Shopify Pricing for Nigeria – How Much Does Shopify Cost in Nigeria

Today, we will explore Shopify pricing for sellers in Nigeria. Our discussion will cover the features of the plans and what to expect.

Moreover, we will provide a comparison and valuable details to make an informed decision.

Let’s start with a few basics on Shopify Nigeria pricing.

Shopify Nigeria Pricing Plans: The Basics

You must subscribe to a paid plan to sell on Shopify Nigeria. Currently, three primary plans are on offer:

  • Basic
  • Shopify
  • Advanced
Basic – Start selling today $32 per month
Shopify – for growing businesses $92 per month
Advanced – for high sales volumes $399 per month

Shopify also offers a Starter plan that comes with very limited features. It is not suitable for sellers who are looking forward to a growing business on the platform.

The Basic plan is the cheapest of the lot. It gives you the ability to build a full-scale online store and manage your sales.

The Shopify and Advanced plans come with more features and lower transaction fees. They are suitable for businesses with medium to large sales volumes.

Enterprises and large businesses can sign up for the Shopify Plus plan. It is ideal for selling in bulk and serving hundreds and thousands of buyers.

Moreover, you can opt for Shopify POS Pro plan to manage your physical store from your dashboard.

The following features are the same for all Shopify plans:

  • Sell unlimited products
  • Shareable product pages
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Create orders manually
  • Recovery of abandoned cart
  • Seamless checkouts
  • SSL certificates at no cost
  • Marketing automation

Therefore, the main differences in plans are in premium features and fees. You can start with a Basic plan, and upgrade it when you encounter a high demand.

Let’s get to know the plan in detail.

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Shopify Nigeria Basic Plan – Starts at $32 Per Month

The Shopify Basic plan is the minimum requirement for selling online. It gives you all the functions to build your eCommerce store and start receiving orders.

You can also manage shipping and process payments.

Therefore, you don’t need to apply for a domain or hosting. You can use the Shopify platform to build your store and start generating profits.

Shopify Nigeria Basic Plan: Core Features

You get all the common features mentioned above and the following:

  • 2% transactions fees for all payment gateways
  • Add up to 2 users
  • Manage inventories across 4 locations
  • Basic reporting

Shopify Nigeria Basic Plan is Useful for

  • Entrepreneurs selling online for the first time
  • Small business switching to online selling
  • People who want to try Shopify to sell in Nigeria
  • Sellers with a tight budget who want to target online shoppers
  • Dropshippers who want a platform to manage and automate processes
  • Hobbyists and individuals thinking of selling their wares or products online

Shopify Nigeria ‘Shopify’ Pricing Plan — Starts at $92 Per Month

The Shopify plan is one of the most popular subscriptions on the platform. It is ideal for growing businesses handling medium to high volume of sales.

The plan allows you to add more users to manage your store. You can also manage inventory across multiple locations.

Your reporting features become professional to give you more insight into your sales processes.

Shopify Nigeria Shopify Plan: Core Features

You can enjoy all the common features and the following:

  • Transaction fee of 1%
  • Add up to 5 users
  • Manage orders across 5 locations
  • Professional reporting
  • Shipping management

Shopify Nigeria Shopify Plan is Useful for

  • Sellers who want to access lower transaction fees
  • Marketing automation to save time and effort
  • High-volume sellers with a steady demand
  • Online stores with current sales processes
  • Deeper business insights and reporting

Shopify Nigeria Advanced Pricing Plan — Starts from $399 Per Month

The Shopify Advanced plan is suitable for large-scale businesses. It is ideal if you already have a high sales volume online.

The plan is expensive but comes loaded with features. You can enjoy advanced reporting and the lowest fees among all subscriptions.

Additionally, you can offer international pricing to target global customers.

Shopify Nigeria Advanced Plan: Core Features

The Advanced plan gives you all the common features and the following:

  • Transaction fees of 0.5%
  • Accept international payments
  • Add up to 15 users
  • Manage inventories across 8 locations
  • Create professional reports
  • Advanced report builder
  • Manage international taxes
  • Offer automatic shipping rates
  • Manage shipping processes

Shopify Nigeria Advanced Plan is Useful for

  • Any business with a high volume of sales
  • Enterprises looking for a reliable cloud platform to sell online
  • Businesses who want reliable tech support and a managed service

Shopify Plus Plan – Starts from $2,000 Per Month

Shopify Plus is the best eCommerce platform to scale your business. It lets you attract more customers and boost your conversions.

Moreover, you can support the growing needs of your business with reliable tools. Top brands in the world rely on Shopify Plus to sell online in different markets.

Most importantly, Shopify Plus is ideal for B2B sales. You can target and sell to other companies using the platform.

Shopify Plus Plan: Core Features

You get pretty advanced features with your Shopify Plus plan. Some of the top ones are:

  • Sell anywhere using your dashboard
  • Centralised data and customer insights
  • Data targeting for more conversions
  • Loyalty programs to retain customers
  • Boost conversions by 91%
  • 4-times faster and easy checkout process
  • Shop Pay integration
  • Automate repetitive workflows
  • 98% uptime
  • Built-in security protocols and encryption
  • Fraud and bot detection

Shopify Plus Plan is Useful for

  • Businesses with staggering sales volumes
  • Enterprises that want to establish a solid online presence
  • Organisations looking for the best tech to drive sales processes
  • High-traffic eCommerce stores

Shopify POS Retail Pricing

Shopify is one of the best platforms to sell online and offline. However, you will need the Shopify POS plan to connect your physical store with your online operations.

