’re good with graphic design, then you might find your home with POD, or print on demand.

This business model lets you create your own designs and print them on products like shirts, mugs, pillowcases, etc. Most companies will also take care of processing your orders, so you only need to dedicate to what you know and like.

If it catches your attention, make sure to take a look at the apps in this list.


Printify looks to make custom product creation a lot easier for people with little experience on the subject. The platform offers more than 200 different products with great prices, and you can use the platform’s mockup generator to finish them.

Besides, it’s quite fun to work on your own designs. The custom design functionality lets you focus your products on particular niches, granting a stronger brand and uniqueness to your business.

Printify takes care of everything: both printing your designs and shipping the complete products, thanks to a global network with nearly 100 different facilities.

If you’re already using WooCommerce or Etsy and were resigned to switching to Shopify, then don’t worry: it also works on these platforms.

As for pricing, you have 2 different plans.

You can use the platform for free if you only have 5 stores. You have access to all of the functions: mockup generator, unlimited designs, and full-time customer support. While it may seem like more than enough, keep in mind that you should have 1 store per niche, or even several.

The more niches you want to cover, the more stores you’ll need.

That’s why the Premium plan doubles the amount of stores for $29 monthly. Besides all of the features from the free plan, you also get a 20% discount on the products.

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This is another free Shopify app; that means zero monthly or even setup costs. It’s among the best choices for people who want to try out PoD and see how it works for them.

As with Printify, Printful also handles everything but designing: packing, printing, shipping, etc. You just give them the designs and call it a day.

You also get custom branding for your product packages, so your customers will recognize your business all the way down to your packaging, and they might even think you have your own warehouse.

There are countless benefits, starting (obviously) by how it’s completely free. You just have to pay once your customers purchase from your store, so you can be as patient and necessary.

All orders go into the platform’s fulfillment center, so don’t worry about shipping. Speaking of orders, you also get all of the benefits from dropshipping; you don’t have to order bulks, for they’ll process even single orders.

You also save money thanks to the global carriers used by Printful, which guarantee low shipping prices. Besides, any lost or damaged item gets covered by the company, so don’t worry about missteps.

Couple that with how you can personalize your labels, packages, and slips, plus full integration with platforms like WooCommerce and even Amazon, and you’ve got one of the best platforms for beginners (and more).

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This platform is one of the main references for people thinking about running PoD businesses, and with 15 facilities all around the globe, it’s also the biggest provider today.

Its app lets you come up with hundreds of items showing your designs to list on your Shopify catalogs. You have over 100 products to choose: from wood prints and posters to phone cases.

You just need to install your Pixels plugin into Shopify, upload your designs, and choose the products you want on your stores. After that’s done, you just set your prices and advertise your business.

Pixels is also fully automated, just like the other apps in this list. As soon as you receive a customer’s order, Shopify redirects the details to Pixels and they’ll handle the rest.

It takes 3 business days max for Pixels to have the products ready, and as soon as they’re done, they get shipped. Your customers also get a notification for when their products headed out.

With 15 centers in different countries (US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia), your customers will get their products faster than with most providers.

Besides the base price for their products, you have full control over the price tags on your stores, so you decide how much you profit from each sale. Pixels also handles refunds, so if your customers aren’t happy with the products, they can expect their money back within a month.

Finally, the platform is free, so don’t worry about extra investments.

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TeeLaunch powers nearly 100,000 stores on Shopify, and it’s completely free. It handles order processing right from printing to delivery. That includes customer support in case anything goes awry, so just focus on designing.

As for payments, you just pay for the products you do sell, so don’t worry about paying for the designs or anything else.

TeeLaunch also has a plethora of products for you to paste your designs on. You have the classics: mugs, shirts, and phone cases, yet there are also more unique products like bamboo coasters and even headphones.

The platform feels natural to use, so you won’t need to spend days understanding how everything works. Just install it, take a stroll through the features, and start designing.

