Shopify Pricing Singapore – How Much Does Shopify Cost In Singapore

You might have explored all the possible business ideas you can adopt over different platforms like YouTube and Social Media. And you might have selected Shopify to help you with hosting your online business.

But, if you wish to start a business in Singapore, and have no idea how much Shopify can charge you in that region. You might have searched for the pricing plans everywhere and had no idea.

Well, you need not worry anymore. Because we have got you covered. Here, in this article, we will tell you everything about Shopify costing in Singapore, which plan can be best suited for you, and even if any of the plans have hidden charges or not. If yes how much?

We will be covering all these questions, so make sure you keep reading this article, till the end.

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The Shopify cost in Singapore is:

There are three main subscription-type plans, which are best suited for any business, and also they are the most opted plans out of all the available options. Let us give brief details about the plans that you will get in Singapore.

  1. Basic Shopify Plan – S$39 each month with an additional 2.0% of transaction fees.
  2. Shopify Plan – S$132 each month with a 1.0% of transaction fee over all third-party payments.
  3. Advanced Shopify Plan – S$531 each month with an additional 0.5% of transaction fees and other fees like currency conversion fee of 2.0% and duties and import taxes rates of 0.85%.
  4. Starter Plan – This plan usually is S$7 each month, but due to a special offer, Shopify is currently offering it for S$1 for the first three months. It even includes 5.0% of transaction charges for all third-party payments.
  5. Shopify Plus – This is the pro version of Shopify. You can avail of this version for only SGD 2000 each month. And this version will give you access to tools and features required to run an enterprise-level store.
Plans Basic Shopify Plan Shopify Plan Advanced Shopify Pan
Price/Month SGD 39 SGD 132 SGD 531
Transaction Fee 2.0% 1.0% 0.5%

Shopify Singapore Pricing Plans: The Basics

Shopify Singapore Pricing Plans

There are many subscription-type plans, that Shopify offers to its users anywhere in the world. But choosing the best plan for your business can be the most challenging job.

You will not want your resources to get to waste because you do not need them in running your business. For example, if your online business is a small one, and doesn’t require any advanced tools for its operation, subscribing to Shopify Plus or Advanced plan would just be a waste of your money and resources.

So, below mentioned are all the available Shopify plans available to Singapore merchants. You can go through all of them in detail, their features and once you get to learn everything about them, only then can you understand which plans best suits your online store business on Shopify.

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Shopify Singapore Basic Plan — Starts from S$39 per month.

Starting from the Shopify all-time subscription plans, we have the Shopify Basic Plan. This is the most basic subscription-type plan, which can help you run your business during the early stages of your business.

It generally provides the merchants with every tool required for the successful running of their store. In other words, if you as a merchant are new to -e-commerce, then you should probably go with this Shopify plan, provided that your store is not as big as an enterprise.

The basic plan is very cheap and can be cost-efficient. You can be exposed to all of its benefits, features, and tools, by subscribing to it only for S$39 a month. However, currently, there is an ongoing offer, which lets Shopify users subscribe to its Basic plan only for S$1 a month, for the first three months.

So, you see, subscribing to the basic plan can be very useful for a new online business on Shopify in Singapore.

Shopify Singapore Basic Plan: Core Features

There are many features available in the Shopify Basic plan which will be ready at your disposal right after you subscribe to this plan.

  • Enables a fully functional e-commerce store, along with blogs, and posts for marketing.
  • Merchants can sell an unlimited number of products from their online stores.
  • It does not require any external hosting services.
  • Merchants get SSL certificates absolutely for free.
  • Merchants can recover the abandoned carts left by their customers.
  • It allows admins of the store, to add two of their staff accounts to the admin page.
  • Inventory locations are supported in up to 4 different locations.
  • It offers a manual order creation feature.

Shopify Singapore Basic Plan is Useful for

The Basic Shopify Plan has many features with which any merchants can start selling from their online store. But let us know more in detail, about how the basic Shopify plan can help you in building your online store.

  • This plan is perfect for entrepreneurs who have just stepped into the world of e-commerce. The advanced tools might be a bit difficult for them to understand. So, the basic features offered in this subscription will be perfect for them to level up.
  • If you are a drop shipper and have no work with the advanced reports that you get with other Shopify plans, then the Basic Plan would be perfect for you. With this plan, you can overlook every other advanced reporting feature for your online store.
  • If your capital or budget is not so high, or you cannot spend much behind tools, then this Shopify plan can help you get your business to a successful path with a limited and lower cost.
  • The basic Shopify plan will help you get all your manual orders online. This is also available in other Shopify plans, but this is one of the key benefits that you’ll get in the Basic Shopify plan.

Shopify Singapore ‘Shopify’ Pricing Plan — Starts from S$132 per month.

In a place like Singapore, a city-state island, if you are going for an e-commerce business, then you might very well need to know about the Shopify Plan. This is one of the optimal Shopify plans, that any merchant can afford for the successful running of their online store.