You can avail of two types of POS plans from Shopify Nigeria:

  • POS Lite
  • POS Pro

POS Lite comes with every Shopify plan and lets you accept offline payments at markets or fairs.

You will need to pay $89 per month to use POS Pro. It is a full-scale solution that lets you manage offline sales. You can even use your mobile to manage your sales processes.

Some of the top features of POS Pro are:

  • Manage products and orders
  • Create and manage customer profiles
  • Add unlimited users
  • Smart management of inventory
  • Sell on different channels
  • Unlimited registrars
  • Manage access control and permissions
  • Physical store analytics

Most importantly, you can customise the system to your unique requirements. You also get advanced features to manage inventories across multiple locations.

Moreover, you can sync your online and offline sales. It gives you complete visibility into your physical and online store.

You can create holistic reports to generate analytics to make meaningful decisions.

Additionally, you can offer services like in-store pickups and online shipping. Best of all, you can nurture your leads and build effective marketing campaigns.

Shopify team helps you migrate from your current solution to POS Pro. You also get assistance with onboarding and 24/7 support.

Shopify Nigeria Pricing Plans Compared: What’s the Difference?

Shopify plans in Nigeria target business size for their pricing. Below is a chart that lets you compare the most popular plans:

Plans Users Locations Reporting Transaction fee
Basic 2 4 basic 2%
Shopify 5 5 professional 1%
Advanced 15 8 advanced 0.5%

The Starter plan gives you only the ability to create and share product pages. You cannot add any users or locations.

The Shopify Plus plan gives you more freedom and the ability to add as many users as you want. You also enjoy the lowest fees on the platform.

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Cheapest Shopify Plan in Nigeria: Hidden in Plain Sight

The cheapest plan on Shopify Nigeria is the Starter plan. It is available for $1 per month for the first 3 months. However, you have to pay $5 from the 4th month onward.

Shopify Starter lets you create and share product pages on social media and messaging apps. You may even promote your products on other channels like blogs.

However, you don’t get an online store to sell your products. You must rely on Shopify checkout to accept orders and process payments.

The Starter plan is good for sellers who want to experiment or sell a few items. Moreover, it comes with a heavy transaction fee of 5%.

Other ‘Hidden’ Costs Associated with Launching a Shopify Store in Nigeria

Shopify does not have any hidden fees. The charges for the plans cover everything other than transaction fees.

However, you may have to bear other costs while launching your online store on Shopify Nigeria. Some of the probable costs include:

Domain and Hosting Costs

You will need a custom URL for your online store. Moreover, you will need hosting to house your eCommerce website.

A Shopify paid plan covers all of these aspects. You don’t have to pay anything extra to get a custom domain and hosting from Shopify.

However, some entrepreneurs may want to express their freedom of choice. They can buy domain and hosting from external providers.

In such cases, you will have to pay for your annual domain and hosting charges.

Paid Themes and Apps

You get free themes to build your online store when you pay for a plan from Shopify Nigeria. However, premium themes come at an extra cost.

You will have to pay additionally if you use paid themes.

The same goes for Shopify apps. Some of them are free, while others are paid.

It will add to your costs if you use paid apps on your store.


Some businesses may want to customize their online store or add custom features. They will need to hire a designer and a developer to help them with the process.

You will have to spend money for their fees and resources.

FAQs: Cost of Launching a Shopify Store in Nigeria

Does Shopify work in Nigeria?

Shopify is available in Nigeria to sell products online. You can join the platform and choose a plan to start selling right now. The service is available in over 175 countries, including different nations in Africa.

Shopify allows entrepreneurs to set up online stores, accept payments, and ship products. You can also switch to the platform to sell one in addition to your physical stores.

Which is the best Shopify Nigeria plan?

There is no one-size-fits-all plan from Shopify Nigeria. You must consider your needs and choose the right plan to make it work best for you.

For example, the Basic plan is the best for small and new online stores. However, established stores with thousands of customers will need the Shopify or Advanced plan.

A pragmatic way to decide is to think about your expected sales volume. Next, compare the plans for their features and fees.

You should pick a plan that aligns with your requirements.

Another way is to take the free trial and check out the features. It gives you a better understanding of which plan works best for you.

You can change plans anytime without any restrictions on Shopify.

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Which Shopify Nigeria plan has the least features?

The Starter plan from Shopify Nigeria has the least features. You can create product pages and share them across websites and social media platforms.

Moreover, the plan supports only one user and zero locations. You also pay the highest transaction fee of 5% among all plans.

Can you add your own domain name to a Shopify store in Nigeria?

You can surely add your domain name to a Shopify store in Nigeria. It is not mandatory to buy a domain name or hosting from the provider.

Access your account and click the Domains tab to add or remove custom domains.

Enough with Evaluating Shopify Nigeria Plans. Here’s Your Free Trial!

You now have all the information to make an informed choice. Pick a plan matching your needs and build your online store to start selling today. The most affordable plan to start out is the Basic plan at $1 for your first 3 months.

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