The prices for the products are quite low as well, so you have lots of chances to increase your profit margins. Add their facilities all around the world, and you also have quick shipping.

All in all, it’s a great app for people looking for an easy app that lets them just exploit their creativity without hurdles. WooCommerce users are out of luck, but they do cover Etsy.

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This is one of the most varied options here, with 500+ products just waiting for your designs. You can also use dye sublimation and embroidery if you want to get even more creative.

They use flat shipping rates for international orders, which is something you won’t find often.

While that might seem like enough for an incentive, you have lots of flexibility here.

Remember you get over 500 products, and you can even give the option to your customers to personalize what they’re getting; you just add them to your store. Besides, you get direct-to-garment with advanced printing technology, with outstanding 1,200 dpi.

If you’re just starting out, then you’re in luck since CustomCat Lite released quite recently, and you have access to all of the features. You don’t have to pay any monthly fees, but you must pay an extra $2 for each sale.

If you prefer the paid plan, then it’s $30 monthly, and you get more affordable production rates. If you’re getting lots of orders, you might want to opt for this one.

Click here to go to CustomCat


This is another free app, and they take the “free” part seriously. Not only there are zero monthly fees, but you also get free shipping worldwide.

It has a sleek interface that anyone can understand, and creating your products is seamless. You just need to wait between 3 and 7 days for your products to be ready, and shipping could take a couple of weeks, yet it’s still lower than the 25-day maximum regular dropshipping faces.

You have countless products to customize, from canvas shoes and sneakers to wallets and wrist watches.

As with the other platforms, Printy6 also handles your orders and shipment. Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive a notification including its tracking and general details.

You also get a drag-and-drop editor to make things even easier.

Click here to go to Printy6


JetPrint is another common mention when people talk about their favorite PoD apps, and it’s no surprise that it shows up here. While it started off offering just watches, they’ve kept expanding their offers.

It’s also very intuitive, so new users will have little trouble getting used to it. You just drag your designs and drop them on the products you want; JetPrint will handle everything from there until your customer gets it.

Besides the watches they still offer, you also have different phone accessories, tote bags, aprons, and even tapestries for walls. JetPrint constantly works on their products as well, so you’ll usually see a new option around.

Additionally, the products are among the best you can find in terms of quality, yet that doesn’t mean you have to wait for longer. You can always expect your products to be ready in 4 days tops.

You can keep track of your orders right from when they leave the factory until your customer receives it.

JetPrint also keeps it simple: install it, upload your designs, and start getting sales. Don’t worry about monthly or setup fees; just pay once someone places and order. You also have total control over your profit margins.

Click here to go to JetPrint


Yet another free app, this one just charges you for the products you do sell. As if that weren’t enough, the rest of its features make it an excellent platform for beginners.

You can design baby one-pieces, hoodies, and more. The app integrates seamlessly with other platforms, not just Shopify. You have your standards: Etsy and WooCommerce, but even Amazon and eBay are fully supported – even some you might not even know.

You don’t just have control over your designs, but you can also decide how you your products shipped.

If you want to give your products some finishing touches, you get the product generator feature to tweak your products even further before sending them to production.

The only issue here is that shipping rates might get a bit expensive depending on where your customers are located. Order tracking also comes with an extra cost.

However, you’re still getting a great platform – one that’s been around since 2005, constantly improving and earning people’s trust.

Click here to go to Tshirtgang


Let’s get 2 things out of the way: this app isn’t just focused on pillows or bed apparel, and it’s not a free app. You have to pay $30 every month, but it does offer a free month for you to try out its features before deciding to pay for it.

You get to see all the fees related to your products as well, so don’t sweat over hidden fees and costs.

You have several products to offer. Yes, there are pillows, bedding, flip flops, and socks. However, you also get sneakers, tops, backpacks, and even car seat covers.

Not only do you get to see all of your shipping fees, but you can also ship your products for free internationally. You’re not restricted to selling on the US, and you might even find different countries work best for you.

Keep in mind that tracking orders only works with the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, though.

