Shopify Flex Theme Review

Shopify Flex Theme Review – (Honest Review)

Shopify is an eCommerce website that allows you the ease of creating your online shop using Shopify drag and drop store builder.  Shopify has many themes that are responsive and customizable, which can be used to create a shop for products of different niches. 

Whichever model you like to prefer, may it be an online sale, sale on all social media platforms, or creating your store, Shopify has you covered. The purchase cost of the themes is negligible compared to what you have to pay to the web development agencies if you want to make your online store from scratch.  Shopify has many themes to select from and out of them all, flex is the newest theme and the most robust.

These themes have been created out of the sandbox which is a Shopify company.  Flex comes loaded with functions and features that enable you to create your website creatively and uniquely. So, let the rivers of creativity flow and make the website that you have visualized for. There are several layout options available that enable the display of large product catalogs in a user-friendly manner.

If you are wondering whether you can establish an online store on your own without the knowledge of coding, then the flex theme from Shopify is the solution for you.  The flex theme has 13 unique styles that are suited for products of any niche.  Moreover, flex gives you the option to drag and drop to construct the components of the webpages through its front-end editor to make the web pages of your choice.

Needless to say, no online store can succeed if the look is not impressive.  Customers might come and visit your website but if they are not able to search for the products that they need, then there are fewer chances for the customers to come back to your website.  So, as an owner of an online store, your first preference will be to lure the customers to your website and to offer such features that allow the customer to search their products at their will and finally end up making a purchase.

Once a customer has purchased something from your website, and if they like the product , then there is a higher probability of the customer coming back to your website.  He might even refer other customers to come and check out your website for products.  This being the sole reason why your website has to be fully customized as per the requirements of the customer.

 Also, an added feature of Flex is that it allows you to collect the customer mail IDs.  This feature helps in creating a database for your future reference. If you have a new product launched on your website, then you can use the mail IDS to send lucrative launch offers to the probable customers. This may help the customers feel like checking out your product on your website.

Initially, you might feel that the cost of purchasing the flex theme is a little higher compared to its competitors, but if you compare the features and the flexibility that this theme offers, then this is the best bargain that you can get in the market.

In short, the highlights of the flex theme are:

  • Customized look that suits the brand and type of the product that you want to showcase.
  • Advanced functionality that allows seamless experience for customers and buyers.
  • Helps increase to enhance your sales by upselling, cross-selling, and heavy discounts.
  • You can apply all the features and updates to your store without the requirement of any third-party app or software.  This allows a significant reduction in the cost, a one-stop solution from the out of sandbox team, and fast experience on all types of browsers.
  • Extremely user-friendly interface that allows store owners to generate popup messages for the customers, sometimes for highlighting special products and sometimes for letting the customers know about the available discounts.  This allows a more intricate user experience as you are directly communicating with them.

Now let us discuss the various themes of flex:

When you purchase Flex, it comes with a large zipped folder that has the code of the entire theme.  You have to decompress the folder so that the individual files are shown on your computer.  These files will have the blank slate format of Flex as well as the different layouts to select from.  The themes are as follows-

