Shopify Pricing Philippines – How Much Does Shopify Cost In Philippines

Shopify is one of the most reputed and trusted online e-commerce hosting platforms. If you are from the Philippines and wish to learn everything about Shopify Philippine pricing and other details in this regard, then we have got you covered.

In this article, you will find all the available plans in Shopify Philippines, and what benefits you’ll get from these plans.

The Shopify cost in the Philippines is:

In Shopify Philippines, merchants can get access to all the benefits which other merchants have. However, there is far greater fluidity in the shipping rates of Shopify Philipines. Let us check the cost of owning a Shopify store in the Philippines.

  • Shopify Philippines Starter Plan – It is available for only USD 1 for the first three months, and in this period you can sell products but only by sharing your product page, and using the checkout page.
  • Shopify Philippines Basic Plan – It cost around USD 19 and has every tool and feature required to run a successful online e-commerce store.
  • Shopify Philippines Shopify Plan – It will cost you USD 49, and is one of the most optimal plans in terms of cost and features.
  • Shopify Philippines Shopify Advanced Plan – The cost of this plan is only USD 299, and it is the most advanced plan in Shopify.
  • Shopify Philippines Shopify Plus – It is an upgraded version of Shopify, and it will cost you much higher than any other plans in Shopify. It has all the advanced features required to run an enterprise-level store.
Shopify Plans Basic Plan Shopify Plan Advanced Plan Shopify Plus Plan
Price/month $19 or PHP 1000 $49 or PHP 2700 $299 or PHP 16000 $2000 or PHP 101,200
Transaction Fees 2.0% 1.0% 0.5% 0.15%

Shopify Philippines Pricing Plans: The Basics

There are many Shopify Philippines, which can help you build your first e-commerce store, and help you customise it later on, with advanced tools and features.

In Shopify Philippines, merchants can subscribe to any of the plans, and start selling from their online store. There are three most used subscription-type plans in Shopify. They are the Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plan of Shopify Philippines.

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Shopify Philippines Basic Plan — Starts from $19 per month.

The Basic plan of Shopify Philippines is the first plan available for Philippines merchants which they subscribe to for only $19 each month which comes to around PHP 1000.

By subscribing to this plan, Philippines merchants can start selling items from their stores, and even add staff to their accounts for managing the business.

There are countless features which are best suited for a new e-commercial store and can help any merchants successfully run their online store.

Let us check the core features of the Basic plan in Shopify Philippines.

Shopify Philippines Basic Plan: Core Features

  • Merchants can add up to 2 staff accounts on their Shopify Philippines Admin page.
  • It allows merchants to add up to 4 inventory locations anywhere in and out of the Philippines.
  • It shares all the basic reports of the store’s progress with the merchant.
  • Third-party transaction charges are only 2% of the original transacted amount.
  • It offers a conversion rate of only 2%.

Shopify Philippines Basic Plan is Useful for

  • Merchants who have just started their online business on this platform, and want to learn about the functioning of this platform.
  • Merchants who have small businesses, and do not need advanced features to organize their stores.
  • Non-commercial website, which does not requires the tools for an e-commercial store.

Shopify Philippines ‘Shopify’ Pricing Plan — Starts from $49 per month.

The Shopify plan is the most optimal plan for Shopify Philippines. Perhaps due to its cheap rate and the advanced features that it has to share with all of its users.

Users of the Shopify plan can have access to not only the professional reports of their business, but they can even add a greater number of staff members to their business. And all of these features are only for $49 which is about PHP 2700.

With the Shopify Plan of Shopify Philippines, merchants can even manage and organize a medium-sized online store. There are many other features which make this plan the most optimal and best plan for Shopify Philippines.

Shopify Philippines Shopify Plan: Core Features

  • It has all the core features that are available in Shopify Basic Plan.
  • This plan offers merchants to add up to 5 staff members to their Shopify Store Admin page.
  • Users can add and manage up to 5 inventory locations.
  • Merchants will have access to the professional reports analyzed and shared by Shopify analytics tools.
  • The shipping rates are charges based on USPS shipping rates.
  • The transaction is much lesser when compared with Shopify Philippines Basic and Starter plan. With the Shopify Plus plan, you need to pay only 1% transaction fees for all third-party payments.
  • Offers currency conversion for only a 2% fee.

