Sell The Trend Review

Sell The Trend Review

Finding products is the first crucial step for dropshipping, and it’s the second most important factor for your success – the most important is, you know, selling them. While it might seem stressful, there are many tools that offer to help you with finding the best offers available.

However, you need to find a good one, and that’s what I’m going to recommend today. We’re going to review Sell The Trend.

You can sign up for the free trial if you want to check out its features, and you’ll quickly see how it has a list with over 1.5 million products on different platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

You also have access to tutorials on how to use the platform as well as a support group on Facebook.

Reviewing the product

Your dashboard displays different sections for each of the features offered by the platform (the Tools section includes the last 4 items in this list) as well as the help section.

Each tab for the main platforms (AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify and Facebook) will show you different categories like hot, trending, and new products and stores as well as the ones you’ve added to favorites.

Of course, each category depends on the platform, but you get the idea. We should note here how Sell The Trend includes Amazon, which isn’t the same for all research platforms.


This is where you’ll find the best products available without looking around other platforms. You can either search yourself or take a stroll through the product list.

You can check out the product image, the amount of stores currently offering it, a link to where it was found originally, and a direct link to the item or alternatives on Amazon, AliExpress and Facebook. Of course, you also learn about the product itself: name, its price, and where it was first an last seen.

You can also see how many orders each product has received, the costs (from AliExpress), and the profit margins people are making from the product. You can also check out trend charts showing you how many websites are selling it and whether or not it has videos on AliExpress.

However, the best element is your Facebook targeting. You can target interests, websites, brands, jobs, and even entertainment. Even if a product has no targeting, you have the audience builder tool to make your own (more on that later).

It takes care of researching the products automatically, so you can simply check the results and save lots of time. You can click the different stores and then find the AliExpress link for the product with its original, wholesale price.

You can also check out if it’s selling on Amazon, which is amazing if you’re using their FBA service. The same goes for whether it has ads on Facebook. You can check out the different ads and where they direct you.


As I mentioned, you can explore different platforms separately, and the first one is AliExpress. You can check out which products are performing well and which ones have generated new (or changed existing) trends.

You can filter your results and sort them as well. You can also check out lists by niche and category all the way to trending performance. There are predetermined categories for the most popular products and new ones.

It basically makes researching AliExpress a lot simpler, and you can then proceed to click on each product to check its information.


The Amazon explorer is somewhat similar to the AliExpress explorer, but it’s geared towards looking at how products are doing when sold by other people. Therefore, you have the option to look for the same product on AliExpress.

You get similar statistics to AliExpress nonetheless: rankings, variables, sales averages, and categories. You have the same predetermined categories as well for the same types of products.

The more popular products include a Nexus tab as well, which is a nice addition.


The Shopify tab lets you analyze other stores on the platform.

It contains a pretty large database, and they constantly look around to find new products among both new and older stores. It’s great since you can sort through niches and categories as well as filter your results.

You can find links to the same products on AliExpress and Amazon as well as the first store to list it. You can check out the prices as well as the prices within each store, and you can also check the apps and social media each site uses.


The last platform for analyzing is Facebook, and you can explore the different ads for products currently running on the platform.

There’s the Ads Explorer that lets you find the best ads on Facebook. You can see both recent and old ads as well as filter them by date, type and overall engagement. It’s very useful for finding marketing inspiration.

You can use different keywords as well to find the ads best suited to your interests.

Audience builder

The first tool lets you enter keywords for the software to generate audiences and different keywords that you can use for your Facebook and Instagram targeting. You can target different interests, figures, brands, and societies.

It’s a great tool if you don’t know your way around Facebook targeting, so definitely check it out.

Video creation

You have access to video software to match other paid options with little left to be desired. You can import images from the products’ URLs on different Shopify sites as well as upload images by yourself. You then just need to edit your images, add music and text, set up your frame rate and be done.

Importing images takes seconds, and you can have a video all ready for release in mere minutes.

After adding your images, you click on them to set the sequence. You can place tor text to the top or bottom as well as add a final screen and the name of your brand. The platform even gives you music you can use free from any copyright dangers.

Once you’re used to the tool, you can create videos in mere seconds.

Engagement calculator

This is the most basic feature in the platform, but it’s quite interesting and useful if you’re looking to improve your marketing. You can generate engagement ratings for different profiles.

It takes interactions (followers, comments, and reactions) to come up with a result based on a scale from 0 to 100. It’s also compatible with Twitter, and it takes retweets into account.

Discovery machine

This is a fun tool that’s just as useful as it is entertaining. It’s presented as a wheel with a spin button in the center. Once you click it, it’ll show you different products that probably never crossed your mind.

If you find the suggestions too “eccentric”, you can simply check out the links for the different platforms and check out its performance. You get 4 products for each spin, but you’re free to spin the wheel as much as you want.

It might seem like mindless fun, but I’ve actually used a couple of products from here with great results, and it’s good for inspiration at least.


Sell The Trend merges the most popular eCommerce platforms into a single product for just shy of $40 monthly. You can automate your entire product research with Sell The Trend and simply click a few times here and there to look at the results in seconds instead of days.

It doesn’t just reduce your research, but the platform itself loads extremely fast. You can check out updates in real-time, and the Nexus feature is a huge addition to your results.

Overall, it’s a great platform with lots of utility, and the price makes it one of the best product research options in the market. If anything, make sure to check out the trial week and decide for yourself.

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