Shoptimized Theme Review

Shoptimized Theme Review (Don’t Buy It)

An increased conversion rate on your Shopify store is what every business owner wants to achieve. Regrettably, this is not always the case. One of the leading causes for this might be your store’s bad design layout, and this is where the Optimized Theme kicks in.

The Shoptimized Theme, created by Conversion Rate Expert Bradley Long, is one of the most popular dropship themes. The Shoptimized theme is an out-of-the-box yet basic theme for serious Shopify company owners who seek excellent conversion rates on their store. It helps lower the monthly expenses of operating a store.

You can provide your users with the most pleasing possible experience and convert them into customers. Apply the stunning Shoptimized theme to your eCommerce and Woocommerce company to stand out from the crowd.

Although it is the most popular theme and undoubtedly saves money, to determine if it is the ideal theme for your store, read the in-depth Shoptimized Theme review below.

It’s an unbiased and comprehensive Shoptimized theme review to assist you in understanding the features, pricing, advantages, limits, and discounts associated with Shoptimized eCommerce themes.

Features of the Shoptimized Theme

There are various essential things to look for in a Shopify theme when running an eCommerce or Woocommerce business. The objective is to determine how to attract, retain, and convert customers to your website.

We highlight fascinating features like a countdown timer, pop ups, currency converter, pre-built themes and components, and more in our Shoptimized theme review.

The In-Stock Countdown Timer

Customers are encouraged to grasp the merchandise as soon as possible by the theme. This tool might provide limited-time exclusive deals.

Switch the Currencies (With IP Recognition)

This feature makes it easier for overseas clients to shop at your Shopify store. They may see items in their currencies on your Shopify store. This tool does not need an app purchase since it is a built-in feature.

Email Notification

To expand your consumer base, you’ll need to acquire email addresses. This email popup tool uses page scroll or exit-intent technologies to keep clients engaged by presenting appealing offers, forms, and discounts.

Integrated Product Customization

There is a surge of attention in making unique things. The Shoptimized theme includes an app that allows you to sell custom items. This is provided for free, saving you up to $180 every year.

Instant Coupon Code

Unexpected discount offers will boost conversion rates. This theme includes a 24-hour urgency cart offer that encourages customers to purchase the goods.

Turning back the clock on your risk

There is a risk reversal section in the footer area of the theme. This section may include a warranty, guarantee, or money-back guarantee concerning your service or product. It is the most compelling feature for assuring clients about its quality.

Tag for remaining stock

This feature includes a countdown timer that displays the remaining stock for a particular product. This timer incentivizes potential consumers to purchase your goods. As a result, it aids in increasing conversion rates.

Built-in Value Proposition

You can use this tool to let people know about your business and show them why they should buy from you. This tool allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Shipping Bar

You might include shipping offers such as free delivery or a flat charge as a popup. This technology pushes customers to spend more money.

Remaining Stock Countdown

The Shoptimized theme allows you to attach a tag to your product and show the stock countdown. Customers may be influenced to grab your stuff without wasting time by using this timing.

Template to Add Videos

Videos have the best conversion rate. In this video layout, you can add videos and images simultaneously. You may also include videos in the footer arrangement.

Popup with Free Shipping

This feature boosts conversion rates by encouraging clients to spend more money. It assists clients in purchasing more things from your eCommerce store.

Date of Expected Delivery

This theme responds to your consumers’ concerns about delivery times. It shows the date by which consumers may anticipate their orders to arrive.

Popular Tools Can Be Easily Integrated

With Shoptimized themes, you can easily integrate marketing technologies like Google Ads, Google Optimize, Hotjar, and others with a simple copy and paste operation. These settings do not necessitate developer knowledge.


You have the option to customize the mega menu as per your company, in case you have thousands of pages. But if you have a limited number of products, you may switch them off.

What makes the Shoptimized theme good?

  1. Simple to learn, utilize, and maintain; the top menu also includes a high-quality demo theme.
  2. The Shoptimized theme’s reasonable pricing, minimal store operating expenses, and the amount of money saved allow hundreds of dollars in yearly savings.
  3. Support that is both user-friendly and committed: The built-in SEO and themes, together with a lightning-fast store and page loading speed, make Shoptimized a pleasurable experience for both shop owners and shoppers. The specialized support staff is available through the store’s main menu and footer and groups on social media like Facebook for troubleshooting in the case of any issues.

Where can the Shoptimized theme get better?

  1. Add-on services: These extra services for conversion are not as attractive as themes such as KonversionTheme or eCom Turbo.
  2. If you have a one-page store, features like the floating bar that follows the user as they scroll might be distracting and frustrating while they browse items. Furthermore, this feature isn’t as beneficial for a one-page store as for a store with numerous product pages.
  3. While the store layout utilizing Shoptimized is eye-catching on desktop, it isn’t as appealing on mobile devices.

To sum it up

To summarize, Shoptimized Theme is a fantastic theme with several functional capabilities for Shopify store owners. The Shoptimized theme is responsive and works great on mobile, tablet, and desktop. It also comes with various customization options and over 20 plugins. Instead of employing additional plugins and applications, it is strongly advised that you pick a free or premium theme to avoid recurring monthly expenses.

Is it, nonetheless, the ideal theme for you? No, since the Shoptimized theme still has many flaws. The theme’s text is so tiny and thin that it’s difficult to see on a monitor or an iPhone. Furthermore, the sample store seems outdated and cheap with the typeface.

Moreover, the false scarcity characteristics make your store seem like others with a similar theme. You won’t differentiate yourself from your competition since this theme applies to all firms.

So, although the Shoptimized Shopify Theme is excellent, it is not the greatest.

Is there a more suitable theme than the Shoptimized one?

There is, in fact, an alternative! The theme is none other than the well-known eCom Turbo. Let’s take a closer look at the theme-

Franklin Hatchett, the optimistic drop shipper behind the Ecom Elites course, designed the eCom Turbo theme.

This theme were designed with mobile in mind, so they look fantastic on mobile and desktop. The ideal theme should contain the title, images, price, and add to cart button above the fold, i.e., no scrolling necessary.

eCom Turbo also has solid characteristics for creating scarcity, increasing conversion rates, and providing alternatives.

Shopify’s free themes are terrible, and the premium themes aren’t any better. Even themes like Templatemonster look amazing on the desktop but look terrible on mobile.

Using eCom Turbo will offer you an advantage over your competitors. You don’t have to depend on bulky, pricey software to optimize your store anymore. This is the one-stop-shop you’ve been looking for.

Some of the features include:


Create a great theme that fits your store and looks fantastic! You may modify the style of your page and even the color of your titles and pricing to whatever shade you desire!

Conversion Boosters

The conversion boosters rapidly enhance sales in your store. Simply put, this earns you extra money while also saving you money on app fees!

Extremely Fast theme

ECom Elites was designed with lightning-fast speeds in mind. If your website takes too long to load then it could significantly impact your sales. According to studies, stores with a loading time of three seconds or more might lose up to 40% of their sales.

Still not convinced? Make sure you check out my eCom Turbo Theme Review to see if it’s right for you or not!

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