Shopify Philippines Shopify Plan is Useful for

There are many reasons why to subscribe to the Shopify Plus plan of Shopify Philippines. Here are some key points, about how the Shopify Plus plan can be useful.

  • Shopify Plus plan is perfect for those merchants who have to operate a medium-sized online store.
  • One can manage multiple inventory locations from one location.
  • Has fluid cash and workflow.
  • It is useful for merchants who want to reduce their workload, by adding more staff members to their store, and with the use of more powerful applications.
  • Merchants who have made some remarkable progress with their store in the first few years of operation, and wish to upgrade their store to the next level, can opt for this plan. This plan will help them with higher traffic.
  • It is useful for online stores, which have high sales, and requires advanced data for managing the workflow.

Shopify Philippines Advanced Pricing Plan — Starts from $299 per month.

The Advanced Shopify Plan of Shopify Philippines is the most expensive plan in Shopify’s basic version. It is available to Philippines merchants only for $299 each month which is around PHP 16000.

This plan is not only the most expensive, but it also has the most advanced features and tools with which users can operate their online store at an enterprise level. This plan of Shopify Philippines will let users organize any large-sized online store.

Moreover, this plan even reduces the transaction charges made by third-party payment providers. With the advance plan, users will only be charged 0.5% of the original transacted amount.

Besides this, it even offers discounts on duties and imported goods. There are many other key features of the advanced plan, which makes this the most advanced of all plans in Shopify Philippines.

Shopify Philippines Advanced Plan: Core Features

The core features of Shopify Philippines Advanced Plan are mentioned below:

  • With the Advanced plan, merchants can have up to 15 staff accounts on their Shopify Store Admin page. All of these 15 members can access the store admin page, and make changes. This reduces the burden of the owner to manage everything by themselves.
  • With the Advanced plan, uses can add up to 8 different inventory locations anywhere in and out of the Philippines. The merchants can even set the order fulfilment process based on the store inventory locations.
  • The Advanced plan, can operate a large-sized store, which means there will be many complicated data, which needs to be handled by professional tools. So, this plan offers the merchants advanced data analytics tools, and features, with which users can understand their business progress, and optimize their store accordingly.
  • The Advanced plan even offers significant discounts on transaction and currency conversion fees.
  • Merchants will have the advantage of calculating international pricing. When they take their business internationally, they will need to calculate the prices of their offerings in a different currency. This plan can help merchants calculate the price of their products quickly.

Shopify Philippines Advanced Plan is Useful for

There are many possible ways by which a Shopify Philippines Advanced plan can be useful for merchants.

  • The Shopify Advanced plan can be useful to raise the traffic of the online store. If you upgrade your store to the advanced plan, then you will receive more traffic than you used to have.
  • You as a user of the Shopify Advanced plan, can maintain and organize your marketing content. Simply put, you will get many tools which will help you organize and maintain your blog posts and other marketing content.

Shopify Plus Plan

Shopify Plus plan can be best said as the advanced plan of Shopify. By signing to the Shopify Plus plan, merchants of the Philippines, can add multiple stores to their enterprise, and even manage them from one place.

It is the most advanced plan or version in Shopify. You will get many offers which will be missing in the Shopify basic version plans, i.e, in Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plan of Shopify.

Shopify Plus is expensive, and it can be worth your money if you have an enterprise-like store. You can control your cash and workflow from the same place.

Shopify Plus Plan: Core Features

Let us check a few of the Shopify Philippines Shopify Plus core features which very few merchants can have access to.

  • Merchants can add an unlimited number of staff members to the Shopify Store Admin page. It means, you as a merchant of an online store in Shopify Plus, can add as many staffs to manage the business.
  • Merchants can add more than 20 inventories in and out of the Philippines. It offers the user to set the inventory preference-wise for order fulfilment purposes.
  • Merchants can merge all of their store accounts into one Shopify Admin section. They control all the cash flow into one account, and even the data sheets can be merged into one place.

Shopify Plus Plan is Useful for

  • Shopify Plus plan is beneficial to users who have multiple stores and inventories to manage.
  • Users can even use the developers to help them with the development of their store.
  • Shopify Plus plan is variable. It means it can use for those merchants who want only specific features from the Shopify Plus plan. They can connect with the Shopify Plus Support team, and pay for only those features they are using.

