Is Shopify Hard To Use

Is Shopify Hard To Use?

If you want to build your career in online business and have found various platforms to establish your business, then you must have come across Shopify too. You might have questions like will this provide what you need in your store? Will this platform shape your business how you want it to be? Is it the safest way to build online stores? Well, then this is the blog for you. Here, I have written my experience with this platform. Hope you can make an informed decision after reading this.

What is Shopify?

Before I discuss the features of Shopify, let us have a look at what Shopify is. Shopify is the easiest platform to use to build an online store as a beginner. It has pre-defined layouts that you can use to design and create your store. If you find it difficult to use, then, it also offers online courses to guide you on how to build your store and manage it like a professional. It has the simplest interface and most of them can be used just by a few tutorials and applying it in the admin dashboard. The interface does not require any kind of professional coding or technical skills. It has different kinds of themes which you can apply to your store and your products. It provides a huge inventory and store analysis through different applications found in this platform itself and can be installed freely or within app purchases. Right now it has a 14-day trial for this platform. If you want to check out then click on the link below.

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How hard can Shopify be to use?

Though it has a simple interface, sometimes it can be hard to use some things in Shopify. Like sometimes, you might feel lost because it has so many tools and design elements to use to design your shop that could overwhelm you. But with more experience in this platform, you will be able to organize this platform pretty easily. Once you get the hang of it, the rest is smooth sailing.

Steps to build a store in Shopify

Before the conclusion, I need you to know about how you can build a store and manage it. 

Signing up

As I told you before, Shopify gives a free 14-day trial. All you have to do is enter your email address to enroll, name your store, answer some basic questions about your store and how your vision of the store is. You will automatically get enrolled for the 14-day trial. Once you have been enrolled, you will directly reach your dashboard and from there you can customize your store and the product range that you are going to sell. There is the option of the editor from where you can manage your front end look of your store or the look your customers will see.

Once your 14- day trial period is over, you may decide to continue with the theme or may go for a customized version as per your choice.

Setting the store up

  • If you have no idea about starting or setting up a store and are worried about how to go about it, Shopify also gives online courses and tutorials to help you learn how to set up your store and manage it like a pro. There is also a “getting started’’ button to help you guide through the way. You will soon learn how to start your business from scratch to elevating to the earning that you desire from your store. The course you take depends on your pace of learning and how you visualize things for the future. In my opinion, it is very necessary to start your courses to understand what extent you can go through with your store. From the online classes, you can learn to :
  •  Grow your business through this platform.
  •  Design your store and customize it through the themes provided.
  •  Ship your product and get paid for it through drop-ship too.
  •  Create happy customers and get good reviews.
  •  Launch your store.

Adding products

Products basically make the store lively or in other words, products are significant to the store and it is the only one feature from which you get paid. On this platform, you can upload your products and manage them with the huge inventory that this platform gives you. It is very organized and an effortless job to add the products and arrange the prices as per your supply and requirements. You can describe your products by the description panel given.

Editing your store layout

There are few base templates you can apply to your store which automatically turns into a ‘debut’ when you pay and open your store for permanent use. If you don’t like the base themes, you can easily change the themes in just one click. There are certain apps in Shopify stores which are free and paid or you can get themes from third-party apps but make sure that they are not pirated. In total, you can change the color of the store through easy coding from the layout settings and can customize it further. Here’s a walkthrough of  selecting a theme or changing the layout settings :

  • Through the editing theme interface you can change every aspect about how your store looks to how you want it to look like to the visitors or customers.
  • On the left side of the interface, there are sections which are the design elements to apply to your store to customize it. And then you can review it to see if it looks decent and professional or not.
  • Each and every section has the drag and drop feature and you can do this simply by just clicking the section which allows to change them into different positions.
  • After you go through the sections you basically can change these to change the settings of the layout and the design will be just like how you wanted it to be.
  • You can view it on different devices easily.
  • At the end, there is a settings tab which enables you to change the color schemes, text designs, links and connection to which and how many social media base and customization of the customer’s checkout.
  • Managing your store

The moment you add your products, launch the products and change the settings of the layout, you have to manage it to have the same reviews or better. Shopify has made it simple and effective just for your use. On your left-hand side of the screen, you can navigate everywhere on your store and use the analytics the store has. From here, you can check your products uploaded, orders, analytics, discounts on your products, marketing profit and losses and add extra functionality to your store to manage it well and professionally.

The analytics of this platform is effortless to understand and helpful in many cases. 

You can get a simple but prominent understanding of how your products are getting sold, how much are your products popular in your store and in comparison to the other stores, how much sale is your product having, how much is the pricing to each one of your products, what are your customers or visitor’s reviews about your products and how many stars did they gain or lose and totally how much do they have currently, the questions your customers have about the products, the behaviour of the customer about the products etc.

 Why Shopify is the most reliable and overall the best platform to use

Beyond the interface and the design of the platform, there are other features why this platform has gained popularity this quickly :

  • Fully customizable — One of the reasons why Shopify gained popularity was that it allows you to change how the store looks by your unique design.
  • Themes — Another reason why Shopify has gained popularity in the past years is that Shopify provides so many themes to choose from which can either be purchased or can be installed freely. Adding up to that is the design that it provides which is very subtle and professional.
  • Blog feature — Every one of the owners of the shop wants to write about their products to make them more sellable. And a blog is the way to go. Shopify has a blog feature where you can write about your product to make the customers buy it hence making more profit.
  •  Coding — Everyone cannot have an opportunity to learn to code in their lifetime. But Shopify has made the interface that simple that there is no need to learn coding. They provide classes to teach basic coding and other things needed for managing a store.
  • Customer support — Shopify also provides 24/7 customer support to guide you with the doubts or troubleshooting problems you might have in your store or in the platform itself and try to fix them immediately.
  • Free trial — if you don’t want to commit for a lifetime, there is a free trial valid for 14 days to let you know if you are actually comfortable in this platform or not and if you think that the features of this platform are good for your business.
  • The three plans —  Shopify provides three plans for you. The first one is the lite of the original platform but works wonders like the others and is available for $29. The second one is for $79 and is the original platform subscription. The third one is the premium where you can be a member of the platform and get the VIP badge. It is available for $299.


By reading the features, it seems very hard to understand but when you start doing it, it becomes super easy to work with the platform. Building and managing an e-store is straightforward and doesn’t need professional coding too. The plans are quite cheap and give you more than what you paid for. The styles and fonts are great too. Hence, with the topics, I can conclude that Shopify is a very easy platform to handle and doesn’t need any supervision because most of the things are done automatically. From this blog, I hope you can understand whether Shopify is hard to use or not.

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