Shopify Mobilia Theme Review

Shopify Mobilia Theme Review

Mobilia is a Shopify theme from the minds of Out of the Sandbox, the award-winners who have also created some of the best themes available for Shopify.

It’s a stylish and responsive theme that you can set up easily and quickly to suit the needs and tone of your eCommerce venture.

It offers 4 versions that we’ll review in a moment, and it’s a perfect theme for entrepreneurs requiring a sophisticated-looking store, mostly those around fashion, beauty, and even tech.

The styles


It’s a great style for fashion products, and it combines serif and sans serif fonts to strike a nice balance between the elements shown on your pages-

The color palette is light, and it helps keep your store looking clean, which allows you to direct customers’ focus to your products and messages. You can show banners on the top of your pages to keep your customers updated on new offers and discounts.

Milan differs from other themes by Out of the Sandbox in that it fixes banner width on your home pages. Once users click the banner, it’ll direct them to blog posts, and it’s an excellent way to showcase events and collections.

You can also use the area under the banner to show featured items. If you hover over these titles, you’ll have access to a “quick shop” button, getting to see the details for the products without opening the page.

Then, you have space for displaying large titles that will take customers to certain collections, features, and even the Instagram feed. Next, on the footer, you can place a field for signing up emails as well as social icons to direct towards social media channels.

Product pages focus on convincing users to buy the item. User experience is outstanding thanks to the many features, including galleries, size guides, social media sharing, customer reviews, and related offers.


Napa takes a more vivid approach, with a vibrant palette that combines typefaces into a more modern interface for users. You do need to be careful with this feature since you can clutter your page, and mobile users may feel lost or overwhelmed from it.

You can show the promotional banners over the fold, right at the top of your page, so your customers get to see special events and offers. Below that, you have the option to place slideshows to keep your store dynamic, coupling it with headings and CTA’s, Users who click the button go into collection pages.

Main navigation keep things simple, so it feels natural for your customers.

Under your slideshow, you can leave a description of your business or any relatable text. There’s also the option to show featured products or just full-screen headings.

Scroll down and you’ll have the chance to embed Vimeo videos as well as showing your Instagram feed and a form to sign up emails. However, it’s a bit weird to see this form here instead of the footer, which is the standard.

Product pages can show color variation as well as customer reviews and social media sharing icons. Of course, here’s also a related product section.

Once customers click to add the product to the cart, they’ll receive a message confirming that the product was added successfully.


Sydney is the go-to for people who need an elegant interface without sacrificing simplicity, with a soft palette that’s easy on the eye.

I believe this theme will be a perfect fit for stores focusing on handmade products. You can use the homepage banners to increase the visual impact on your customers. Speaking of banners, you can also show the standard banner on the top of your page, and it can be closed if users don’t want to see it.

You then have the option to use a slideshow – full-width – to showcase lifestyle images of the products you offer. Once customers click on the banner, they’ll go into a collection. Below this slideshow, you can display featured products, and visitors can simply add it to a cart from the current page.

Featuring certain products right on the homepage is great for motivating customers to buy them.

Then, you have a section where you can add a single heading coupled with a text description of your business so that your visitors can see what your business is about and what it offers.

There’s a neat option for displaying a couple of tiles on the screen, and once someone clicks one of these, they’ll go into either a gallery or a collection. Under that, you can showcase even more products to show your users what your best-sellers are or which ones have special promotions.

Below this section, you can add another banner, a section showing where your product has been showcased for some social media logos as well as your IG feed.

I’m particularly fond of the footer here, which is clean and minimalist. You can add an email sign-up here for your email marketing list and link different profiles on social media.


The last theme is for more “energetic” entrepreneurs, and I think it fits the name perfectly: it’s really vibrant, with vivid colors. You can use the bold palette for a stimulating welcome to new users.

The header sticks to the same standard set by the other styles, and you can still show the promotions banner right to the top of your page. However, you can opt for showing tiles instead of slideshows; these will take your users to different collections or pages.

Below the tiles, you can leave a heading with some text to provide a bit of information about the business. You can also showcase featured products, followed by another tiles set and more features.

Right before you get to the footer, you can boost your visitors’ trust by displaying brand logos. The footer itself remains the same way as the others; however, I did notice you have the option to link profiles from Vimeo, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Main features

You can customize the theme to fit the needs of both your customers and your business.

Among the key features, we have the promotional banners that you can use to raise awareness for your promotions and special discounts. The banner can always be closed if your customers don’t want to see it.

You also have access to drop-down menus that make it easier to organize pages and navigating your store in general.

You can showcase testimonials from your customers for social proof and increase your brand’s trust. Similarly, you can leave a video from Vimeo or YouTube to show the story of your business. You also have the choice to display your business’ address on Google Maps.

The quick shop feature is a great way to entice your customers to buy products since they can access the description and buy without leaving the page. Similarly, you can filter products to improve your visitors’ experience and boost your product views.

Your customers can also zoom on the images by hovering the cursor to take a closer look. You can show products related to the one currently being shown as well.

Finally, you can show any Instagram post right on the home page.


The theme is 100% responsive on mobile, adjusting for smaller screens. You also have lots of resources to learn how to exploit Mobilia to its fullest.

Its design is also stellar. The animations/transitions make your site look sophisticated.

Couple that with the customer reviews and all of the social proof options you have available, and visitors will have an easy time trusting your business.

Finally, the ability to collect emails with all the styles is excellent for following up with special offers and discounts.


At $180 (single payment), it can be a bit expensive for some. However, it’s a great investment if you want an elegant website that will match even larger brands right now.

You can check out the customer reviews and see how people have loved its design, features, and even customer support.

Click here to visit the Mobilia Theme Official Website to learn more!

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