Shopify POS Retail Pricing

Shopify POS or Point of Sale is another feature which every Shopify user irrespective of their region can use. This plan can help merchants to run their brick-and-mortar stores.

There are two types of Shopify POS plan that the users can avail of. First is the Shopify POS Lite, which is already available to all of the Shopify basic version plans. It is even included in the Shopify Plus plan.

The other plan is the Shopify POS Pro plan, which is far more advanced and has many more features. It can be availed with other Shopify subscription plans, but it will cost you some additional charges.

If you intend to subscribe to the Shopify POS Pro plan, then you will have to subscribe to one of Shopify Philippines plans, and along with it an additional $89 will be charged for the Shopify POS plan.

Shopify Philippines Pricing Plans Compared: What’s the Difference?

Basic Plan Shopify Plan Advanced Plan Shopify Plus
Staff Members 2 5 15 Unlimited
Transaction fees 2% 1% 0.5% 0.15%
Inventory Locations 4 5 8 More than 20
Reports Basic Professional Advanced Advance

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Cheapest Shopify Plan in Philippines: Hidden in plain sight

The cheapest Shopify plan in the Philippines is the Shopify Starter plan. This plan is available only for $5 for the first three months. However, there is an ongoing offer with which you can subscribe to the Shopify Starter plan only for $1.

Though this plan is the cheapest plan in Shopify Philippines, there are many restrictions in this plan. For instance, the merchants can only share their product page, and can only access the checkout page for the transactions.

In addition to this, third-party payments are charged with much higher transaction fees. For every third-party payment made through Shopify Philippines, the merchant will be charged 5% of the original transacted amount.

Other ‘Hidden’ Costs Associated with Launching a Shopify Store in Philippines

There are not any hidden costs associated with launching a Shopify store in the Philippines. However, there are some charges besides the transaction and conversion fees that you should know about.

  1. VAT Taxes – This is one of the most underrated charges which are associated with Shopify. Unless the transactions meet the VAT threshold, Shopify does not add the VAT charges.
  2. Domain Name Changing Charges – This is yet another Shopify charges that you should be careful of. During your free trial signup, you will be given a free domain name, which you can change once you subscribe to one of Shopify’s plans. Ensure to add the correct domain name, or else if you wish to change the domain name later, you will need to pay additional charges to Shopify, which is charged yearly or monthly basis.
  1. Currency Conversion fees – This is one more fee which you should be careful of when you take your business internationally. When you receive international payments, you will have to pay additional charges to convert the transacted money into your country’s currency.

FAQs about Cost of Launching a Shopify Store in Philippines

Does Shopify work in Philippines?

Yes, Shopify works in the Philippines. You can visit the Shopify platform, signup and choose your location as the Philippines, and you will get access to all the features that Philippines merchants get from Shopify.

Which is the best Shopify Philippines plan?

The best Shopify Philippines can be best detected based on your store recommendations. You can go with the Basic plan, if you are new to e-commerce, or go with the Shopify plan, and Advanced Plan if your store needs more advanced tools.

Furthermore, you can even get yourself the Starter plan of Shopify Philippines, which will let you try Shopify selling, for the first three months at a cheaper price. However, if we consider the general reviews from different Shopify users, then the Shopify plan is the best Shopify Philippines that any merchant can have.

Without advanced features and tools, and professional reports, you can easily manage your online store, and make customizations which can help your store get more traffic.

Which Shopify Philippines plan has the least features?

In Shopify Philippines, the Starter plan has the least features. It is basically to get users acquainted with all the features and tools so that merchants don’t find any trouble when they upgrade their plans to the main packages of Shopify.

Can you add your own domain name to a Shopify store in Philippines?

Yes, every merchant irrespective of their store location, can add a custom domain name for their store. But the only condition is that the merchants need to pay some additional charges to Shopify for changing or having their own domain name in the Shopify store in the Philippines.

Enough with Evaluating Shopify Philippines Plans. Here’s Your Free Trial!

If you are convinced with the plans and its features then you might very well, start with the Shopify free trial. Here you can add your online store, change themes, integrate your online store with different applications from Shopify App Store, and use different features and tools of Shopify.

The free trial of Shopify Philippines will give you a better understanding of all the features that you’ll get in each of the plans.

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