Shopify Trial Code

Shopify Trial Code

A free trial is the best way to test a platform before committing to pay for it. If you’re here, you’re interested in Shopify and getting a trial code for it. You also want to find the best and longest offer, just like everyone.

However, there are no trial codes for Shopify, and there has never been one. You access the free trial through Shopify’s official website, where you can sign up and start. It’s also how you get the longest trial offer available: with all the features and for 14 days.

You can use these 2 weeks to build a responsive and optimized store, and you get to play with all of the features available in any paid Shopify subscription. You don’t have to commit to anything, not even after the trial period ends – you can even quit before the time expires.

Many platforms use trial codes, so I can see how you might be looking for a Shopify code; maybe you even saw another site offering them. I even contacted Shopify’s customer support, and there’s none.

If you’re interested in what you get with this trial and how to access, then read on.

How to get your Shopify trial

Getting your free trial simply requires going to the website, filling up a form and a questionnaire, and start testing the platform. You’ll be done within minutes.

After clicking on the trial offer, you’ll have to provide some basic information. You first give an email address for the subscription and then the name of your store and a password. This will be your trial account, so don’t forget these credentials to login every time.

After creating your account, you get the option to fill a questionnaire regarding your business. You can choose not to do it, but it’s still useful since it’ll adapt several settings to your goals.

Now, you’re officially in your trial period. First, go to your general settings and configure your account as you need. If you want to start taking payments during the trial (more on that later), make sure to add your payment information.

After you’re done, you’ll see you have a basic store ready for you. You’ll have some elements already added for you, and you can create an about and contact page from the general settings as well.

This basic store is what you’ll turn into your site. Install a free theme and customize everything to your liking. If you’re planning on using Shopify for the long term, you should definitely consider getting a premium theme for more advanced features.

The page builder is easy to use, and you can modify every element and page in your store. I recommend you start on your home page before going into your product pages since it’ll set the tone for the rest of your sections. All changes with the editor are recorded into the store files in real-time, so you don’t need to know anything about coding.

After you’re done customizing the store, move on to adding products. You can do it from the corresponding tab on the left-side panel, and you can add/edit your product images, name, description, amount, and price.

After you’re done, you can launch your store. This means you can start making sales and receiving payments, but you need to choose a paid subscription for when the trial period ends. You only start paying after the 2 weeks expire, so you’re basically getting free sales for the remainder of your free trial.

What’s the longest trial period available?

The longest period is 14 days. You don’t get any limitations like with other platforms, and you can access all of the features from the different pricing plans during this trial.

There are no trial periods longer (or shorter) than 14 days. If you see someone offering longer free trials, then you should stay away from them. There’s never been a public offer for longer trials, so you can expect anyone claiming otherwise to be trying to get something out of a fraudulent offer.

Most of the time, these people are looking for access to your personal information or to get malware into your PC. The best choice is to avoid these sites.

What do you get with the Shopify trial?

As I said, the free trial gives you access to all of the features available in Shopify with zero limits on what you can do with it. You’ll get the full Shopify experience for 14 days without having to pay anything.

You also know you can make sales during the trial period. However, what’s included in “the full Shopify experience”? Let’s go into the best features.

Professional builder

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for anyone to build amazing stores. The results almost always look professional as long as the user knows what looks good and what doesn’t.

You can install any themes and apps you want to add more functionality to your store, and everything is possible without touching a single line of code.

Importing products

You can import products right from different websites like AliExpress. Even better, Shopify is partnered with Oberlo, which automates the process so that you can import entire product pages and information with just a few clicks.


You have access to advanced statistics detailing your store’s performance: traffic, conversions, most popular pages, and what your users do inside of your store. It’s the best way to understand your audience and decide what to do next.

Content creation

All Shopify stores come with blogging functionality that works exactly like other platforms such as WordPress. You can create engaging content to rank on social engines and drive organic traffic already interested in your niche for free.


That’s pretty much it. Once the trial period ends, you have 2 choices:

  • Get a paid subscription to keep your store and account and start making sales. If you already did this to profit from the free trial, you’ll simply start paying for your plan.
  • Exit the free trial and carry on with your life.

The free trial is a great way to determine whether or not Shopify is for you. If it is, then it’s also an amazing chance to score some sales for free before subscribing to a plan!

Click here to claim your 14-day free Shopify Trial Today!

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