Samcart Dropshipping

Samcart Dropshipping – Ultimate Guide

Although there are many ways to boost your revenue, you would probably agree that improving your conversion rate offers the highest return on investment.

The online shopping platform you use to sell your products is one of the variables you must consider if you want to raise the conversion rate.

The online shopping platform from SamCart gives you all the tools you need to boost sales and conversion rates. It makes checkout quick and simple. It is designed from the bottom up to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses for the sale of physical or digital goods.

This online marketplace enables the sale of a variety of goods and includes an upsell funnel. With this feature-rich platform, streamlining the checkout process for clients of your business is quite simple.

Can You Dropship Using SamCart?

Yes, Samcart allows dropshipping.

Is SamCart An eCommerce Platform?

Samcart Homepage

SamCart is an eCommerce platform, but it’s limited to single-product businesses.

How To Dropship Using Samcart

1. Finding Products To Sell

There are several methods for finding goods to sell online. You may utilize AliExpress, Shopify, Spocket, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), and more. You may quickly build a listing and begin selling if you have a product concept.


Aliexpress Logo Near Phone

Finding goods to sell in your business without having to worry about inventory or shipping is simple with AliExpress. Add the AliExpress items you want to sell to your store, establish a markup on the pricing, and once you get an order, you pay the AliExpress seller at wholesale price, and they send the orders directly to your customers.


Spocket Homepage

Your SamCart store will become a dropshipping store when you use the Shopify dropshipping software Spocket. You may use the app to look for and communicate with US and EU-based vendors.

With Spocket’s one-click import feature, you can quickly browse its sizable marketplace for items and upload them to your Shopify store. Additionally, the app gives you access to a 2–5 day delivery window to reach your consumers. Additionally, the provider offers discounts on its items of up to 60%.

With Spocket, every aspect of your business—from pricing markup to order fulfillment—is fully automated. You only need to concentrate on the marketing component; Spocket will take care of the rest.

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2. Creating Your Sales Page Using SamCart’s Drag & Drop Builder

Creating sales pages using Samcart’s drag-and-drop builder is quick and simple. Simply choose the template you like, enter your material, and publish. Once your article is published, you may drive visitors to your page using Google Adwords, email marketing, or social media.

Making landing pages that look professional and convert effectively might be difficult if you are not an experienced designer. SamCart’s user-friendly drag-and-drop page designer enables even complete beginners to finish the design phase.

You can easily and rapidly make reliable sales pages that you will be proud to show your customers. The visual home builder is easy to use and pleasant.

3. Starting Sending Traffic

After developing your sales page, you can start directing traffic to it. By using both free and paid traffic, you may increase the number of potential buyers who could buy your products. For internet businesses, especially those who provide online courses or services, paid traffic is ideal.

Here, two choices are available:

  1. a) Direct Traffic – Drive traffic to your sales page directly.
  2. b) Social Traffic – Use social media networks to drive traffic to your sales page. You may pick from a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr.

Your website’s traffic helps to raise your ranking, which attracts more visitors. However, it’s crucial to make sure that there is an increase of interaction in tandem with the increased traffic. You’re not attracting the correct type of customers if your traffic is growing but your conversion rates are dropping.

There are several methods to optimize your website for conversions, including offering the information your visitors are searching for, positioning call-to-actions and lead capture forms strategically, and providing easy, intuitive navigation are all good practices. Getting the appropriate traffic to your website is the first step, though.

Advantages Of Samcart Dropshipping

  • Perfect for One Product Stores
  • One Click Upsells
  • Multiple order bumps on the same page
  • Create Special Offer after Special Offer
  • Cart abandonment feature
  • Checkout is on the same page as the product page (Increased conversions)

Disadvantages Of Samcart Dropshipping

  • Not ideal for having a storefront.
  • Not perfect for having multiple products.

Do I recommend To Dropship With Samcart Alone?

Yes, but only if you have one thing to sell. If you are still experimenting, try Shopify instead.

Is Shopify Like Samcart?

All the tools you need to operate your online business are included in the Shopify eCommerce platform as a whole. A shopping cart, payment processing, delivery choices, and a website builder are all included. You may manage your customers and inventory using Shopify as well.

SamCart is an online storefront that focuses on shopping carts. One-click upsells and abandoned cart recovery are among its advantages. It also provides connections with well-known shipping companies and payment processors.

You should be aware that SamCart is not the same as Shopify if you’re thinking about utilizing it to create your online store. While the capabilities and tools offered by both platforms are comparable, there are some significant distinctions that you should be aware of before choosing one over the other.

Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform with all the tools you need to launch and manage a profitable online business. Although it costs more than SamCart, it is also more feature-rich and scalable. Shopify is a superior option if you’re serious about creating a successful online business.

How Does Shopify Compare With SamCart?

First off, since Samcart is more of a checkout page builder than a full-fledged eCommerce business, there will inevitably be practical variations. But when you contrast the available features, Samcart outperforms Shopify in a number of areas.

Both programmes provide conversion-optimized templates, but Samcart’s are free to use, while Shopify charges for some designs, particularly the more attractive ones.

