Shopify Trial Limitations

Shopify Trial Limitations

Today, we’ll be discussing what features you get from the free Shopify trial and what limitations it has. Like any other free trial, it’s limited, but 14 days is definitely enough time to test the platform.

However, you might be surprised at how much freedom you get from this trial.

In fact, Shopify grants you full access to every feature available through the different paid subscriptions for the platform for the entirety of the trial period. You can build a store, import products, and even install themes.

However, what’s even better about the trial is that you can process orders and take payments even before it expires as long as you decide it’s right for you. You’ll have to choose one of the different plans to start selling, but you only start paying after the trial period ends.

It’s basically a chance to sell for free. Of course, it’s not mandatory; you can simply keep testing the platform for the remainder of your trial if you don’t want to subscribe or sell.

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What do you get with the free trial?

Shopify offers all the features any eCommerce entrepreneur would need to run their store. Any functionality you need is available through the platform; even if you need more than what you get at the start, you can simply head over to its marketplace and look for an app that adds that feature.

In the trial, you can use all of the core features from the platform, so let’s see what they are.

Store building and customization

You can create your store without touching a single line of code thanks to the drag-and-drop editor available. You just need to drag the elements you need to where you want them: collections, carousels, videos, images, etc.

You can create your homepage in any way you like, and the same goes for every product page. You can showcase any products you want on the homepage and edit your product descriptions and price freely.

You don’t have to import your products individually, either. If you’re a dropshipper, you can use Oberlo to instantly import product pages from AliExpress into your store. You’re then free to edit them as you see fit.

Selling and taking payments

You can set up your payment settings and start selling as soon as you’re done designing your store. It doesn’t matter if you’re still running the trial period.

You can take payments through Shopify’s own platform, but you can use other services like PayPal. You have enough flexibility to offer comfort to your customers and even yourself.

Besides, paying is seamless. You get an automatic checkout and cart with your store with all the essential features included, like automatic receipts for your customers.

You can even create special offers and discount coupons from Shopify directly. You only need to set the terms and discounts activate automatically.

Creating content

Shopify stores come with a fully functional blog to offer more value than just your products. It works just like other platforms like WordPress as well

This also means more channels to direct traffic to your store. You can create content that’s relevant to your niche and with which you can promote your products. Then, you can use the SEO features offered by Shopify to rank it on search engine results and attract customers with it.

Content marketing is a great way to attract customers already interested in your niche. Besides, Shopify’s blogs aren’t primitive, either; it comes with the functionality to edit your meta data to improve their SEO ranking.

You can leverage Google traffic for free with your blog. Besides, the traffic is more likely to convert since they’re already searching for the same topics that your store covers.

Analyzing performance

Finally, Shopify offers a comprehensive amount of data about your store and its visitors. You can analyze how your store is performing and how your traffic behaves once it’s browsing through your store.

It’s an invaluable resource for understanding your audience and its needs and interests. You’ll need this information when scaling your store and looking for what you can improve.

Setting up your dashboards require just a few steps, and you’ll quickly have lots of data at your disposal. All stores and plans have access to these stats, and this is also true for the free trial.

You can learn how many sales you’re getting and compare your profit-to-loss ratio. You can also analyze who your customers are and where they came from – that’s additionally to what they do once inside your website.

What are its limitations?

The only limitations for the Shopify trial are its length and that you can’t sell without choosing a plan.

You’re only limited to the fact that it’ll end once the 14 days expire. Likewise, if you want to make sales, you’ll have to choose a paid subscription for after the period ends. However, if you decide you want to profit from your store, you’ll likely want to keep your account and website anyways.

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