Peeksta Review: Worth It? Cost, Comparison, Discount & Alternatives

This is a panoramic review of Peeksta, the latest product research tool for dropshipping. As dropshipping continues to gain popularity, finding winning products is turning out to be the key to making the difference in dropshipping. 

With a plethora of product research tools available, it’s important to determine whether Peeksta stands out from the rest for you. 

In this in-depth Peeksta review, I’ll cruise you into its features, benefits, and tell you whether Peeksta is really worth it. Let’s get started. 

What is Peeksta used for?

Peeksta Homepage

Peeksta is a versatile tool utilized by dropshippers to conduct product research and optimize ad targeting. If you’re a dropshipper too, you can use it to soar up your marketing efforts in the realm of dropshipping. 

With its wide range of features, Peeksta empowers you to make data-driven decisions, save valuable time, and most importantly what we’re up for, outperform competitors in the market.

Let me give you an instance where a dropshipper wants to find the most wanted products to sell. 

By utilizing Peeksta’s comprehensive store research feature, they can analyze successful Shopify stores and uncover popular items with high demand. With the help of the Thumbnail Ad Generator, they can then create visually captivating ad thumbnails that attract attention and drive engagement. 

Again, Peeksta’s Facebook Audience Builder assists in identifying and targeting the most relevant audience for your Facebook ad campaigns. You’ll find more about its features and how well they perform in the next section. 

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Peeksta Review: A Close Look at Features it offers

Here’s an overview of each feature offered by Peeksta and how you can use it to the fullest.

Trending Campaigns and Product Ideas

How does a database of 100,000 dropship stores, Facebook, and TikTok sound to you? To my dropshipping mind, itt sure sounds like a golden chance to uncover trending campaigns and discover hot product ideas. 

This feature serves as a gold mine of resources if you wish to stay ahead of the curve and identify viral products that can boost sales and attract customers.

Thumbnail Ad Generator

Peeksta Thumbnail Ad Generator

The Thumbnail Ad Generator is a powerful tool that helps you to design eye-catching and luxurious thumbnail images effortlessly. 

Even if you have zero designing skills and experience, you can create visuals that look nothing less than professional and ones that set your store apart from the competition. 

These compelling thumbnails can significantly enhance click-through rates and drive conversions.

Video Ad Generator

Peeksta Video Ad Generator

With the Video Ad Generator, dropshippers can transform static product images into dynamic video ads with just a few clicks. How cool is that?

This feature eliminates the need for complex video editing software, so that you too can easily create engaging video content that grabs attention and maximizes the impact of your advertising campaigns.

Facebook Audience Builder

Peeksta Facebook Audience Builder

Optimizing ad campaigns is easier when there’s a compass to guide you. Peeksta understands that and gives recommendations to optimize Facebook ad campaigns. With this feature, you would be able to target the ideal audience with precision, improve relevance, and increase engagement and conversions. 

By reaching the right audience effectively, dropshippers can maximize the effectiveness of their Facebook advertising efforts and drive better results.

Store Research and Explorer

Peeksta Store Research

Do you ever want to peep into the windows of successful stores and see what they are doing right? This feature is your window. With this, you understand market trends, and identify potential opportunities for your business. 

The Store Explorer feature further complements this by providing in-depth analysis of stores, including performance, products, and strategies. 

PPC Insights

Peeksta PPC Insights

PPC Insights feature helps you by providing data related to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You can analyze up to 2 (Starter plan), 5 (Advanced plan), or 10 (Premium plan) sites per day to gain actionable knowledge into PPC strategies, keywords, and campaigns. 

This information can help optimize advertising efforts, increase ad performance, and generate higher ROI.

Suppliers and Product Explorer

Peeksta Suppliers

The Suppliers and Product Explorer features assist dropshippers in finding reliable suppliers and exploring potential product options. So with this feature, you can access a wide range of suppliers and analyze their product offerings, pricing, and reviews. 

This functionality helps manage and simplify the product sourcing process and ensures access to quality products for dropshipping businesses.

AI Content Generator

Peeksta AI Content Generator

One of the most reviewed and sought after features is Peeksta’s AI Content Generator. It gives you the ability to generate content using artificial intelligence. 

With 500 (Starter plan), 1500 (Advanced plan), or 5000 (Premium plan) credits per month, dropshippers can create engaging and high-quality content for their product descriptions, blog posts, social media captions, and more. 

This feature saves time and effort in content creation, ensuring a consistent flow of compelling content for marketing and communication purposes.

