Spocket vs Shopify – Which Better For Dropshipping?

Are you planning on knowing the difference between Shopify and Spocket? Look no further, we will take a deep dive into the comparison.

Overview About Spocket & Shopify

Aspect Spocket Shopify
Overview Supplier and product sourcing app E-commerce store builder with various tools and features
Ease of Use Beginner-friendly with an intuitive dashboard Easy setup with documentation and video tutorials
Supported Platforms Integrates with Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and more Specifically designed for building online stores, supports third-party integrations
Pricing Free, Starter ($24/mo), Pro ($49/mo), Empire ($99/mo) 3-day free trial, Paid plans: Basic ($29/mo), Shopify ($79/mo), Advanced ($299/mo)

Spocket and Shopify are two very popular eCommerce tools. However, they are not the same nor do they have the same use.

Spocket is meant to provide you with suppliers of products you can use to dropship while Shopify is a platform you use to create, manage, and scale your online stores.

What Is Spocket?

Spocket Homepage

Spocket is a platform created for product sourcing. So, whenever you are trying to dropship, they are the ones that ship out the products so, you don’t need to carry inventory. It offers many other features such as quality products, fast shipping, custom packaging, and more!

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What Is Shopify?

Shopify Trial Homepage

Shopify is a platform that helps you to make custom online stores and sell your products there. It by far one of the best ecommerce platforms to date.

Shopify And Spocket Differences & Similarities

At first glance, you might feel that since these two are different platforms they surely must be competitors. But in reality, they actually complement each other. Both platforms have their own unique selling point.

Spocket is a platform that was developed keeping dropshipping in mind. They have a ton of different products listed on their site which you choose from. They provide you with products to sell.

Shopify, on the other hand, is a platform that aims at helping people create an online store for their businesses. Shopify lets you set up your online store quickly and easily. They give you the ability to freely customize your website, give special discounts, organize sales, and everything in a user-friendly way.

Both of the platforms have different aims but when you combine both of them you can easily grow your business and if you are a beginner then this can be a good idea to start a business. These platforms are great on their own but when combined they are even better.

We now know that both of them work great, so, let’s focus on how we use them together. Spocket is a great place to find products that you can sell if you don’t make your own products. They have a huge catalog with verified sellers so you can choose the products you want to sell. Once you have selected the items, list them at your preferred price on your Shopify website. Once someone orders from you, you place an order using the credentials of that person on Spocket. The seller then simply ships the product to them.

To use Spocket you would need a site to integrate it with. You can use platforms like WordPress or Wix but choosing Shopify is a great choice. Shopify has features that are necessary and helpful for dropshipping. They provide great analytics and reports that you can use to improve the points of improvement of your business.

Pros Of Spocket

1. Personalized Branding

Spocket provides the option for personal branding. They give you the ability to use your custom logo on the products you sell.

2. Free Samples

Spocket provides you with an option to order sample products. This is important for you and your brand because when you are selling you need to make sure that the product you are selling is of good quality. You would not want your customers to complain about the low-grade products they got. Selling low-quality products also risks losing your customers. By getting a sample delivered to you, you can check the quality and be sure whether you want to sell it or not.

3. Faster Delivery Time

A good portion of the sellers are US and EU based this drastically improves the speed of delivery and reduces the delivery time taken. The faster you can deliver the product to the customer the happier they are.

4. Qualified Sellers

Before the seller gets listed on Spocket they go through a process of verification. During the verification, the Spocket team makes sure the seller is qualified and meets the standard to sell on Spocket. By doing this, Spocket reduces the chances of you getting scammed by a scammer.

5. Ease of Returning

In case your customer wants to return their purchase for any reason, Spocket makes it very easy to return the product. The customers can simply opt to return the product. The customer then ships back the product and submits the tracking number. Spocket will refund the money used by the customer to return their purchase.

6. User-Friendly

Spocket has a simple User Interface to make sure that anyone can use their platform. It is very easy to use and operate. It is also incredibly smooth which makes the overall user experience quite good.

7. Automatic Inventory

Spocket will automatically update your inventory after each purchase. It basically automatically sends the order details to the seller without you manually doing it. This saves a lot of manual work. It is very helpful for stores which get huge amounts of orders daily.

8. Great Profit Margins

Spocket gives a generous amount of profit margins to retailers. You can easily earn up to 60% profit by selling just one product.

