Top 11 Free Logo Makers Create a Logo For Your eCommerce Store

Top 11 Free Logo Makers Create a Logo For Your eCommerce Store

Creating a logo for your business is necessary for success. You need something to represent your brand and that customers can identify when shopping around.

It’s the best way to condense your business’ identity into an easy-to-digest image so anyone can know you with a single look. A great logo is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition.

Luckily, you don’t really have to be a professional designer or even hire one today. You have access to countless tools that can help you create a logo quickly and completely free.


This one’s a design tool that you can use to create logos quickly in just a few steps. You can choose among hundreds of templates so you have a solid foundation.

The only steps are to choose your desired layout and style, both your font and color palette. Once you’re ready, you can even download HD .png files without paying anything extra.

You can even use it on your smartphone if you find it more comfortable.

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The Free Logo Makers

This is a great platform for beginners, and it keeps things simple by giving you the basic elements necessary to design logos for the first time.

You have easy drag-and-drop editors, and you can modify your font, color, text, and every necessary element for your logo.

While the HQ vectors cost $10, you can easily download a transparent file ready to use.

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Logojoy will make you feel like you’re working with a professional designer for your business’ necessities.

It’s all thanks to an amazing feature: an AI system that works for you from the background. You can change the colors and symbols to what fits your brand better, and Logojoy will come up with logos automatically based on what you chose.

You just need to provide your contact information to access these logos. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you have access to more designs.

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Ucraft is more famous for building websites, but it has a solid designing tool that you can use to have logos ready in mere minutes. It’s an amazing tool for less-experienced entrepreneurs thanks to how it assists you.

It’ll walk you through the entire process using on-screen prompts when necessary.

All of the logos made with Ucraft integrate perfectly with the most important social platforms like Instagram and Facebook; it even works with Twitch and Pinterest. You can download .png files for your logos without paying extra.

Click here to go to Ucraft


this is another highly intuitive tool to create logos with professional fonts and icons.

You have access to a minimalist, drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create your logos in any way you desire. You also have tutorial videos to learn how to use the platform and all of its features.

Once your logo is ready, it’s free to download it.

Click here to go to Logomakr

Free Logo Design

This is another simple platform. You just need to enter your industry and the name of your business.

The tool will offer several templates you can adapt to your liking, so it’s perfect for people who doesn’t know how to design from scratch.

You can customize all details like colors, fonts, and icons before downloading your results for free.

Click here to go to Free Logo Design

Hipster Logo Generator

This one offers a unique user interface. It might look too simple, but it’s all you need to create professional-looking logos. Each step is also highlighted as you work, so don’t worry if you’re inexperienced.

You have less options in terms of symbols and icons, but it’s amazing for creating text-focused logos.

The only disadvantage is that you can only download low resolution logos if you want to stay away from paying.

Click here to go to Hipster Logo Generator


Again, you just need to provide your business’ name and a quick description; then, you choose your desired typeface style. Immediately, the platform’s AI generates different designs from this input.

It also shows mockups during the entire process, so you can see how your brand would look on different materials such as business cards and even t-shirts.

You only need 5 minutes to create logos, but you do have to pay for higher resolutions.

Click here to go to Renderforest

Hatchful (Shopify)

You simply provide your business details and slogan and choose a style. Hatchful makes things simpler by giving you templates to edit to your liking.

Using it is completely free with your Shopify subscription, so it’s an excellent tool if you’re already using the platform.

Click here to go to Hatchful

Oberlo’s logo maker

Another popular dropshipping tool, Oberlo offers a logo maker that you can use to come up with different logo versions for your business’ name.

You can play with the fonts, icons and colors to fit them to your brand. Still, the entire process is quite quick, and you can obtain great logos while not losing your focus on your business.

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MarkMaker is an amazing tool that comes up with ideas for your logos. You just have to enter your business’ name and pick the logos you liked the most.

What’s amazing here is that the software learns your preferences with time, so it gets better the more you use it.

Once you find a design you like, you can make any changes you want. Once you’re finished, you’re free to download your logo.

Click here to go to Oberlo


All businesses, large or small, need a logo to help their branding and be recognized by their customers.

The internet has made this a lot easier thanks to all the available tools that you can use, even for free, so make sure to try them before spending money on a professional.

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