Samcart has the additional benefit of allowing you to use it for both online and subscription-based businesses like membership sites. Samcart’s A/B split testing tool aids in the creation of pages that will raise conversion rates, and the affiliate programme feature enables you to increase sales by utilizing your affiliate network.

Does SamCart Work With Shopify?

If you use Shopify, you might be curious if SamCart integrates with it. The quickest response is that SamCart does integrate with Shopify. SamCart enables you to sell goods using your Shopify site. You’ll need to link your Shopify account to SamCart in order to accomplish this.

After SamCart and your Shopify account are linked, you can begin building product pages. You must incorporate a SamCart product page template into your Shopify theme in order to accomplish this.

SamCart does integrate with Shopify. SamCart allows you to build and manage the products, clients, and orders in your store. You should be aware that utilizing SamCart with Shopify has some restrictions. SamCart cannot be used, for instance, to handle shipping or taxes for your store. Additionally, SamCart may only be used if you have a Shopify account.

On the SamCart website, you can access the code for this template. You will be able to build product pages in SamCart that appear just like your standard Shopify product pages after the code has been uploaded to your theme.

SamCart allows you to sell both real and digital goods. If you’re selling physical goods, you can ship your items to clients using Shopify’s integrated shipping tools. You may utilize SamCart’s digital delivery tools to send your consumers your products if you offer digital goods.

In general, Shopify customers who wish to sell goods through their businesses should consider SamCart. SamCart is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a simple method to add product pages to your Shopify store.

How Do I link Shopify To SamCart?

Step 1: Authenticate SamCart and Shopify.

Step 2: Choose one of the programs to act as the trigger for the automation. (Apps such as: Zapier, Intergrately and Pabbly.)

Step 3: Choose a result from the other app.

Step 4: Select the data you want to move from one app to another.

That’s it!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, SamCart may benefit you and your business greatly.

If you operate an online business without using SamCart, you are essentially throwing money away. Any size business may use it because you can start with the basic plan for only $49 a month.

Using SamCart, in my opinion, is a no-brainer if you want to enhance customer satisfaction for your customers while also increasing ROI. As you can see, SamCart is a cutting-edge landing page and shopping cart builder that was built expressly for usage by even the most inexperienced online business owner.

You will save numerous bucks by being able to create beautiful landing pages quickly with the help of pre-designed design templates instead of hiring an expensive designer.

In addition to being able to upsell and down-sell to clients throughout the sales process, being able to recapture customers who abandoned their shopping carts the first time may help you generate much more revenue for your company.

SamCart offers a 14-day free trial, so I strongly urge taking advantage of this risk-free opportunity to see exactly what it can accomplish for you.

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What Are Some Alternatives To Samcart, Especially For Dropshippers?

1. Shopify

Shopify Trial Homepage

The Shopify platform was developed utilizing enterprise-level technology that is accessible to companies of all sizes. It was designed for dependability and scalability. It is used to develop a whole eCommerce business and includes simple-to-use templates for building websites, checkout pages, sales funnels, and other things.

Because items are only paid for and sent after they are purchased, dropshipping on Shopify may be a terrific method for business owners to keep expenses down. Dropshipping may free up business owners’ time so they can concentrate on marketing their products and developing their brands because production, warehousing, and shipping are outsourced to a third party.

Shopify’s Key Features

Let’s examine a handful of Shopify’s key features.

Website Creator

One of Shopify’s best features is its drag-and-drop website builder, which makes it simple to design personalized websites. Additionally, the editor/interface has several tools for easy editing and is intuitive.

These webpages may be created without any coding or prior technical expertise; however, you can edit your pages using HTML and CSS if that’s more comfortable for you. In either case, Shopify makes it simple to create eye-catching sales pages.


To extend its capabilities and boost your customer interaction and total sales, Shopify connects effectively with numerous eCommerce tools spanning digital marketing, payment processing, inventory management, accounting, email marketing, and more.

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2. Bigcommerce

BigCommerce Homepage

Best for firms that are expanding quickly.

  1. Built-in blogging capabilities.
  2. Unrestricted employee accounts.
  3. Reasonable price ranges.

BigCommerce is an open, fully-hosted SaaS platform that is ideal for companies who want a powerful and reliable platform to meet their expanding demands. You may simply set up your individual store and begin selling using BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is a significant e-commerce platform for companies that sell on Google, Amazon, eBay, or social media. Or for any e-commerce company that wants to boost sales, manage its catalog, and obtain access to outside services like shipping, time travel, and the computation of digital sales taxes.


True to its name, BigCommerce includes a “large” array of eCommerce capabilities, including multi-channel selling, shop analytics, inventory and catalog management, abandoned cart recovery, interfaces with different payment gateways, etc.

It also has a tonne of tools for account conversion, SEO, marketing, and advertising.


BigCommerce caters to those who lack even the most basic design abilities. The platform’s user-friendly interface (UI) enables vendors to build robust websites with plenty of features without any technical knowledge.

However, it does not provide a lot of customization. The site prioritizes practicality over aesthetics; therefore, the themes are primarily focused on selling things online and frequently end up appearing alike.