Track Multiple Shopify Stores

Peeksta Track Stores

This is the feature with which you can track multiple Shopify stores simultaneously. You can spy on their performance, sales, and customer behavior. 

You can have one store or many, this feature lets you conveniently monitor and analyze key metrics to optimize their dropshipping business and identify areas for improvement.


Peeksta Winners

The Winners feature in Peeksta is a personal favorite. With this feature, I was able to discover successful and trending products in the dropshipping industry. I mostly took inspiration for product ideas but you could use it to identify market trends, and select high-potential products to add to your own store. 

This feature helps in staying updated with the latest product trends and increasing the chances of finding profitable products for dropshipping.

Peeksta Pricing Plans

Peeksta Pricing

Peeksta offers three pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. Here are the available plans:

Starter – $19.99 per month

Peeksta Starter Plan

This plan is perfect for beginners or those with a limited budget. It includes features such as AI Content Generator, Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, tracking up to 3 Shopify stores, Audience Builder, and more.

Advanced – $49.99 per month

Peeksta Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan is designed for dropshippers who require more advanced features and higher usage limits. It includes all the features of the Starter plan but offers additional benefits like tracking up to 25 Shopify stores, increased usage limits for Store Research and PPC Insights, and more AI Content Generator credits.

Premium – $99.99 per month

Peeksta Premium Plan

The Premium plan is the most comprehensive plan Peeksta offers. It includes all the features of the Advanced plan but allows users to track up to 50 Shopify stores, conduct research on up to 50 stores per day, and enjoy increased usage limits for PPC Insights and AI Content Generator.

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Pros of Peeksta 

The benefits you get from using Peeksta: 

Comprehensive product research

Like I mentioned, Peeksta provides access to a massive database of dropship stores, Facebook, and TikTok. You get ideas for what product to have in your store and what’s working in the market. 

Powerful marketing tools

Peeksta offers a range of marketing tools, including the Thumbnail Ad Generator and Video Ad Generator. These tools enable you to create eye-catching visuals and dynamic video ads without the need for complex design or video editing skills. 

Audience targeting

With precise audience targeting, this can help you optimize your targeting efforts, increase relevance, and improve engagement and conversions.

Real customer testimonials

Peeksta has received positive reviews and testimonials from customers who have experienced success using the tool. You can check it out on their website! 

Multiple pricing plans

Peeksta offers different pricing plans to cater to various needs and budgets. This allows you to choose a plan that aligns with your requirements and scale up as your business grows.

Limitations of Peeksta

What I don’t like about Peeksta: 

Learning Curve

While Peeksta offers a comprehensive suite of features, it may take some time and effort to fully grasp and utilize its functionalities effectively. 


Peeksta operates on a subscription-based model, and the pricing plans can be a consideration for some.

Integration Limitations

Peeksta primarily focuses on Shopify stores, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest. While these platforms cover a significant portion of the dropshipping landscape, dropshippers who primarily operate on other platforms may find limited integration options or features specific to their preferred platforms.

Is Peeksta Worth it?

Peeksta has undoubtedly been a valuable tool for dropshipper like myself, offering a wide range of features that significantly benefit my business. 

It’s really helpful to discover trending campaigns and viral product ideas effortlessly with peeksta. And the Ad generators are a plus for dropshippers who have zero experience with design or video editing skills. 

Peeksta makes it a breeze to optimize ad targeting, increasing relevance and driving engagement and conversions. 

The pricing plans,however, range from $19.99 to $99.99 per month, which can be a significant investment for some dropshippers, especially those starting on a tight budget. 

Additionally, utilizing all the features effectively may require a learning curve, especially for those who are new to dropshipping or digital marketing. Makes sense as to why the peeksta trustpilot rating is at 3.1 stars. 


Is There a free peeksta trial?

There’s no free Peeksta trial available as of now. But if you visit kami sattar’s official page, you may find a 3 day trial offer. 

Who owns Peeksta?

The Ecom King, also known as Kamil Sattar, is the founder of Peeksta.

Does peeksta offer discount codes?

Currently. Peeksta is not offering any discount codes 

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, Peeksta’s Starter plan at just $19 provides everything you need to set up and experience a successful dropshipping business. 

As your business grows, you can easily upgrade to the more advanced plans. With access to thousands of stores and precise audience targeting, any limitations or minor hiccups along the way can be easily overlooked.

Peeksta is offering an affordable entry point into the world of dropshipping with powerful features and the potential for remarkable success, so I highly recommend it.

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