When it comes to prices, PillowProfits is definitely one of the most exceptional offers around, all thanks to their prices. You can add customer satisfaction guarantee to that; if your customer has the wrong size, the company sends a new replacement for free.

If you want to catch a few more conversions, then the converting mockup functionality can make things a lot easier.

While they handle everything when processing orders, you still have total control over their fulfillment center. You can cancel orders or change addresses if you have to; all edits are in real-time.

If – for some reason – you’re not a good designer, then PillowProfits still offers free designs that you can tweak a bit and offer on your store.

Click here to go to PillowProfits

Kin Custom

Back to the free apps, Kin Custom lets you create your own custom products after a simple installation. After you’ve installed it, you just upload your own designs and choose the products you want to list on your store.

After that’s done, just focus on marketing your offers and pay only when your clients place orders.

You can offer crop tops and bomber jackets, pet shirts, iPhone and laptop cases, yoga pants, and lots more. The amount of products is vast, and you have to be really unlucky not to find one that suits your niche.

The options revolve around men and women as well as kids. You can focus on sportswear, electronic accessories, shoes, wristlets, etc.

If you’re shipping to the US or a few other select destinations, then your customers get free shipping for their orders, with no hidden costs to worry about.

You don’t have to worry if you’re not the best designer around, as Kin Custom also comes with templates just waiting for you to tweak them here and there to then be slapped on your products.

Still, you have lots of chances to improve and expand your creativity; you don’t have to worry a bit about any of the logistics, but you still have the option to ask them for customize packaging for your brand.

Therefore, Kin Custom is great for people with any skill level, and if you don’t see a product that catches your eye, you can still contact the company to have them added.

Click here to go to Kin Custom


This one takes your PoD to 3D. Yes, you can create 3D products, so you’ll definitely stand out from your competitors in case you feel shirts and mugs aren’t enough for your creative mind.

You just have to pay for your sold products as well; there are no monthly fees attached to it. In addition, production rates are among the lowest around, so feel free to enjoy larger margins.

It’s also fully dropshipping-focused, so no bulk or minimum orders required.

The products are quite varied; you have cookie cutters, coasters, jewelry, bottle openers, dishes, and more. You can offer bundles to increase order value, and most products from Voodoo fit perfectly into complimenting sets.

If you can’t take photos, then Voodoo still has you covered by offering mockups to show samples of your product designs.

Finally, your orders take just a couple of days to fulfill. You’ll need luck finding better speed.

As of this article’s writing, 3D products only include your coasters, wall hooks, and cookie coasters, but more will be added constantly. Custom packaging is also an upcoming feature.

Click here to go to Voodoo


Closing the list, we still have one more free app with a user-friendly interface for even the newest entrepreneurs.

In case you’re the nervous kind, don’t worry either: order tracking comes included for all of your orders.

Among the products you can offer, you get sleeves for both bottles and cans, posters, necklaces, tote bags, towels, one-pieces, and more.

Viralstyle gets notified as soon as a customer places an order, and they’ll take care of printing, packaging and shipping your product. Again, all orders can be tracked.

The amount of variations for your products can go a long way into making your catalog a lot more enticing. These variations include colors and sizes, and you can even find 5XL sizes for some items.

Finally, you can pay a small fee if you want your tags to be branded, which will come in really handy if you’re interested in building a brand.

Click here to go to Viralstyle


I know how overwhelming it can be to finish a list like this and having a dozen apps to choose for your business, but as long as you have a solid business plan, it’ll be easier than you think.

First off, you need to understand the market niche you chose; this means what sells better, what’s trending, what’s evergreen, etc. After that, you just need to take a look at the products offered by each app and spot the ones that fit the criteria.

That’s your first filter.

Secondly, all apps are free to try (even the paid one has a free trial), so install the ones you’ve curated and test which one feels better.

To keep narrowing things down, consider where your customers are mostly located and analyze your shipping rates and prices, throw in the production costs while you’re at it. This will most likely find you the winner if you’re still undecided.

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