Using its drag-and-drop editor, the platform’s visual themes may be changed.

Easy of use

The platform on our list that is least user-friendly for beginners is BigCommerce. Inexperienced sellers will have trouble using the site.

But if you are a developer (particularly with HTML and CSS), there isn’t much of a learning curve involved. You may manage the site and stay on top of its updates thanks to your technological skills.

These sophisticated features are unmatched by those of any other SamCart competitors.

Price: BigCommerce is undoubtedly on the more expensive end of the scale.

Features That Come With A BigCommerce Subscription:

  • Create your own store with the visual editor, personalized themes, shopping cart, personalized checkout pages, and mobile editor. Everything you require to create a lovely storefront is available here.
  • Conversion and marketing: You may grow more quickly with BigCommerce by increasing sales through promotions, promo codes, SEO, and digital wallets (for Apple Pay and other options).
  • Selling across channels: Sell effortlessly on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Amazon, or eBay.
  • B2B: BigCommerce dominates the B2B market. Other platforms are incomparable. Products, price lists, quotations, leads, and even payments may all be managed. It’s sick!
  • General commerce includes managing catalogs, shipping, calculating sales taxes automatically, vaulting credit cards, and a lot more that is above my pay grade.

Really, BigCommerce is a sizable, all-inclusive e-commerce system that can handle anything. For large online retailers of both physical and digital goods, this is a perfect SamCart substitute.

Think of it as an e-commerce tool that will aid in the expansion of your internet business. BigCommerce has more intricate features built within it than any other platform available for sales, management, advertising, and conversion optimization.

You may also use the programme to sell directly on Amazon. Instead of switching ecosystems, you can list and manage items directly through BigCommerce. If you run a large, ambitious, or quickly expanding e-commerce business, BigCommerce will help you reach seven-figure levels.

For small-scale vendors or solopreneurs offering online coaching, consultations, or courses, I do not advise it. Certainly not if you are only selling one item. When you’re prepared to succeed on a large scale, BigCommerce is what you need.

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3. Wix

Wix Homepage

In today’s digital age, businesses and professions must have a presence online. Users and customers use the internet, computers, and mobile devices to research goods, services, and businesses before making online purchases and reservations. Additionally, they utilize these methods to get in touch with companies to report issues, ask questions, or otherwise enquire about them.

Today, practically every sort of business must have a website or online store, but web creation may be a time-consuming and expensive process. Without any prior knowledge of web design or programming, you can quickly, effortlessly, and inexpensively create a website or eCommerce page with Wix.

An online platform called Wix offers a variety of tools for rapidly and simply creating expert websites. You may create a website quickly and with high-quality results using pre-set features and a variety of unique templates.


Cloud-based system

Wix is a cloud service that consumers may access through their browser at any time and from any device (computer, mobile or tablet).

Wix design tools

With hundreds of designs available on Wix, you can give your website a polished look that suits the needs and preferences of each business.

Simple to use

Wix provides a straightforward and user-friendly editor that enables you to design various website components using the “drag and drop” method without having to write any code (HTML, CSS or JavaScript, for example).


With Wix, you may create a variety of website designs, from a corporate website to a professional online store from which to conduct online sales.

Comprises hosting

You may get storage space to host your new website by signing up with Wix.


With the ability to acquire more sophisticated features through a premium service, the Wix business model gives customers access to basic web creation capabilities without charge.


When it comes to creating a website or an online store, Wix has a number of benefits, including its simplicity and inexpensive cost.

The Extremely Small Learning Curve

The biggest benefit of Wix is that you may start building your website as soon as you register. The platform’s simple and straightforward UI, drag-and-drop functionality, and low learning curve make it incredibly user-friendly. To become familiar with the program, spend a few hours experimenting with its settings and capabilities.

No Need To Stress About Hosting

One of the first issues you’ll need to handle with any web project is choosing a web hosting company. This won’t be an issue with Wix since when you join up, space will be immediately given to host the website you design on the platform.

No Prior Web Development Experience Is Necessary.

Wix makes it simple for anybody to build a website quickly and with high-quality results. Wix’s tools and features make it easy and straightforward to use, so you don’t need to know how to code or have any prior experience with web design.

Includes A Picture Gallery

You’ll have access to a plethora of image galleries through Wix services, where you may find pictures and images to use on your website without running afoul of copyright concerns.

Additionally, it has a built-in image editor, so you may edit, enhance, and tailor them to the website in a suitable and unique manner.

Background Videos

One of Wix’s most intriguing features is the ability to use films to provide dynamic backdrops to your website. By doing this, you may produce distinctive and stunning websites that will make you stand out from the competitors.

500 Or More Templates

Wix provides its users and clients with more than 500 templates to select from so you may give your website a polished look. These templates have a responsive design, which allows them to fully accommodate the characteristics of mobile devices.

Several Websites

You can build practically any form of a website using Wix, including e-commerce sites, corporate pages, blogs, news sites, and more. This is a very flexible tool that provides a number of options and add-ons, enabling you to incorporate a variety of features on your website and customize it for various applications.

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