The Shopify plan comes for around S$132 each month in Singapore, and you will have a pretty good discount on the transaction charges. Any transactions internationally, or within Singapore, made through the Shopify Payments application, will cost you no additional charges.

But, if your customers, make any payments using other payment providers, or in short the third-party payment providers you will be charged 1.0% of the total transaction amount. In addition, to this, for currency conversion, the fee is 2.0% of the original amount.

This is a very decent charge when compared to the Shopify Basic plan.

Shopify Singapore Shopify Plan: Core Features

There are many features that you should take a look at. In the Shopify plan, you will get access to all the core features available in the Basic Plan.

  • Using this plan, you can add up to 5 staff accounts to the admin page of your online store.
  • You can set up inventory in 5 different locations in and out of Singapore.
  • You will even get professional reports about your online store progress, which will be far better than the reports you get in the Basic Shopify plan.
  • The shipping charges are carried out using USPS pricing.
  • Cheaper transaction and conversion rates if compared to the Basic Shopify plan.
  • You can easily automate your workflows using the eCommerce automation feature.

Shopify Singapore Shopify Plan is Useful for

As mentioned above, the Shopify Singapore Shopify plan is one of the best and optimal subscription plans, one can have. There are many reasons for it. One of them is the professional reports and tools which the merchants can use to manage and optimize their online store on Shopify.

  • Online merchants who are well-acquired with the features of Shopify, wish to try the advanced tools, or want to take their business to the next step, can opt for this plan. Since, every merchant in Singapore can take benefit of Shopify plans, and special and advanced tools, which will help them get reports of different analyses.
  • Merchants who want to reduce their workload, by integrating different advanced tools, and using different third-party applications available on the Shopify App store.
  • Merchants who have made some sales through their online store can use this plan to increase their marketing reach, with the use of different advanced blogging tools available on the Shopify plan.

Shopify Singapore Advanced Pricing Plan — Starts from S$531 per month.

Shopify Singapore Advanced plan is one of the most advanced subscription-type plans that any merchant can hold on to. With this Shopify plan, merchants in Singapore can easily manage their online store by integrating more staff accounts on their account pages and using more advanced tools and features.

This Shopify Advanced Shopify plan is available for only S$531 for Singapore merchants, and anyone in Singapore can subscribe to Shopify for this plan. This plan even lowers the transaction fees for using third-party payment providers by significant numbers.

You must check the features and benefits that the Shopify Singapore Advanced plan has to offer to its users.

Shopify Singapore Advanced Plan: Core Features

Many features can help a merchant get rid of the extra burden of work using advanced tools and features.

  • Advanced Shopify plan has all the features listed in both the Basic And Shopify plans.
  • Transactions using third-party payment providers have only 0.5% of transaction feeds.
  • The conversion rate is 2.0% which is the same as the Shopify plan.
  • Reduced Duties and import taxes rates, i.e., 0.85%. However, this can rise to 1.5% if you are using third-party payment providers for transactions.
  • Merchants can add up to 15 staff members’ accounts to their store’s admin page.
  • Inventory can be set in eight different locations, both in and out of Singapore.
  • This plan provides the user with Advanced reports using the advanced report builders tools.
  • Uses USPS pricing for shipping products.

Shopify Singapore Advanced Plan is Useful for

The advanced plan should mainly be used by veteran entrepreneurs who have a pretty good idea about their market and know how to make use of the advanced tools and features available on the Shopify Singapore Advanced Shopify plan.

Here are some key points, depicting the usefulness of the Shopify Advanced plan for Singapore merchants.

  • Merchants can build their store at an enterprise level, and operate multiple stores from their Admin page.
  • It allows fluid cash, work, and data flow.
  • Merchants who expect high volume sales.

Shopify Plus Plan – Starts from S$2000 per month.

Shopify Plus is the advanced version of Shopify. With this plan, a merchant can operate their e-commerce business at an enterprise level. It has all the advanced tools that a merchant can hope to have in their store, for optimizing and managing their online store.

Every Shopify online store can be upgraded to Shopify Plus versions. This plan is available for SGD 2000 each month and is a pretty decent amount for the number of useful features and advanced tools it has to offer to its users.

However, if you do not have an online store at the enterprise level, upgrading your store to Shopify Plus, can again be a waste of your time and resources. There are many other features that you might need to know.

So, let us more about them.

Shopify Plus Plan: Core Features

There is an endless number of features in Shopify Plus, that any merchant can hope to receive.

  • Merchants can operate other stores/branches from one single portal/Admin page.
  • Users can add unlimited numbers of staff accounts to the tore Admin page.
  • Allows easy cash flow to one account
  • Allows cross-binding of sales into one data file
  • Merchants can set their permission requirement settings
  • Shopify Plus pricing is variable based on features.

Shopify Plus Plan is Useful for

  • Merchants who have an enterprise-level store.
  • Merchants who wish to operate multiple stores from a single Admin page
  • Merchants who wish to add customizations to features and tools. Simply put, merchants can connect with Shopify plus support, add only the features they think might be useful for them, and only pay for those features.

