FREE Stripe Fee Calculator – Calculate Transaction Fees

What are Stripe Fees?

Stripe fees are pretty straightforward. You don’t need to pay anything extra for the setup, and Stripe will not charge extra for its monthly and annual services. But you need to pay the Stripe fee for every transaction you make. So, what are these Stripe Fees?

It is the cost that you have to pay for using their services. You can divide this charge into three categories,

  • Transaction fees
  • Payout fees
  • Custom account fees

In addition, if you are selling products and the currency is different, in that case, the currency conversion charge will also apply.

How much are Stripe Fees?

For selling any goods and services through Stripe, you need to pay a fee for all the transactions, which will be the sum of a percentage of the total transaction cost plus a fixed fee.

Although the price may vary depending on the location of your Stripe account and the country where you use the payment card. Let’s check out the fee’s structure in the below section,

  • US: The fee is 2.9% + 30¢
  • Euro: For European cards, it is 1.4% + 0.25€, and for the non-European cards, 2.9% + 0.25€.
  • UK: For Europeans, 1.4% + 20p and for non-European, 2.9% + 20p.
  • Sweden: For Europeans, 1.4% + SEK 1.80, and for non-European, 2.9% + SEK 1.80.
  • Denmark: For Europeans, 1.4% + 1.80 kr and for non-European, 2.9% + 1.80 kr.
  • Switzerland: 2.9% + CHF0.30

You can also check out the Stripe pricing page to get the latest pricing details.

Custom account fees

Marketplace providers create a custom account when they link their bank details with the marketplace to start selling. This account was previously known as a Managed account at Stripe.

The account will be considered active whenever it receives money in any month.

However, the fees may vary depending on the account’s location and currency conversion. You will get detailed information from the Stripe connect page.

Stripe payout fees

You have to pay this charge whenever you transfer any amount from the Stripe account to the bank or other Custom account. Although, you can change this by modifying the payout settings of your Stripe account.

How To Calculate Stripe Fees?

The stripe fee is simple to calculate, but it will confuse you if you don’t know the basic rule. Before understanding the payment structure, you need to determine whether it will suit your business model or not. And this is why you need to understand each step properly so that you can price products accordingly to avoid any extra charges.

How to calculate 

It’s simple—enter the payment amount and click on the calculate option to check the fee Stripe will charge and the net payment.

  • The first box of the calculator will show the actual amount you receive via this payment method.
  • The second box will display the amount you can get, so you don’t have to do any calculations yourself.
  • Next, it will calculate the cost you should ask for the products, which will help to avoid paying any extra charges.
  • And if users want to check fees for another item, all they have to do is—enter the new amount and click the calculate button to find out the result within a minute.

Stripe fee calculation example:  

2.9% of the total transaction + a fixed fee (30¢) = Stripe fee.

Suppose you want to make a transaction of 60$. Now by adding the Stripe fee, the charge will be, $60 * 2.9% + 30¢ = $2.04

So, after subtracting the fee, you will get $57.96. Thus, you should charge your customers $62.10 if you choose to have them cover this processing fee.

What is a Stripe Fee Calculator?

Stripe is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use payment options all over the world. The Stripe fee calculator is simple to use and will display the result of how much the company will charge when the user makes any transaction through this service. The calculator will measure the amount on the basis of 2.9% of the total transaction + a fixed fee (30¢).

How To Use eComBusinessHub’s Stripe Fee Calculator?

Nowadays, e-commerce businesses and online marketers have started showing interest in using the Stripe fee calculator. And the reasons? It is helpful for small and large businesses to set prices for each product. Moreover, it provides accurate results and saves time.

With the help of eComBusinessHub’s Stripe fee calculator, users can easily know how much the company will deduct for every transaction.

How to calculate 

To use the calculator, first, enter the transaction amount the user wants to check the fees for, and now click the calculate button to see the results. The result will be the amount Stripe will charge for each transaction.

Is Stripe Fee Calculator Free To Use?

Yes, the Stripe fee calculator is free to use anywhere and anytime you need it. This tool is available online, and you can search for many platforms that offer this service totally free of cost. Whether you need to check the extra fees or estimate the prices of items you must ask for—it’s quick to calculate with this free tool with great accuracy.

Why Is A Stripe Fee Calculator Important?

The Stripe fee calculator is essential for e-commerce stores and online business owners. So, let’s check out why you need this free tool for your business to grow,

You can set your profits

You must accept the cost of payment gateways as part of doing business, but you don’t need to accept them without question. Having an idea of what you will receive allows you to adjust the prices and set the margins accordingly.

Help you price the product smartly

If you notice that using this payment gateway costs you more than what you get from customers by selling your products, in that case, there is no need to use a Stipe account to run your business.

But you can resolve this issue by using a Stripe fee calculator. It will show you the exact amount you should charge buyers to make some profit out of it.

Save time and provide accuracy

It does not matter how good you are in math—manual calculation of the fee that Stripe deducts from your amount will be prone to error if you are in a hurry. But you don’t have to face any issues when you will do this using a calculator.

Doing business plans based on actual numbers

Having a clear understanding of how much you pay Stripe for your services will help you sleep better at night. So, stop doing the guesswork and be practical.

Can you Use Stripe Fee Calculator For eCommerce or Dropshipping?

There is no doubt most e-commerce and dropshipping businesses have started to take advantage of technology in recent times. And using the Stripe fee calculator is one of them, and it is not difficult to understand why.

With a simple interface and error-free calculation, this tool is essential and beneficial for setting the prices before selling any products and also calculating the Stripe fee within a minute.

Should You Use Stripe For Your eCommerce / Dropshipping Store?

If you are running an e-commerce platform or a dropshipping store, using Stripe as a payment option will be the best decision. And it is for getting security and transparency. You can put a payment form on your online store without storing the customer’s payment details. It will help the customer to stay consistent with your website without getting worried about personal information getting hacked.

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