Samcart Dropshipping: Ultimate Guide

Do you have SamCart or are wondering if it’s possible to dropship from there, keep on reading because we will get into the nitty gritty!

Can You Dropship Using SamCart?

Yes, you can use SamCart to dropship. It isn’t the most ideal platform for dropshipping like Shopify is. However, you can still manage to dropship using SamCart. You can build product pages and use those to dropship.

Below I get into more details on how to do this, so keep on reading!

Samcart Homepage

How To Dropship Using Samcart

1. Finding Products To Sell

There are several methods for finding goods to sell online. You may utilize AliExpress, ShopHunter, or other product research tools. You may quickly build a listing and begin selling if you have a product concept.


Finding goods to sell in your business without having to worry about inventory or shipping is simple with AliExpress. Add the AliExpress items you want to sell to your store, establish a markup on the pricing, and once you get an order, you pay the AliExpress seller at wholesale price, and they send the orders directly to your customers.

2. Setup Your Online Store Front Using SamCart’s Drag & Drop Builder

Creating sales pages using Samcart’s drag-and-drop builder is quick and simple. Simply choose the template you like, enter your material, and publish. Once your article is published, you may drive visitors to your page using Google Adwords, email marketing, or social media.

Making landing pages that look professional and convert effectively might be difficult if you are not an experienced designer. SamCart’s user-friendly drag-and-drop page designer enables even complete beginners to finish the design phase.

You can easily and rapidly make reliable sales pages that you will be proud to show your customers. The visual home builder is easy to use and pleasant.

Don’t forget to price your products properly, add trust badges, and make your product page nice. (Don’t forget to add payment options.)

3. Starting Sending Traffic

After developing your sales page, you can start directing traffic to it. By using both free and paid traffic, you may increase the number of potential buyers who could buy your products.

Here, two choices are available:

  1. Direct Traffic – Drive traffic to your sales page directly.
  2. Social Traffic – Use social media networks to drive traffic to your sales page. You may pick from a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr.

Your website’s traffic helps to raise your SEO rankings, which attracts more visitors. However, it’s crucial to make sure that there is an increase of interaction in tandem with the increased traffic. You’re not attracting the correct type of customers if your traffic is growing but your conversion rates are dropping.

There are several methods to optimize your website for conversions, including offering the information your visitors are searching for, positioning call-to-actions and lead capture forms strategically, and providing easy, intuitive navigation are all good practices. Getting the appropriate traffic to your website is the first step, though.

4. Process Orders & Start Shipping

Start fulfilling those orders by whichever supplier you have. You can use a fulfillment service like Zendrop (Read Review) to do it or you can do the old Aliexpress order fulfillment.

Don’t forget to let your supplier know that you dropshipping and not to include any receipts mentioning the supplier.

Advantages Of Using Samcart To Dropship

  • Perfect for One Product Stores
  • One Click Upsells
  • Multiple order bumps on the same page
  • Create Special Offer after Special Offer
  • Cart abandonment feature
  • Checkout is on the same page as the product page (Increased conversions)

Disadvantages Of Using Samcart To Dropship

  • Not ideal for having a storefront.
  • Not perfect for having multiple products.

Do I Recommend Dropshipping With Samcart Alone?

Yes, but only if you have one thing to sell. If you are still experimenting, try Shopify instead.

How Does Shopify Compare With SamCart?

First off, since Samcart is more of a checkout page builder than a full-fledged eCommerce business, there will inevitably be practical variations. But when you contrast the available features, Samcart outperforms Shopify in a number of areas.

Both programs provide conversion-optimized templates, but Samcart’s are free to use, while Shopify charges for some designs, particularly the more attractive ones.

Samcart has the additional benefit of allowing you to use it for both online and subscription-based businesses like membership sites. Samcart’s A/B split testing tool aids in the creation of pages that will raise conversion rates, and the affiliate program feature enables you to increase sales by utilizing your affiliate network.

Does SamCart Work With Shopify?

SamCart does integrate with Shopify. SamCart enables you to sell goods using your Shopify site. You’ll need to link your Shopify account to SamCart in order to accomplish this.

After SamCart and your Shopify account are linked, you can begin building product pages. You must incorporate a SamCart product page template into your Shopify theme in order to accomplish this.

You should be aware that utilizing SamCart with Shopify has some restrictions. SamCart cannot be used, for instance, to handle shipping or taxes for your store. Additionally, SamCart may only be used if you have a Shopify account.

SamCart allows you to sell both real and digital goods. If you’re selling physical goods, you can ship your items to clients using Shopify’s integrated shipping tools. You may utilize SamCart’s digital delivery tools to send your consumers your products if you offer digital goods.

In general, Shopify customers who wish to sell goods through their businesses should consider SamCart. SamCart is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a simple method to add product pages to your Shopify store.

How Do I link Shopify To SamCart?

  • Step 1: Authenticate SamCart and Shopify.
  • Step 2: Choose one of the programs to act as the trigger for the automation. (Apps such as: Zapier, Intergrately and Pabbly.)
  • Step 3: Choose a result from the other app.
  • Step 4: Select the data you want to move from one app to another.

That’s it!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, SamCart can be used for Dropshipping. However, it is not the most ideal platform to dropshipping from. You can try out both Shopify and SamCart below to try out both and pick which one you like more!

SamCart offers a 14-day free trial, so I strongly urge you to take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to see exactly what it can accomplish for you.

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