  • Techno- this theme has the predominance of the use of bold blue and violet colors and overall, it creates a dark and elegant look.  This theme can be used for sophisticated high-end products like technology-related products, hi-fashion items, gourmet food, and for selling high-end artwork. 
  • Wink- this theme is a mix and match of bright and pastel colors. The color combination is very eye-catching and is suitable for a product that is trendy, hip, and for the younger generation.  This theme is ideal for selling eyewear, hip clothing and accessories, handmade goods, and fun gadgets and gizmos.
  • Nourish- this theme is bold, simple, and effective.  With the use of strong single colors, the images and the text tend to stand out in this setting.  This theme is ideal for food stores, beauty, technology, and fashion.
  • Glow- this theme is vertically aligned and uses Flex’s sidebar navigation options.  This theme also has bright beautiful colors that make it the right theme for beauty products that use a lot of imagery effects on top of the screen.
  • Trending- This theme gives the effect of social media feed and is great for clothing and accessories for the younger generation.  This theme has gradients of boxes and sections that give it a perfect look for the display of jewelry, tech items, and B2B products.
  • Swagger- as the name suggests this theme is big bold and fun.  This gives a bit on the edge feel that makes it ideal for products like shoes, Tech gadgets, emerging product lines, and items for kids.
  • Emporium- this theme can be applied to stores that have huge product collection.  The active search option that is embedded in this theme makes it possible to search for products from a wide variety. This theme can be particularly applicable for handmade goods, fashion items, home decor, and furniture.
  • Studio- this theme yet again uses the vertical navigation of Flex.  The color coordination is in sophisticated rose and beige which adds glamour to the theme. It is very eye-catching and can be used for the showcase of printed frames, high-end beauty products, and handicrafts.
  • Moda- this theme uses the vertical navigation facility of Flex and blends solid grey boxes with contrast bright colors.  The color scheme and the look of this theme are apt for trendy fashion items.  This can also be used to showcase baby products, vintage goods, and Tech Gadgets and gizmos.
  • Luxe- this theme has got a clean edge and is suitable for showcasing products that need highlighting of the images like jewelry, accessories, bags, clothing, and fashion items
  • Fresh- as the name suggests this theme brings in a fresh, fun, and bold look.  It has a combination of both bright and subdued colors which creates an appropriate background to showcase the images first.  Perfect for fashion items and baby products
  • Bloom- This theme is pretty straightforward and offers a broad style that is best suited for stores of medium and large size.  The theme allows zooming in of the images which are suitable for intricate products that need to be displayed with finesse.

The purchase of the flex theme from out of the sandbox comes with a myriad of features that enable you to use your creativity to design the online store.  You cannot not only create the design of your new store but can also take on client orders creating customized websites and design them as per their wish.

 Here are some key Flex theme features, that are worth mentioning-

Multiple layout options

 Various layout options are available with the flex theme.  You can select the layout based on the niche your product belongs to, the kind of user experience you would like to provide, and how you would like to design the overall structure of the store. 

One such example is that you might want the main menu to appear vertically on the left-hand side of the page or the right-hand side.  If you want to display the main menu on the top of the page with the details of your brand and images, then the top menu option can be perfect for you.

Use of advanced CSS customization

CSS is the part of coding that helps you with the styling and attributing the overall look to the webpage.  This is a special feature of Flex that most of the other Shopify themes do not provide. 

The use of the Flex theme allows advanced CSS customization through the theme editor, which is pretty simple compared to the other themes, wherein to make the changes one has to log in to the theme code and then make the changes which is a pretty complex process.

Free design shops to choose from as per your product niche.

 As already mentioned, there are 12 predefined themes to select from for setting up your online store.  You can choose as per the suitability of the color, appearance, and design of the themes, or look for functional aspects like search options, navigation options, and a friendly user interface.

Icons and images

The flex theme comes with a wide list of icons that can be used in different areas of your website to help the visitors with what they are looking for.  The icons and the images also help in initiating a conversation with the visitor, by making the store more interactive.  These elements can be used in different places on the online store like the announcement bar, bottom bar, icon bar, add to cart button, featured promotions, and text columns with icons.

There are several other striking features that you can use with the Flex Shopify theme to give your online store the look and functionality and to add an enhanced user experience. 

 Some of these functions are:

  •         4 header styles
  •         4-footer styles
  •         Mega menus and dropdowns
  •         Width Settings
  •         Three product page layouts
  •         background gradients
  •         control over margins
  •         unique button styles
  •         product sale stickers
  •         text columns with icons
  •         sticky bottom bar
  •         customer testimonials

Pros and Cons of the use of Flex themes


  • Beautiful features and designs to select from to build a ready-made online store without the prior knowledge of coding or specific technical skills.
  • This theme is created by one of the sister concerns of Shopify, which makes this theme easily workable on Shopify.  The Flex theme also works seamlessly on all browsers and mobile applications.
  • This theme has been customized for SEO so that your store can get more online traffic that results in higher sales volume
  • Setting up the flex theme does not require the use of any third-party application or software and is easily manageable from the settings options.
  •  The flex theme comes with a one-time fee and one-year free support on updates.  The updates are pushed through an app and take place automatically without the need for any manual intervention.
  •  Multiple options for icons with images and text that can be used at any part of the online store
  • Ability to choose between different layout structures of the web pages including the main menu the header and the footer.
  • Great flexibility to make changes even in the readymade themes
  • Optimized for Speed
  • 14-day complete money-back guarantee if the product does not fulfill your requirements.