9. Automatic Currency Conversion

If you are a retailer from another country or your seller is then Spocket automatically converts the price from the seller’s currency to your currency. This is very helpful when you are selling a wide range of products.

10. One-Click Import

Spocket allows one-click import on all the products you want to add to your store. This makes the process of adding products to your shop very hassle-free and efficient. This is a great feature when you are adding a lot of products to your shop.

11. Premium Products Available.

If you want to sell premium products to your customers then Spocket gives you the ability to do that as well.

12. Addition Of New Sellers

Spocket acts as a marketplace between sellers and retailers. That’s why there are new sellers on Spocket on a regular basis. You can buy from these new sellers and expand your shop and business.

13. Free Trial

Spocket provides a free trial period without a credit card so you can try Spocket before you subscribe.

Pros Of Shopify

1. Customizable Store

Shopify allows you the ability to customize your online store. You can customize your site easily by using the theme editor. You can also upload your code to customize your site.

2. Cost Effective

The pricing of Shopify is very cost-effective. Each of the plans is priced in such a manner that you can opt-in for a plan that suits you the best.

3. Privacy and Security

Shopify takes privacy and security very seriously. They only use the necessary data for their personal use. After the use, they delete all of the data.

4. Built-In Marketing Tools

Shopify has tools that are oriented for growth in marketing. These tools are very helpful in growing your business.

5. Great Customer Support

Shopify provides great customer service to you and your customers. They do this by using features like live chat and technical support.

6. Sell Anything

You can sell anything on Shopify. You don’t need to restrict yourself to physical products. You can even sell digital products like ebooks on your Shopify store.

7. Industry Leading Payment System

Shopify has the industry-leading payment system for online stores. This payment system ensures that all of the transactions happen smoothly with fewer failures. A great and smooth payment process is a crucial part of the buying process for the customer.

8. Prebuilt Themes

Shopify offers a wide range of prebuilt themes so you can select a theme that suits best to your store and get going. This is very helpful for people who want to start a business as soon as possible without spending time creating their custom theme.

Shopify Vs Spocket Pricing Table

Plan Type Spocket Shopify
Free Plan Yes No
Entry-level $29.99 per month $29 per month
Mid-tier $49.99 per month $79 per month
High-end $99.99 per month $299 per month
Free Trial Yes (with limitations) Yes (3-day free trial)
Additional Fees No Yes (based on payment method)

Shopify Pricing

Shopify has 5 different plans which are according to the needs of what suits the user. They are:

1. Shopify Lite: It is priced at $9 per month. It has the bare minimum features. You can add Shopify to your existing site but you can not create your own store using this plan.

2. Shopify Basic: It is priced at $29 per month. It is the most popular plan. It gives you all the tools and features you would need to run your store. It also provides you with analytics and reports.

3. Shopify Standard: It is priced at $79 per month. Along with all of the tools and features are given in the Shopify Basic plan, this plan has other features as well. You can increase the number of staff with more reports.

4. Shopify Advanced: It is priced at $229 per month. In this, you get more staff members with more extensive reports and analytics.

5. Shopify Plus: It is the most expensive plan priced at $2000 per month. In this feature, everything is done to keep things convenient for you. You get a team that helps you migrate to Shopify.

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Spocket Pricing

Spocket Pricing

Spocket offers 4 different plans that can be used by people according to their own needs. They are:

1. Free: This is the most basic and simple plan of Spocket. This plan is aimed at people who are trying it out and not willing to spend money. You will get the bare minimum of features.

2. Starter: Priced at $29.99 per month. It is the cheapest paid plan on the list. It provides you with email support too.

3. Pro: It is the most popular plan priced at $49.99 per month. It has features which help in handling business with huge amounts of orders. These features include image searching and branding.

4. Empire: It is the most expensive plan of Spocket priced at $99.99 per month. This plan unlocks all of the features that Spocket has to offer.

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How To Use Spocket On Your Shopify Store

It is very easy to use Spocket on your Shopify store. Once you have made accounts on both platforms follow the given steps to use your Spocket on the Shopify store:

  1. Go to Spocket and login into your account.
  2. From the toolbar on the left select Shop.
  3. Enter your Shopify URL after selecting the Shopify option.
  4. On your Shopify account download Spocket.
  5. Allow the required authorizations.


Spocket and Shopify are two different platforms but they are more like companions rather than rivals. Each platform works very well with the other platform. In the end, using them together will help you in growing your business at a very good pace. Shopify and Spocket are not competitors because their niche is not the same.

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