Shopify POS Retail Pricing

There are two types of Shopify POs versions.

  1. Shopify POS Lite
  2. Shopify POS Pro

Out of these two versions, the Shopify POS Lite version is available for every subscription-type plan in Shopify. And all the Shopify plans can later be upgraded to Shopify POS Pro.

However, to upgrade to Shopify POS Pro, you’ll need to give additional charges. The extra fees are charged based on location. For each location you choose to upgrade your store, it will cost you around SGD 100/month.

Shopify Singapore Pricing Plans Compared: What’s the Difference?

Basic Plan Shopify Plan Advanced Plan Shopify Plus
Staff Members 2 5 15 Unlimited
Transaction fees 2% 1% 0.5% 0.15%
Inventory Locations 4 5 8 More than 20
Reports Basic Professional Advanced Advance

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Cheapest Shopify Plan in Singapore: Hidden in plain sight

If we take a look at all of the Shopify plans available for Singapore merchants, we can see the Shopify Starter plan which is for three months is the cheapest.

This plan cost only $1 for three months each, and with this, you can learn pretty much everything about Shopify. However, this Shopify Starter plan is only to help you get started with Shopify.

You can sell your products but only share your product and checkout pages. If you think why it is so cheap, then you must know, this plan was founded just to give users a taste of selling socially.

Users mainly those who wish to try selling online, can use this Shopify plan. Here you do not need to build any landing page or your entire store. You’ll be given a dashboard and a strong functional checkout page, from where you can control your sales cash flow.

Other ‘Hidden’ Costs Associated with Launching a Shopify Store in Singapore

There aren’t any hidden costs associated when launching your Shopify store in Singapore. However, you might need to check on a few charges that you can face up while running your online business in Singapore.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Customization Charges – In any case, if you need customizations to your store, but you are not able to do it on your own, then you might as well have to take help from Shopify developers. Shopify Plus has developers which can help you in developing your online store. In this case, you might need to pay some additional charges.
  2. Domain Charges – Setting a domain name for your online store is free of charge. But if you wish to change your domain name later on, then you might need to pay some charges to Shopify.
  3. Shopify Apps – You may want special functionality on your store, in cases like these you will need to pay for specific Shopify apps. A lot of these are monthly recurring.
  4. Shopify Themes – While you can utilize one of the free Shopify themes,  you may opt for a paid Shopify theme which either has more functionality or just looks better.
  5. Shipping Costs – There may be costs associated to shipping products to your customers depending on your supplier.

FAQs about Cost of Launching a Shopify Store in Singapore

Does Shopify work in Singapore?

Yes, Shopify works in Singapore. Currently, Shopify is running in 175 countries and we might see more in the future. So, if you are from Singapore, and want to start your own online e-commerce business then you can subscribe to Shopify.

Visit the Shopify website, signup for their free trial period, and ensure to choose Singapore, when from the drop-down menu of the Location box.

Which is the best Shopify Singapore plan?

The best plan on Shopify Singapore should be based on your online store requirements. Based on your store requirements you must choose your Shopify plan, if you are yet to learn about your store requirements, then we suggest you take a look at the different Singapore Shopify plans and then find the best one for you.

However, if we think of the overall best Singapore Shopify plans, then we would recommend you subscribe to the Shopify plan. It will not only unlock your selling feature, but it will even share professional reports, which can greatly help you in building your business budgets.

Moreover, the Shopify plan is also cost efficient which is only SGD 132 Singapore merchants, and it even lowers the transaction fees by 1% when transactions are made through third-party payment providers.

You can even opt for the Basic or Shopify Advanced plan, but when it comes to the best most efficient, and most effective, the Shopify plan is the best among all.

Which Shopify Singapore plan has the least features?

The Shopify Singapore Starter plan has the least features into it. You will not find any attractive features as you have seen in the case of Shopify Basic, Standard, and Advanced Shopify plans.

The Starter plan of Shopify Singapore has only shareable product pages, accessed by only 1 user of the Admin section. Moreover, the transaction charges are also very high when they are made using third-party payment providers.

With 5% transaction fees, you can also be charged S$0.50 for using online credit cards. So, this plan has the least and worst features when compared to other Singapore Shopify plans.

Can you add your own domain name to a Shopify store in Singapore?

Yes, you can add your domain name to your Shopify store in Singapore. Every user of Shopify has the benefit of adding custom domain names. However, you might not be able to change it during it your free trial period.

Once you subscribe to Singapore Shopify plans, you can visit the Sales page and then to Online Store > Domain, and add your custom domain name there.

Enough with Evaluating Shopify Singapore Plans. Here’s Your Free Trial!

If you are now satisfied with all the plans that you get in Singapore Shopify, you might as well want to take a step further. Start your e-commerce journey in Singapore, by signing up for Singapore Shopify free trial.

Signup for this free trial, experience a lot more features and get to know the plan benefits in detail, and check if this is working for you.

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