  • Currently, all kinds of support that are required for the theme is through a way of submitting a ticket that gets addressed within 24 hours.  however, sometimes due to heavy rush, it might take up to 1 to 2 days.  this often causes inconvenience for the store owners as they are not able to fix the issues right away.
  •  For setting up of individual stores that individual licenses.  if you want to set up more than wants to Earth then you have to buy separate licenses for each Store.  though sometimes Shopify can come up with discount schemes yet most of the time you might have to purchase the licenses at the product cost.  this comes with the 14-day money-back guarantee and one-year free support and updates.
  •  the updates that are pushed to the Updater app does not have a high rating on the Shopify app.  Though this does not decrease the functional aspects of the app, yet it would be more helpful to have a better app.
  •  The flex cream being newly introduced into the market does not have many customer reviews.  So, someone who is trying to purchase the flex theme might not get enough references to help him make the decision.

Who can use the Flex theme from Shopify?

This theme can be used by first-time online shop owners, who want to set up a brand new impressive online store.  This theme can also be used by people who already own their online stores but want to revamp them and give them a fresh and enhanced look.  This theme can be used to scale up the business, as well as to try to provide a better look to your products.

If you want better features and customization, with a one-stop solution, then Flex is the correct theme choice for you. Here, you do not have to purchase any third-party software and licenses in Urdu to add more functionality to your online store, but the regular updates that come with the flex team are good now to revamp your store now and then and give it a fresh and interesting look. 

Managing the online store is also no rocket science once you have used the flex theme as its features are simple to use and are mostly of drag and drop nature.  There is a front-end editor with the help of which you will be able to implement most of the features on your web pages without much effort.

Does Shopify provide discounts?

Sometimes Shopify might allow a 10 to 15% discount for a limited period of time to boost sales, or this just could be another seasonal discount scheme. Most of the time upon purchase of the flex theme you are likely to receive some amount of discount. 

You might be able to bag the discount coupon once you visit the Shopify store and visit the flex theme page.

Many fake sites promise to give you a downloaded version of the Flex theme at a very low cost.  Beware!! Most of the time these sites are fraud and might provide you a download version that might be a pirated one.  This version will not have any provision for updates, and you will be stuck with a not so functional theme throughout your life. 

If you want to buy a genuine product then visit the Shopify store and purchase the flex theme from there.

Shopify Flex Theme Vs Turbo Theme

So which is better Flex theme or Turbo theme? Flex theme has overall more styles and features however when it comes to speed performance Turbo wins.

If you want to find out more differences then you can check out my Shopify Flex Vs Turbo Theme Comparison Guide here!

Where to buy Shopify Flex Theme?

You can get the shopify flex theme at a discount rate here.


As a new online shop owner, it might be difficult for you to decide which theme to select from Shopify, especially between Turbo and flex as both of these themes come loaded with functions and advanced features. 

Both these themes have been optimized keeping in mind that for the maximum instances the online shops are visited from mobile applications.  If you are looking out for only speed then Turbo would prove to be a better theme option.  However, flex has been launched keeping in mind the requirements of the millennial generation, who gives equal emphasis to user experience and speed. 

Flex obviously provides a lot of themscapes and feature options, with a drag and drop feature that enables you to build up the online store very easily.  Also, the various themes have color combinations and imagery benefits that suit a wide range of products.  If you are thinking of selecting something more neutral, and not too flashy, then Flex has just the perfect theme for you.

Product details

Name of the product: Flex Theme


Created by: Out of Th Sandbox

Support: Upon Submission of tickets, TAT 24 Hours to 2 days

Rating of features: 98/100

Rating of customization: 96/100

Price: $450 for one-time purchase per license

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