Is Shopify Only For Drop-Shipping

Is Shopify Only For Drop-Shipping?

Are you thinking of opening up a drop-shipping site?  Then you might be looking for an E-Commerce platform on which you can build your drop-shipping store.  Shopify can be a  solution to your problem.  Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that can be used to build your e-commerce website and you can start selling your products.

Shopify can be used as a normal drop-shipping store,  as a marketplace, or as a blog.  Many ask whether Shopify is only for drop-shipping?  Well, the answer is you can use Shopify for all sources of online transactions related to the sale of products.

Due to the awesome flexibility of the platform and the most advanced features, Shopify has become one of the most recognized and recommended platforms for e-commerce business.  This platform is not specifically meant for drop-shipping,  but if you build your store in a way that it does not stock products,  but drop-ship it from your vendors,  then it might serve the purpose of a drop-shipping site as well.

Once you build your business model whether you want to drop-ship your product is completely dependent upon the requirement of the business. Shopify,  help any entrepreneur in building up a customized store on the online platform without the prior knowledge of any coding or experience of building a website.

Shopify has several themes that can be used while building online stores depending upon the requirement of the product.  You can practically build a store within a matter of a few hours since all the functions are embedded within the backend and frontend editors that are available in the admin area of each theme.  You can set up the entire layout of your online store just by adding the elements that you feel are necessary to enhance the look of your store.

The various themes of Shopify give you the leverage to showcase your products in a way that looks most impressive along with adding required product details.  You can also enlist subscription-based products that are also easy to incorporate within each Shopify theme. 

Since the tools present in Shopify makes it very easy to operate, it also helps in keeping the cost of maintenance of the store at the bare minimum,  which is why Shopify is being preferred more and more by drop shippers.

The many facets of Shopify

Shopify was conceptualized keeping in mind to offer a powerful E-Commerce platform that could be used to customize and make an online store without much effort. As we are aware that creating an online store or a website from scratch using coding is highly time-consuming work and also involves a lot of expense.

The idea of Shopify is to build any online business irrespective of the product range.  This is because a Shopify team keeps on upgrading and adding new functions to the platform depending upon the requirements of the Marketplace.

 Some benefits of using a Shopify platform to host your online store are-

Effortless setup

Once you decide which theme to choose from Shopify, it is possible to launch a store within a couple of hours. You do not have to work with any team of developers or need to have any coding experience and knowledge. All of this has been taken care of by the Shopify team. The code behind all the functions are already stored and comes along with the purchase of the theme.

Various layout options are also offered as part of these themes.  Therefore, you can customize the look of your website by changing some elements of the theme. The entire process is very simple and user-friendly as all the instructions available on the Shopify platform.

Plenty of customization options

every design element on the Shopify platform can be customized as per your taste and requirements. Whether you choose a paid theme or a free theme,  customization options are always made available to you.  Themes can be customized effortlessly from the theme editor interface, where you can also see the changes that the customers will see before you publish the changes.

Step-by-step guide

There is lots of material for learning, which can be followed as a step-by-step guide to set up your online store. The documents provide new insight into processes with which you can customize the look of your store.

Responsive customer support

Shopify has got a team of well qualified 24*7 customer support, who will help you in case of any technical difficulties that you might face. The support is provided through email,  live chat, and phone calls.

Optimized for mobile applications

Shopify themes are optimized to be used with mobile applications and also as browser-based webpages. Since most of the time online stores are accessed from mobile phones,  it is equally important to see how your online store will look if opened from a mobile application.  Shopify is compatible with Android as well as IOS applications that makes it flexible to access from any device the customer wants.

Secure and trustworthy

During the purchase of themes, the store owner is provided with customized SSL subscriptions and certifications, that ensure that your store is fully encrypted, and offers a secure payment gateway that helps both the store owner and the customers. Though Shopify does not save any customer information, however, to make the store more functional, apps are installed on the Shopify platform to enable capturing of customer information. 

Shopify developers make sure to upgrade and undertake to maintain the security of your store. You can rest assured that all the transactions made on the platform will take place through a secure network at all times.  The customers also guarantee that their payment information and bank details remain safe within the platform.

Browser friendly and SEO optimized

Shopify theme keeps on adding new elements and updating the themes, to ensure that they are compatible with all the advanced browsers and offers great speed and satisfaction to the customers. The product description and the content of the site are also optimized to suit the search engines drive direct high converting and free traffic to your store.

Special applications for added features

Though Shopify is largely flexible and can be customized in terms of many of its features,  yet with the growing demand and the rapid change in customer requirements,  everyday new additions are made to keep the store at par with the market trend.  For this reason, there are thousands of additional apps that are available on the Shopify platform. These apps can be downloaded and integrated with the Shopify themes to bring enhanced features to the store. One such feature is apps like Subscriptions by ReCharge which is specifically designed to build subscription boxes for subscription-based products that are sold on the Shopify platform.

Payment options

Shopify can provide multiple payment options to customers in the form of e-wallets,  bank transactions,  credit and debit cards, and many more methods. Payment options are also valuable for different currencies, which makes it easy for people from different countries to purchase from one single store.

Finally, Shopify also offers a 14-day trial period. You can create your own account and try your hand on the free Shopify platform to set up your online store. This enables you to have a hang of the tools and features available on the Shopify platform. While working doing the 14-day trial if you feel that you are not comfortable with this platform then you can easily exit without being liable for any charges.

The business models for the Shopify Platform

Various business models can be incorporated on the Shopify platform.  some of them and mentioned here-

  • Physical products-  this business model includes products that are stocked by the shop owners,  and deliver to the customers upon placing an order. 
  • Memberships-  different types of memberships can be sold on a Shopify store ranging from memberships for wellness services, sports memberships,  educational memberships, and so on. 
  • Digital products-  digital products are mainly software subscriptions, downloadable music files, photographs, and other design elements can also be sold on the Shopify platform
  • Consultations and events-  Shopify can be used to sell consultations by doctors,  wellness experts,  career counselors, and lawyers. Consultation is mostly in the form of both online and personal consultations. Support for events can also be sold on the Shopify platform.
  • Educational content- several workshops, classes, and educational lessons can be sold on the Shopify store provided you build it specifically for this purpose. You can also integrate these services along with social media platforms,  to broaden the marketing facility for these courses.  Shopify can also be used for sharing blogs by people who want to share their experiences, write blogs to impart knowledge on certain products and services. This means that the customers can review the products and post their reviews on this platform. 

This personality helps the store owners to constantly upgrade and modify their store and products which are in line with the customer reviews.

  • Event tickets and digital cards-  Shopify can be used to market and sell tickets for special events. Digital cards being in vogue are also made available on the Shopify store which can be downloaded and shared across different platforms.
  • Customization of products-  Shopify stores can not only sell products but also can help in the customization of products like enhancing the product look by Digital Printing.  products like t-shirts, mugs, diaries, pens can be customized to cater to corporate business houses for their marketing purpose.


To conclude I can say that Shopify is the most widely used e-commerce platform across different marketplaces where anybody who wants to design their online store can try their hand and launch their store.  

Shopify is not only meant for drop-shipping but caters to various business models as already discussed in this article. Needless to say that drop-shipping is one of the most profitable business models that are in vogue recently.  Shopify is exactly carved out for this kind of business model where your store will just act as a link between a vendor and the customer.  this business model depends on the fact that you will source products at low cost from your vendors and sell the same product to the customers by keeping a profit margin. 

This business model is easy to be managed by the owners since in most cases shipping and the delivery to the customer are taken care of by the vendor.

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